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Article: 23 Awesome Valentine’s Gift for Boyfriend

23 Awesome Valentine’s Gift for Boyfriend

23 Awesome Valentine’s Gift for Boyfriend

We'll Help You Find the Best Valentine's Gift for Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day gifts for men don’t have to be boring, mushy, or even covered in hearts! The most important thing to remember when giving a Valentine's gift for your boyfriend is that it shows him how much you love and appreciate him. It can be something cool that’s related to his interests or a sweet spin on a standard gift for men. Whether you’ve been dating for several years or you’ve just been together for a short while, your gift should be romantic as well as cool! Are you struggling to find a gift for the boyfriend who has everything? Wondering what to get a new boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Relax, you can’t possibly go wrong with any of these awesome Valentine’s gift ideas for boyfriends!

The Coolest Valentine's Gift For Boyfriends

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Valentines Gift for Boyfriend

You want to make your boyfriend feel like an awesome guy without being too mushy on Valentine's Day. Well, the only way to do that is with a gift as awesome as he is! This badass ammo can set is going to make your man feel cooler than Chuck Norris as he sips from his legendary whiskey glasses with the handy whiskey stones. A Valentine's gift for your boyfriend has never been more awesome!

The Perfect Beer Gift

Engraved Beer Growler Glass Set

Sure, your boyfriend would love to get a six-pack of beer for Valentine's Day, even if it comes in a cute carrier with hearts all over it. However, he would love a custom beer glass set even more! He can finally try his hand at brewing his own beer or bringing home his favorite craft beer with the large growler. When you two sit down for a couple of after-dinner drinks on date nights, he'll want to serve them in his custom pint glasses every time.

Decorative Valentine's Gift Idea for Boyfriend

Custom Bar Sign

Every guy dreams of having their own bar. The idea of running a bar like Sam Malone from Cheers is just so cool, what's not to love? This Valentine's Day, surprise your boyfriend with the first step to making his dream come true: a custom bar sign! He will proudly hang this awesome piece of decor above his home bar until the day he can display it his own neighborhood bar someday. Once it’s up, he’ll welcome every visitor by shouting “Norm!” before pouring them a large beer.

Bullets for Your Valentine

Monogrammed Whiskey Stone Set Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend

Pardon the pun, but come on, these bullet whiskey stones are awesome! Nothing is cooler than chilling your boyfriend's drink with these unique stones, literally. The best way to give him this unique gift is by pouring both of you a couple of drinks after having a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with this set! He'll be so surprised to see his initials engraved on the glasses, and even more so by the realistic bullet stones.

A Place for His Watches

Engraved Watch Case

Most guys have a couple of watches, and your boyfriend tends to leave them all over his nightstand. The best Valentine's gift for your boyfriend is this custom watch case! Not only will it keep his favorite watches organized and clean, but he'll love reading the sweet message you engraved on the lid every day when he goes to put one on in the morning. If he doesn’t have enough watches to fill the case, help him out by getting him a brand new watch for Valentine’s Day as well to make it a complete gift!


Make Him a Mix Tape

Mix Tape USB

While the USB flash drive designed to look like an old cassette tape is a pretty cool gift on its own, you can make it doubly amazing by putting a custom playlist on it! He'll be so touched by this modern twist on an old, romantic gift that no other Valentine's gift will compare. Whether it's all love songs or his favorite tunes, he will love listening to this custom mixtape. In fact, he’ll want to plug it in and listen to each tune right away. Be prepared to dance the night away!

His Own Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug Set

While there's nothing like an ice cold beer straight from the bottle or can, every beer drinker knows that it's even better from a mug. The best Valentine's gift for your boyfriend is this custom beer mug set! He'll be able to drink his favorite brews in a proper, hefty mug just like he does at his favorite pub. Except, this one has his name on it! He can even use the matching wooden box to store keepsakes or display in his home bar. Even the simplest Valentine's Day gifts can mean the most!

