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Article: 23 Creative 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

23 Creative 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

23 Creative 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Find Your Perfect 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends:

50 years is quite a long time to stay committed to someone, which is why it’s an important occasion to commemorate! 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends should be a spectacular gift that shows your friends how proud and amazed you are by their five decades of marriage. Luckily for you, we’ve already tracked down the best 50th wedding anniversary gifts for celebrating half a century together that your friends will absolutely love. Also called the golden anniversary, this milestone event doesn’t happen for everyone, which is why you should make sure that your friends are being celebrated for their years of dedication. Whether you are looking for traditional 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends or something special for your friend to enjoy with their spouse on their special day, we’ve got it!

Impressive Decanter Sets are Perfect 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Custom Decanter Set 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Frends

An occasion like this one deserves a celebratory drink! Make sure your friends are toasting to their many years of happiness in style with this exquisite personalized decanter set. The five piece set is the perfect new centerpiece for their home bar and is certain to be the site of many future drinks with each other, with their loved ones, and of course every anniversary from now on. Your friends will treasure this beautiful decanter set for the next several decades to come!

A Golden Anniversary Gift Unlike Any Other

Antique Globe Bar Cart

Now that your friends have been married for 50 whole years, they could probably use something new in their home to enjoy as a couple. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful antique gold globe bar cart! This stunning and functional piece of decor is the perfect mix between a traditional and unique golden anniversary gift. Your friends will adore having this attractive new bar cart in their home for entertaining their other friends, especially at the anniversary party!

Unique 50th Anniversary Gift Idea for Friends

Custom Wood Sign Unique 50th Anniversary Gift Idea for Friends

Speaking of gold gifts, if your friends are more into decor than new household items then how about getting them a personalized sign to display? Certainly one of the most creative 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends, this regal sign will make your friends feel like royalty when you give it to them! Wherever they display it, this beautiful gold sign will add a touch of luxury to the room.

A New Twist on Their Favorite Drinks

Smoke Box System

After being married for so long, your friends have probably tried all kinds of drinks over the years together and settled on their favorites. Bring an exciting and fun new way to enjoy their favorite liquors and cocktails with the smoke box system! This clever gadget infuses a delicious smoky flavor into any drink of their choosing to give it a whole new combination of flavors. Every time they use it, it’ll be a new experience! This modern 50th anniversary gift is sure to be great fun for your friends and anyone they share it with.

Stunning Crystal Decanter Set Your Friends Will Adore

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Box Set for Friends

When it comes to searching for 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends, you need to consider their interests. For the couple who enjoys a nice drink together even after many years of marriage, a personalized decanter set they can both use is positively perfect! This impressive decanter set is so attractive that they’ll want to keep it on display, which frees up the wooden gift box that comes with the glassware to be used for anniversary keepsakes and mementos. This thoughtful gift set just keeps on giving!


Beautiful 50th Anniversary Gift for Her

Gold Plated Rose in Display Box

Are you looking for a nice 50th wedding anniversary gift idea for your friend? You admire her so much for being married for five whole decades, and you want to get her something special to celebrate such an important milestone. Look no further than this gorgeous gold-dipped rose! A fitting gift for a close friend or your friend to his wife, this luxurious gift is designed to be everlasting, much like her marriage! She will certainly treasure such a sweet and incredible gift for the rest of her life.

Surprise Them With a New Serving Set

Engraved Decanter Set with Serving Tray

Whether you’ve known the couple during their entire 50 years of marriage or not, one thing is for certain: any couple who’s been married for so long could probably use a new serving set! They likely got one when they were first married, and they would be so surprised to get such a beautiful monogrammed set like this one. Perfect for serving drinks to their loved ones when they visit or for indulging in a romantic nightcap together, this gorgeous serving set is an absolute must-have.

The Ideal 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Want to give a nice bottle of wine to your friends for their anniversary? Pair it with this adorable wine glass gift set! Your friends will be so touched by this beautifully personalized set and will want to drink their wine with their new glasses right away. Every time they look at the engraving of their wedding date on the glasses and the gift box, they will remember that day they said “I Do” like it was yesterday.

A Sign of the Perfect Marriage

Mr and Mrs Personalized Wood Sign

One of the sweetest 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends is something that reminds them of the day they were married, like this adorable personalized sign! Every time your friends look at this lovely piece of decor, they’ll feel like newlyweds all over again. You can get creative with the design on the sign to make it even more special, like having the phrase be “50 years down, forever to go!”

The Coolest Anniversary Gift for Him

Monogrammed Cigar Glass Ashtray Gift Set

Make sure your friend has everything he needs to celebrate his milestone anniversary with this awesome whiskey and cigar gift set! He will love having such a cool whiskey glass that holds his cigar for him to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary, and the marble ashtray is sure to come in handy when having a round of stogies with his friends. You could make this gift even better by pairing it with a pack of his favorite cigars or a bottle of 50 year old whiskey!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Gold Jewelry

Gold Bar Bracelet

The 50th wedding anniversary is also known as the golden anniversary because the official traditional gift according to etiquette is, naturally, gold! Jewelry is always a great anniversary gift, and this lovely gold bracelet is ideal. Not only is it customizable, but the style is timeless and will match any jewelry your friend has already! This bracelet works for a man or a woman, and you could even get a matching his-and-hers set for both of your friends!

