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Article: 31 Dynamite Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

31 Dynamite Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

31 Dynamite Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Get Him the Perfect Birthday Gifts for Husband

You probably know what your husband likes and dislikes by now, but you want to step up your gift-giving game and give him something extra special for his birthday. What makes a great birthday gift for your husband? With his interests in mind, you should get him something nice that is also useful. For example, if he’s into video games then you should get him a new gaming chair. Or if he loves beer, get him a nice set of glasses that are personalized just for him. You probably have some questions, like “What do I get a guy who loves whiskey?” "What makes an amazing gift for my husband?" or “What useful gift can I get my husband who is always working with tools?” Relax, we’ve got you covered with everything from tech gifts to glassware for the ultimate birthday gifts for husband. This birthday will be the best one yet thanks to these awesome, dynamite gifts!

Coolest Whiskey Decanter Set of Birthday Gifts for Husband

Personalized Decanter and Whiskey Glasses Set

Your husband is an incredible guy who is the alpha of his friends. Everyone looks up to him and listens to his advice, and as his wife, you do as well. He deserves a nice birthday gift that represents that, like this personalized whiskey decanter set! This three piece set is engraved with his name followed by the coolest phrase ever: “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.” Your partner will want to display this prominently in the home for everyone to see when he’s not using it to pour everyone a drink. Anyone who visits will know without a doubt that he really is the coolest guy ever.

Manly Ammo Can Gift Set for the Manliest Husband

Custom Ammo Can Birthday Gift Set for Husband

Is your husband the kind of guy who enjoys going to the gun range every week and relaxing with a beer afterward? This ammo can set was made just for him. Complete with beer glasses, a pocket knife, and a bottle opener made from a genuine bullet, you can’t find a gift set more perfect for him than this. Each piece fits perfectly inside the awesome military surplus ammunition box, with plenty of room to add a couple of his favorite beers to complete it. He’ll love using the glasses to knock back a couple of cold ones after trying out his new gun at the range. These mens birthday gifts will be the best yet with thanks to this incredible gift set!

The Perfect Birthday Gift Set for the Husband Who Smokes Cigars

Personalized Cigar and Flask Gift Set

Is your husband a classy guy who indulges in the occasional smoke? This unique gift set will ensure that he is always prepared for a proper smoke wherever he is, and a drink as well. The professional cigar cutter and personalized lighter will always be in his pockets. The handy flask will hold a few ounces of his favorite liquor so that he can have a shot or two, such as in celebration of his favorite coworker’s promotion or a friend’s wedding. For the sophisticated guys, this gift set is one of the coolest birthday gifts for husbands.

The Coolest Birthday Gift: His Very Own Bar Sign

Official Pub Sign for Husband

When your husband's friends come over for a couple of beers, his home bar should be the place they hang out. But what's a home bar without the proper decor? Surprise your hubby with this super cool pub sign! He’ll love having his very own custom bar sign to show off to his friends as it adds an official, personal touch. He'll feel like a real bar owner thanks to you. The best part is that you can customize almost every line of text so that you can make your husband a one-of-a-kind gift for his birthday. You could theme all of your birthday presents to him around improving his home bar and get him a new TV, a set of glasses, bar stools, or a beer tap handle. Thanks to you, his home bar will as awesome as his favorite pub in the city!

Customizable Whiskey Gift Set of Mens Birthday Gifts

Whiskey Stone and Shot Glass Set

Whether he enjoys a glass of straight Jack Daniels or a classic Old Fashioned as his after-work drink, he’ll reach for this awesome set . The two of you can sip a fine scotch or take a couple of shots with the cool double shot glasses! If he’s sipping whiskey, the whiskey stones are perfect for keeping his drink perfectly chilled to the last drop without affecting the flavor. But wait, it gets even better: You can personalize the engraving on the gift box with a title, name, and date of your choosing such as “The Best Husband, Michael,” followed by his birthday. Can a birthday gift for your husband get any cooler than this?


Magnetic Wristband for the Handy Husband

Magnetic Wrist Band

Is your husband the handy man of the house? He's always fixing or building something new, such as fixing that pesky air filter that keeps rattling and building a new gardening area for you? One of the most useful gifts for him would be a magnetic wristband to keep track of his nails, screws, and other small parts is a must-have. {Plus, no more vacuuming up lost screws! This wristband is also great for guys in the construction business. Thanks to you, he’ll never misplace a screw again while he’s fixing the leaning bookshelf or broken TV stand.

