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Article: 29 Coolest Christmas Gift Sets

29 Coolest Christmas Gift Sets

29 Coolest Christmas Gift Sets

The Best Christmas Gift Sets for Anyone This Holiday Season

Why give just one single gift for Christmas when you can give a whole set full of many amazing gifts? Christmas gift sets are the best kinds of gifts because they aren’t just one item, they’re a gift made up of many gifts so that you’re giving a bigger, more impressive gift that is guaranteed to please anyone! Seriously, even the people who have everything can’t say no to a gift set full of unique items like a decanter set or a gift basket of tasty treats. Don’t worry, we narrowed it down to only the best and most unique Christmas gift sets for Christmas to make sure that your loved ones are getting the biggest, most impressive, and widest variety of gifts!

Christmas Gift Sets the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Christmas Gift Sets

Finding the right holiday gifts for a family when all of the kids are grown up is never easy, at least until now! Treat your entire family with this stunning decanter set you can enjoy together at every holiday gathering and family event! From the beautiful decanter to the crystal glasses, each piece of this set is luxurious and unique. The parents will love serving their kids Old Fashioned cocktails and Hot Toddies with this awesome decanter set, and it’s sure to be a tradition they’ll enjoy together every year from now on.

The Perfect Cooking Gift Sets for Christmas

Custom Grilling Tools

What should you get the chefs in your life this holiday season? Personalized grilling tools, of course! One of the coolest Christmas gift sets ever, these professional tools will be used all year long because of how awesome they are. Whether they’re grilling at the lake, hosting a neighborhood BBQ at their parents’ house, or doing some indoor grilling, these tools will be the first things they grab.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Set for Someone Who Loves Beer

Shadow Box Beer Glass Christmas Set

This Christmas, make sure that the beer lover in your life has everything they need to properly enjoy their favorite beers with this ultimate beer savoring gift set! This shadow box gift set is the best way for anyone to savor their Christmas memories with their family. While some people save photos, this beer lover can save beer caps in their shadow box with everyone they shared a brewski with over the holidays!

Cool Christmas Gifts You Just Can’t Beat

Custom Whiskey Ammo Can Set with Knife

How awesome is this ammo can set? From the badass tactical knife to the custom glasses, every piece in this set is super cool. Anyone you give this set will feel more awesome and unstoppable than Bear Grylls as they sip on their bourbon, especially after taking the rest of the set on a hunting or fishing trip! This ammo can set is by far one of the coolest Christmas gift sets you can give and it is sure to be enjoyed by anyone you give it to!

Must-Have Wine Decanter Set

Engraved Wine Decanter Gift Sets for Christmas

Make sure that anyone you know who enjoys red wine can fully experience all of the flavors their favorite Merlot has to offer by getting them this lovely wine decanter set for Christmas! The decanter will perfectly aerate their favorite red wines using a simple two-step process that smooths the tannins and brings out all of the hidden flavors. Perfect for enjoying holiday wines or celebrating special occasions, this wine decanter set is one of the most beautiful and practical gift sets for Christmas!


Not Your Ordinary Christmas Gift Basket

Dan the Sausage Man Gift Box

Instead of the usual basket full of sweets and candy, surprise them with a savory meat and cheese Christmas basket! Not everyone likes sweets, after all, and this tasty gift basket is plenty big enough to share with their entire family. With many different kinds of sausage, crackers, cheeses, spreads, and more, this basket is fit for a Christmas feast! This kind of basket is ideal for people who insist that they don’t want anything, because who could say no to delicious food as a gift?

Share a Drink with Loved Ones for Christmas

Beer Mug Box Set

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you love and giving them gifts that show them how much you care. One of the best Christmas gift sets is something that you can enjoy with the person you give it to or that they can share with their friend! This beer mug set is perfect for having a cold one with a friend or family member to celebrate Christmas or even just a casual drink with a friend after a long day.

The Best Gift Set for Relaxing on Christmas

Customizable Whiskey and Cigar Christmas Gift Sets

By far one of the coolest gift sets for Christmas, this unique box set is something that they’ll never expect! Thanks to the two lines of text on the box and the glass that are available in a variety of fonts, you can make this a truly one-of-a-kind gift set that anyone will be amazed by! As soon as they open up this incredible gift on Christmas Day, they’ll want to try out the cigar-holding whiskey glass right away so that they can toast to you and the holidays.

The Best Christmas Gift Set for Anyone Who Loves Golf

Portable Golf Putting Set

Anyone who loves to play golf knows that, sometimes, it’s just not always possible to get to the course. Sometimes they get stuck at work, the weather isn’t good, or they just don’t have time to get there. Solve this common problem this Christmas by giving this portable putting set to everyone you know who enjoys playing golf! No matter where they are, what season it is, or even what time it is, they can finally get some practice putts in thanks to this portable golf set. Now, they’ll be able to keep their skills honed at all times!

