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Article: 19 Exquisite Liquor Gift Baskets

19 Exquisite Liquor Gift Baskets

19 Exquisite Liquor Gift Baskets

Check Out Our Top Liquor Gift Baskets!

Giving a bottle of liquor as a gift is always appreciated and well-received, no matter the occasion. However, you can do so much better by giving a gift basket instead! A liquor gift basket can be either an assortment of edible goodies or a lovely set of glassware themed around their favorite liquor. By giving a gift basket with multiple amazing things inside, you’re giving something memorable and impressive that will never be forgotten! Whether you’re looking for a collection of wine glasses, a whiskey set, liquor decanters or a gift basket all about vodka, we tracked down the most exquisite gift baskets out there!

The Ultimate Liquor Gift Basket for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey Glass Liquor Gift Basket

When it comes to giving gifts for whiskey lovers, you have to pull out all the stops to give them something impressive. Surprise the whiskey lover in your life with this extravagant set of whiskey tasting glasses! With the five most popular types of tasting glasses, they’ll have every glass they need for every kind of whiskey. Each glass has a unique effect on the whiskey’s aromas and flavors, producing a unique experience in every glass. Whether they’ve been a longtime fan of the liquor or are just getting into whiskey tasting, this gift basket is the ideal choice for either one no matter the occasion!

Dress Up a Bottle of Wine

Wine Bottle Tool Gift Box

Why give a regular old bottle of wine when you can give this gorgeous personalized gift box that also comes with every wine tool they’ll need? This amazing liquor gift basket is sure to impress anyone whether you’re giving it for a housewarming, wedding, or even an anniversary. This way, you’re not just giving them a typical bottle of wine, but also something personal and useful that they can use many times. The next time you show up to an event with this lovely set, you’ll outshine everyone else who just brought a bottle of liquor by itself!

Must-Have Beer Mug Gift Basket

Engraved Beer Mug Liquor Gift Basket

Normally, you just give a six-pack of their favorite beer as a gift for the beer lovers in your life. This time, surprise them with a couple of custom beer mugs to go with their favorite brew! These large, hefty mugs hold twice as much beer as a pint so that they don’t have to get as many refills. The thick glass keeps their beer cold twice as long, too! Every beer lover needs this gift set, especially since they can share their favorite brew with a buddy or a loved one. Just don’t forget to include their usual six-pack, they’ll be expecting that, too!

Crystal Decanter Whiskey Set

Monogrammed Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

Are you looking for a spectacular gift set that’s dressed to impress? This monogrammed crystal decanter set is quite the stunner! Ideal for whiskey lovers, this gorgeous whiskey decanter set is an exquisite display set when it’s not being used to serve drinks to guests. Everyone who sees it will be in awe of this personalized decanter set, which makes it the perfect set to have in an office to use to impress potential clients and partners! No matter what occasion you’re giving this set for, it’s sure to be treasured for years to come.


Vodka and Red Bull Gift Basket

Vodka Red Bull Liquor Gift Basket

Do you know someone who loves vodka, Red Bull, and combining the two to make a powerful cocktail? Then this gift basket is the perfect gift for them! With plenty of Smirnoff Vodka, Red Bull, and some tasty treats, the person you give this basket will have everything they need for a good time. This gift basket would be ideal for giving on a birthday or the holidays, just make sure they have a glass handy so that they can enjoy a Heart Attack Cocktail right away!

Gorgeous Liquor Gift Basket for Wine Lovers

Engraved Wine Glass Gift Basket

Giving a bottle of wine is a polite gesture, but do you know what’s even better? A set of personalized wine glasses to drink the wine from! Pair this gorgeous set of wine glasses, a custom gift box, and a corkscrew multi tool with a nice bottle of Cabernet and you’ve got the ultimate gift. The vintage style of the engraving is timeless and unique, ensuring that anyone you give the set won’t have anything like it. Plus, the handsome gift box is great for storing the set for safekeeping between special occasions or even to hold precious keepsakes such as photos and mementos. They also won’t ever have to look for a bottle opener or corkscrew ever again thanks to the handy multi-tool. This is a gift that just keeps on giving!

Essential Beer Lover Liquor Gift Basket

Beer Growler Gift Basket

The best liquor gift baskets are those themed around a specific type of alcohol, like this beer-themed set! Every piece in this set is great for enjoying any type of beer at home, and the growler is doubly awesome because it’s perfect for traveling as well. Whether they’re really into craft beer, imports, or just started drinking beer, this gift set is ideal!

Cigar and Whiskey Set

Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set with Cigar Glasses

Looking for a classy whiskey set as a nice gift for a whiskey lover? For someone who loves their scotch as well as the occasional stogie, this spectacular decanter set is incredibly sophisticated. The unique rocks glasses have built-in cigar holders so that the whiskey lover using this set can enjoy a fresh cigar with their evening bourbon with ease. They can share a smoke and a drink with a fellow connoisseur or their loved one in style thanks to this set. When not being used for after-dinner drinks, this stunning set will look amazing on display whether it’s in an office or home bar.

Manly Beer Gift Basket

Unique Ammo Can Beer Gift Basket

Beer lovers know that bigger is always better, especially when it comes to beer glassware. This incredible liquor gift basket is all about super-sized portions from the giant beer mug to the large ammo box. The beer mug actually holds an entire liter of beer—that’s around 3 entire bottles! They certainly won’t need a refill for a while thanks to such a huge mug. Everything about this set makes it one of the coolest and biggest gifts any beer fan can get!

