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Article: 27 Custom Pint Glasses Perfect for Home Bars

27 Custom Pint Glasses Perfect for Home Bars

27 Custom Pint Glasses Perfect for Home Bars

Make Your Home Bar Stand Out with Custom Pint Glasses

Pint glasses are incredibly versatile beer glasses that are used everywhere in the world whether it’s in someone’s home, a five star restaurant, or a small bar. Custom pint glasses are great because they can have many different designs that fit your needs whether you’re looking for specialty glasses for specific beers or a cool set of custom pints to add to your home bar. There are plenty of unique beer glasses out there, but when it comes to IPAs, lagers, wheat beers, and lighter ales, a pint glass is usually the go-to. Relax, we did all of your shopping for you and found the best pint glasses no matter what kind you’re looking for.

Customizable Pint Glass

Custom Pint Glass

There’s something about a standard pint glass that just feels right. After all, you see them every time you go into a bar, so why not have one to enjoy at home? A couple of these custom pint glasses are the perfect addition to anyone’s bar whether it’s just been put together or has been around for years. You can customize the three fields of text with a phrase or title, name, and date if you’d like. For example, it could be something like “Daniel’s Bar, Est. Oct. 2019” or “Cheers, Samuel, July 8, 2019.” The customizable design and classic style are both the primary reasons this great glass is #1.

Stainless Steel Pint

Double Walled Steel Insulated Pint Glass

On the other hand, specialty pint glasses are always impressive. Take this stainless steel one for example: made of double walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel, coated with a rust-resistant matte black finish, and engraved with your initials and a custom line of text. This unique “glass” doesn’t produce any condensation which is always a plus, but it also keeps your beer cold for longer than any typical glass! Your friends will be surprised to come back to their glass after being caught up in the game or conversation and find that their forgotten beer is still just as cold as it was an hour ago.

The Essentials for Your Home Bar

Custom Beer Tap Handle and Pint Glasses Set

Sometimes, simple is the way to go. People enjoy the simple things, and your friends and family who often visit are no exception. You want to make them feel like they’re in their favorite local bar rather than your house, and a couple of classic pint glasses engraved with your name and initial is the way to do it. The matching personalized tap handle will make your home bar feel even more official, especially since you can write the name of whatever homebrew or import you’re serving that night. Get a couple of these simple custom pint glasses and voila! You’ve got a classy home bar that looks and feels like the real thing.

Unique Insulated Pint Glass

IPA-Style Insulated Beer Glass

Certainly not your average pint glass, this unique steel pint glass is quite different from the previous one. Reminiscent of an IPA glass, it holds a few more ounces than a regular pint and is easier to hold. If you have a modern house, your home bar might as well be modern too! The engraving on this one is also customizable with a name, initials, year, and custom phrase. It’s also double-walled and insulated like the previous steel glass so that it will prevent condensation stains on your bar or tables as well as keep everyone’s drinks cold. The unique shape of this pint will also affect the taste of your beer as the special design will bring the flavors of the hops to the mouth of the glass, where the head will be waiting to deliver the perfect sip every time.

Complete Beer Glass Set

Personalized Beer Tasting Set

Why stop at pint glasses when you could get a proper beer tasting set with four of the most popular beer glasses? This set includes an IPA glass, a snifter, an English pub/nonic pint, and a classic pilsner. You’ll become a proper beer connoisseur in no time when sampling your favorite ales, stouts, craft brews, and lagers in these professional-level glasses. Invite your friends over for a beer tasting and impress them with your knowledge of how each glass affects the taste and aroma of your favorite beers compared to being served in a normal pint glass! This complete set has all of the best beer glasses to upgrade your home bar to the connoisseur level.


Unique Silicone Pint Glass

SiliPint Tye Dye Silicone Pint Glass

Looking for something truly unique? These silicone pints are the way to go! These wacky pint glasses come in 13 colors and are great for using indoor or outdoor as they are unbreakable, safe for the freezer or microwave, and all around fun to use. You don’t have to worry about breaking your glasses when doing bartender tricks anymore! Your guests will love using these for their beer or cocktails.

The English Pint

Monogrammed English Pub Glass

If you’re a fan of English and Irish pubs, chances are you’ve seen a couple of these pub glasses before. Traditionally used in the UK, they’ve gained popularity here in the states. Its distinct curve toward the top is unmistakable, but did you know that it serves a purpose? Besides making it easier to hold, between the top of the engraving and just below the beginning of the curve is exactly half of a pint. Traditional pub glasses actually have a line marking it, as well as the English stamp. These custom pint glasses are perfect for your home bar if you enjoy serving English ales such as Fuller’s London Pride and Morland Old Speckled Hen. English pub glasses are also called “nonic” pint glasses for their distinct bulge toward the top.