There’s Nothing Like Warm Cognac During the Holidays

Cognac and Cigar Christmas Gift Sets

Christmas is the best time to enjoy a nice, warm glass of brandy or cognac, which makes this cognac glass set one of the best gift sets for Christmas! Perfect for sitting by the fire with a snifter in one hand and a stogie in the other with a friend or their partner, this set is a must-have for the holidays and all throughout the winter season. You can even put a few cigars in the wooden cigar box so that they can enjoy them right after they open up their cool Christmas gift on that day!

The Best Christmas Gift Sets for Christmas Day

Wilton Gingerbread Manor Kit

Many people have a tradition of building gingerbread houses together or competing as a family to create the best one! This Christmas, give the gift of this fun holiday tradition with this lovely gingerbread manor decorating kit! Perfect for couples, kids, families, or on your own, this easy kit lets you create a delicious and beautiful creation. Most people do gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so that they can enjoy them right after putting them together, which makes a kit like this the perfect holiday gift set!

Play a Friendly Game of Poker on Christmas

Personalized Poker Set

Playing games with friends and family is always fun, especially during the holidays! You can make it even better this year by giving this personalized poker set as a gift to anyone who enjoys playing Texas Hold ‘Em or Blackjack. This unique set is definitely one of the coolest gift sets for Christmas because it comes with everything they need for poker as well as cards and dice for other classic games like Go Fish and Farkle!

Modern Wine Tumbler Set

Custom Wine Tumbler Set

Looking for Christmas gift sets that are more unique? You can’t get any better than this awesome modern wine tumbler set! Made of double-walled stainless steel, these virtually indestructible tumblers will ensure that their favorite wine stays the perfect temperature whether they’re on the porch watching the snow or in the hot tub! Anyone who enjoys wine will appreciate this awesome tumbler gift set for Christmas.

The Only Christmas Gift Whiskey Lovers Want

Custom Decanter Box Set for Christmas

When it comes to getting Christmas gifts for whiskey lovers, the more unique the gift the better! This incredible and unique whiskey tasting set is by far one of the most impressive Christmas gift sets you can possibly get someone who enjoys whiskey. With four glasses and a decanter, the whiskey fan in your life will have everything they need to fully enjoy their favorite spirit! Thanks to your awesome gift, they’ll become a connoisseur in no time!


Your Go-To Gift for Beer Drinkers

Personalized Beer Mug Christmas Gift Sets

Usually, you get the beer lover in your life a case of their favorite beer or a brewery tour gift card for Christmas. This year, go the extra mile and get them something they really want: a custom beer mug! They will love how large and hefty this mug is, which allows them to enjoy a larger than normal serving of beer as well as a thick head of foam that lets them really appreciate all of the flavors. The matching gift box is perfect for storing a bottle cap collection or their many bottle openers, too!

Holiday Socks Are Never a Bad Idea

Holiday Bombas Box Set

Remember when you were a kid and you hated getting clothes for Christmas but now that you’re an adult, getting new socks is actually the best thing ever? Make sure all of your loved ones are getting only the best socks for the holidays this year by getting each of them a set of Bombas! Known as the most comfortable socks on the market, these fun holiday-themed socks are sure to be worn all winter long.

You Won’t Find Christmas Gift Sets Cooler Than This

Crystal Whiskey Decanter and Cigar Glass Set

No matter who you’re giving this incredible crystal decanter set to for Christmas, one thing is for certain: All they’ll be able to say is “Wow!” This impressive set of glassware is unlike anything they’ve seen before with the striking personalized decanter and the unique cigar-holding whiskey glasses. This set is perfect for enjoying a holiday drink and celebratory cigars, but it’s sure to be used for evening drinks and relaxing stogies all the time after the holidays!

A Romantic Wine Set for the Holidays

Engraved Wine Christmas Gift Sets

There’s nothing like a nice glass of wine on a cold winter day, which makes this lovely set one of the best gift sets for Christmas! They will love the unique design on the glasses and the corkscrew multi-tool has everything they need to open any bottle of wine. The pair of glasses makes this set ideal for couples whether they’re celebrating their 50th Christmas together or their first! They’ll be using this set on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, their anniversary, and every other holiday or special occasion!

A Holiday Gift Set the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set Gift Sets for Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with family, and what’s a better way to enjoy the holiday than with a game of cornhole? This custom cornhole set is the perfect gift for any family because it’s an easy game that anyone can play, even the little kids! Sure to become a holiday tradition, this custom cornhole set can be played indoors or outdoors all year long and is built to last for years to come.

A Customizable Whiskey Set for Anyone

Personalized Whiskey Box Set

Looking for a go-to gift you can give anyone from a relative to corporate clients? This is the Christmas gift set you’re looking for! With gorgeous glasses, whiskey stones, and a completely customizable gift box, this set can be custom made for anyone into a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll never forget. Whether they drink straight whiskey every evening or only indulge in the occasional cocktail, anyone will be pleased to receive such a stunning Christmas gift.

