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Article: 17 Creative Christmas Presents for Dads

17 Creative Christmas Presents for Dads

17 Creative Christmas Presents for Dads

Your dad deserves to get a good gift this Christmas gift. But you already know that, otherwise, why are you here? However, while you know he deserves a good gift, it can be hard to narrow down just the right gift for him. He always seems like he has it all. Over the years anytime he has needed anything he bought it for himself, which only left really small gifts or ones that are a bit too expensive. So, where do you begin? Do you get him something for his hobby? What about a gift that may give him a new hobby? How about something super cool looking that would be great for any guy, let alone your dad? The answer is yes! Christmas presents for dad are actually gifts that will make his free time all the more relaxing and fulfilling. While that still sounds vaguely specific, we have had a little chat with Santa to get the rundown on exactly which gifts will work for him!

Most Regal Christmas Presents for Dad

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Christmas Presents for Dad

Start your search off with a gift set that is guaranteed to keep him warmer than Santa’s coat, this monogrammed cigar and whiskey gift set. Your dad will love this unique and innovative gift set that makes smoking like a chimney while enjoying a few glasses of holiday spirit easier than ever before. Due to the unique cigar whiskey glass, he can have his cigar and whiskey in one hand while he leaves his other hand open for hugs and high-fives as he spends time with his family during the holidays.

Personalized Beer Mug Box Set

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set for Dad

Get dad one of his favorite presents of all time with this set of custom Christmas presents for dad with this engraved beer mug box set. You know a beer mug is something he will love having around the house, and he will especially enjoy this gift since it has his name on it too! Better still, this gift set looks so good in the box that you don’t even need to wrap it. Even among all the other presents, he’ll know this one is just for him thanks to the customization!

Custom Movie Sign for Dad

Personalized Movie Sign

What dad doesn’t love sitting down to watch a good movie? Whether they’re a cinephile and love watching new movies all the time or rewatch the same handful of films, there is no better way to enhance their movie experience than with this custom cinema sign! This is the best way to turn any room in the house into his own custom movie theater, and what more could a dad want for Christmas than his own personal screening room?

An Ammo Can Set for the Toughest Dad

Whiskey Ammo Can Christmas Present for Dads

Have dad thinking you pulled a gift right from Santa’s sleigh with this personalized whiskey ammo can gift set! Everyone loves a gift box for Christmas, but few things are as awesome as an engraved ammo can as the gift box when you are buying for your dad! This set is the manliest way to give him all the whiskey and cigar gifts he could ever want. He can even use this gift box long after opening his Christmas present. Whether he wants to use his ammo can to store his gifts, as a toolbox, or as the coolest filing cabinet for his office, this is a versatile gift that you know he will love!

Top Dad Shoes

Canvas Dad Shoes

Replace those Newbalance or Rebok shoes with a higher quality dad show with these gorgeous suede and canvas sneakers! He’ll be the talk of the BBQ while hanging out with the other dads when he is rocking the nicest looking dad shoes any of them have ever seen before.

Christmas Gift for Dad Heard Round the World

Vintage Globe Bart Cart

Make him think you went a few extra miles when searching for Christmas presents for dad. In fact, have him think you traveled the globe to find this vintage artifact! In fact, this globe bar cart comes with a vintage aesthetic that looks so good that your father won’t be able to believe something so cool and useful is his! Whether he is hanging out with his friends in the garage or is hosting a party in the dining room, he can easily wheel this cart into the room to be able to create and serve drinks on the fly!


Decanter Box Set of Christmas Presents for Dad

Cigar and Whiskey Box Set of Christmas Present for Dads

The best way to keep dad warm during the cold winter months has got to be with a fantastic custom cigar and whiskey gift set. Now, no matter how long he is outside hanging up the Christmas lights or shoveling the driveway, he can warm up instantly with a stogie and a glass of scotch thanks to this engraved gift set. Your Christmas present for dads need to be just as practical as they are cool, right? So make sure his gift set this Christmas not only looks awesome but also serves a purpose for him!

