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Article: 23 Foolproof Birthday Gifts for Brothers

23 Foolproof Birthday Gifts for Brothers

23 Foolproof Birthday Gifts for Brothers

Check Out Our Best Birthday Gifts for Your Brother!

Now that you and your brother are grown, you two can give each other awesome birthday gifts. However, he can be a little hard to buy for. You want to get him a really cool present, right? The best birthday gifts for brothers are nice things related to his interests, such as technology, things for his home, and improvements to his hobbies. This year, you’re going to give awesome birthday gifts for men that are so amazing, his present to you will have to be better. After all, competition between siblings never ends! You two will be competing to give each other the nicest gifts possible that every birthday from now on will be better than the last for both of you.

The Coolest Whiskey Gift for the Coolest Brother

Custom Whiskey Birthday Gifts for Brother

Your brother has always been the guy you’ve looked up to. He always had your back when you needed him, even though he can get on your nerves from time to time. When you two were little, you wanted to be just as cool as him. One of the best birthday gifts for brothers is this whiskey gift set, which is a personalized tribute to his awesomeness. He will love using the personalized rocks glass for his usual after-dinner drink. The whiskey stones will not only chill his drink, but also maintain the flavor.

For the Brother Who Cooks

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board Gifts for Your Brother

Your brother has always loved to cook, and the last time you went to his house you noticed that his cutting board was looking a little worse for wear. His birthday is the perfect time to surprise him with a new one! He will love having a nice new surface to do all of his food preparation on, and it’s definitely built to withstand even his powerful chopping skills. Certainly one of the most unique birthday gifts for brothers, the only thing that would make it even better is if you pair it with a set of new steak knives or an actual steak for him to enjoy on his birthday.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Brother

Engraved Decanter with Unique Glasses

Whether your brother is a knowledgeable whiskey connoisseur or he’s a casual fan, he will love this amazing decanter set for his birthday! The incredible personalized decanter isn’t just awesome because of the unique design you customized just for him, but it will also keep his prized whiskey fresh and will always look top-shelf quality. He’ll thoroughly enjoy the unique glasses that fit so perfectly in his hand that he’ll never want to put them down. As far as birthday gifts for your brother go, this impressive three-piece decanter set will be hard to beat next year!

Awesome Beer Gifts for Your Brother

Custom Beer Mug Box Set of Birthday Gifts for Brother

Every guy deserves the quality experience of gulping down a cold mug of beer, and you can make sure your own brother can do so on his birthday with this beer mug gift set! He will love that you got him such an awesome, hefty mug that’s even engraved with his name. Once he tries his favorite beer in it, he’ll never want to drink straight from the bottle ever again. The new bottle opener and matching personalized gift box make this set one of the most impressive birthday gift ideas for brothers! Just don’t forget to pick up a six-pack of his favorite brews before you give him his gift.

Perfect Personalized Sign for Your Brother

Personalized Bar Sign Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Finding the perfect birthday gifts for your brother really doesn’t need to be a tough endeavor. He is a guy, after all, so you know there are many gifts he will love. However, making his home feel like his own official bar is one of the greatest gifts you can give. This custom sign is perfect for any room in the house: home bar, man cave, garage, or even the living room, no matter where he likes to enjoy a drink, that is the perfect spot for this gift. When he’s got friends or family over, you can be sure he’ll always take them to his bar for a quick brew or a classy cocktail. Talk about one of the best bro birthday gifts, right?


Give Him a New Hobby to Start

Engraved Shadow Box

You and brother used to do everything together when you two were little, like play with Legos, pretend to be superheroes, and collect all kinds of things. Now that you’re both grown up, you want to be able to bond with him over something again. One of the most thoughtful gifts for your brother is this personalized shadow box, which he can use to collect anything from bottle caps to cigar bands. You can get one for yourself and the two of you can compete to fill up your shadow boxes! You two will be closer than ever and will enjoy bonding over your new shared hobby.

