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Article: 27 Unbelievable Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

27 Unbelievable Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

27 Unbelievable Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Dads, we have all heard how hard they can be to shop for. And there is a reason for that, it is true! Dad can be one of the most difficult guys to get something for. However, we have found plenty of gifts that are perfect solutions! Gifts for dad who wants nothing simply need to be something personal from you that shows you care, these can be: engraved gifts, practical items, useful presents, things he needs around the house, and more! So, don’t be stumped this year and be stuck thinking about, “What kind of great gifts for dad should I get?” “What would he want?” Or, “Will he like my gift?” because these gifts for dad who has everything and wants

An Engraved Cigar & Whiskey Gift Set

Cigar and Whiskey Set of Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Got a dad who thinks he doesn’t need a thing? Does he think he has everything? This custom decanter box set is full of gifts for dad who wants nothing simply must have! He never thought there would be such an awesome gift that lets him enjoy his whiskey and cigars in one hand while he is able to change the channel, adjust the A/C, or play poker with his free hand. You can be sure that after a gift like this, he’ll never say he doesn’t need anything ever again!

A Unique Man Cave Sign

Custom Man Cave Sign

While it may seem like he has it all, he is missing one key feature, a custom wooden man cave sign! What better way is there for him to claim his space that is full of all of his awesome sports memorabilia, hunting gear, or video game collection? Now, everyone will know that once they cross the threshold, they are officially in his man cave and they’ll have to abide by his man cave rules. So, while he may have everything he thought he needed for a man cave, you are giving him the perfect gift to make it official!

For the Toughest Dad Around

Ammo Can Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Your dad has always been your hero. He is the guy that always has the solution to everything and will brave any storm to take care of his children. Make sure that he is always armed with everything he could ever need with this legendary pint glass ammo can gift set. Inside, he’ll find a knife that he could disarm a thief with or fight his way through the jungle with. Plus, he’ll love that this set of unique gifts for dad comes with a few matching pint glasses so he can relax after one of his dangerous dad adventures.

Take a Shot with These Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

AR-15 Decanter Set of Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Take a shot at getting some of the coolest gifts for dad who wants nothing with this AR-15 decanter! Why is it one of the best gifts for dad? Because, he never knew it existed and if he did, you know he simply must have it! He’ll have a blast pouring the most literal shots he’s ever done in his life and you can be sure he’ll toast you with a shot or two!

Keep Your Father as Cool as His Drinks

Personalized Wine Tumbler Box Set

Wine can be for the tough and cool dads too, this blackout, custom wine tumbler box set ensures that. Due to the unique design, it is even for the coolest dads since the insulated tumblers ensure his drink will never get warm. So, have your dad push those fancy crystal glasses to the back of the cupboard because from here on out this will be the only glassware set he plans on using ever again!


Help Him Unwind

Chair Massager

If there is anyone that carries an unnecessary amount of stress in your life it is your dad. While he definitely thinks he has everything, a chair massager is most definitely one of the best gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing. With this awesome gadget, he can loosen knots in his back while still getting all his work and activities done! From knocking out a few more work documents to gaming to sitting on the couch with his family, he can use this awesome gift anywhere.

Toss These Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing to Him

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set

Not every set of gifts for dad who wants nothing has to be something incredibly classy, some need to be incredibly fun! This personalized bean bag toss set is the perfect gift to get dad outside, blowing off some steam and having the best time he’s had in months! He’ll love being competitive with his friends and family with a fun game that he can take anywhere. From camping trips to graduations, you’ll see this unique gift everywhere he goes.

Reignite Dad’s Love of Whiskey

Smoke Box Set of Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Reinvigorate your dad’s love for whiskey with a gift that allows him to make every glass as interesting and unique as his first whiskey ever with this smoke box set. Instead of pouring another glass of the same old whiskey, this unique set allows him to smoke his drink with things like cedar or thyme, giving a complex and one-of-a-kind drink every time he wants to enjoy a fantastic drink!