Now He Can Serve Beer Like a Bartender

Monogrammed Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle

For the aspiring bartender or home bar owner, a beer tap handle is the best way to serve beer. These cool tap handles are personalized with the initial of your choice but also have a handy chalkboard surface so that your husband can write what he’s serving. He’ll want to hook it up right away on his birthday and serve his friends a couple of beers, so make sure you have a keg ready to go! Talk about a badass men's birthday gifts!

A Set of Unique Beer Glasses

Set of Four Personalized Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses are designed to enhance the flavors of light beers and have a longer-lasting head, making it taste better too. These connoisseur-level beer glasses are the best men’s birthday gifts for beer lovers! This set of four is personalized with his initials and are a fine addition to his home bar. He and his buddies will love drinking out of these for their lighter beers and pilsners instead of a regular old can or bottle.

A Birthday Set for the Husband Who Loves Guns

Bullet Whiskey Stone Birthday Gift Set

Whether he loves guns, whiskey, or both, this set is one of the coolest birthday gifts for your husband! He’ll love the unique glass to enjoy a nice after-dinner drink with and the cool bullet bottle opener to crack open a beer, but the showstoppers in this set are the bullet whiskey stones. They provide a modern twist, and are both awesome-looking and functional. He just drops a couple of the stones in his drink after freezing them in the icebox and he’s got a perfectly chilled drink without affecting the flavor. Now you he can kick back, relax, and enjoy a nice scotch on the rocks while watching his favorite TV show.

Customizable Gift Set for Him

Travel Themed Birthday Gift

For the guy always on the go for work or leisure, this customizable gift set is one of the most unique men’s birthday gifts. Your husband will always have plenty of hot coffee to keep him energized throughout the day thanks to the super-insulated tumbler. When he wants to make his coffee Irish after work, his handy liquor flask will be at his side. For your camping and hiking trips, the cool survival knife will ensure that he’s ready for anything. Plus, the engraving is customizable on each piece! That’s right, you can choose up to three lines of text on both the flask and tumbler and one line on the knife. For example, you can have the flask and tumbler say something like “Happy Birthday, to the Best Husband Ever, March 2019” and his name on the knife. The options are endless!

Improve His Golfing Skills

Nikon Coolshot Range Finder

Whether he golfs professionally or just enjoys it as a hobby, this awesome COOLSHOT 20i will accurately show him how to make the perfect shot. It shows him the distance, elevation, and has a couple of different modes to show him his options. Thanks to this incredible, high-tech birthday gift your husband will enjoy golfing even more thanks to this helpful gadget!

A Fine Decanter for His Favorite Gin

Custom Gin Decanter

For the guy who drinks gin and tonics, a proper gin decanter is a must-have for his home bar. This handsome work of art will serve as a classy piece of decor on his home bar when not being used to serve with. The decanter will keep his gin secure and fresh, too. Everything about this gorgeous decanter makes it one of the best birthday gifts for husbands.

A Unique Sign for His Home Bar

Personalized Brewhouse Sign

A home bar isn’t complete without the proper decor, like this awesome sign! Your husband’s home bar will finally be official thanks to your awesome birthday gift. You can customize several parts of the sign, even the color! He’ll love having this sign on display and how much better it makes his home bar with the splash of color and unique personalization.

Whiskey Set of Mens Birthday Gifts

Whiskey Decanter Set is the Perfect Husband Birthday Gift

No matter what kind of whiskey he enjoys, this amazing decanter set is the best way to enjoy it. The attractive decanter will keep his whiskey fresh and more secure than in its original bottle. The unique square-shaped glasses are easier to hold than regular old fashioned glasses, making this set perfect for serving guests with. He’ll want to have the entire set on his home bar for easy access because he won’t want to use anything else for his and his guests’ drinks. To make this a complete birthday gift for your husband, throw in a nice bottle of scotch so that he can fill up the decanter right away and pour everyone a drink to celebrate.

The Perfect Way to Travel With Beer

Insulated Stainless Steel Growler with Travel Cup

Thanks to you, your husband will never have warm beer again while out and about with this insulated beer growler! Even in the hot summer sun at the lake, his beer will stay perfectly cold with the vacuum-insulated, double walled stainless steel. The growler even comes with a detachable cup to drink from! How cool is this birthday gift for your husband?

