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Article: 11 Brilliant Wine Decanter Sets

11 Brilliant Wine Decanter Sets

11 Brilliant Wine Decanter Sets

Wine decanters are the pinnacle of wine enjoyment. Sure, you can still love the taste, look, and quality of a bottle of wine from the bottle to the glass; however, if you have a wine decanter set, you’ll love it even more. Decanters help to oxidize the wine, which brings even more flavor out in the drink while the decanter also separates the sediment. Plus, decanter sets for wine are just so cool! So, before you think decanters are too fancy for yourself, ask yourself these questions: Why would I want a wine decanter? How cool would it be to have an etched wine decanter or a monogrammed wine decanter? Do I want to get more out of my wine? If the answer to any of these is “Yes,” then you simply must check out these amazing personalized wine decanter suggestions!

Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Personalized Wine Decanter Set

Start things off with a gorgeous-looking modern wine decanter gift set that is also personalized! How cool will it be for you to go from enjoying wine straight from the bottle to glass to using an awesome wine decanter set, now? Not only is the glassware beautiful, but it also is engraved with your name and initial. The stemless glasses also hold nearly a whole bottle of wine each, so with this set, you can easily decant and enjoy entire bottles at a time!

Monogrammed Wine Decanter Gift Set

Wine Gift Set with Wine Tools and Glasses

Unique wine decanters are so much more fun than seeing the same pieces of glass over and over again. With this aerating set that also comes with a set of tools as well as two glasses, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better gift set! This wine gift set comes with glasses, tools, and a decanter, all you’ll need to enjoy a drink from here on out will be a bottle of your favorite white or red wine.

Aerating Decanter Gift Set

Aerating Wine Decanter Set

For those who want to get the most flavor per mouthful, this aerating set of wine decanter gifts is nearly impossible to beat. Due to the unique shape of both the decanter as well as the glasses, your wine will always be maximally aerated. This means that from the pour to the drink, your wine will be giving you as much flavor as it has. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned connoisseur or aspiring aficionado, every wine lover needs this awesome set!

Gorgeous Glassware for Wine

Blown Colored Wine Glass Gift Set

Bring some fun to your luxurious wine gifts with this gorgeous and classy wine decanter set made from spun glass. Not only is it incredible to look at, but the colors make it a lot of fun too! You and your friend will love looking at the fantastic colored glasses almost as much as you enjoy drinking your wine.

An Awesome Set of Wine Decanter Gifts

Red Wine Decanter with Stopper and Glasses

Give yourself that vintage feel that many people are after with their wine collections with this classic red wine decanter with a stopper and the matching stemmed glassware gift set. The glasses literally say “Vintage” on them too! With a set like this, every wine you drink will be from the best vintage!


Modern Decanter Set

Brass Wine Decanter Set

Check out this crazy-looking wine decanter set! Made of glass and brass and then smoked out, this set of three decanters is one of the coolest and most steampunk-looking ways for you to open the flavors up in your favorite drink.

Wine for Around the World

Unique Globe Decanter with Stand

Feel like the richest CEO in the world or your favorite Bond villain with a small wine decanter that can fit perfectly on your desk, countertop, home bar, or even mantle. This globe decanter is one of the coolest centerpieces to discuss and create conversation as you share a bottle of Cabernet while watching the ship sail in a red sea of wine.

Colorful Decanter Gift Set

Colored Decanter Gift Set

Add a true sense of uniqueness into your decanter set with this crazy-looking dyed-glass gift set. The whole set is made of authentic Murano glass (also known as Venetian glass) and has all been hand-made. If you want a truly one-of-a-kind set that will be talked about by all your guests, you can’t go wrong with this amazing decanter set!

A Personalized Wine Decanter Box Set

Etched Wine Decanter Box Set

Treat yourself every time you want to have a Riesling or Chardonnay with a personalized wine decanter gift box set. You’ll love how classy it feels to have your name on the glasses that you’re enjoying your go-to bottle of wine from. This set is also the perfect way to enjoy the end of an anniversary, a date night, or even a night in with a spouse.

Luxurious Wine Gift Set

Luxury Gold Wine Gift Set

Are you a true wine connoisseur? If wine means more than life itself to you, you simply must get this decanter gift set. Made of Venetian glass and wrapped in 24 karat gold, you cannot get a more luxurious and classy wine gift set. With six glasses included, your wine gift set will be the premier way to entertain and host fellow wine enthusiasts!

A Decanter to Get A-Head

Spooky Skull Decanter

Get ahead in the game of unique wine decanters with this spooky-themed skull decanter! Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of the macabre or for when you’re throwing a Halloween party, you can be sure everyone will love seeing the skull swimming in red wine. After all, what could be more fitting than Merlots, Cabernets, Pinot Noirs, and ports for a skull decanter?


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