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Article: 17 Extraordinary Men’s Birthday Gifts

17 Extraordinary Men’s Birthday Gifts

17 Extraordinary Men’s Birthday Gifts

Find The Most Extraordinary Men's Birthday Gifts Right Here:

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your boyfriend, brother, or dad, one thing is certain: it’s not easy! Men can be really hard to find great presents for, especially for their birthdays. Don’t worry, we’re here to make your shopping trip easier than ever! Men birthday gifts should be something nice that they would normally not buy for themselves, makes them feel cool, and above all, related to their favorite things. The men in your life don’t want regular, run-of-the-mill gifts like clothes or movies, they want awesome gadgets, high-end upgrades of their everyday items, or simply put, badass birthday gifts for men. You won’t ever have to worry about what to get a guy for his birthday thanks to these kick ass gifts!

The Classiest Men’s Birthday Gifts

Custom Whiskey and Cigar Men's Birthday Gifts

Just because he’s another year older doesn’t mean that he isn’t still a cool, classy guy. Make sure he feels extra special on his birthday with this kick ass whiskey gift set! The custom rocks glasses are perfect for having a birthday drink with his wife or a good buddy, and the cigar accessories will come in handy for a celebratory cigar. He will love using the custom ammo box to store his tools, rounds, or even work gear. Wherever he takes it, he’ll want to show it off. With this classy and cool men’s birthday gift set, he’ll forget that he’s another year older!

Drink Beer in Style

Custom German Beer Stein

When it comes to men who love beer, you don’t usually have to worry about what to get a guy for his birthday. You normally give him a case of his favorite beer and call it good. Well, you can do better! Surprise him with this traditional German beer stein so he can enjoy his favorite beer like never before, especially on his birthday. He will love using the stein to have a beer after work, on game days, and when he’s hanging out with his bros. When he’s not using it, the stein looks like a cool antique on display!

His Own Chip Set for Poker Night with the Guys

Custom Poker Set

Birthday gifts for men don’t have to be anything fancy, but they should be related to his interests and hobbies so that you know for certain he’ll like it. For example, the guy who enjoys playing poker with his buddies on occasion but doesn’t have his own chip set would love to get one for his birthday! With this custom poker set of men birthday gifts, he can finally host poker night or take it to his buddy’s house. His friends will be impressed by the attractive leather case the set comes in, especially since it’s personalized. They won’t want to use any other set for their poker night after he shows it off on his birthday!

Unique Beer Decor for Him

Beer Bottle Cap Collector Sign

You’re here because you want to get a special guy in your life something awesome for his birthday. For a guy who loves beer, look no further than this extraordinary piece of decor! It’s both a personalized sign and a new hobby for him to start: collecting beer bottle caps! Using bottle caps, he will love showing off his favorite beers with this cool sign. He’ll enjoy filling up the sign over time from this birthday to the next! Just make sure that you also get him a six-pack too so that he can crack open a cold one and use the first bottle cap to start his collection.

The Manliest Set for Men Birthday Gift

Monogrammed Men's Birthday Gifts

Even if the birthday guy you’re shopping for isn’t a gun lover, he’ll love this kick ass whiskey gift set. It has whiskey stones shaped like bullets and the whole set is monogrammed with his initials, what’s not to love? This awesome whiskey set is perfect for a Jack on the rocks with his significant other or his best bro after a long day, especially after spending a few hours at the shooting range. He’ll want to use his custom glasses all the time just so that he can enjoy the look of the bullet whiskey stones in his drink! Seriously, these are some of the most unique birthday gifts for him.


The Only Pen and Multi Tool He’ll Ever Need

Tactical Pen

Most men carry a pocket knife or multi-tool of some kind with them every day. They usually get a new one for their birthday, but not one like this! This tactical multi-tool pen is the only everyday accessory they’ll ever need. It’s not just a pen, it’s also a glass breaker, self-defense weapon, bottle opener, screwdriver, and even a flashlight! This kick ass pen is one of the most useful and unique men’s birthday gifts by far. He’ll want to try out every function of his cool new gadget after you give it to him on his birthday.

All of His Favorite Things in One Awesome Birthday Gift

Ultimate Set of Men's Birthday Gifts

Wondering what to get a guy for his birthday who loves the outdoors? Pair that new tent you were looking at with this manly gift set and you’ve got the perfect gift. This set has all of his favorite things: a cool new tool to use on his adventures, a flask to take with him everywhere, a secure and durable ammo box for storing his gear, and pint glasses to enjoy a refreshing cold beer when he gets home. He’ll love every single piece in this amazing gift set and will use them every chance he gets, whether he’s taking his family on a camping trip or going hunting with his bros!

The Ultimate Go-to Men Birthday Gift

Personalized Watch Box

It doesn’t matter which guy in your life you’re shopping for, one thing is for certain: he wears a watch. Men love their watches, and most have a few different timepieces that they wear for different occasions. However, they don’t usually have a watch case to store them in! This handsome watch case is made of genuine leather and will keep his prized pieces safe from dust, secure in one place, and easy to find when he’s in a rush. If he doesn’t have enough watches to fill up each space, the pillows are removable so that he can keep his cufflinks or jewelry inside too! Pair this handsome watch case with a brand new watch and you’ve got a fantastic birthday gift for any man.