A Place for Him to Relax Outdoors

Portable Camping Hammock

Relax together in the great outdoors after his birthday celebration with this amazing hammock! Plenty of room for two, the hammock is easy to hang up and even easier to store. The hammock comes with super durable nylon rope, carabiners, and a traveling sack to carry it in. You and your husband can use this in the backyard, trips to your favorite mountains, the lake, and camping.

Show Off His Hole-in-Ones

Give Your Husband a Shadow Box for a Collection

Does your husband have a shoebox full of golf balls that he scored a hole-in-one with? With a shadow box, he can proudly display them for everyone to see. Or if he collects shotgun shells from special hunting trips, bottle caps from beers, or anything else, he can store them instead. The shadow box is both a great way to store a collection and show it off at the same time as a unique piece of decor. If he doesn’t have a collecting hobby, help him start a new one on his birthday! This versatile shadow box is one of the coolest men’s birthday gifts.

A Mug Finally Big Enough for Your Husband’s Beer

Game of Thrones Beer Mug

Is your husband always saying that his beer mugs and glasses are never big enough for his drinks because he has to constantly get up and get a refill? Solve his problem with a colossal beer mug! He’ll love that this hefty glass holds up to an entire liter of beer. Now he can sit back in his chair and relax with a couple of beers during a movie or football game and not have to get a refill. Talk about the best beer birthday gift for husbands ever!


The Classiest Addition to His Home Bar

Gorgeous Twist Decanter with Matching Glasses

Is your husband a gentleman with a taste for the finer things in life? For his birthday, you should get him this stunning whiskey decanter and matching glasses! The intricate twisted design of this set is beautifully eye-catching and reflects the color of his finest scotch in a gorgeous way. This breathtaking set of birthday gifts for husband will be the centerpiece of his home bar or stand prominently in his home office. He’ll feel like a million bucks drinking from this amazing gift set! If you want to upgrade this set, pair it with a top-shelf bottle of whiskey to treat your husband to a truly incredible and fancy birthday gift.

A Birthday Gift of Storage for His Cigars

Personalized Cigar Box

For the husband who doesn’t have a cigar humidor or anywhere to store his stogies, solve his problem with this awesome wooden cigar box! The lid is engraved with a really cool phrase and his name, making it a super cool piece of decor on the coffee table in the living room or a side table in his man cave. He’ll love having a proper place to store all of his cigars so that he can get plenty of his favorites to stock up on. This unique men’s birthday gift is cool enough on its own, but you should definitely have a couple of his favorite stogies inside so that he can have a celebratory birthday smoke!

Upgrade His Briefcase

A Leather Briefcase Makes a Great Husband Birthday Gift

For the businessman, a new briefcase is one of the best men’s birthday gifts you can give. With how much paperwork, utensils, and other items he’s always stuffing his bag with, it’s bound to be due for an upgrade. This genuine leather Fossil workbag/briefcase has plenty of storage for all of his work essentials. It has a padded pocket inside for his laptop, a zipper pocket on the outside, and two interior pockets for documents. He can carry it as a briefcase or as a shoulder bag, too. This awesome birthday gift is built to last him for years, and will make him look professional!

A Couple of Proper Glasses for His Dark Beers

Personalized Stout Glasses

Your husband probably knows that dark beers are best enjoyed in the proper glass, but if he doesn’t have the right glasses then his birthday is the perfect time to get them! These two Spiegelau stout glasses are specially designed to improve the flavors and aromas of all of his favorite dark beers. This is achieved through they’re unique shape, and will make each sip better than the last. If you also enjoy dark beers, you two can enjoy a couple of cold ones during his birthday dinner with these awesome glasses.

The Perfect Way to Wake Him Up on His Birthday: With Coffee!

Custom Coffee Mug and Carafe Set

Surprise your husband on the morning of his birthday with a steaming hot cup of his favorite coffee in this cool new coffee cup! He’ll love both the mug and the sweet gesture. You can also fill up the travel carafe with even more coffee for him to take to work or bring it along to wherever you’re celebrating his special day. The carafe is made of double walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel and will keep his favorite brew piping hot for hours on end. Thanks to this incredible birthday gift for your husband, he’ll always be energized for the day.