The Manliest Way to Display a Collection

Custom Shadow Box Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend

Most guys have some kind of collection: coins, cigar bands, pocket knives, ties, or even bottle caps. Your boyfriend has his own assortment of items he’s been adding to for years, but doesn’t have a good place to display it. One of the most unique Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends who collect things is this awesome shadow box! Not only is it a totally cool and manly piece of decor, but it’s a really neat way to show off his vast collection. This two-in-one gift will also make it easy to keep track of his collection’s progress as it grows over time. If he doesn’t have a collection already, this shadow box is a great way to get him started on one!

Classy Whiskey Gift for Two

Custom Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

Picture this: you’ve just gotten home from a beautiful, fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. Your boyfriend suggests turning on some romantic music and having a couple of drinks, so while he’s selecting music, you sneak out these custom glasses and pour you two a double of his favorite scotch. He’ll be so surprised by these amazing custom rocks glasses, especially when you give him the set in such a romantic way. You could even make it more romantic by getting him a really nice bottle of whiskey earlier on in the day, saying that you want to try it after dinner together. However you choose to give him this incredible gift, it’ll certainly be his favorite Valentine’s gift ever!

He’ll Love Beating His Friends at Poker with His Own Chip Set

Personalized Poker Set

Your boyfriend will have double the home advantage once he hosts the next poker night with his own custom poker set! His friends will all be impressed by this awesome new set, but even more so when he beats them all at Texas Hold ‘Em. The cool carrying case the chip set comes in makes it easy for him to bring it to every poker night, even when it’s not his turn to host the game. He’ll be more confident in his skills than ever thanks to you!

Give Him the Cleanest Shave of His Life

Traditional Shaving Kit for Valentine's Day

One of the most romantic gifts you can give your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day is a quality shaving set. Not only will he look good with a smooth shave, but he’ll feel good, too! With this traditional wet shave kit, his skin will be flawless and free of irritating, itchy razor burns. Inspired by the vintage shaving kits used back in the day of straight razors, this modern upgrade comes with everything he needs for the smoothest shave of his life. A clean shave means a smooth face to kiss, after all!

The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift for Boyfriend

Custom Ammo Can Beer Gift Set with Hatchet

Make your boyfriend feel like the coolest guy in the world on Valentine’s Day with this badass gift set! When he opens up the ammo can, he’ll be so amazed by all of the awesome, manly items inside that he’ll be speechless. He will love every single piece in this set because each one is practical whether he’s using the set indoors or outdoors, especially since most of them are personalized!

For the Boyfriend Who Enjoys Whiskey

Custom Whiskey Label Gift Set

Does your boyfriend enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey? Whether he’s really into whiskey tasting or just likes the liquor casually, one thing is certain: he, like most whiskey fans, has thought about having his own whiskey label. One of the most unique Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends who like whiskey is this custom whiskey label gift set! He will be so amazed by the awesome label engraved on the lid that you might have to tell him to open the box so that he can see the whiskey stones and shot glasses inside. When he’s not using the set for a nightcap with you, he will proudly display it in the cool gift box in his home bar so that everyone who visits will see it.

Create a Custom Sign for Him

Customizable Wooden Sign

What do you get a guy who insists he has it all and doesn't want anything for Valentine’s Day? A custom piece of decor! Even a man who is picky with his gifts will be so touched that you made him a custom sign and will proudly display it among the rest of his wall decor. You can get really creative with this sign to make it a romantic piece for his bedroom, a manly work of art for his man cave, or something fun for the kitchen. No matter what you choose, he will love it!

The Classiest Valentine’s Day Gift

Whiskey and Cigar Gift Set for Valentine's Day

When it comes to special occasions like Valentine’s Day and your anniversary, your boyfriend likes to enjoy a nice bottle of whiskey or bourbon with you to commemorate the occasion. Sometimes he’ll light up a stogie in celebration as well! With this classy gift set, he’ll finally be able to celebrate life’s special moments in style. The Glencairn glasses make any whiskey taste better, and he’ll love the personalized lighter. This suave set is one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s gift ideas for boyfriends who enjoy whiskey and cigars, and he’ll want to enjoy his two favorite vices even more often so that he can use the entire set!