Birthday Beer Mugs for Two

Custom Pair of Beer Mugs

Normally you give the beer-loving dude in your life a case of his favorite brew for his birthday, but you can do better! Give him this set of beer mugs so that he can enjoy his birthday ale in style. He’ll love having a personalized beer mug to clink together with a friend or his significant other in his own home like he does in his favorite brewery. The hefty mugs hold more beer than the standard glass too, so that he doesn’t need as many refills! Plus, he also gets a cool personalized gift box that he can use to store keepsakes or collectables and keep on display. All around, this set is a pretty awesome set of men birthday gifts for a guy who loves beer!

Unique Birthday Gift Idea

Custom Shadow Box for Collecting

Birthdays are about memories. With this unique keepsake, he can create memories in a whole new way from this birthday to the next! Shadow boxes are great for storing keepsakes or collections, and they’re a lot of fun to fill up over time. He can start his collection on his birthday and see if he can fill it to the top by his next one, which would be a fun challenge for himself. He can store just about anything from golf balls to ticket stubs in this cool piece of decor! Who knows? This unique men’s birthday gift might spawn a new hobby!

Must-Have Wireless Headphones

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones, and a birthday is the perfect time to give a new set! Whether the guy you’re shopping for enjoys listening to music, podcasts, or uses them for gaming, he needs a high-quality pair. Bose’s legendary Quiet Comfort headphones are noise-canceling, wireless, have a long battery life, and they’re super comfortable. Any guy would love to get these amazing headphones for their birthday, especially if you know their favorite pair has recently stopped working or they could use an upgrade. Even the guy who has everything can’t say no to such a great birthday gift!

For the Guy Who’s Into Whiskey

Customizable Men's Birthday Gifts

You don’t need to worry any more about what to get a guy for his birthday who’s really into whiskey! Put down that bottle of pricey Macallan, he’s probably already got it. Instead, get him this essential whiskey gift set! Whether he’s just gotten into whiskey tasting or he enjoys a glass every night, he will love this set. The glasses are the perfect size for a classic Old Fashioned or a simple scotch on the rocks, and he’ll really enjoy using the whiskey stones instead of ice because they won’t melt or water down his drink! Plus, the set comes in an attractive personalized wooden gift box, which makes a fantastic display piece for his home bar. He can keep the entire set in the box to use for special occasions after enjoying it on his birthday, or he can use the box to store keepsakes or even cigars. He’ll want to try out the set after opening it up on his birthday, so make sure you also get him a bottle of his favorite whiskey!

Fun Men Birthday Gift

Golf Grilling Tools

Wondering what to get a guy for his birthday even though he says he doesn’t need anything? You can’t go wrong with a novelty gift! No man will already have a set of grilling tools that look like golf clubs, after all. This fun birthday gift for men is not just funny, but it’s practical too! Even if he’s not an avid golfer and just goes on occasion, he’ll appreciate the unique look of these cool grilling tools. He’ll want to try them out right away on his birthday, so make sure you’ve got a couple of steaks in the fridge when you give him his gift!

The Perfect Cigar-Themed Birthday Gift

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Men's Birthday Gifts

Does he enjoy smoking cigars and sipping whiskey? Then the perfect men’s birthday gift for him is this suave cigar and whiskey gift set! He will be amazed by the cigar-holding rocks glass, which frees up a hand for him to enjoy a book with his two favorite vices. He can also travel with a couple of stogies easier than ever with the durable cigar case! It even comes with a cigar cutter so that he’s ready for a smoke whenever the occasion arises. This classy birthday gift set will become his new favorite way to relax!

Classic Game for Him to Play with Friends and Family

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Game

Still struggling to figure out what to get a guy for his birthday? You can’t go wrong with a game that he can play with his friends and family! Cornhole or bean bag toss is an easy, timeless game that’s always fun to play at gatherings. Even his youngest family members can learn to play, it’s that easy. This custom wood cornhole set is easily portable too, so that he can bring it to every cookout or family reunion. Most of all, he’ll want to play it with everyone on his birthday! Thanks to your unique birthday gift, he’ll have a fun game to enjoy at every gathering and many memories with his loved ones playing it with him for years to come.

Luxurious Tie Set

Tie Assortment with Tie Bars

Men who work in the corporate or business world who have to wear suits every day always need more ties and accessories, even if they say they don’t! The best birthday gift for the well-dressed guy in your life is this complete set of five ties, one for each business day of the week. It also comes with a couple of tie bars so that he stays neat and in order even after hours of business meetings. This handsome, luxurious tie gift set is sure to be the most stylish birthday gift he gets this year!

Make Him Feel Young Again

Funny Men's Birthday Gifts

The best men birthday gifts are those that don’t make men feel like they’re getting old. Whether it’s a milestone birthday or he’s feeling like a senior already, you can make him feel young again with this funny gift set! He will enjoy the hilarious design, especially because when he drinks from the glass he’ll be giving the finger to those around him. His friends will get a kick out of it, and they’ll all want one for their birthdays! The next time someone asks him his age, all he has to do is hold up his custom glass to answer.


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