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Article: 19 Christmas Gifts for College Guys

19 Christmas Gifts for College Guys

19 Christmas Gifts for College Guys

Help Him Celebrate the Holidays with Our Awesome Christmas Gifts for College Guys!

Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re almost finished with your holiday shopping. There are a few more individuals you need to buy for, including the college guy in your life. He says he doesn’t want anything, and you’ve almost given up and decided to buy him a gift card or a t-shirt. But don’t give up hope! The perfect Christmas gift for college guys is something that caters to his hobbies or makes his time at college more fun. Which of his hobbies should you focus on for gifts? What kind of gift sets are the best? What are the best Christmas gift ideas for him? Don’t let these questions overwhelm you! The following Christmas gifts for college guys are full of all the ideas you’ll need in making sure the college guy in your life loves his gift.

Whiskey and Cigar Christmas Gift for College Guys

Whiskey and Cigar Ammo Can Gift Set

The holidays are the best time to go all-out with gifts for your loved ones. For the college guy in your life who loves cigars and whiskey, give him the greatest cigar and whiskey gift that exists. This gift set comes in an ammo can repurposed from the United States military, so any time he is carrying it, he’ll feel like the coolest person around. The two whiskey glasses inside will definitely be his new favorite glasses, and he’ll probably want to drink everything out of them, not just whiskey. In order to enjoy his favorite stogies, he’ll be well-equipped with this cigar cutter and lighter.

Game Night with The Frat Bros

Beeropoly Christmas Gift for College Guys

You know he loves playing games with his fraternity brothers, and honestly, drinking games are a huge hit with them. Get him his (and his friends’) new favorite game: Beeropoly. This game is similar to Monopoly, but with the added twist of lots and lots of beer. He and his buddies will have hours and hours of fun playing this game, making those college memories that will last a lifetime, and he’ll definitely recommend this game to others as one of the best Christmas gifts for college students.

Sophisticated Christmas Gift for College Guys

Customized Whiskey Stone Gift Set

He is a sophisticated college man and would rather enjoy a nice glass of chilled whiskey than anything else. Let him fully indulge in his drink of choice with this whiskey gift set for Christmas. When most others are partying, he and a friend can kick back and relax with some chilled whiskey, enjoying the peacefulness of their evening—only made possible through your fabulous Christmas gift.

Sharing is Caring

Flask Set Gift for College Guys

College is all about being with your friends and sharing with them. Help your friend share liquor with you and the rest of your friends with this flask gift set. Your friend is always on-the-go in his busy college life, so bringing a flask along with him is often the only way he can have access to his favorite liquor. Also included in the set is a funnel and two stainless steel shot glasses, so he can pour himself and a friend shots whenever needed. He’ll love this fancy Christmas gift for college guys.

Beer Must-Haves Christmas Gifts for College Students

Stainless Steel Beer Growler Set

Few people enjoy beer more than college guys. As a Christmas gift, buy the college guy you know a beer set with all he’ll ever need to enjoy his favorite beer. The stainless steel growler is perfect for retrieving beer from the brewery and bringing it home to store. Then when he goes tailgating or camping, his beer still stay cold inside it. All of his friends will be extremely envious and desperately wish they had one of their own. Talk about a great set of Christmas gift ideas for men!


Shave with Total Ease

Manscaped Trimmer Kit

He really focuses on being clean and healthy, and you want to buy him the perfect gift to help him maintain that. This trimmer kit from Manscaped is a practical Christmas gifts for college students that is full of awesome goodies they will love. This gift centers around a waterproof electric trimmer and also includes different accessories to make the shaving process as effortless and enjoyable as possible. He’ll without a doubt be very grateful for this super cool, unique gift.

Tailgating Necessity

Bean Bag Game

Tailgating is a college tradition. The best Christmas gifts for college guys who enjoy tailgating is a classic bean bag toss game! These attractive boards will make his tailgate the most popular one by far as everyone lines up to watch him dominate his friends. They will have hours of fun playing this game as they enjoy good food and wait for the game to begin.

Wine Glasses Set for College Guys

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses Gift Set

You love enjoying a nice glass of wine with your boyfriend, and you know he’s been in the hunt for some manly, high-quality wine glasses. These stainless steel wine tumblers will make his face light up when sees them on Christmas morning. Their matte black appearance makes them the most attractive wine glasses your boyfriend has ever seen, and he’ll love the way they look in his hands. Since they’re stainless steel, your boyfriend’s chilled wine will stay cold for hours on Christmas day as the two of you enjoy your favorite wine together.

Ammo Can Set Christmas Gifts for College Students

Personalized Ammo Can Set Christmas Gifts for College Guys

The greatest Christmas gifts are those that completely shock the recipient by how awesome they are! This truly amazing ammo can gift set will surprise any college guy when he opens it up on Christmas morning. He’ll love showing off the super unique ammo can and drinking his favorite beers from this pint glass. Don’t let Christmas pass by without buying the college guy in your life this awesome gift!

