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Article: 17 Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Basket Ideas

17 Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Basket Ideas

17 Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Basket Ideas

Dad always seems to be the one who gets the last-minute gift. While it may be something well-intentioned it is never as throughout as you know you could make it. This year, make getting dad a gift for Fathers Day your number one priority. In fact, don’t settle for a single gift, instead, get him a Fathers Day gift basket to celebrate him turning you into the person you are today! These are gift baskets and boxes filled with gifts that have to do with some of his favorite things, his hobbies, or even cool gifts that you know any guy would love! After all, he may be your dad, but he is still a guy. Make the most out of Fathers Day this year with an unforgettable gift basket!

Smokin’ Fathers Day Gift Basket Idea

Cocktail Smoker Fathers Day Gift Basket

Make your dad the happiest he’s ever been on Father’s Day with this custom cocktail smoker set. Engraved with his name and initial, the wood topper is the icing on the cake for this luxurious liquor gift set. He normally celebrates Father’s Day with a cocktail, but now he can put his own smokey and custom twist on his go-to drink. You’ll have gotten him an unforgettable Fathers Day gift! Don’t be surprised when he thanks you with a toast from his gift set!

Ultimate Beer Gift Basket for Dad

Custom Ammo Can Pint Glass Set

Your dad has always been one of the toughest people in your life. He rarely needs a Band-Aid from a cut, he eats cereal without milk, you know, real tough guy stuff. So make sure you get a gift that matches his personality with this personalized pint glass ammo can gift set! Made out of a real repurposed United States military ammo can, he’ll love the authentic badassness that is inherent to this set. From taking it to his weekend campouts to enjoying a pint in the comfort of his home, he’ll have at least a part of this gift by his side from here on out.

Coolest Whiskey Gift Basket

Bullet Whiskey Stone Fathers Day Gift

Take a shot at getting one of the coolest Fathers Day gift baskets on the market with this custom bullet whiskey stone gift set. There will be no better way for him to watch Bonanza or a Western film than will a glass of Johnnie Walker or Jack Daniels chilled to perfection thanks to these bullet whiskey stones. There is simply no gift set that will make your dad feel manlier than when he is indulging in a drink which is being chilled by these awesome stones.

Wine Lover Fathers Day Gift Baskets

Wine Fathers Day Gift Baskets

Speaking of tough dads, you know you can get him a gift set that even the man in black, Johnny Cash, himself would be proud to own just like this engraved wine tumbler box set. From a chilled Riesling to his go-to cocktail, this gorgeous set will keep every drink cold for hours while being one of the toughest looking sets. Better still is the box set comes with two glasses, so whether he wants to share a drink with you, his spouse, or saves the spare so he always has a clean tumbler, he’ll always want to use this gift set!

An Engraved Humidor Gift Box

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Never let his cigars feel like cereal that has been left in the milk for far too long ever again with this engraved ammo can humidor as one of the most unique and useful Fathers Day gift basket ideas! Perfect for the stogie-loving dad, this humidor is so strong it can protect his cigars from war as well as humidity!


A Sophisticated Gift for Dad

Fathers Day Gift Basket for Cigars and Scotch

Let him know he has been the best father ever to you with a Fathers Day gift basket that has everything he needs to celebrate his achievement of raising an awesome child! This engraved cigar and whiskey gift box is one of the most sophisticated-looking gifts but is also incredibly practical. Inside the box, you can add a few stogies, mini bottles of whiskey, or handwritten cards so he can truly enjoy his gift immediately as he opens it on Fathers Day!

The Best Gift Basket for Wine-Loving Dads

 Fathers Day Gift Baskets are Wine Presentation Set

Tired of boring Fathers Day gift baskets? Be a standout with this engraved wine presentation basket. Inside, you can add his favorite bottle of wine so it’ll be presented in style! This basket is also built to last, so it’s not a gift he’ll ever forget because he will be using this set to use and store bottles of wine for years to come!

Ultimate Beer Tasting Gift Basket

Fathers Day Gift Baskets are Great for Beer Lovers

Does your dad have the need for the best, and only the best, beers on the market? This custom craft-tasting gift basket is just what he needs! Now, he can feel like a true connoisseur each time he has a drink. The unique shape of the Spiegelau and craft glass help him to taste and smell every subtle flavor of his beer.