Christmas Games for Dad

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set

Christmas is a time of togetherness which really means spending a lot of quality time with friends and family. So, make spending time together more exciting than ever with a custom bean bag toss set! Not only great for the winter, but your dad will also surely take this gift set to every BBQ or tailgating event he attends to show off his epic gift as well as the world-class tossing skills he will surely develop over the winter of owning a cornhole set!

Most Badass Christmas Present for Dads

Bull Decanter Whiskey Glass Gift Set

Charge into giving the toughest Christmas presents for dad with this custom bull decanter set. Never before will you see his eyes widen as much as they do when he unwraps this amazing-looking glassware set. Better still, since it is a decanter set with glasses and whiskey stones, you know your gift will get him into the holiday spirit right away! Making Old-Fashioneds or neat drinks of whiskey while hanging with the family will never feel so badass for your dad.

Every Dad Needs Tools

Large Tool Box

Help keep dad organized this Christmas with a new tool chest! While the old box he has been using for decades was sufficient, it was never as good as your dad deserves. Besides, now that he has acquired more and more tools for different projects over the years, it is time to get him a set that takes tool organization to a different level, literally! Thanks to this gift set, you’ll never have to help him find a ⅝ socket ever again!

Monogrammed Poker Set for Christmas

Monogrammed Poker Set of Christmas Presents for Dad

Finding good Christmas presents for dad has never been all fun and games, that is until now! This monogrammed cigar and whiskey poker set is the perfect way to thank dad for being the awesome person he is. Now, he can bring the classiest cards, chips, and dice to his weekly card game. Also, with this cigar and whiskey glass by his side, he’ll be the most intimidating-looking mob-boss lookalike which will surely bring luck his way the next time he needs to command the table with one of his infamous bluffs!


Help Dad Keep the Memories

Custom Shadow Box Pint Glass Set

Never let any of his favorite memories slip his mind when he has an engraved shadow box pint glass set. Inside, he can display beer caps, game tickets, hand-written notes, or anything else from some of his favorite events. With the shadow box, he will always have the perfect place to display mementos from his most cherished memories. So this Christmas, make a memory with dad by being the first pair of beer caps to go inside the shadow box when the two of you have a brewski together!

Keep Your Gifts for Dad in Range

Bushnell Range Finder Gift for Dad

Make picking the right club when he is on the green easier than he could have thought with the Bushnell range finder. These cool pieces of technology measure the distance between points, so it’ll never be a guessing game as to which club is best for the shot. With this practical golf gift, he’ll always know exactly which club will get him on the green!

Fine Wine Christmas Present for Dads

Custom Christmas Wine Gift Set for Dad

A Christmas present for dads doesn’t always need to be incredibly masculine or rugged, in fact, getting him something sophisticated will be just as cool! Take this wine gift set, for example, it is perfect for the wine-loving dad. He will feel like he is at the Met Gala each time he pours his favorite wine. Better still is it comes with an extra glass, so now you and dad can easily share a glass of Merlot or Chardonnay, or he can have a toast to a fantastic Christmas with his wife!

Smokin’ Hot Man Cave Sign for Dad

Cigar Sign Christmas Present for Dads

Help make his man cave as unique as he is with a personalized cigar sign that is so cool that he is going to wonder why he never got one for himself! All dads have a unique as well as a bit of a smartass sense of humor, so a gorgeous sign that also acknowledges that he knows a thing or two will be the ideal way for him to claim his man cave or cigar lounge as his official space!

Keep Him Cookin’

Air Fryer for Dads Christmas

Keep him cooking in the kitchen but make it healthier than ever with his own air fryer! Now, he can make wings and fires (his favorite meal) at home, and since none of it has been deep-fried, it’ll be healthier than any restaurant he could have gotten his meal from. Instead of waiting for his pick-up order and having to time the big game just right, he can relax in the comfort of his home and make his own food so he’ll never miss a second of playtime!

A Great Christmas Present Fore Dad

Travel Golf Putting Set

Don’t let dad lose his game-winning stroke over the winter due to the weather. While the greens may be covered in snow, that doesn’t mean your dad can’t be practicing his short game. This golf putting set is a fantastic gift idea for your dad this Christmas. Not only will it help him shave strokes the next time he is on the course but it can also travel with him. So, whether he wants to work on his putting between meetings at work or at home, he can easily bring this set anywhere he goes!


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