Top-Notch Whiskey Set for the Aspiring Connoisseur

Personalized Decanter with Glencairn Glasses

Does your husband want to be a qualified whiskey drinker who has sampled the finest and most expensive whiskeys on the market? Help him get started with the proper glassware! These Glencairn glasses are the best way to sample whiskey as they are crafted to enhance the flavors and unlock the hints of exotic aromas. He and a few friends can sample various whiskeys on his birthday with this awesome set and be amazed at how different they taste in the Glencairn glasses compared to regular old fashioned glasses. Plus, the decanter is just the cherry on top of this incredible men’s birthday gift so that he can show off his finest bourbon in his home bar.

Traditional Beer Stein

Traditional Ceramic Beer Stein

Inspired by classic German steins, this genuine ceramic beer stein is the ideal birthday gift for husbands who love their beer. Perfect for ales, lagers, and stouts, this stein will become his go-to mug. The natural coolness and insulation of the ceramic will keep his beer extra cold, too, making it even better than it would be in its original glass or can. Bonus: the engraving is entirely customizable! You can have it say “Jack’s Beer Mug, J, Hands Off” or almost anything you like. He’ll be touched at the creative personalization you put into this great birthday present!

The Coolest Birthday Gift for Gamers

Gaming Chair

How many times have you come home to find your husband playing video games? Some ladies may find it annoying, but frankly we think it's adorable. Your husband shouldn't have to have a sore back after playing games for a couple hours with his online friends. Pamper him with a nice gaming chair, rated one of the best men’s birthday gifts ever! This incredibly comfortable chair has built-in speakers, lumbar support, armrests, and a cool control panel, he might never get up from it! Now he’ll be perfectly comfortable as he spends the evening playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Trust us, if you pamper your husband with a chair like this, he will pamper you in return. Can you say "spa day?"

A Set of Fancy Whiskey Glasses

Gold Rim Custom Whiskey Label Glasses

Every whiskey drinker dreams of having his very own whiskey brand. Make your husband’s dreams come true with these unique whiskey label glasses! You can customize the label to say practically anything you want, and the genuine 22k gold rims add a touch of luxury to the set of four. He’ll love showing off these awesome glasses to his friends when they come over for game night, and he’ll want to use them right away after unwrapping them on his birthday.

Personalized Beer Growler Set

Personalized Growler and Pint Glasses

Beer lovers are the easiest to buy for because they’ll enjoy any gift that’s related to beer. If your husband is a beer lover, he’ll enjoy this ultimate set! The amber glass growler is ideal for storing his home brews or local craft beers and bringing along to the family cookout or his friend’s house as it prevents any contamination from the sun and is easier to carry than a six-pack. He’ll also enjoy the two custom pint glasses and use them for every single beer he drinks at home. This neat set is the coolest birthday gift for your husband!

A Flask as Sophisticated as He Is

Custom Cigar Holder and Flask for Husband

Your husband loves a flavorful, robust cigar with his whiskey. You've seen it many times: he goes out with his friends and enjoys a smoke or two, but he really doesn't have a way to carry those cigars. More often than not, he's having to haul them around in a plastic baggie. Upgrade your husband's favorite hobby to the level he deserves with this handsome flask. It holds two cigars, a couple of ounces of his favorite liquor, and is engraved with his name, can it get any cooler? This simple but classy gift is the perfect accessory to a pack of cigars or an expensive bottle of his favorite liquor for his birthday. He’ll love bringing the flask everywhere he goes so that he’s always prepared for a smoke and drink when the occasion presents itself.

The Ultimate Birthday Gift: The Complete James Bond Movie Set

Complete James Bond Movie Collection

James Bond is an iconic character for men, and your husband is no exception. If he doesn’t already have all 23 Bond movies, this incredible complete collection is the most amazing birthday gifts for your husband. He will love having all of the movies so that he doesn’t have to keep searching his favorite streaming service for them when he feels like watching a good movie. Plus, the movies are all on Bluray so that they are of the highest picture quality possible. Be prepared for an immediate movie marathon once you give it to him!

Show Off His Favorite Craft Beers

Craft Beer Bottle Cap Collector Sign

With this cool sign, your husband can show off all of his favorite craft beers with their bottle caps! He’ll love collecting the bottle caps and watching the sign fill up over time. This unique piece of home decor will look great in his home bar, man cave, or even the kitchen. Pair this with a variety of craft beers and you’ve got a complete craft beer-themed birthday gift for your husband!


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