Complete Beer Gift Set Every Home Bar Needs

Ultimate Beer Lover Gift Set with Bottle Cap Collector

Whether you’re serving craft beer or your favorite domestics, this set is a must-have for anyone with a home bar! You simply can’t go wrong with these personalized pint glasses as they are ideal for serving just about any kind of hoppy beer. The growler can be used to transport beer to and from your home bar if you like to serve local craft brews or even your own homebrew. The beer cap map goes without saying that it’s the coolest piece of decor for your bar no matter the theme!

Single Wall Insulated Steel Pint Glass

Customizable Single Wall Insulated Steel Pint

While similar in appearance to the initial stainless steel pint glass, this one only has a single wall of insulation. It also does not produce any condensation and will keep beer colder than a regular glass. These sturdy custom pint glasses are great for indoor or outdoor use, and the engraving is customizable!

Engravable Wrapped Pint Glass

Pint Glass with Engraved Leather Wrap

Remember when everyone had a ton of koozies and drink sleeves? They were big back in the early 2000s, and they’re even popular still today! This pint glass has a unique leatherette wrap that’s similar in function to a standard koozie as it helps keep your beer cold and your hands warm. Even better, this custom pint glass is engraved with up to two lines of text! You can have this dressed-up pint read anything from “Sam's Neighborhood Bar, Good Times & Good Beer” to “Benjamin’s Home Bar, Est. July 2020.”

Educational Pint Glasses

Ethanol Chemical Structure Glass

Whether you’re a science guy or a total beer snob, you need these pint glasses for your home bar. They’re decorated with the molecular structure of ethanol, which is the primary chemical in alcoholic beverages. Your guests will feel like sophisticated scientists when you serve their beer in these fun glasses.

Hybrid Pint Glass

Monogrammed Tulip Beer Glass

This particular glass is somewhat of an oddity. It’s like a mix between an English pub and a pint glass with a little bit of a pilsner style. As such, it makes the ideal beer glass! You can serve typical pale ales and lagers in this glass as well as craft beers, imports, and even pilsners. Your guests will love that you have such a versatile glass to enjoy their Coors Light or Blue Moon in.

Home Bar Starter Kit

Complete Home Bar Set

You’re looking for custom pint glasses, yes, but you could also use some decor! Whether you’re just starting your home bar or are upgrading your current one, this set is perfect for you. The entire set features a buxom barmaid juggling several mugs of beer, and you can choose the name and year. You might think you don’t need any more coasters, but these wooden coasters have bottle openers on the bottom! Thanks to these handy little guys, you’ll never have to search for a bottle opener ever again. Your buddies will be impressed at your “branded” home bar and will certainly be jealous of how awesome your setup is.

Fancy Game of Thrones Glass

Game of Thrones Pint Glass

Even if your home bar isn’t pop culture-themed, you have that one friend who is a beer snob and always asks for your nicest glass and any craft beer you have on hand. He’ll certainly get a kick out this fun Game of Thrones glass, especially as it subtly says that you are the one who drinks and knows things rather than him. The 22k gold rim is just luxurious enough for his beer so that you won’t have to dust off your vintage German stein every time he comes over.

Manly Pint Glass Set

Ammo Can Set with Pint Glasses

Your home bar is very cool and manly, like yourself, and you want to add more glasses and accessories to it. This is the gift set for you! The manly ammo can will be a great piece of decor for your home bar as you can store bartending tools, cocktail recipes, or your most expensive glasses in it. The two pint glasses are engraved to match with a title, name, and date. The awesome bullet bottle opener will be your go-to bottle opener form now on.

Elegant Crystal Pints

Waterford Crystal Pint Glasses

You and your spouse probably have a set of crystal wine glasses to serve at Thanksgiving and Christmas for formal dinners with family, but do you have crystal pint glasses for those that prefer beer? Your home bar will be more luxurious than ever! This set of two gorgeous crystal pint glasses will make your favorite IPA look like fine champagne. You'll love these glasses so much that you’ll want to use them for every occasion!

Not Your Average Pint Glass

Tall Stemmed Pint Glass with Pewter Crest

Bet you didn’t expect to see a pint glass like this! Reminiscent of champagne flutes, this unique glass will add a level of luxury to your bar. Your friends will feel distinguished when you serve them a glass of Stella Artois or craft beer with this crested pint. Some may call this glass a pilsner, but in reality it is actually too tall. An average American pint is 16 ounces, which is how much this glass holds. Pilsners are typically smaller than pints, averaging about 8-12 ounces. You’ll probably use that handy tidbit of information to argue with your beer snob friend when they try to tell you that this is a pilsner glass! The elegant flute shape will also improve the taste of your beer as the tapered shape will bring the aromas and flavors of the hops to the top of the glass.

