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Article: 31 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

31 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

31 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriends Any Guy Would Love

Valentines Day is often a difficult and complicated time to buy a gift for the man in your life. Luckily for you, we have the top Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend; these gifts show that you love him, but recognize he prefers manly things. He wants gifts that are personal, things that he can use and will make his hobbies even more awesome. This all sounds well and good, but you may still wonder “What could make his hobbies better?” Well, that is where we come in. We have the best Valentines gifts for him! No matter what kind of cool and unique stuff he is into, we’ve got everything he could ever want to make his hobbies even better!

The Ultimate Beer Gift for Boyfriends

Custom Ammo Can Beer Set

Start things off right with one of the most awesome Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends there is with this ammo can beer set. Instead of a card or chocolates, get him the manliest gift you can think of, a beer gift set inside of an ammo can! Packed inside this awesome ammo can are all the beer accessories he could ever need to enjoy his favorite drink! For him, sipping his favorite beer from his new gift set will be the best way he can spend this Valentines Day!

An Awesome Whiskey Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriends

Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend Whiskey Gift Set

Make sure he can toast to another happy year with you with one of the best Valentines gifts for him! This decanter set not only looks great with his name engraved on it, but will be the coolest way he’s ever drank whiskey. This gift set will entirely subvert his expectations of Valentines Day gifts. He may have expected some candy or something small, but never a gift as cool as this. He’ll feel like he is as dapper as Don Draper or as manly as Arnold Schwarzenegger when he gets to drink from this. Better yet, he’ll enjoy entertaining with this set. Whether he shares a glass with you, or some friends, anytime the opportunity arises, he is going to take this set out to pour everyone a drink.

Give Him the World

Globe Bar Cart

Something your boyfriend has always wanted was his own home bar. In films or television, he has always seen how cool it is to go to your own bar, pour a drink, and enjoy. However, you simply don’t have the room. Don’t make him feel like he has to settle for something less; instead, get him something he’ll find even cooler with this home bar inside a globe! This is a Valentines Day gift you can be sure he won’t see coming. He’ll feel even classier than if he had a home bar. He’ll be impressed by how easy it is to move around his house and that it has plenty of room for his favorite liquor and his best glasses.

A Lovely Cigar Sign for Him

Personalized Cigar Sign

Some Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends are just blowing smoke, make sure your gift does that in the best way possible. This sign is perfect for the cigar den he has been crafting for years. Unlike flowers or food, this is a gift that will last him for years. He’ll think it is so cool to stare up at his own personalized cigar sign every time he is selecting the best stogie for the day, or as he takes the first taste of a freshly lit cigar. This sign will have him feeling like he is the cigar connoisseur that he has always wanted to be.

Whiskey Stones Are the Best Valentines Gifts for Him

Monogrammed Whiskey Stone Set Best Valentines Gifts for Him

As a hunter, gun nut, or even just a dude who likes action movies and guns, this monogrammed whiskey stone set is guaranteed to be one of the coolest Valentines Day gifts he has ever gotten. As the two of you have dinner or have come back from a night out, the first thing he is going to want to do is take his new bullet stones from the freezer and enjoy the most perfectly chilled, undiluted drink of whiskey he has ever had. Getting this awesome of a gift for him on Valentines day this year, you know that you’ll be seeing him use this set year-round!


Make Him As Comfortable As Humanly Possible

Fleece Robe

He may be rough and tough on the outside, but guys like to be comfortable too. Wrap him up in a gift that is softer than anything he’s ever felt before with this fleece lined robe. This Valentines Day you can be sure that he has never gotten a more comfortable gift. Your boyfriend will love his new comfy robe and will without a doubt want to chill out in this at home over any of his other “comfy clothes,” and who could blame him?

A Better Beer Experience

Beer Box Set Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriend

What is a gift that is sure to make any boyfriend happy? Yup, you guessed it, beer! For Valentines Day he doesn’t want wine or flowers, he wants to enjoy his favorite beverage. Get him one of the best Valentines gifts for him with this personalized beer set. He’ll be blown away with all the beer accessories he’s got now. He can even share a pint with you now while he snacks on beer nuts. The gorgeous display box will even be one of his favorite parts of the gift, he may store his new beer gift set in there, or he might collect all the unique craft and microbrew bottle caps he’s ever tried.

A Gift for All His Vices

Cigar and Whiskey Ammo Can

Is your man one of those guys who likes to indulge? Don’t worry about only being able to find Valentines Day gifts that only satisfy one, there are gifts specifically designed for these eclectic dudes. This gift set is perfect for the man who enjoys pairing his favorite brown liquor with a strong cigar. He knows that the best way to celebrate an event like Valentines Day, as a man, is with his two favorite vices. Help him do that with a custom ammo can full of all the accessories he could ever dream of needing to celebrate your relationship!