Matching Family Pajamas

Matching Holiday Family Pajamas

It doesn’t matter if the family takes Christmas pictures every year or everyone is all grown up, matching Christmas pajamas is a time-honored tradition that never gets old! These adorable family pajamas even come with a costume for the dog so that even the furry family members can match on Christmas Day. Whether you’re buying one for your family or you want to surprise someone else’s family with a holiday miracle, matching pajamas is one of the cutest Christmas gift sets out there!

Cool Beer Gift Set

Monogrammed Beer and Flask Ammo Can Set

Holiday gifts for people who are into beer aren’t just a six-pack of their favorite brew or a new bottle opener, they’re cool gift sets like this monogrammed ammo box set! Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors, the ammo can is great for storing and transporting anything from tools to hunting gear. The flask and hatchet are must-haves for any outdoor adventure, but the pint glass will be waiting for them at home to cool them down with a cold one!

The Best Whiskey Gift Set for Christmas

Engraved Whiskey Stone Set with Cigar Case

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s really into whiskey tasting or someone who is all about making hot toddies during the holiday season, this custom whiskey gift set is ideal! They will love the square cigar glass because it’s the perfect size for a double scotch or an Old Fashioned, especially with a couple of the whiskey stones. They can even warm up with a cigar thanks to the portable cigar case that comes with a cigar cutter! Even someone who has everything doesn’t have a set quite like this.

Thoughtful Wine Set

Custom Wine Gift Set with Corkscrew

Everyone needs a set of stemless wine glasses, and this adorable set is a must-buy this Christmas! The pair of glasses is perfect for enjoying a romantic glass of holiday wine by the fire on Christmas Day with their significant other, toasting to the new year, and for other special occasions year-round! Plus, the corkscrew tool has everything they need to enjoy wine or beer, depending on which drink they’re in the mood for. By far one of the best gift sets for Christmas, anyone you know would appreciate this cute wine set!

Make Their Own Whiskey Label

Whiskey Decanter and Sign Set

Who hasn’t picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels and wondered what their own namesake whiskey label would look like? Well, you can make that happen this Christmas with this ultimate whiskey label gift set! Perfect for anyone’s home bar, office, or dining room, this complete set will be unlike any gift they’ve ever received. They will want to fill up the decanter right away so that they can pour you a drink to say thank you for such an incredible gift, and they’ll definitely want your help deciding where to hang their new sign! This whiskey set is by far one of the most impressive Christmas gifts you can get, especially for someone who loves whiskey or is considering getting into distilling their own spirits!

You Can Never Go Wrong with Christmas Cookies

Santa Cookie Jar with Christmas Cookies

Whether you need a guaranteed-to-please Secret Santa gift for a coworker you don’t know very well or you’re in search of something nice to give your neighbors for the holidays, this adorable Christmas cookie gift set is perfect! These lovely gourmet cookies come neatly packaged in an adorable Santa cookie jar. This set is sure to impress anyone, and the cookie jar is bound to become a staple in their holiday decorations from now on.

Christmas Gifts Can Be Badass Too

The Best Christmas Gift Sets Are Customizable Ammo Cans

Are you in need of a cool, unique Christmas gift? This beer-themed ammo box set is definitely one of the coolest Christmas gift sets you’ll ever see! Perfect for someone who enjoys the outdoors, drinking beer, or even just a person who says they have everything, this unique set is full of awesome and badass gifts they’ll never expect. As soon as they open it, they’ll grab a few bottles of beer to open with their new bullet bottle opener so that they can try out their custom pint glasses right away on Christmas Day!

Awesome Gifts They Can Take Everywhere

Custom Flask Knife and Watch Gift Set

As soon as you give them this incredibly cool flask gift set for Christmas, they’ll put on their new wooden watch and fill up the flask right away with their favorite spirit! Whether they’re out shoveling snow or at their work’s Christmas party, all three pieces of this set are going to be with them at all times. The knife is sure to come in handy when they need to open up all of their packages or open letters, but it also has some useful safety features in case of emergencies. Plus, no one else they know will be sporting such a unique watch!

The Wine Gift Set Everyone Wants for Christmas

Engraved Wine Tool and Glass Set

It doesn’t matter who you’re in search of a gift set for, anyone would love this wine gift set for Christmas! From the custom stemless wine glasses to the adorable wine barrel that holds every tool they need to enjoy their wine, this set is as useful as it is cute! Even when it’s not in use, this set will make a nice decoration for any home bar, dining room, or kitchen. From toasting with holiday wines on Christmas Day to enjoying romantic evening drinks with a special someone, this wine gift set is sure to be used all the time!


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