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Article: 17 Creative Etsy Wedding Gifts

17 Creative Etsy Wedding Gifts

17 Creative Etsy Wedding Gifts

It is so easy to get a gift that feels like your standard wedding gift. While giving something off the registry, a bottle of wine or a unique plate may be a nice gift, you know you could go the extra mile. When you get creative with your gifts, that is when the couple will know that you really care. Instead of being typical, be atypical with a unique Etsy wedding gift! These one-off gifts are unique, tailored to the couple, and overall far more creative than your standard wedding present! Of course, everyone wants to stand out. Who wouldn’t want their wedding gift to be the one that the newlyweds brag about? So, where do you begin? Where do you even look on Etsy? Instead of scrolling through pages for hours, we’ve rounded up the best wedding gifts you can find on Etsy in one easy-to-read blog!

Present Them the Perfect Etsy Wedding Gift

Custom Presentation Etsy Wedding Gift Set

Make them feel as special as their wedding day, every day, with this gorgeously engraved whiskey presentation set! Newlywed couples are bound to toast to their life together as soon as they get this gift; however, you know they’ll love seeing it on display on their home bar or counter. It’ll be like a wedding ring for their house! Plus, this set is so ornate, practical, and timeless, you know that no other wedding gift from Etsy (whether it was on their registry or not) will hold up to the awesomeness of this wedding gift!

Etsy Wedding Gift Ideas for the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box with Champagne Flutes

Get creative with your Etsy wedding gift idea with this awesome shadow box and champagne gift set. This is the perfect gift for them to celebrate as newlyweds or to break out for special occasions like their anniversary. From glasses of champagne to Mimosas the next morning, there is no way they won’t love using this Etsy gift set for every celebration. It will even show off the bride’s bouquet in the shadow box! How cool is that?

Keep Them Creative in the Kitchen Too

Etsy Cutting Board for Wedding

There is no better way to keep the bond of a married couple stronger than having them create delicious food in the kitchen together, and with a cutting board that looks this good, they’ll want to make a new dish every night! Even when it isn’t covered in sliced tomatoes or minced garlic, they’ll love putting this gorgeous cutting board on display in their kitchen as their most fantastic wedding gift!

Picture Their Wedding Gift from Etsy

Custom Picture Frame

Help them memorialize timeless moments together (like their kiss at the wedding) with this personalized picture frame! They’ll love seeing their happiest moments on display in their home with their wedding date right next to it! With two picture slots, you may even be able to add their engagement date with a photo from that magical night as well!

A Worldly Wedding Gift Idea

Globe Bar Cart is an Etsy Wedding Gift

Give a gift that is so good it was heard around the world with a vintage globe bar cart! These are the coolest ways for them to enjoy a cocktail or drink anywhere in their house. Another awesome feature of this gift is the antique styling. This brand new gift will look like a family heirloom that has been in the family for generations. Thanks to the globe as well, they can plan their honeymoon travels or next big vacation!


Luxury Wine Box Gift Set

Wine gift Set of Etsy Wedding Gift Ideas

There is no better way for the bride and groom to make their way through thank you cards, opening gifts, or phone calls to friends and family than with a glass of wine in hand. With this luxurious black box wine gift set, they’ll feel like the classiest couple in town as they’re sitting back and sipping their Merlots or Chardonnays! Talk about a great wedding gift set from Etsy.

Custom Sign for the Couple

Personalized Couples Sign

A key to a couple’s happiness can be as simple as always making sure to have a drink or two together. Ensure that they never forget this with a gorgeous custom sign! This is a great piece of decor that will go well in any room thanks to the rustic styling. So, when you’re looking for a creative wedding gift, look no further than this custom sign!

The Coolest Wine Gift—Literally

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller Etsy Gift

Turn every dinner at home into a sophisticated affair with this cool Etsy gift idea for their wedding! A marble wine chiller truly makes the table look like a five-star restaurant for each meal, even if it is just taco Tuesdays! Whether they are making date night extra classy or simply want to chill the Riesling that they didn’t put in the fridge in time, this marble wine chiller makes for a fantastic wedding gift!

A Heartfelt Etsy Wedding Gift

Heart Shaped Wedding Guest Book

Whether you and your spouse want a gorgeous keepsake from the wedding, something unique, or a truly innovative gift, this heart guest book is all of those and so much more! If you’re a guest getting them a gift, just make sure you get this to them early so they can have little heart signatures from all their family and friends!

Etsy Wedding Gift Ideas as Beautiful as the Bride

Decanter Set of Etsy Wedding Gift Ideas

Give the newlyweds a gift that is so elegant they won’t be able to think of anything but the day they tied the knot each time they see it! This gorgeous twist decanter mimics the bride twirling on the dance floor perfectly. So not only can this gift get them a drink to celebrate their anniversary or a big occasion, but this Etsy decanter set is the perfect reminder of the happiest day in their lives too!


For the Couple Who Love Beer

Custom Beer Snifter Set

Got a couple who loves beer? These custom beer snifters are some of the best Etsy wedding gift ideas since they make beer even more enjoyable than it was for them before. Rather than your standard pilsner glasses or beer mugs, these are the perfect gift! While any beer glass seems like it may do, a set of beer snifters are the creative gift which will show you went the extra mile since they help enhance the flavor of every sip. For a beer-loving couple, these are perfect for their craft beers, microbrews, or even macro beers if they choose!

Make Every House a Home

Personalized Home Sign

Every house from now will feel like a home. It doesn’t matter if it is the place they have been living together for years in or if it is the new home they moved into. However, since it won’t matter as long as they have each other, you know this personalized sign is the perfect wedding gift idea from Etsy! It will be a constant reminder that even if they move for work or never leave their first home, as long as they have each other, they’ll always be happy!

Cute Towels for the Couple

Etsy Wedding Gift is Dish Towels

Not every wedding gift has to be crazy expensive or so good that you would never think of getting one. Some, like these personalized dish towels, are a cute and custom reminder of their time as a married couple! This simplistic gift has that personalized touch that you know will bring a smile to their face each time they see them.

Personalized Gift Box

Custom Gift Box for Wedding

Want to give a truly unique wedding gift? Create a unique collection and place it inside a personalized gift box! With a gift this good looking, the most you’ll have to do is a small tag on one of the gifts inside so they know who it is from! Whether you put a few bottles of liquor in there, hand-made gifts, or signed cards and photos, a custom keepsake box is the best way to give your gift that personal Etsy touch!

Engraved Copper Tumblers

Copper Wine Tumblers are Etsy Wedding Gift Ideas

Have the newlyweds shove those old mismatched wine glasses to the back of their cupboards when they open your wedding gift from Etsy with these initialed copper wine tumblers! Not only are these modern wine glasses gorgeous to look at but they can practically hold a whole bottle of wine each. They even come with their shared last initial on each glass, talk about a cool wedding gift!

A Playful Etsy Wedding Gift

Personalized Bean Bag Toss Set

Keep the happy couple, well, happy with a custom bean bag toss set! Whether you give this set of Etsy wedding gift ideas before the wedding so they can have it out at the reception or they decide to use it for every outdoor event they have from here on out, you can be sure it’ll always bring a smile to their face having such a wonderful and fun gift!

For the Couple with Different Tastes

Whiskey and Wine Glass Gift Set

Just because the two of you are married doesn’t mean that you have to have the same tastes in everything. For the couple that agrees on most things, look no further than this whiskey and wine glass set they never knew they needed. While it still matches with the engraving, they’ll finally be able to share a drink out of matching glasses while enjoying their favorite adult beverage!


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