Google Home

Original Google Home Smart Technology

It’s 2020 and everyone is all about “smart” technology. Google has a whole line of smart products designed to improve the efficiency of the home as well as your own life. For the brothers who are into technology, a Google Home is a great birthday gift. With the help of the AI Google Assistant, he can ask for the weather, create a shopping list that will be sent to his phone, set reminders, and ask Google any question he wants just by saying “Hey Google.” He can even link the Google Home to other products and verbally control the lights and temperature in his house. How cool is that? Before long, your brother’s house will become a smart house!

Engraved Decanter for Brother

Personalized Decanter Set of Gifts for Your Brother

Skip the gift cards and boring store-bought gifts and instead, get gifts for your brother that make him truly feel like the king of his own castle with this epic decanter gift set! With a stately decanter and a set of glasses that hold nearly double that of regular rocks glasses, he’ll feel like he is sitting upon his own throne the next time he sits on the couch to enjoy a whiskey while he watches his favorite show!

The Manliest Birthday Gift for Your Brother

Customizable Hatchet is a Birthday Gifts for Brother

Growing up, your brother was always the outdoorsman. He loved playing outside, building things with dad, and going on fishing or hunting trips with your cousins whenever he could. His birthday is coming up, and you want to get him something he’ll actually enjoy this year instead of a gift card to Lowe’s. This personalized hatchet is the perfect birthday gift for your brother! He’ll love the sleek black steel and the convenient size. Best of all is the customizable engraving of up to three lines of text. He’ll love that you gave him something he can use on all of his trips and outdoor excursions.

State Your Brother's Business

State Beer Cap Map are Gifts for Your Brother

Tired of the same old boring birthday gifts for brother? Get him one where the longer he has it, the more unique to him it becomes with these state beer cap maps! Pick the state of where he was born, went to college, or where he currently lives and he’ll be able to fill in his favorite place with his go-to beers! It doesn’t matter if he loves every craft beer he can get his hands on or more common name brand beers, his state will be a unique representation of his favorite brews!

Monogrammed Cigar & Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Gifts for Your Brother

There is no better way for him to celebrate his birthday than with a stogie and some whiskey, oh wait, yes there is, he can enjoy both those vices out of his new gift! This monogrammed cigar whiskey glass is a fantastic gift to give to your brother. From the coolest way to enjoy cigars and whiskey with one hand to also having a gift that he can enjoy when he is out on the town, this set has every cigar-loving guy covered!

Professional Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

Remember when you two were kids and pizza night was your favorite? You and your brother would patiently sit in front of the oven and watch it rise and bubble up. Those were great times. One of the best birthday gifts for your brother is this high-tech pizza oven! He can enjoy a delicious frozen pizza as quickly as he can a Little Caesar’s Hot-N-Ready with this amazing oven, but just the way he likes it. If you two always argued about toppings and how crispy the crust should be, then he’ll enjoy the two separate heaters on the top and bottom of the oven. He and his kids will love watching the pizza be cooked in minutes right in front of them! Plus, this nifty gadget can cook all kinds of things besides pizza such as wings, cookies, appetizers, and more. This will be the best birthday present he’ll ever get!

Ultimate Man Cave Sign for Him

Personalized Man Cave Sign are Birthday Gifts for Brother

Gifts for your brother should be something that he can enjoy all year round. While a beef jerky gift basket or tickets to the game may be cool, this man cave sign will ensure that he has finally gotten away to establish a corner of the house that is 100% his! With this custom sign, he can have his space to enjoy all his favorite hobbies. Whether he is into playing billiards, video games, woodworking, or anything else, the choice is his!

Bougie Flask Set Every Brother Wants

Engraved Flask Gift Box Set for Brother

No man should ever be without a way to celebrate at all times, and that goes double for your brother. With this custom flask set of birthday gifts for brother, it won’t matter if he is on the go or at home, he’ll be able to have celebratory shots whenever the time is called. Plus, the whole flask set comes inside a gorgeous faux cherry box that he is sure to love.

Unique Ammo Can for Your Bro

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Birthday Gifts for Brother

Give one of the most unique gifts for your brother ever with this custom ammo can gift set! This set is great for making his birthday feel even more special. His new ammo can comes packed with cigar and whiskey accessories to celebrate his birthday. Plus, you can even pack his ammo can full of other small gifts such as bullets for the range, his favorite camping gear, or more to make this the coolest gift box ever!