Give Him a Smug Mug

Beer Mug Set of Gifts for Dad

Every man, even the dad who has it all, feels like a magnificent Viking or legendary king each time a beer mug enters their hand. This year, when you’re shopping for a gift, make sure that dad can always feel as awesome as possible with a personalized beer mug box set that comes with two mugs! This way, he always has a clean one for his nightly beer or if he is feeling truly masculine, he can enjoy an ice-cold pint from both mugs at the same time!

Watches are Perfect Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Gucci Watch Gift for Dad Who Has Everything

A gift that never fails, especially hard to buy for dads, are watches! However, you can take things up a notch with this gorgeous Gucci leather watch. He’ll love pairing this with his best blazers and he’ll look at the time a little longer than he should in hopes people notice the awesome gift that his kid got him this year!

Keep Him Organized

Custom Watchcase for Dad

Whether he already has a few watches or you got him the one from above, if there is one thing the dad who wants nothing actually needs it will have to be a personalized watch case and valet tray. No more will he be searching for the watch that goes perfectly with his outfit or the matching set of cufflinks. With this amazing-looking gift, he’ll always be organized and ready to look as dapper as ever!

Badass Whiskey Gifts for Your Dad

Whiskey Ammo Can Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Make sure that your gifts for dad who wants nothing match his personality. When he looks and acts like he would give Jean-Claud Van Damme a run for his money in a Kumite, then he must have this engraved whiskey ammo can gift set. It is perfect for unwinding after a day of being a total badass while also giving him an ammo can that he can use as the most kickass tool box, lunch box, or even its original purpose as an ammo can!

Custom Wine Decanter Gift Set

Engraved Wine Decanter Gift Set for Dad

Is dad more of a wino? Then get him the set that takes every bottle he enjoys to the next level! From the custom glasses to the matching decanter, this gift set is great for a wine-loving dad. Not only will he love seeing his name on each piece but the fact that every bottle will taste better due to the aeration of the decanter will blow his mind. All his other wine sets will just feel so underwhelming after he uses this decanter set for the first time!

Let Him Control His Universe

Universal Remote for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Give your dad unlimited power with this universal remote that is far more than just another remote. With this remote, he can control the TV, radio, lights, and even the thermostat (sorry, he is gonna know if you have touched it from now on). With even the most basic smart home features, he can sync this remote so he can control every feature of his home from the comfort of his recliner, how dad-like is that?

Present Him with the Classiest Gift Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Presentation Set

Make your dad feel like the classiest dude in town with a monogrammed presentation gift set! He’ll feel as rich and well-dressed as the villain from every Bond film he has ever watched. If he has a swivel chair and cat to have the true villain look down, even better! He will seriously love sharing drinks from this set with friends and family who will be blown away at the quality as well as the fact that his set has his initials on every piece!

Keep Him Chopping & Cooking

Custom Bamboo Cutting Board

Give the gift that keeps on giving for years with this engraved bamboo cutting board. Gifts like these are great gifts for dad who wants nothing because it is a simple gift that he gets to use every single day and it’ll always bring a smile to his face. From preparing his meals for the week to presenting the family with his freshly grilled burgers, he’ll use this gift for it all!

Bet on These Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Embossed Poker Gift Set for Dad Who Has Everything

While sometimes finding a new and exciting gift for the dad who has it all can seem impossible, don’t forget that you can always update and upgrade his passions. For the dad who loves a game night with the boys, replace his tattered and beaten poker set with a brand new embossed gift set that includes everything they'll need to play everything from Craps to Poker with this one gift! Talk about getting one of the best gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing!

An Automatic Lawn Mower

Automatic Lawnmower

Get him one of the most unique gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing, an automatic lawn mower! With an automatic mower, he will never mind doing yard work again. All it takes now is for him to turn on the mower then sit down and read the morning paper until the yard is complete. Your dad won’t be able to believe that he lived so long without ever getting a mower he doesn’t need to push!