A New Bow Tie

Red Tie Gift Set

For those of you who want to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme with your gift, how about a cute burgundy bow tie? The lovely polka dot pattern is cute and classic without being overly mushy. He’ll enjoy having a new pocket square as well to complete the look! This fail-safe gift is fun and practical, especially since he can wear it to dinner the same evening. You can never go wrong with a tie as a gift for men, even if it’s your first Valentine’s Day together.

Whiskey Essentials for the Aspiring Connoisseur

Engraved Decanter with Whiskey Stones

Still stumped on what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Think about his hobbies and interests. If he’s the kind of guy who wants to get into drinking top-shelf whiskey, then the best gift for him is a decanter and whiskey stone set! This gorgeous crystal decanter will show off his finest whiskey when he’s not pouring a glass to enjoy after a romantic dinner with you. The whiskey stones will eliminate the need for ice so that he can enjoy every flavor in his drink properly. With this amazing Valentine’s Day gift idea for your boyfriend, he’ll be well on his way to becoming a whiskey connoisseur.

Give Him a Way to Show Off His Favorite Brews

Bottle Cap Collector Sign

The best Valentine’s gift idea for your boyfriend is something romantic but still related to his interests, like this unique sign! Not only is it his own custom brewery sign, but he can collect the bottle caps from every beer he enjoys when he’s with you. How sweet is that? Whether he’s a die-hard craft beer fan or enjoys all types of beer, he’ll enjoy watching his unique decor fill up with various bottle caps over time as a cool way to show off his favorite brews.

Make Him Feel Like James Bond

Monogrammed Cigar and Whiskey Valentine's Gift for Boyfriend

One of the easiest ways to make your boyfriend feel loved on Valentine’s Day is with a gift set that makes him feel cooler than the classiest guy known to man! If there was ever a gift that seemed like it was straight out of a James Bond novel, this set is it. The badass whiskey glass will hold your boyfriend’s cigar for him, how cool is that? He will love being able to sip and puff at the same time in one hand while reading Casino Royale in the other. Plus, he’ll be able to bring a couple of stogies wherever he goes thanks to the convenient cigar case! Now, whenever the occasion arises, he’ll be able to celebrate or just relax with a stogie at any time. Talk about a badass Valentine’s gift for your boyfriend!

Beer for Two

Custom Beer Mug Set

His and hers gifts are quite popular around Valentine’s Day, so why not jump on the bandwagon with this adorable set of beer mugs? You and your boyfriend can knock back a couple of beers together with these custom mugs after a romantic V-Day dinner and every date night in the future. Your boyfriend will certainly love having his own brewery-style mug, which will make his beers even more delicious and enjoyable. Just make sure you get him a six-pack of his favorite beer as well to complete the gift!

Upgrade His Everyday Essentials

Leather Wallet Gift Set

What do you get a guy for Valentine’s Day if you haven’t been dating long or he says he doesn’t want anything? A nice, new version of something he uses everyday. Whether it’s a watch or this leather wallet set, guys tend to use things until they’re literally falling apart. Your boyfriend will love this handsome black leather wallet and tile set! It may be a simple gift, but it shows that you care about his everyday essentials because it helps keep him organized. Besides, he more than likely needs one of them already! Pair this attractive leather wallet set with some of his favorite candy or a matching tie set and you’ve got a classy and practical Valentine’s gift idea for your boyfriend.

Modern Valentine’s Gift Idea for Boyfriend

Art Deco Decanter Set

The Roaring 20’s are back, which means extravagant parties and art deco are too! One fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend this year is with a decanter set that will make him feel like Jay Gatsby. This awesome decanter set is all about the classy art deco theme, and you can even get him a Gatsby Valentine’s Day card to go with the decanter set! He’ll love being able to pour you or any of his friends a drink in style with this set. It’ll make an impressive statement piece in his office or his home bar, that’s for sure!

The Best Gift for Boyfriends Who Love to Go to Parties

Custom Bean Bag Toss Set Valentine's Day Gift for Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend enjoy attending parties or hosting them? Then the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him is his own custom bean bag toss set! He can take this set to any event whether it’s a tailgate, cookout, family reunion, or house party. Anyone can play this timeless, easy game, making it ideal for any type of occasion. Thanks to your incredible gift, everyone will eagerly await for him to arrive at the party so that they can challenge him to a game of cornhole.


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