Present Your Whiskey Set in Style

Custom Decanter Set with Serving Tray

When looking for a gift for someone who’s into whiskey, you need to consider a few things: they have particular tastes in whiskey, they probably have tasting glasses, and they definitely have a set of whiskey stones. Where does that leave you? With this elegant personalized presentation set! This impressive decanter set is a stunning piece of decor when not being used to serve elegant drinks to guests. Even the whiskey lover who has everything won’t have such an incredible decanter set!

Gin Gift Basket

Gin Liquor Gift Basket

Do you know someone who loves their gin? Go all out and get them a gift basket themed around their favorite liquor! With a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and plenty of gourmet treats, any gin lover will be over the moon to receive such an amazing gift. Best of all, this basket can be given on any (or every!) occasion. Make sure you bookmark the basket because they’ll be asking for it again the next time their birthday or Christmas rolls around.

Whiskey Connoisseur Set

Crystal Glencairn Decanter Set

For someone who enjoys bourbon and cigars, a bottle of their favorite whiskey and a pack of their favorite stogies is the best possible gift. Or is it? Once you pair their two favorite vices with this stunning crystal decanter set, they’ll be speechless! The crystal Glencairn glasses are specially designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of their whiskey, making it taste and smell better than ever before. It’s a good thing this set comes with two glasses because anyone you give the set will want to share their whiskey with a fellow connoisseur to confirm that their whiskey really does taste better! The custom decanter and handy cigar accessories complete this beautiful whiskey set, giving the whiskey lover everything they need for a relaxing evening after work.

Monogrammed Wine Gift Basket

Monogrammed Wine Glass Gift Basket

While gift baskets are always nice, they’re even more enjoyable when they can be shared with loved ones. Make sure the person you give this set can have a nice glass of wine after dinner with the one they love with this beautiful wine gift basket! The entire set is monogrammed with their initials, making it ideal to use on their anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic occasions. Every time they use the gorgeous wine glasses for after-dinner drinks or on date nights, they’ll remember that you gave them such a wonderful and thoughtful gift basket. Make sure you don’t forget to include an actual bottle of wine so they can use the set right away!

Vodka Decanter Gift Basket

Vodka Decanter Liquor Gift Basket

For someone who likes a classic Vodka Martini or a Bloody Mary, a vodka-themed liquor gift basket is the best gift they could ever receive! The best way to put one together is with a custom vodka decanter set and a custom gift box. This way, you’re giving them something personalized and practical that they’ll use over and over. They will love the three piece decanter set, which is perfect for pouring classy vodka cocktails for themselves and a loved one. They can use the gift box to store the decanter set for special occasions or for storing precious mementos. Just don’t forget to give a bottle of Grey Goose or Absolut as well to complete the gift!

Modern Wine Gift Set

Engraved Wine Tumbler Gift Basket

Wine tumblers are becoming increasingly commonplace due to their versatility and durability indoors and outdoors. For the wine lover you know who loves to bring their vino everywhere they go, this wine gift basket ensures they’ll be prepared! The stainless steel tumblers are insulated so that their wine stays the perfect temperature until the last drop, even if they’re out in the sun all day long! The handy corkscrew multi tool eliminates the need for a big, clunky corkscrew or even multiple bottle openers because it can do both! The wine lover in your life will be thrilled to receive such an awesome and useful gift whether you give it as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift.

Impressive Liquor Gift Basket

Choose Your Liquor Gift Basket

Not seeing a gift basket all about the liquor you’re looking for? No problem! This impressive gourmet gift basket comes with plenty of delicious treats and sweets as well as a choice of liquor! You can choose from rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, scotch, and more. Since you can choose the liquor, you can give one of these baskets to everyone you know with their spirit of choice! They’re guaranteed to be impressed by the quality of the basket, as well as the fact that you remembered their preferred liquor.

Essential Whiskey Decanter Set

Monogrammed Liquor Decanter Gift Basket

Canadian whisky is a unique corn-based type of whiskey that’s so popular, it has its own unique glass! This whiskey set would make a fantastic gift for someone who enjoys Canadian whisky or American whiskey, too. The unique Canadian Glencairn glasses are designed to bring out the fullest flavors and aromas of the whisky, creating the best experience possible. With the decanter and whiskey stones, the whisky fan you know will be fully prepared for a proper glass and have plenty to share with a fellow Canadian whisky drinker!

Customizable Wine Glass Gift Set

Customizable Wine Gift Basket

Gifts for wine lovers don’t have to be obscure bottles of wine from small regions of France, a gift basket of custom wine glasses is just as awesome! You can customize the engraving of the glasses and the matching gift box to be just about any three lines of text you wish, allowing you to make your gift totally one-of-a-kind. Whatever you choose the set to be engraved with is sure to impress the wine lover you give it to because they’ll know you went the extra mile to make it unique just for them. This thoughtful wine gift set will be treasured and shown off for years to come, whether it’s engraved with a funny nickname or a sweet sentiment!

Vintage-Inspired Gin and Tonic Set

Gin Glass Liquor Gift Basket

What kind of gift basket is best for someone who loves cocktails? The kind with their own custom glasses and a matching gift box! This unique, vintage-inspired set is sure to be enjoyed every spring and summer. The large glasses are the perfect size for Gin and Tonics, margaritas, and even Hurricanes. When they’re not feeling like a drink, they can keep the glasses inside the beautiful gift box or use it to store their cocktail mixers.


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