For the Legendary Dad

Custom Ammo Can Gift Set for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Your dad is an absolute legend, and you’ve always seen him that way. From the other week when he helped you change a tire to when you were a child and he chased the monsters out from under your bed. Thank him for always being the awesome parent he is (even though he doesn’t want anything) with this personalized ammo can gift set! Every dad will wish they had the flashlight and knife they can keep on them at all times while the ammo can stores things like ammo, tools, or whiskey accessories. But don’t forget that he still has custom glasses, these are the ideal way for him to relax and put his feet up after being the world’s best dad!


The Ultimate Dad Gift Has Been Brewing

Custom Coffee Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Ensure that no matter where dad goes that he is able to bring piping hot coffee with him! Whether this becomes his go-to mug at the office, or he enjoys using the carafe when he goes on long trips, or maybe he is simply a devout coffee-lover, these gifts are sure to help keep him caffeinated! For the dad who wants nothing, this is the perfect upgrade to give him a matching coffee set.

A Sizzlin’ Hot Dad Gift

Personalized Grill Tool Set

Dads love nothing more than getting outside and putting meat on the grill. However, even though he has it all, you know for a fact that you could update his grill tools to make him want to be out flipping burgers more often. Get him this custom wooden grill tool gift set for him to start making up excuses or extra holidays as a reason to use his new tools on his grill!

Shoes are Great Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Nike Shoes for Dad

Upgrade him from the traditional dad shoe with a new set of Nikes that are sure to have all the other dads jealous of his new kicks. While shoes may seem simple, they are the perfect gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing because he can always use another comfy pair of shoes for going on walks with his wife, taking on jogs, or even wearing around the office.

A New Twist on Creative Dad Gifts

Engraved Twist Decanter Set for Dad

Keep your dad feeling classy with one of the most gorgeous whiskey decanters he has ever seen! It doesn’t matter if he already has a decanter or if this is his first, you can be sure it will immediately become his go-to decanter because of just how damn good it looks! The twist will always catch his eye and make him think of you. Plus, he may even want to toast you every time he sees you, just for getting him such a unique gift!

Engraved Shadow Box

Engraved Shadow Box for Dad Who Has Everything

If there is one thing that all dads love, it is their memories. They have so many nostalgic moments from special times with their spouses, their children, or on their own. Help him keep those memories fresh on his mind with a custom shadow box! Perfect for things like cigar bands, movie tickets, photos, or anything else he wants on display, this gift allows him to see and relive some of his favorite moments every day!

For the Coolest Dads Only

Ice Bucket Set of Gifts for Dad Who Wants Nothing

Do you think you have the coolest dad out there? Well, make him a few degrees cooler with this custom set of gifts for dad who has everything and wants nothing! This ice bucket with matching glasses is a fantastic gift for him to enjoy with his spouse on hot summer days while playing cards with the boys, or even when he is watching his favorite war movies. With this custom gift, he will never have to get up and miss a second of what he is doing to refill his drink. A bottle on the ice and a few mixers on the side, and he has everything he could ever need!

How About a Hot Tub?

Inflatable Hot Tub

While getting him a professionally built hot tub might be a bit of a stretch, you could easily get him something you know he doesn’t have, an inflatable hot tub! This is the perfect way for him to set up a get-together in the backyard, a romantic night with his wife, or even use its portability so he can have a hot tub bubbling while he is camping in the woods. You can be sure this is a gift he will never see coming!

Classy Gifts for Dad Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

Monogrammed Flask Rocks Glass Set

When your dad still doesn’t want anything after years of asking and trying different gifts, simply make his whiskey-loving hobby more personal than he could have ever imagined with a monogrammed gift box set! After all, who doesn’t love a gorgeous monogram? Now, he can enjoy cigars with his neat glass of whiskey or even take a little bit of bourbon on the go, all with this one classy gift set!


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