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Article: 17 of the Coolest Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

17 of the Coolest Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

17 of the Coolest Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

The holidays seem like they are always right around the corner. As soon as you’ve made it through Christmas and New Year’s, the next thing you know, months have flown by and now you need to get gifts for the most important guy in your life again. Last year, finding a gift was such a struggle, how are you going to get him something better than his last gift? What else could he want? Where do I even begin? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got the best Christmas gift ideas for guys that are timeless due to their awesome prowess, personalization, and manly themes! Use our suggestions for years to come to always blow him away with amazing gift after amazing gift!

Bulletproof Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Engraved Whiskey Ammo Can of Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Give him one of the coolest Christmas gifts for men with a personalized ammo can filled with everything he needs to enhance his vices. With the whiskey glasses and cigar gifts inside, he’ll feel like he has gotten the best Christmas gift any guy could ask for (which he pretty much has)! He can even use the ammo can for manly activities like filling it with ammo when he goes to the range, use it as a tool box, or even take his lunch to work in it!

Custom Whiskey Sign

Personalized Whiskey Sign for Men

Christmas gift ideas for guys aren’t always as complicated as you may think. Sometimes, a gift that spices up their home decor is all they need. Think of how blown away he’ll be when he sees this custom whiskey sign hanging up in his home bar, game room, or living room. He won’t believe how cool it is, especially when he sees that his name is on the sign which will make him feel like his dream of owning a whiskey distillery has finally come true!

Cornhole Set of Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

Cornhole Set of Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

One thing all guys have in common is their competitive edge. Almost every man has a drive and desire to be the best at everything he does. However, this Christmas, you can indulge his competitive nature with one of the most fun games to play with friends and family, this personalized cornhole gift set! Now, he and all of his relatives won’t just be sitting around the fire, they’ll be out in the garage or the front yard (if the weather holds) playing bags all throughout the holiday season!

Beer Stein at Christmastime

Personalized Beer Stein for Christmas

One of the most timeless cool Christmas gifts for men is a personalized beer stein. Why you may ask? Simple, it is an awesome, manly-looking gift that he can also drink beer out of! What more could he want? He is going to feel like a knight every time he flips the lid for a cool refreshing drink of his go-to brew. Better still, he can show off the gorgeous glassware as well as the pewter lid when he isn’t drinking from his stein in a china cabinet, on his mantle, or on his desk!

Every Guy Loves a Duffle

Leather Duffle Bag

A gift that no man will ever get enough out of is a quality duffle bag. They can use their bag for everything from going to the gym, taking things to the office, a carry-on, or anything else they can think of! The heavy-duty canvas of Buffalo Jackson ensures that this awesome Christmas gift for him will last for many holiday seasons to come.

A New Twist on Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

Twist Decanter Set of Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Put a new twist on classic Christmas gift ideas for guys with this personalized twist decanter gift set. After all, liquor gifts are not uncommon for the holidays, however, he’ll never expect something as classy and unique as a decanter this gorgeous that also has his name and initial engraved on each piece. With a gift like this, he will be in the holiday spirit all winter long!


Arm Him with a Pint Glass Gift Set

Engraved Pint Glass Ammo Can Christmas Gift Set

Have him feeling like the ultimate badass on Christmas with a beer glass gift set that comes inside a custom ammo can! It even has a folding knife and bullet bottle opener (made from a real .50 caliber bullet by the way). This is the perfect gift to make any beer-lover feel like they could take on Rambo and Chuck Norris at the same time and win without getting a scratch!

A Sharp Set of Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Safety Razor Shaving Set

Safety razors have been making a monumental comeback for guys and there are good reasons for that, they last forever, they give a closer shave, and they’re just so damn cool. Give cool Christmas gifts for men with a full shaving kit. After all, a gift that he gets to use every day is one of the most badass things you can give. From touching up his beard line to full shaves, he’ll use this Christmas gift for years to come!

Smokin’ Hot Christmas Gifts for Men

Whiskey Smoke Box Set of Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

Bring some creativity to his Christmas gift with a present that will have him smoking more than a chimney in the coldest winter frost. This smoke box set lets him create custom flavors by infusing his liquor with smoke from things like cedar, thyme, or rosemary. He’ll be creating new flavor combinations with old-faithful whiskeys and finding new ways to classic whiskeys too!

Personalized Cigar and Whiskey Set

Engraved Twist Glass and Cigar Set

Make him feel classier than James Bond or Don Draper with a cigar and whiskey set perfect for enjoying during the holidays. The twist glasses are the perfect way to drink an Old Fashioned or neat glass of whiskey while the cigar stand makes it a breeze to set his stogie down and pour another drink. Better still, the cigar case ensures that even when he is going to visit family, he can easily and stylishly bring his best three cigars with him.

A Gift that Rocks

Portable Marshall Speaker

Have him bring the holiday tunes with him everywhere he goes with this awesome Christmas idea, a portable Marshall Bluetooth speaker! Now, he can rock the house down anywhere he likes! Marshall is known for the quality sound and amplifiers. This portable speaker will have no problem playing everything from his holiday playlist to his favorite music to his go-to podcasts!

Luxury Watch Case for Him

Custom Watch case for Christmas

The time is now to get him a great Christmas gift! Okay, this is a watch case so the pun may be a little off, but you get the point. Personalized watch cases are fantastic Christmas gifts for men. You know he has a handful of watches and accessories that he loves to wear but they can get lost if he puts them down in different spots. However, now, he’ll always look his sharpest because he can easily organize and find all of his effects.

Cutting Edge Christmas Gift Ideas for Guys

Damascus Knife Set of Mens Christmas Gifts

Check out these cool Christmas gifts for men! A Damascus knife set is the perfect gift for every guy. He can slice, chop, mince, de-bone, and pear anything that comes his way. Whether he is a seasoned chef or newer to the kitchen, he’ll want to put these blades to work right away by making Christmas dinner all on his own!

Engraved Cutting Board for Guys

Personalized Cutting Board

Who doesn’t love a good homemade meal? Well, from here on out, he’ll always have the perfect reason to make his own food thanks to this custom cutting board! Whether he is making his meal prep for the week or is cooking a gourmet dinner for his spouse, you can be sure the whole meal will start right on this Christmas gift where he’ll be chopping and cutting overtop an engraving of his name and initial, how cool is that?

Decanter Set of Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

Cigar Decanter Set of Cool Christmas Gifts for Men

A lot of what people think of during the holidays are friends and family warming themselves by the fire with a drink. Give him the power of warmth in his hands with an awesome set of Christmas gift ideas for guys with this unique whiskey and cigar decanter gift set. Now, he can easily enjoy his favorite holiday liquor as well as a stogie at the same time. The glass even holds his cigar so that he can open his other presents or hug family without having to set his drink down! How cool is that?

Keep Him Stress Free

Theragun Massager

The holidays can be incredibly stressful, but they shouldn’t make you tense for weeks after. Instead, give him one of these cool Christmas gifts for men with a Theragun. Whether he needs to relieve knots from relatives being stressful, long days at the office, or relieve soreness from the gym, you can bet he will be taking this massage gun out and be stress-free in minutes!

Bring the Holiday Spirit Everywhere

Custom Beer Growler

A sad part of the holidays is many people’s favorite businesses are shut down so they too can have the holiday off. However, that doesn’t mean he should be without his favorite craft beer. Get him a stainless steel custom beer growler so that even during the holidays he can always have his go-to brew. Better still, fill it up with a local craft beer before giving it to him. Talk about a two-in-one gift!


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