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Article: 9 Must-Have Gifts for Military Men

9 Must-Have Gifts for Military Men

9 Must-Have Gifts for Military Men

Find Unique and Creative Gifts for Military Men Here!

After everything they put on the line for their country, every service member deserves to get military-grade gifts. In fact, their presents need to be bomb-proof in their reliability for always being awesome. Find gifts for military men that work for active duty, veterans, and retired service members. These are custom gifts that they can keep on them while traveling or make relaxing at home better than ever before. Not quite sure where to start to find your set of military gifts? Need a few suggestions for gifts you know he will love? We searched the globe for gifts worthy of those willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom!

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can for Veterans

Custom Ammo Can Gift Set for Military Men

Start things off with a gift that is bound to feel incredibly familiar, a personalized whiskey ammo can gift set! In his service, he likely has seen thousands of ammo cans, but none that looked like this! Perfect for any occasion, a set like these gifts for military man are sure to be a hit! He can carry the engraved survival knife with him anywhere he goes while the whiskey stones ensure that when he is on leave he can put his feet up and unwind in style. He’ll even find a use for the ammo can such as storing rounds for the range or keeping his medals safe and sound. Whether these are military retirement gifts, birthday gifts, or for a promotion, you can be sure he will love this gift set!

Personalized Flag Case

Engraved Flag Case

Whether he is still proudly serving or his time has come to retire, this personalized flag case is one of the most patriotic gifts you can give any serviceman. He can fill the case with a flag that means the most to them which may be one from their time in the service, one from a deployment, or any other important occasion. Now, he’ll have the best way to show off and protect his most sentimental American flag with this fantastic military retirement gift.

Box Set of Gifts for Military Men

Flask Rocks Glass Box Set of Gifts for Military Man

Just like the military, ensure he is ready for anything that comes his way with this custom gift box. Filled with a rocks glass, flask, whiskey stones, and whatever else you put inside, it’ll be like the resupply he has always wanted! From unwinding at home to celebrating with friends, this gift set has him covered anytime he needs a little bit of his favorite spirit!

Survival Knife

Gerber Survival Knife

Double-down on his survival gear with a Gerber folding survival knife! Thanks to the unique design, he can have a large handle and blade that take up minimal room on his person or in their pack. From carving wood to chopping down branches, there are few things this folding knife can’t do for a well-trained soldier!

Bet on These Military Gifts

Embossed Poker Gift Set for Military Guy

While the military looks like a ton of fun and non-stop action, the truth is, there is a lot of downtime. Never let him be bored by getting him an embossed poker set of gifts for military men. The set is customized with his name, making it one of their most treasured personal-issued items in the military. Now, he can spend hours playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack with his squad!


For the Man On the Go

Flask Coffee Tumbler Survival Knife Custom Gift Set

Ensure that no matter what time of day or where in the world the serviceman is at, that he will be prepared for anything that comes his way with this tumbler, flask, and knife gift set. From the deepest darkest jungles to the streets where they simply need their morning cup of Joe, this gift set will have your favorite soldier covered!

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stone Gifts for Military Men

Need to get a set of military gifts that will make it feel like his trusty rifle has never left their side? Look no further than this personalized whiskey stone gift set. Not only do the whiskey stones look like bullets, but the bottle opener is an actual .50 caliber round that has been engraved with his name. How cool is that? There will be nothing like relaxing after a day of PT or firing at the range with his own custom whiskey bullet stone gift set!

Military Grade Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Bags

Everyone needs a little fuel to keep them going in throughout the day, especially those who protect and serve their country. When you’re searching for gifts for military man, make sure you don’t overlook his coffee! However, that doesn’t mean you have to get him basic grocery store coffee; instead, you can get him premium blend coffee with these Black Rifle Coffee resupply sets. Better still, Black Rifle Coffee donates a bag to military groups for each bag purchased, so you're helping multiple people in the military with your one gift, how cool is that?

Take a Shot at Finding Gifts for Military Man

Rifle Whiskey Decanter Military Gift

Make any military serviceman’s day with a decanter that comes in the shape of a rifle and has bullets in the glasses. If this doesn’t scream military gift, nothing does! Whether he is active duty and use the glasses to celebrate the occasion with his fellow platoon mates or he has retired and likes to use this decanter for special occasions, you can be sure that they’ll always leave this locked and loaded on their home bar or countertop so they can have a drink at a moment’s notice!


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