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Article: 33 Best Beer Gifts

33 Best Beer Gifts

33 Best Beer Gifts

The Top Beer Gifts for Beer Lovers

You're here because you're in search of the perfect beer gifts for someone you know who loves beer more than anything else and you don't want to give them something boring. Instead of panicking, find the beer gift that enhances the drinking experience of the person, is something you know they’ve always wanted, or you can add to their glassware collection but make your addition personalized! Looking for unique beer gifts? In search of the best beer gifts for men? Wondering if you can find beer gift baskets? Don't worry, finding the perfect beer gift with our help is even easier than selecting a new beer from a tasting menu!

A Set Full of Legendary Beer Gifts

Mug and Watch Box Beer Gifts Set

Just because you’re searching for the ultimate beer gift set you can find, doesn’t mean you should settle for a single present. Instead of just one gift, why not get them a gift set so when they pour their first cold one, it’ll be an experience to remember! This epic set comes with personalized sunglasses, watch case, beer mug, and even some snacks. Bring along a six-pack of their favorite brew, and when you hand out this gift, you’ll have just given them a gift so good they’ll think it could have only ever existed in legend before.

Arm Them with Gifts to Enjoy Their Favorite Hoppy Beverage

Engraved Ammo Can Set with Multi Tool and Snacks

Few times when someone truly enjoys beer are they only interested in the brew itself, normally they’ll be having a conversation about different foods, snacks, tools, methods of fixing things, and more! So, why not get them a gift set to cover all their bases with this engraved ammo can set? Perfect for the beer enthusiast who loves to unwind with a quality drink, this beer gift box also includes everything else they could want when having a drink on their own or with a friend! They can even put their fixing skills to the test thanks to the hand multi-tool.

A Sign to Tell Tales of Ale Under

Many fans of the golden-liquid have either started or would one day love to have their own home bar. Instead of having them procrastinate, get them an engraved wooden sign to kick things off with an awesome piece of home decor! This is the ideal way for them to show that they live for their brew while also creating a unique space for drinking and toasting with their favorite hoppy drink.

The Coolest Gift for their Brew

Home Beer Refrigerator

Everyone likes a cold drink, especially when beer is involved! So, get them a cool beer fridge to put under their home bar or in their man cave. Except for a tap that flows directly from their favorite bar, this is the ultimate way for them to have a cold brew whenever they want! From cans to bottles, this fridge will hold everything they want and more!

For the Ultimate Beer Connoisseur

Custom Beer Gifts Large Beer Mug

Got a beer lover who is a little larger than life? Make sure their beer gift matches their personality with this giant, custom beer mug! They can finally enjoy stouts, lagers, pilsners, and IPA's without ever having to worry about a refill. Thanks to this mug which holds a liter of their go-to brew, they can spend more time drinking and less time refilling!


Go Anywhere Growler

Engraved Stainless Steel Growler

One of the best things about a growler is it lets them take their beer gift everywhere they go with them. Whether they’re simply bringing their craft beer home from the brewery or they are taking it to the top of a mountain, thanks to the stainless steel growler, they can bring their hoppy and bubbly beverage with them anywhere! Do you want to know what makes it even better? Since the growler is insulated, even after a day’s hike the beer will still be perfectly chilled!

A Memorable Beer Gift Set

Personalized Shadow Box with Pint Glasses

Many memories over the years have been formed over a cold pint. From hilarious stories to deep conversations and everything in between, they’ve all been shared over the golden-liquid. Don’t let those memories fall through the cracks, instead, get a gift that helps each beer be as memorable as the last with a pint glass and shadow box set. This personalized gift makes it simple to keep things like old bottle caps which are sure to trigger that memory of that great drink with your dad or brother.

Clean 'Em Up

Six Pack of Soap Beer Gift Set

Get them a six-pack as the perfect gift, no not that kind. Get them this beer soap six-pack so that even during the day they can be reminded of their favorite style of beer. These handcrafted soaps make a great surprise gift or even as a stocking stuffer for around Christmas. If they already have everything you could ever think of for beer, you know a supply of beer soap will be one thing they never knew they even wanted, but now can’t live without!

Win the Game of Beer Gift Giving

Beeropoly Board Game

For the fan of beer who also loves board games, you can’t just get them a standard run of Monopoly or Risk, instead, get them a game that is all about their favorite thing, beer! This beer gift will have them and a few of their friends playing a board game using beer caps as the ultimate night in!

A Beer Box Set for the Hops Enthusiast

Custom Beer Gifts Box Set with Knife Pint Glasses and Bottle Opener

A great thing you can do when you're getting a gift centered around beer is to make sure that when you give it, they don’t need to add anything else to enjoy the whole thing! This gift box for beer-lovers comes with everything (except the beer) that they could ever need to have a great night with pilsners, IPAs, stouts, and more! They can easily kick back and relax with their new gift set and custom beer glasses while sharing a drink with their friend or even you for getting such a good set of beer-related gifts!

