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Article: 19 Best Birthday Gifts for Guys

19 Best Birthday Gifts for Guys

19 Best Birthday Gifts for Guys

Check Out These Unique Birthday Gifts for Guys:

You’re here because you’re in search of the best birthday gifts for the men in your life from your boyfriend to your best guy friend. Guys aren’t usually into celebrating their birthdays and going all out for parties, but they deserve really nice gifts that make them feel special just the same! The best birthday gifts for guys are cool, unique, and practical items that they can enjoy along with their hobbies, be an item they’ve always wanted, or even be something you know they need but wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. One of the most important things to consider when finding good birthday gifts for guys is his interests. A man who enjoys cooking would love a new cutting board and a guy who enjoys whiskey would be psyched to get a set of personalized whiskey glasses. With that in mind, check out these unique birthday gifts for men that we found for all of the guys in your life for their upcoming birthdays!

The Coolest Birthday Gifts for Guys

Engraved Whiskey Birthday Gifts for Guys

As far as birthday gifts for guys go, this custom ammo can set is one of the coolest you can get! From the vintage-inspired design to the badass military-issue ammo can, everything about this set is awesome. Your guy friend or brother will love using the new rocks glasses for his evening scotch, but he’ll be sure to use them and the cigar accessories to have a proper celebratory drink and stogie for his birthday first!

Good Birthday Gifts for Guy Who Loves Beer

Good Birthday Gifts for Guy Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Every guy deserves to enjoy his favorite beer the right way: in beer mugs! These large bar-quality mugs are great for gulping down brews with a friend. Whether he’s watching football on TV or playing video games with a buddy, he’ll never want to drink beer any other way once he tries out these hefty mugs. Before you give him this set for his birthday, make sure you pick up a six-pack as well so that he can try out his new mugs right away! Talk about a perfect birthday gift for him!

For the Movie Fan

Custom Movie Theater Sign

Looking for good birthday gifts for guy who loves movies? Like any movie buff, he’s probably dreamed of having his own home theater. Help make his dream come true by getting him this custom home theater sign! He will be so excited about his favorite room in his home becoming official and being one step closer to making it into an awesome home theater.

Classy Birthday Gifts He’ll Never Expect

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Birthday Gifts for Guys

Make sure he’s celebrating his birthday in style with this awesome cigar and whiskey gift set! He will love using this personalized set to toast to being another year older with a glass of his favorite scotch and a freshly lit stogie. With this classy gift set, he can relax in style or celebrate special occasions like never before!

Customizable Birthday Gifts for Guys Are the Best

Customizable Flask Birthday Gift Set

Looking for go-to birthday gifts that are perfect for any man in your life? This customizable flask gift set is perfect! Whether you need a unique gift for your impossible-to-buy-for dad or a birthday gift for your new boyfriend, this set is great for any guy. He will love the matte black flask and the handsome pocket knife, but most of all he will be touched by your creativity and effort to personalize the cigar humidor and flask!


His New Favorite Shoes

Atoms Everyday Shoes for Men

Every guy needs a quality pair of shoes, and Atoms has some of the best everyday shoes that he can wear at work, school, on the go, or even while he’s working out! The classic and simple design goes easily with any outfit and he won’t ever want to take them off because they’re so comfortable. In fact, he’ll be asking for another pair for his next birthday!

Good Birthday Gifts for Guy Who Enjoys Cigars and Whiskey

Personalized Cigar Set of Good Birthday Gifts for Guy

For the guy who enjoys a good glass of bourbon and a cigar, no birthday gift is better than this duo! He will be amazed by the unique cigar-holding whiskey glass and the fact that he can take his cigars anywhere with the cigar case will make his day. He will enjoy using this set of unique birthday gifts for him to celebrate his special day as well as every future special occasion from now on!

The Perfect Birthday Beer Gifts

Custom Beer Gift Set for Birthday

Instead of the usual six-pack of his favorite beer, surprise the beer-loving guy in your life on his birthday with this unique beer gift set! He will love having his own pint glasses to enjoy a couple of cold ones with, and he’ll finally have an excuse to hold onto all of the bottle caps thanks to the shadow box that can store them all. Over time, he’ll enjoy watching his collection of bottle caps grow and he certainly won’ want to drink beer at home straight out of the bottle again once he’s tried his new pint glasses!

Must-Have Whiskey Gift Set for Every Guy

Custom Whiskey Stone Birthday Gifts for Guys

Good birthday gifts for guys start with something most men enjoy: whiskey! Any guy who treats himself to the occasional Jack and Coke or regularly has a glass of double bourbon will appreciate getting this whiskey gift set for his birthday. From aficionado to amateur, this set is a must-have for any guy who loves whiskey because he'll have his very own unique whiskey glass to enjoy his nightly drinks from. He will certainly enjoy never having to worry about using ice again thanks to the whiskey stones!