Must-Have Decanter Set for Romantic Drinks Together

Even though your friends have been married for five decades, they still have date nights! Treat your friends to this beautiful decanter set so that they can enjoy romantic, quality drinks in style. The stunning crystal Glencairn glasses and personalized decanter will make your friends feel like a million bucks when they’re enjoying a nice glass of scotch or a cocktail together. This set certainly has everything they need to indulge in their favorite liquor but the liquor itself, so make sure you get them a bottle of it as well!

Get Your Friends a New Cutting Board

Engraved Hardwood Cutting Board 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Over the years, you’ve probably gotten your friend a new kitchen appliance or something decorative for Christmas or the like. One of the best 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends is to get them a beautiful hardwood cutting board! This gorgeous sheesham cutting board is a lovely upgrade to their kitchen, and you could pair it with a bottle of wine or a nice assortment of gourmet foods for them to enjoy together. Couples who have been together for 50 years are more likely to enjoy simpler, practical gifts than extravagant ones after all!

Every Couple Needs a Red Wine Decanter

Personalized Red Wine Decanter Set

Over the years, your friends have likely begun to appreciate red wine more. With this beautifully engraved wine decanter set, they can enjoy their Cabernet and Merlot properly! The decanter will oxidize their wine and make it less bitter so that your friends can thoroughly enjoy the rich flavors. To complete these thoughtful 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends, pair the decanter set with a nice bottle of 50 year old red wine!

The Coolest 50th Anniversary Gift for the Friend Who Golfs

Portable Golfing Set

Is your friend an avid golfer? For his 50th anniversary, get him this portable putting set! He will love having a convenient golfing set to practice his shots wherever he goes. Whether he’s stuck in the office during off season or is on vacation, he’ll always be able to hone his skills thanks to your awesome anniversary gift.


Celebrate with Bubbly and Chocolate

Champagne and Chocolate Gift Basket

Not sure what a good 50th wedding anniversary gift idea is for your friends? You can never go wrong with a nice bottle of champagne and a set of gourmet chocolate truffles! This simple but delicious gift is the perfect, guaranteed-to-please, way to show your friends you care about their milestone anniversary.

Unique Decanter Set for Enjoying Drinks Together

Custom Whiskey Decanter with Sculpted Glasses

Even after being married for 50 years, it’s important to have a drink with your spouse every now and then. Make sure your friends can have a quality glass of their favorite liquor or a cocktail with this unique decanter set! One of the best 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends, this decanter set is sure to be the center of every date night from their anniversary and beyond. Pair it with a bottle of their favorite whiskey to make it a complete gift!

Make Sure Your Friends Always Have Chilled Wine

Engraved Marble Wine Chiller

One of the best gifts you can give a friend is something that solves a problem, such as forgetting to put a bottle of wine in the fridge enough time before dinner. A marble wine chiller is the perfect problem-solving 50th anniversary gift idea for your friends! Not only is it a stylish addition to their kitchen in between uses, but it will ensure that their wine is perfectly chilled within minutes.

Classy 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Friends

Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Set

Looking for a cool gift for your friend who is celebrating a whole 50 years of marriage? This classy and manly ammo can gift set is ideal. From the awesome personalized glasses to the repurposed ammunition box, this gift set has everything he needs to treat himself to a nice glass of whiskey and a quality stogie in celebration of his anniversary. Of course, once he tries out the set he’ll want to use each piece as often as possible!

Give Your Friend a New Hobby to Start

Custom Shadow Box

You won’t find any better 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends than this adorable shadow box! Together, your friends can fill up the display box with wine corks, ticket stubs, greeting cards, or any other keepsakes. This thoughtful anniversary gift is both a unique keepsake and a creative decoration, and they will love watching their collection grow over time, much like their love for one another!

Go Big with a Gold Watch

Bulova Gold Watch

The 50th wedding anniversary is called the golden anniversary, after all, so why not splurge on your friend and get them a nice gold watch? Whether it’s for him, her, or both, this handsome Bulova watch will become their favorite new timepiece! The luxurious style and subtle bling will certainly upgrade whatever outfit they’re wearing with it and will make them feel classier than ever. Bulova watches are known for their durability too, so you know that this watch will last them until their next milestone anniversary!

Unique Golden Anniversary Gift

Custom Great Gatsby Sign

If your friends aren’t really into nice watches, how about a nice piece of decor instead for their 50th anniversary gift? This beautiful Great Gatsby-inspired sign is a fun new addition to anyone’s home! Your friends probably remember reading the iconic book back in the day, and this sign is the perfect blend of modern decor with a vintage feel. Plus, with its gold accents, this sign perfectly matches the golden anniversary theme!

Keep It Simple with a Bottle of Their Favorite Liquor

Engraved Wooden Box for Liquor Bottles

When in doubt, a nice bottle of wine or liquor is always appreciated! With the added personal touch of an engraved gift box, your friends will definitely feel the love. By far one of the simplest but most thoughtful 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas for friends, this custom gift box can be used to store keepsakes and mementos after they’ve finished the bottle! This way, a part of your lovely gift can be treasured forever.


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