A Beer Gift He Can Jam With

Belgian Orange Beer Jelly

Okay, so this isn’t really jam but the pun was well worth it. This is actually Belgian orange beer jelly. This is the perfect tasty spread for the person who simply can't find enough of their favorite flavored drink in their life! Great for crackers, toast, or spreads when hosting, this beery jelly will always be a welcome flavor on anyone's taste buds.

Map Out Your Beer Journey

State Beer Cap Map

Spice up their home decorations with something that will be far more personal than anything else they’ve thought about putting up on the walls in years with a state beer cap map. These are great gifts to give for the person who takes a lot of pride in the state they live in or even for the person who has moved and misses their home state. Plus, they get to fill in the map with beer caps, how cool is that? Whatever beer cap they fill it in with is a great way to show off how they enjoy their beer. Do they have different beer caps from all over the country? Select caps from well-known beers? Or, do they have a go-to brand that they completely filled the map in with, the choice is theirs!

Oh Snap, Check Out This Bottle Opener

Bullet Bottle Opener is a Personalized Beer Gift

Not all beer gifts have to come in large packages, some are great that are a little smaller, this way, the gift can always be on the person so they can use it whenever they want. This .50 caliber bottle opener is made from a real bullet and is super easy to keep in a pant or jacket pocket. Now, they can look like the coolest person in the room when they’re snapping tops off their favorite brewski with a custom bullet bottle opener!

Engraved Stein Time

Engraved German Beer Stein

You simply can’t have a list of beer gifts without adding a German beer stein into the mix. These are classic gifts for all levels of beer enthusiast, and for good reason! They look great and whether a person has just started getting into beer or they have been an expert for years, they’ll not only appreciate the custom look of the stein but the fact that there is nothing in this world quite like drinking from a stein! Another great thing about steins is that when they’re not in use, they look great on display on the mantle, glasses case, or anywhere else in the house.

Go Anywhere Cooler

Travel Cooler Gift for Beer Lover

Make adventuring with your favorite brew easier than ever imagined with a backpack cooler which is perfect for carrying all the cans you could want. Now, when you walk all of a trail in a day or hike to the peak of a mounting, it’ll be as easy as cracking open a cold one to celebrate!

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

Beer Gifts Box Set with Mug and Wooden Bottle Opener

The perfect way to thank a fan of beer for helping you with a big project or in a moment of need is clearly with an epic beer gift! However, finding those can be a little bit tricky, that is unless you give them this customized beer mug box set. This is the ideal way to show someone how much you appreciate them because who wouldn’t love a mug set that has their name custom engraved on the whole set? Now, when they’re putting their feet up at the end of the day, you can be sure they’ll always be reaching for your gift as the perfect accessory to an ideal relaxation experience.


Wrap Up These Beer Gifts

Custom Leather Wrapped Glasses

Class up the standard pint glass with a gift set that takes enjoying a frosty pint to a new level. These leather-wrapped glasses won’t just insulate the beer but they’ll make each glass look as sophisticated as possible thanks to the embossed leather. Make these the perfect gift for the beer connoisseur who thinks they have it all when in fact, you know they’ve never gotten a set of pint glasses as cool as these!

Personalized Pub Sign

Personalized Pub Sign

For the fan of beer who is a bit more than a casual connoisseur, you simply can’t go wrong with a personalized wooden pub sign. These are a fantastic decoration that they can display in either their favorite drinking area or a part of the house where they know they’ll get to see their gift all the time; after all, it will have their name on it. Who knows, this may even inspire them to create their own home bar?

The Most Relaxing Beer Experience

Shower Beer Holder

Although some beer gifts are quite serious about making sure the person using them shows off their affection for beer, some need to be more low-key, like this shower beer holder! If you haven’t enjoyed a good shower beer you’re truly missing out and you may need to get an extra holder when you order your gift so you can see what you're missing!

Home Brewery Beer Gift Set

Brewery Beer Gifts Box Set with Pint Glasses

Not every night is one where you and your best buds can make it down to the local brewery for that limited batch beer. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the experience of hanging out at your favorite craft watering hole. Instead of taking the trip downtown, give this gift or get it for yourself, so your friends can take a trip to a familiar bar, your place! With the custom box and glasses set, you’ll have everything you’ll need to look like an official brewery, just make sure to be stocked with beer!

A Beer Gift That Takes Flight

Engraved Beer Flight

There is no better way to experience a whole slew of flavors in one sitting quite like a beer flight. This is the perfect gift for the beer-lover who has so much passion for their drink, that when you visit all they want you to do is try different brews. Now, it’ll be easier than ever thanks to the four snifter glasses. Now, they can share up to four of their favorite beers with someone and even have them use the proper glass to find all the flavors and aromas!

Badass Personalized Pint Glass Set

Custom Beer Ammo Can Gift Set for Beer Lovers

Beer is often associated with people that are badasses, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Bukowski, even the famed philosopher Plato, all thought beer was a kick-ass gift. So make sure you get a set of beer gifts worthy enough to stand up to a drink that has been around for centuries and loved by some of the most memorable people. This personalized ammo can gift set is truly one of a kind. It has everything you could need or want to enjoy a tall cold one while still leaving room inside the ammo can for more beer accessories, photos, or it could even be a unique keepsake for your most memorable beer caps!