His Own Poker Set

Personalized Poker Set Birthday Gift for Guy

Do you know a guy with an upcoming birthday that enjoys playing poker? Get him his own poker set! Now, instead of going to his buddy’s house for poker night or waiting until the next party he attends to play, he can start hosting his own poker games! He will love how conveniently portable this is as well so that he can bring it on road trips or to his friends’ houses. As soon as you give it to him on his birthday, he’ll want to get a game of Blackjack started right away!

The Latest FitBit

FitBit Versa 3

Surprise the birthday boy with the latest Fitbit watch! The Versa 3 is the most cutting-edge and smartest Fitbit yet with its built-in GPS, customizable watch face with many app shortcuts to choose from, such as a body temperature monitor, heart rhythm detector, and more. This Fitbit is all about wellness and whether he’s just turning 30 or is getting into retirement, this smartwatch will help him be healthier than ever starting on his birthday!

A New Cutting Board

Engraved Hardwood Cutting Board

Whether you’ve just noticed his cutting board was looking pretty worn or he’s been talking about getting a nicer one for a while, his birthday is the perfect time to give him this personalized cutting board! Made of exotic Sheesham hardwood, this incredibly sturdy cutting board is perfect for guys who have heavy chopping skills because it’s built to withstand all kinds of nicks and use. When he’s not using it, he will love how attractive it is and how well it matches with his kitchen!

Badass Birthday Gifts for Guys

Custom Beer Ammo Can Good Birthday Gifts for Guy

Good birthday gifts for guys don’t get better than this awesome beer ammo can set! He will be in awe of this badass set and will love each and every piece from the gnarly .50 caliber bullet bottle opener to the personalized pint glasses. He’ll be so excited to try out the entire set on his birthday that he might just forget about the rest of the gifts he got from everyone else!

A Custom Sign Unlike Any Other

Personalized Whiskey Label Sign

There’s nothing more awesome than giving a guy a personalized sign! This unique whiskey label-themed sign is fully customizable so that you can create a one-of-a-kind work of art for him that no one else in the entire world will have. You can make it a man cave sign, something professional for his office at work, or have fun with it and include an inside joke! By far one of the most unique birthday gifts for guys, he will be amazed by how much effort and creativity you put into this amazing gift.

Practical Birthday Gifts Are Best

Engraved Wooden Beer Tote

One of the most common problems guys have to deal with is the hassle of bringing a six-pack on the go. Bottles get broken, cans get dented, and the cardboard or plastic carrier leaves painful marks on their hands. Solve all of his beer-carrying problems with this wooden beer tote! It’s the perfect birthday gift for a guy who loves to bring his own beer to his friends’ houses, the lake with the family, or to a party. This handy beer caddy even comes with a bottle opener so that he never has to worry about making sure to bring one along ever again!

Every Guy Needs a Travel Shaving Kit

Travel Shaving Kit

Make sure his whiskers are always kept in check wherever he goes with this handy travel-size shaving kit! He will love how easy it is to do a quick shave or trim using this high-quality set whether he’s on vacation with the family or is on a business trip for work. Thanks to your thoughtful birthday gifts, he’ll be prepared to look his best while on the go at all times!

Instead of a Watch Get Him a Watch Case

Custom Watch Case

Giving guys watches as birthday gifts is so last year. Every guy has at least two, three, or even more watches because it’s such a typical gift for men. Instead, you should get him a watch case to keep all of his watches organized and secure! By far one of the most unique and good birthday gifts for guy who always gets watches for his special day, he’ll finally have a proper place to keep his collection of timepieces.

Classy Crystal Birthday Gifts

Etched Crystal Decanter Set of Birthday Gifts for Guys

Go all out for his birthday gifts this year with this impressive decanter set! He will be in awe of the beautiful crystal details and how amazing his favorite whiskey looks in it. Best of all, though, he’ll enjoy the hefty glasses that are ideal for cocktails or a double bourbon on the rocks. When he’s not using this set to toast to special occasions such as his birthday or enjoying a relaxing drink after work, this three-piece set is a classy decorative piece that will add a touch of luxury wherever it’s displayed.

Give Your Gift in Style

Custom Wooden Gift Box Good Birthday Gifts for Guy

You’re still not sure what to get the guy in your life for his birthday? Good birthday gifts for guy can be anything from a new video game for his favorite console, a nice bottle of his favorite whiskey, or even the latest version of his favorite headphones. No matter what you pick, you can dress up your gift a bit with this handsome wooden gift box! He will appreciate your gift and the effort you went to in order to give it to him by putting it in this unique gift box because it’s engraved just for him! In fact, he’ll want to use it to store his birthday cards over the years or his prized bottle of liquor because this gift box is something he’ll want to hold on to for the rest of his life.


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