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Article: 9 Funny Father’s Day Cards for Dads Who Love Booze


9 Funny Father’s Day Cards for Dads Who Love Booze

Funny Fathers Day Cards
Dads: they are pretty primo. They put up with all our crap, give us sound advice, tell jokes so bad that they’re almost good, and they are one hell of a drinking bud. For some reason my dad radiates such a positive energy when we drink together. Mom normally ends up rolling her eyes, but after a couple with the pops, those dad jokes become funnier and funnier (which of course only ends up fueling his “comedic genius”) and I have a total blast. It’s safe to say that tossing back a cold one with the man who made you into the person you are today is one heck of a time. With Father’s Day coming up quick, I took it upon myself to seek out funny Father’s Day cards suitable for boozin’ dads. So give the man what he deserves - a nice bottle of whiskey and a neat card. You owe it to him.
Funny Fathers Day Cards - Whiskey Gifts for Dad © Hennel Paper Co

Is your dad a whiskey drinker? Nothing says I love you dad like a bourbon pun!


Funny Fathers Day Cards - Like Father, Like Son © Nocturnal Paper

Because we all dream of the day our heads morph into a delicious mug of frothy brewski.


Funny Fathers Day Cards - Dad's Beer Gut © Hella Fresh Designs

For the dad with a little spare tire, let him know that’s just more to love! Then grab him a tall one and talk about how fishing is enough exercise for the week.


Funny Fathers Day Cards - Wine Gifts for Dad © K.A. Rocks Paper
Funny Father's Day Card - Wine Gifts for Men © K.A. Rocks Paper

Let's face it, some dads love wine, but sometimes us kids love it more. Sorry, pops.


Funny Cards for Dad - Beer Gifts for Men © Mum and Me Designs

Because when is one ever enough!? Do something crazy with dad.


Funny Card for Dads - Whiskey Gifts for Men © No Coast Paper Co

For the refined father’s out there, let him know he isn’t any bottom shelf gasoline vodka. No, he’s that vodka we have to ask help getting down.


Funny Fathers Day Cards © Able and Game

And not that weird mole on your back.


Funny Cards for Whiskey Lovers © Hop Skip Jump Paper

I really like scotch. Me and scotch have had some totally forgetful times together. I love you, Scotch. But I love my dad so much more.


Cards for Beer Lovers - Father's Day Greetings © Classy Cards Creative

You no longer have to sneak me sips at the family BBQ! Being an adult is fun when it means getting to see your dad after a few.


We love you, dads. Cheers.

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