Keep Driving Safe

Breathalyzer Phone App

Never let them question whether they should drive or not again with a breathalyzer that is quick and easy to use. This awesome piece of technology syncs up with their phone and can easily fit inside a pocket. It even has a chart that shows how long they’ll need to wait to be sober enough to drive. Although it doesn’t help them drink, this is a beer gift anyone could use.

Must-Have Mug

Custom Beer Mug

Keep things simple with a gift any fan of beer is sure to be incredibly thankful for, their own customized beer mug! This is a great gift to give during the holidays, a birthday, or even for an anniversary. Add in a cold six-pack, and you’ve given them a gift that they’ll enjoy and remember for years to come!


Bring the Brewery to Them

Custom Brewery Bar Sign

Help turn their home bar or man cave into the brewery they’ve always wanted with a personalized brewery sign. Now, when they’re opening up crates of beer or taping their own personal keg, they’ll actually feel like they’ve become a brewery. Besides, could there be a more satisfactory way to enjoy a beer than when it is under a sign with their name on it?

A Glass Set to Taste Every Drop

Personalized Beer Tasting Glass Set

Who says enjoying a good glass of beer can’t be classy? Make every sip count with these custom tulip glasses which are perfect for taking in all the aromas and flavors of each drink while also looking like the most refined beer glasses you’ve ever seen at the same time. These are great gifts for beer lovers who want to go even further in tasting than their pilsner, IPA, or stout glass.

Pac-Man IPA Shirt

Pac-Man Beer Themed Shirt Beer Gift

Have a little bit of fund when you’re handing out beer gifts when you get everyone this Pac-Man beer hops shirt. As comical as it is, you know you and your friends chase down quality brews just like the big yellow guy himself has for years. If you grab a few of these, they could even be fun bar crawl shirts too!

A Sweet Snifter Glass

Monogrammed Snifter Glass

Enjoying a good beer is more than simply tasting it and making sure it is cold. You want to make sure it has a good head, that the aromas are all there, and when you drink it, the flavors are able to be experienced by your full palate. When you’re looking for a gift for a fan of beer, no glass will enhance these qualities like a beer snifter glass. However, what will make this even more special is you’ve personalized this glass (or you could get them a whole set) which tasting notes aside, should guarantee this will be their new go-to drinking glass!

Custom Beer Gifts Set

Personalized Mug with Beer Gifts

Hey, check out this nifty set of beer gifts. A personalized mug, bottle opener, and even a knife? What beer-lover could ask for more? This has everything a fan of the golden nectar could want to say cheers and have a toast toward such a good gift. Because it comes with so many cool gifts, you can easily use this for that birthday or Christmas gift you’ve had trouble finding.

Secret Agent Suitcase

Brief Case Beer Caddy

Turn them into a secret agent each time they feel the need to carry a six-pack with them with this suitcase beer caddy. Now, they can travel incognito with the rarest and tastiest beers without anyone being the wiser. Just make sure to add some super rare brews to make them feel like they’ve been handed a Mission Impossible briefcase from the moment they get their gift!

For Patriotic Pints, Stouts, and Lagers

Military Wall Bottle Opener

Honor the patriot in your life who served your country with a personalized wall-mounted bottle opener as a gift for Veteran’s Day or for their birthday. It is super easy to install and will make a great conversation piece. But aside from that, it is totally functional! So, when your beer-lover is hanging out with old squadmates or other veterans, you know this will be the most awesome way for each of them to pop the tops of their bottle of suds! The wall bottle opener can come embossed for each branch: Marines, Navy, Air Force, or Army.

A Cool Monogrammed Beer Gift

Monogrammed Bottle and Can Insulator

Everyone likes cold beer, that is just a fact. However, when someone is out mowing the yard, pulling weeds, at a tailgating party, or sitting by a bonfire, even the coldest of beers will eventually warm up. Help solve that problem with a monogrammed beer cooler that works for bottles and cans alike! This simple gift will be an absolute world changer for anyone who likes to keep their drink cold which is of course everyone!

Teach Them How to Taste Beer

Beer Tasting Guide for Beer Lovers

Got an aspiring beer aficionado? They’ll hit expert mode a whole lot sooner when they’ve read this beer tasting guide. Instead of learning by trial and error, this book will teach them the ways to palate, taste, smell, and pair their favorite brew with food, how cool is that?

A Growler Set with Everything They Need

Engraved Growler Box Set of Beer Gifts

Still haven’t found the gift you’re looking for, after all this time? Then if this engraved beer growler box set won’t satisfy your need for an epic set of beer gifts, nothing will! Thanks to the growler, you never have to go without your favorite local microbrew at home or if you need to go somewhere hours away, this is the easiest and best way to bring it with. However, when you’re at home, the coasters and pint glasses make enjoying a beer simple and easy.


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