Ticket Stub Collector

Ticket Stub Shadow Box

You make fun of your boyfriend for being a sports geek, but you actually love him for it. He’s always taking you to football games, hockey games, baseball games, and any other sporting events you two can attend. He likes to keep the tickets to sporting events as mementos. For the holidays, buy him the perfect gift he can use to collect those tickets: a ticket stub shadow box. This black-framed box can hang on his wall and show off his ticket collection to anyone who sees it. There’s a two-inch hole on top for easy placement of the tickets. Your guy will love seeing this on his wall day after day.

Thick and Cozy

Portuguese Flannel Robe

College is all about growing into adulthood, and one of the prime activities adult men enjoy is lounging in a comfy robe. Help your college guy transition to adulthood by getting him a comfy, amazing Christmas gift that he can enjoy all the time. This flannel robe is crafted from premium Portuguese flannel, meaning it’s very thick and cozy. He will want to wear this every second he’s at home, and he’ll think of you fondly when he wears this amazing Christmas gift for college guys.

Simple Cigar and Whiskey Gift

Cigar and Whiskey Set Christmas Gift for College Guys

Sometimes, a simple, personal gift is the ideal Christmas gift for college guys. Your friend is no exception. For Christmas, buy him this cigar and whiskey gift set. He will love this beautiful whiskey glass and greatly enjoy drinking his Jack Daniels out of it. Storing a couple cigars in sit handsome cigar box will be very convenient for him, which he’ll greatly appreciate. He will be a big fan of this rad gift set.

Touchdown of a Gift

Custom Sports Bar Sign

One of the best memories made in college are those of tailgates and football games. He is a huge football fan, and he loves having people over to his house to watch big games. Buy him a great Christmas gift for college guys who like to have people over to watch the game: a personalized sports bar sign. This football-shaped sign is the perfect thing for him to hang in his home in the living room where all his friends sit and enjoy the game.


Best Gift Set of Christmas Gifts for College Students

Beer Mug Gift Set

He’s a fan of classic gifts, and you want to buy him several for Christmas. Instead of having to look around and buy from several different places, buy him this beer mug set. It’s a simple yet fantastic gift that includes a custom beer mug that he’ll love enjoying his favorite beer out of. Also with the mug is a bottle opener, uniquely shaped like a bullet, so he will always have a way to open up his beer bottles. A knife is also in this set, which will come in handy in so many different scenarios. A sleek black bowtie is the icing on the cake to this gift set, and your son will look terrific all dressed up with this tie.

Show Off His Beer and Home State

States Beer Cap Maps Christmas Gifts for College Guys

Some men are proud of their favorite beers, and your boyfriend is definitely no exception. He’s also extremely passionate about his home state. Buy him a piece of functional wall decor that he’ll love to hang up in his dorm or apartment: a beer cap map! All 50 states are available, so you can pick your boyfriend’s home state. These come with several slots that make sticking a beer cap in easy. He’ll love this gift, and he’ll think of how much he loves you every time he sees this amazing Christmas gift for college guys.

Snacking All the Way

College Snack Basket

College guys always want one thing: food! Buy your boyfriend the ultimate snack set for the holidays. This box is jam-packed with snacks and treats, such as trail mix, protein bars, beef jerky, almonds, and many other delicious snacks. These snacks are all individually wrapped and don’t require any preparation or refrigeration, so they are perfect for taking to class or on any adventures he and his friends have. This snack kit is a fantastic food-related Christmas gift for college guys.

Poker Face

Personalized Poker Set with Cigar Glass

You’ve found it: the coolest gift for any poker lover. He is a huge poker fan, so you know this awesome poker set is the perfect gift for him. All the essentials for playing poker and other card games come in this ultra-handsome case, so he can even bring it to his buddy’s house if he wants. Also included is a cigar glass, so he can enjoy a nice glass of whiskey and a cigar in one hand while playing poker with the other. It’s the greatest Christmas gift for college guys.

Spreading Holiday Beer

Beer Growler and Glasses Christmas Gifts for College Guys

Beer is all your college guy talks about, it seems. He’s absolutely crazy for beer, and he loves enjoying a glass or two while with his friends and family. This beer glassware set is the best gift for him because of the unique, large beer growler! He will have so much fun pouring his loved ones glasses of beer from his amazing growler during Christmas celebrations and year round.

Super Unique Gift Set

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stones Set

The college man in your life is all about uniqueness and practicality, two traits that are admirable in anyone. This whiskey stones gift set is full of cool items most people don’t have. While his friends might have bottle openers and whiskey stones, it’s unlikely that they have these awesome ones that are shaped like bullets! He’ll love showing off with these amazing, useful accessories. The college man you know will be obsessed with this super cool gift set when he opens it on Christmas morning.


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