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Article: 17 Best Luxury Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

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17 Best Luxury Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

17 Best Luxury Gift Baskets for Every Occasion

The next time you need to get a gift for someone, do more than get a single item from the store. Instead, you should be shopping for the best luxury gift baskets that contain everything from unique items to make their day-to-day lives easier, to ones filled with unique and personalized gifts. A whole basket full of gifts is a fantastic way to get someone a present, this way they have everything they need to enjoy their whole gift. So, if you’re still wondering what makes a luxury gift basket? What is inside a gift basket? Or which gift basket do you need in your life? Simply check out these amazing suggestions that are sure to fit everyone’s needs!

A Unique Whiskey Gift Basket

Best Luxury Gift Basket for Whiskey Lovers

A great thing about getting luxury gift baskets is that they come with everything you need for a fully realized experience inside. When you’re looking to make someone feel incredibly classy, what could be better than this black gift box that comes with a matching decanter set with glasses inside. Whether they’re toasting you for such a great gift or having a few drinks with family and friends, you can be sure this regal set will have them feeling like the classiest person in the room.

Luxury Gift Basket for Him

Engraved Ammo Can Pint Glass Gift Basket

The best luxury gift baskets don’t have to look incredibly classy at first glance, instead, they need to answer his needs. So, when you’re thinking of what makes a great gift basket for him? This custom pint glass ammo can is the answer! Every time he sees his name paired with the legendary engraving he’ll feel like he is as suave as the Dos Equis guy but as manly as Chuck Norris!

Best Luxury Gift Basket for Cigar & Whiskey Lovers

Unique Gift Baskets for Cigar and Whiskey Lover

Want to find unique gift baskets? Then this cigar glass gift basket is just what you need! Coming in the perfect-sized box, it has just enough to make a true cigar and whiskey lover feel like an aficionado. The cigar glass is unlike anything they’ve ever seen and it also allows them to enjoy their drink and stogie with one hand. Leaving the freehand open for adding in chilled whiskey stones, more drinks, or giving you a high-five for such a great gift basket!

Engraved Wine Gift Basket

Personalized Wine Gift Basket Idea

Upgrade their wine glasses to something modern, unique, as well as tough as nails with this custom wine tumbler box set. These stainless steel tumblers are the gifts they never knew they needed. Perfect for chilled wines or even cocktails, the double-walled stainless steel ensures that every drink remains at the perfect temperature and the matte black color makes sure you look just as cool while drinking! You can even throw in a bottle of Riesling or Chardonnay to make this gift set 100% complete!

Monogrammed Presentation Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Presentation Set

Use your next gift idea to make them feel incredibly sophisticated with a monogrammed whiskey decanter set. Aside from being able to pour drinks from their amazing decanter, they will love how easy it is to serve themselves as well as guests due to the acrylic tray. This set is perfect for their nightly drink, anniversaries, or even at small parties!


A Tasty Gift Basket

Snack Gifts are Best Luxury Gift Baskets

How could there be a blog about luxurious and expensive gift baskets without including the class basket idea, one filled with food! With delicious sweet and salty treats overflowing from this gourmet gift, they’ll be able to eat for weeks from your epic present!

Small & Simple Basket

Embossed Flask Bos Set with Shot Glasses

Make your luxurious gift basket something incredibly unique by making sure the person you get it for can take it anywhere they go! This custom flask gift set is a great idea for someone who needs a quick and discrete nip on the go. The flask fits well into nearly any jacket pocket while the two shot glasses make this a fun gift that they can share with others if they choose so too!

An Engraved Decanter Box Set

Decanter Box Set is Expensive Gift Basket

Make them feel like the most sophisticated person in the world (or that at least let them know that you think of them that way) when they get this regal-looking whiskey decanter box set. Whether they love a classic whiskey neat, an Old Fashioned, or a Whiskey Sour, they can make and enjoy their drinks with ease using this set. Plus, thanks to the four glasses, they can easily share this one of the best luxury gift baskets with a few family and friends too!

Custom Wine Gift Basket with Tools

Wine Gift Basket Presentation Set

The best part of some wine gift baskets is when they come with absolutely everything a person could need! This wine box is only missing the bottle! So, once you find the Cabernet or Moscato that you know they will love, all you have to do is slip it inside and they’ve got a complete gift basket! They can even reuse this for years to come by placing a bottle they want to save for a special occasion inside!

For the Mule Lover

Custom Best Luxury Gift Baskets for Moscow Mule

This blog is all about gifts that work for any occasion right? What drink is more fitting for any time of day or year than a Moscow Mule? These copper mugs are great gifts for the fizzy ginger drink that is loved by so many people. Besides, it even comes with an initial engraved on the mugs as well as the gift box, making it the perfect personalized gift they’ll want to show off any chance they get.

A Picnic Anywhere

Picnic Luxury Gift Basket

Is there anything more fitting for gift basket ideas than a true wicker picnic basket? This one even comes with all the silverware, cups, and plates you’ll need! It even has a blanket roll so sitting on the grass will be just as pleasant as you’ve always imagined. For a fun date or day out, pack this up with your favorite foods as well as snacks, and dine in style!

Unique Gift Basket for a Whiskey Lover

Engraved Small Whiskey Gift Basket

Not all luxury gift baskets come in the biggest box, some are simple and perfect like this rocks glass gift set. It has everything a person needs to enjoy themselves (especially if you add a few small bottles of liquor inside). Plus, with a unique gift like this, you can easily make this gift basket the perfect present for birthdays, holidays, or just because!

The Perfect Wine Set

Custom Luxury Wine Gift Basket

Get a gift basket for a couple with this fantastic-looking wine set. Whether you’re looking to make their anniversary a classier celebration, have their holidays be even happier, or have another good reason, you can be sure they’ll be using these custom glasses each time they fancy a Merlot or Bordeaux from now on. Especially when everything from the gift box to the bottle opener has their name on it!

A Legendarily Luxury Gift Basket

Luxury Gift Basket for Beer Lover

The best gift baskets need to fit the persons’ needs. After all, it wouldn’t do a beer lover any good to get the basket for someone who is passionate about wine. That is why a gift set like this mythical one will make them feel incredibly lucky to be getting such a good gift. The engraving will always have them feeling like the badass they know they are while the pint glass and growler are the ideal combinations to keep them sipping craft beer from the comfort of their home all year long!

The Coolest Gift Set

Personalized Seltzer and Sunglasses Gift Box

Be unique with your gift basket and give them something cool and hip, like this can cooler and sunglasses gift set. Enjoying a hard seltzer out on a hot day will never look as badass as it does when they have their bamboo stunner shades on while holding a badass, insulating can koozie!

Luxury Gift Basket for Her

Spa Day Gift Basket for Her

Give her the gift of enjoying a spa day any day of the week with a spa day gift basket! With things like charcoal soaps, towels, massagers, and bathing supplies, it’ll be everything she needs to enjoy a relaxing spa day whenever she feels like it. Better still, since it is a gift basket, she won’t even have to drive to a spa, instead, she gets to relax the whole day at home!

For Cigar and Whiskey Lovers

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Decanter Box Set

There is something special about a gift that can take someone’s breath away, and when you give this decanter box set to the whiskey and cigar lover, you know they won’t be able to breathe for a few seconds. They’ll immediately see all the possibilities for the unique glasses and will be incredibly excited to start planning out their perfect cigar and whiskey pairings!


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