Fathers Day Gift Baskets for Sophisticated Whiskey

Custom Glencairn Whiskey Gift Set

Bring your dad to a new world of sophistication for his whiskey, scotch, and bourbon with these engraved Glencairn glasses. These are the Rolls Royce of whiskey glasses–incredibly functional and a beauty to behold. A set of Glencairn glasses will have your dad turning into a whiskey aficionado in no time thanks to their ability to help him fully taste each note of his liquor.

An Awesome Fathers Day Gift Basket for Beer

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Father’s Day is a manly holiday and what is manlier than clinking a set of beer mugs? How about a set that comes from a Fathers Day gift basket with his name and initial on them? He’ll never forget this amazing beer mug box set that he got on Father’s Day, of all occasions. Just make sure to have a few beers in the fridge so he can put this set to use right away!

Present Him Wine in Style

Personalized Wine Presentation Set

A classic gift for Fathers Day has always been a bottle of wine. But remember earlier where it was discussed that you are taking things to 11 (oh yeah, just like Spinal Tap)? You can’t just show up with a bottle of Merlot with a bow on it. Instead, get dad a new set of tools specifically made for enjoying wine! This personalized presentation set not only cradles the wine bottle but comes with everything he will ever need to make the most out of his favorite drink!

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Set

Whiskey Ammo Can Fathers Day Gift Basket

Reward your dad for raising an awesome kid with his own custom whiskey ammo can gift set! He’ll be blown away when he opens the latch to find a set of matching rocks glasses as well as a lighter and cigar cutter. Now, he can pair his cigars and whiskey as easy as it is to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Never before will adult vices be so easy to enjoy!


Beer Gift Basket for a Craft Beer Dad

Fathers Day Gift Basket with Beer Growler

Say, “Cheers!” this Father’s Day with a custom beer growler gift set. Nevermore will he have to travel down to his local watering hole when he just wants an ice-cold beer. Now, he can bring the beer home with him! Better still, he's got matching glasses and coasters to make this feel like one of the most personal beer gifts he’s ever gotten. Talk about an awesome Father’s Day gift!

Personalized Cognac Gift Set

Cognac Gift Basket

Make him feel as sophisticated as possible with a custom cognac Fathers Day gift basket! For the dad who likes to be slightly more boujee than the rest, there is no better way to tell him “Happy Fathers Day,” quite like an engraved set made to enhance every glass of cognac he has from here on out!

A Mug Set to Make Him Feel Like a King

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Transform your dad’s chair, man cave, or game room into a kingdom when you get him this epic beer mug box set! This has got to be one of the most transformative Fathers Day gift baskets out there! Why? Simple! Each time a man (which includes your dad) reaches for a beer mug, they immediately feel like a Viking or king from olden times. So, when he is including in an Iron Monk of 405 beer, he isn’t sitting in his modern home. He is now on a throne! Make Fathers Day fantastic with a beer mug gift set that makes him feel like the badass he has always wanted to be!

Fathers Day Gift Basket to Make Him Feel Legendary

Whiskey Stone Fathers Day Gift Basket

Give dad a legendary gift for Fathers Day with this crystal whiskey glass and stainless steel whiskey stone gift set. He’s heard of a mythical gift that keeps his drinks ice-cold without watering them down, ever, and here it is! He’ll think this must be the Excalibur of Fathers Day gifts. But unlike the legend of King Arthur, he doesn't have to pull a sword from a stone. Instead, you know that by getting him this whiskey, he will be worthy enough to pull the glasses and stones from the custom gift box!

Fathers Day Gift for the Memories

Personalized Shadow Box Gift Set for Dad

As your dad ages, he is becoming more and more about saving the memories from all the good times. Whether that is from the night you give him this custom shadow box gift set with pint glasses, a beer with his buddies, or a night with his spouse, he can now easily take a trinket from each evening (such as a beer cap, movie ticket, or note) and put it on display inside his custom shadow box. Few Fathers Day gift baskets will ever become as sentimental as this one is!


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