Get A-Head with Birthday Gifts for Brother

Skull Decanter Set of Gifts for Your Brother

Make sure the gifts for your brother have him drinking the blood of his enemies! Well, not really. But he is sure to feel like the ultimate badass with this skull decanter gift set. It won’t matter if he is big into Halloween or simply just loves skills (and what guy doesn’t)? This will be the most fun decanter set for him to share a few drinks with friends and family!


No One is Too Old for Legos

NASA Apollo Saturn V LEGO Kit

You and your brother used to love Legos! You both had large tubs full of pieces, plenty of sets on display, the works. Now that you’re grown with kids of your own, you can enjoy playing with them again. Your brother always wanted one of the NASA kits where he could build a shuttle or a rover. What’s a better birthday gift than an amazing Lego Saturn V kit? He and his kid will love putting together this impressive piece and displaying it.

Essential Whiskey Set

Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set of Birthday Gifts for Brother

Whiskey is a spirit to be experienced and enjoyed slowly. Your brother has begun to delve into the sophisticated world of whiskey and has been raving about the tasting club he joined. A crystal whiskey decanter set is definitely one of the most impressive birthday gifts for brothers who love whiskey! He’ll enjoy displaying his finest top-shelf scotch in this gorgeous decanter. The whiskey stone set eliminates the need for ice as the stones will chill his drink, but never water them down! Your birthday present will make his newfound hobby even more enjoyable than ever.

Personalized Grill Tools

Personalized Grill Tool Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Make your brother become a top-level chef when he is on the grill with his very own custom grill set. He’ll love seeing the cherry wood case with his name engraved, but his jaw will drop when he looks inside to see that he now has a fully matching set of grill tools. This will be the perfect gift for him to break out for BBQs, cookouts, or even just because. He may even start grilling even more just so he can use your fantastic birthday gift!

The Perfect Decor for His Home Bar

Personalized Whiskey Bar Sign Gifts for Your Brother

The last time you visited your brother’s house, you noticed that his home bar was missing something. He’s got the liquor, the glasses...but what about the decor? That’s it! A custom bar sign is one of the most perfect birthday gifts for brother. He’ll be so surprised that you got him such an awesome personalized wooden sign. He’ll be proud to show it off to his friends when they visit and they will all be envious of his now official home bar!

Help Him Jump on the Air Fryer Wagon Train

Air Fryer

Whether he’s a professional chef or just enjoys trying new things in the kitchen, any new kitchen gadget is always a good birthday present for him. 2019 was all about Instant Pots and pressure cookers, and 2020 is the reign of air fryers! These nifty fryers easily fry anything he wants without the hassle of oil. Supposedly, this makes fried foods easier to make and healthier too! He’ll love using this digital air fryer oven to make french fries, fried chicken, and even fried ice cream! His wife and kids will certainly enjoy it too.

Custom Ammo Can

Customizable Ammunition Box Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Remember all of those fun fishing and hunting trips you and your brother went on with your dad and cousins? They were so much fun. It’s been a while since you two have gone on a trip together, so why not make that happen this year for his birthday? You can bring the kids along and teach them how to fish! But you’ve got to get him a gift too, like this custom ammunition can. A genuine military surplus ammo can, it’s engraved with three lines of custom text that you get to choose. Your brother will love using it to store fishing bait and tackle, ammo, tools, anything he likes! He’ll definitely bring it along to his birthday fishing trip for sure.

German Beer Stein

Birthday Gifts for Brother is a German Beer Stein

Your brother is a self-proclaimed beer snob. He could go on for hours about beer, which is why he’s usually pretty easy to find a birthday gift for. This year, get him his own personalized German style beer stein! Inspired by the original, ornately decorated ceramic steins from the 15th century, this modern beer stein is quite attractive. He’ll want to display this beautiful stein when he’s not using it to drink from for sure. Just make sure to give him a six pack of beer for his birthday as well so that he can fill it up and try it out as soon as he sees it!


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