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Article: 19 Coolest Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

19 Coolest Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

19 Coolest Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Presenting Monogrammed Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Monogrammed Presentation Set of Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Start your search off right for newlywed Christmas gifts with a monogrammed presentation gift set. Not only is it classy looking and great for both serving and enjoying whiskey, but this set also comes monogrammed with their initials. It is perfect to put their first and shared last initial on the set as a symbolic way of their lives joining together.

Newlywed Decor

Personalized Wine and Family Sign

When they’ve just been married, they might have some home decor, but nothing with the two of them yet. Make their year with this personalized wine and family sign. It is a great gift that they can enjoy every day for decades. Before the wrapping paper hits the ground they’ll have it mounted above their fireplace or on the wall.

Perfect Wine Set for the Holidays

Newlywed Wine Gift Set

Speaking of wine, if you’re going to get them awesome Christmas gifts for newlyweds, make sure to also get one they can drink out of too! This luxurious set is a fantastic way for them to say cheers as they ring in the New Year together. Especially since it has their last name and wedding date engraved on the glasses.

Have Them Say “Cheese”

Engraved Cheese Board

The holidays are all about spending time with friends and family, and nothing has people bond quite like food. This custom cheese board will let the newlyweds make a killer spread that everyone won’t be able to stop talking about. Add in the personalization in the middle of the board and they’ll truly have one of the most memorable platters out there!

Get Them Into the Holiday Spirit

Custom Glencairn Box Set of Newlywed Christmas Gifts

Make a night by the fireplace all the more memorable for the newlyweds with the ultimate whiskey-tasting set, this engraved Glencairn gift set. These newlywed Christmas gifts will have them in the holiday spirit each time they open the bottle and begin finding the flavors and notes that they’ve never been able to taste or smell from their favorite whiskeys and scotches.


A Sign of Their Love

First Song Sign

They’ll hear many songs in their lives, but one that means the most will be the one they had their first dance to. Make that memory last forever with this song print. Add in their names, wedding date, and the lyrics and you’ve given them one of the most meaningful gifts ever.

Wine Presentation Set of Newlywed Christmas Gifts

Wine Presentation Set of Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Maybe they still need more wine after their honeymoon, this Christmas, use this gorgeous wine presentation set to gift them any kind of wine they like. Plus, this gift box comes with all the tools they need to enjoy their favorite drink to the fullest. How cool of a Christmas gift is this?

A New Twist on Holiday Gifts for Newlyweds

Personalized Twist Glass Decanter Set

Keep the bliss of being newlyweds going for as long as possible and have them living an elegant fantasy with an engraved twist decanter gift set. Reminiscent of the bride’s dress, the elegant twist in the glassware looks like her flowing dress. However, that isn’t to say that these are strictly feminine glasses either. They have a great weight and feel to them that the groom will love too.

Coolest Christmas Gift for Wine Lovers

Engraved Luxury Wine Glass Box Set

Nothing is more romantic as a newlywed couple than sharing a glass of wine with your spouse. After all, you don’t need an occasion when you just got married! Grant them more marital bliss with these awesome Christmas gifts for newlyweds. After all, when the weather outside is frightful, when is a better time to enjoy a bottle of Riesling or Merlot with the one you love most? This personalized wine glass box set will make their home feel like the fanciest bar or most luxurious restaurant.

Keep Them Caffeinated

Custom Coffee Set of Newlywed Christmas Gifts

Coffee is one of the first things so many people reach for in the morning. Add a unique spin on their favorite morning drink with this gorgeous custom coffee gift set. With the cold winter months in full effect, they’ll especially love that they can now enjoy a hot beverage on their morning commute or on the way to the farmer’s market.

Ceramic Cookware Gift Set

Ceramic Cookware Set

Never have them fighting their skillets ever again with a set of ceramic pots and pans. Perfect for any style of cooking, these are chemical-free as well as non-stick. They seriously can’t ask for anything more! With the holidays coming up too, these will get a ton of use right away! You can’t ask for much more out of a cookware set than one you know they’ll use and love daily.

Personalized Wine Chiller for Couples Christmas

Engraved Wine Chiller

Keep them cool through their first holiday together with an engraved wine chiller. These make fantastic newlywed Christmas gifts. Not only do they have a ton of luxury bottles of wine to make it through from their wedding, but these items are great for making each dining experience feel that much classier. From an ornate and classy gift on their table to a functional item keeping their wine cool, what more could they ask for?

Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds for Wine Lovers

Luxury Wine Gift Set of Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Have them enjoy a perfect anniversary, holiday, or date night drink together with this custom wine glass and decanter box set. It is the perfect gift since it comes with their names and wedding anniversary engraved on all the glassware. Such a good-looking and sentimental gift will instantly become one of their favorite items in their home ever!

Newlywed Valet Tray

Personalized Valet Tray

Christmas gifts for newlyweds are especially good gifts if both halves of the couple can enjoy their present equally. Take this personalized valet tray for example. Now, both of them can keep their accessories and watches organized and on display. Getting ready and looking their best for work or for a date night has never been easier!

Unique Globe Decanter Set

Globe Whiskey Decanter

A globe whiskey decanter set is such a fun Christmas gift for couples, but especially newlyweds. They’ll love getting in and into the holiday spirit(s) with this set. As they share drinks over Christmas and New Year’s Eve, they’ll love looking at the glasses or the decanter and planning their next trip together!

Matching Ugly Sweaters

Ugly Sweaters are Newlywed Christmas Gifts

Few things are as fitting for the holiday season as ugly sweaters, making this his and her pack a slam dunk for newlywed Christmas gifts. They’ll love already having their ugly Christmas sweaters ready to go for any party!

Engraved Cutting Board for Newlyweds

Custom Hardwood Cutting Board

An engraved cutting board is a fantastic holiday gift for newlyweds. Cutting boards for newlywed Christmas gifts are great because aside from family and presents, food is the other major thing on people’s minds for the holidays. With this present, they’ll be in the kitchen instantly making their holiday meals together!

Cool Custom Copper Tumblers

Engraved Copper Wine Tumblers are Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

Enjoy a unique cocktail with your stunning spouse this holiday season with a set of copper tumblers engraved with your last initial on them. The perfect starter set for a couple who is newlywed, these tumblers are a classy way to replace some of your older glassware. Not only do these copper tumblers look great, but they’re made of stainless steel allowing for easy insulation of your hot or cold drinks.

A Globally Good Newlywed Christmas Gift

Vintage Globe Bar Cart

Take a unique perspective on Christmas gifts for newlyweds and gift them the whole world! Or, the closest thing to it you can with this vintage globe bar cart. This is great for when they have guests over and they want the party to follow them from room to room. However, it also works fantastically for when they’re having a great date night and want to have a cocktail whether they’re in their game room or living room.


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