Essential Growler Set

Personalized Growler and Pint Glasses

Why stop at custom pint glasses when you could have a matching custom beer growler too? This complete set is a must-have for anyone with a home bar. The pint glasses are perfect for serving all of your buddies when they come over after going golfing or your family at Thanksgiving. The growler is mostly for you so that you can bring along 64 ounces of your favorite beer or homebrew when you’re on the go at the lake, on vacation, or to bring home some local craft brew to share. What are you waiting for? You have to have this set!


Pint Flight for Beer Tasting

Set of Four Pint Glasses with Serving Tray

Do you and your friends like to try new beers together? Bring your beer tastings to the next level with this handy flight set! The four pint glasses are the perfect size for trying new craft beers, homebrews, or imports. The best part? The serving board has a chalkboard strip so that you can write the type of beer you’re serving. Plus, the glasses are engraved with your name and initial. Your home bar will feel just like a microbrewery now!

Vintage-Inspired Pint Glasses and Growler Set

Engraved Copper Growler with Pint Glasses Set

You’ve seen all kinds of pint glasses by now, but sometimes it’s best to go with traditional glasses. This set of two pints are engraved with a cool and customizable vintage-inspired engraving. There’s even a copper growler to match, which will certainly come in handy for the next time you go to your craft brewery so that you can fill it up with your favorite seasonal brew to enjoy at home.

Crystal Pint Glass

Crystal Pint Glass

Want to give your home bar a real sense of luxury? Get a crystal pint glasses! The crystal is absolutely gorgeous, and even your wife will be impressed by them and will want to show them off to her friends. You might want to pick her up a new piece of jewelry while you’re there, too. When your beer snob buddies get a load of these impressive glasses, they will be so shocked that you have pints from made from real crystal that they might not believe the seal is real at first!

Manly Pint Glass Gift Set

Personalized Ammo Can with Pint Glass, Hatchet, and Flask

Why stop at a pint glass or two when you can get a complete personalized gift set? Whether it’s for a gift or yourself, this set is manly, practical, and all around awesome. The pint glass and ammo can be personalized with two lines of text that you get to choose, and you can have the flask engraved to match. The hatchet is a versatile tool that comes in handy for yard work, camping, hunting, and more. Does a pint glass gift set get any better than this?

Engraved Copper Cup

Set of Four Copper Pint Glasses

Looking for a unique set of custom pint glasses unlike everyone else’s? The copper trend is still going, and now you can have your own copper pints! Naturally cool and producing a crisper taste, these glasses will be a modern addition to your home bar. Bonus: these unique pints hold up to 20 ounces so that you can pour plenty of beer rather than be limited to 16 ounces in a normal pint.

Every Homebrewer’s Dream Set

Set of Four Pint Glasses with Bottle Opener

Anyone who has ever attempted brewing beer at home has dreamed of their own brewery. They’ve envisioned the room dedicated to giant kegs, the storefront with dozens of different tap handles, and sharing their unique brews with the community. You may not be able to give someone an entire awesome brewery, but you can give them (or treat yourself!) this custom brewery label pint glass set. Simple but still awesome, whoever has this set will feel like an official craft brewer.

Fancy Stemmed Pint Glasses

Set of Four Stemmed Pint Glasses

There’s nothing like having a couple of friends over for a beer tasting of craft beer you either brewed yourself or picked up at the nearest brewery. These unique stemmed glasses hold 16 ounces, which is a standard pint. This way, you can enjoy some sophisticated beer tasting with equally classy glassware. Your friends will certainly be impressed by these luxurious pint glasses!

Funny Pint Glass

You've Been Poisoned Pint Glass

Are you the kind of home bar owner who likes to entertain and enjoys playing pranks and jokes on your friends? This is the pint glass for you. On the outside, it looks like a standard pint. After your buddy has finished his drink, he’ll see a surprise message at the bottom that says “You’ve been poisoned.” The look on his face will be priceless! The friends of yours with a sense of humor will laugh and enjoy them, but you might not want to serve your father-in-law or your new neighbor with one of these glasses.

A Legendary Gift Set for a Legendary Man

Manly Personalized Pint Glass Gift Set

Are you shopping for a cool pint glass or two as a gift for the legend in your life? He’ll certainly feel like the coolest man alive once you give him this incredible gift set. Not only are the two custom pint glasses and ammunition can engraved with his name followed by “The Man. The Myth. The Legend.,” the survival knife is engraved too! You can even customize the font and the line of text on the blade of the awesome knife. Also included are cigar accessories. Whether it’s for a birthday or holiday gift, he’ll be eternally grateful for such a manly gift.


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