A Gift That Won’t Leave A Hole in His Heart

Personalized Cornhole Set Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriend

For the guy who loves being active and hanging out with people his own custom cornhole set is absolutely one of the best Valentines gifts for him. He’ll spend hours outside with you tossing a bag back and forth. This will be a great way to break up the traditional Valentines Day and give him something you know he’ll love doing. This is a gift that won’t just benefit him either. He is sure to make spending time together even more fun. Plus, he can use this all the time! He’ll love taking this to BBQs, tailgating events and more to toss a bag around.

His First True Liquor Love

Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set

You’ve seen him drink the exact same whiskey brand for years. To be honest, he’s probably had a relationship with his drink that is longer than the two of yours. He’s been with his sweet Tennessee bourbon for years and would love to embrace the brand even more. This year when you’re searching for Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend make that wish come true with this unique whiskey set. The sign, decanter, display box, and glasses are all inspired by his favorite brand, but have his name on it instead! He’ll never stop talking about the coolest gift he’s ever gotten on Valentines Day, and it is all thanks to you. He’ll be sharing drinks and showing off his whiskey set every chance he gets!

For the Boyfriend Chef

Chef Knife Roll

Move over ladies, your boyfriend knows how to cook and you think he deserves some of the best equipment out there. Turn him into Masaharu Morimotor with his own knife roll! These Shun knives are some of the best in the business and will have him wanting to prepare his favorite meal for you as soon as possible! What makes a better Valentines Day gift than something he will be so eager to use, and something that is guaranteed to make a tasty meal for the two of you to share.

A Unique Whiskey Valentines Day Gift For Boyfriends

Engraved Bull Decanter Set

Charge ahead with a whiskey gift that you know he will immediately want to show off by putting it on display on the end-table or on his home bar. This set has the decanter in the shape of an intimidating bull, mid-charge! He’ll feel like the baddest guy in the room when he is pouring a drink from his unique whiskey decanter. You can be sure that he is getting the coolest whiskey gift ever with this set. Also, once he is done admiring the bull, he’ll take notice that his glasses are engraved, he will have to thank you with a drink of his best liquor for such a sweet Valentines Day gift.

Put Him in Incognito Mode

DOPP Travel Bag

Does your guy like to have a drink when he travels out of town, but really isn't that big into bars or nightclubs? Have him travel incognito with his very own bar set disguised as a DOPP bag! He’ll feel like a secret agent, or a rogue man on a mission as he brings his favorite 750ml bottle of booze and all the bartender tools he could need with him in this discrete bag. This set comes with all the best Valentines day gifts for your boyfriend he could ever want. Show that you know he loves his local liquor with a gift that lets him take it anywhere; in fact, maybe even include a bottle so he can start his first boozy mission right away!

The Manliest Wine Set

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

Celebrating Valentines Day can be a manly celebration for him when you get him this stainless steel tumbler set! You already know that he is a bit of a wino, so why not get him a set that will last him for years to come? These stainless-steel glasses are the perfect way for a manly guy to enjoy his favorite wine. They’re not only near indestructible, but the tumblers look great in his hand too. Also, the gift box this all comes in is the perfect way for him to store all his used wine corks or to even put this set on display!

A Classy Decanter Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set Best Valentines Gifts for Him

Your guy has always enjoyed the finer things in life, and this February is the perfect time for him to feel a bit classier. This decanter set is perfect for his 12-year scotches or his single-malt blends. He always plans elaborate Valentines Days that make you feel great, so make sure to outdo him this year with the classiest gift he’s ever gotten! His cherished liquor will look and taste better than ever when it is stored in his new personalized decanter. This Valentines Day, the two of you will feel high-class as ever when you share a drink from this decanter set.


A Gift He Can Taste

Barrel Coffee Infuser

He simply can’t get enough of his favorite whiskey or coffee. Start his day off with two of his favorite flavors thanks to this barrel ager for coffee. He may not care for assorted chocolates or candy hearts, but you can be sure on Valentines Day he will be thrilled at the flavors he finds with this barrel kit. This Valentines Day gift for your boyfriend will have him trying all sorts of different flavor combinations as he seasons the barrel with his favorite liquor, and then adds his beans for his morning brew.

Whiskey for the Refined Gent

Twist Whiskey Glass Set Best Valentines Gifts for Him

Last year he went all out on your Valentines Day gift, so this year you want to make sure you get him something that is just as good, if not better. Do so with this amazingly elegant whiskey set. The twist glasses will have him feeling like a refined gentleman as he sips his scotch, whiskey, or bourbon from his new set of whiskey glasses. This complete set even has whiskey stones which he’ll use to keep his drinks at the ideal drinking temperature. Make him feel like the refined gent he’s always imagined he was with the most awesome whiskey Valentines Day gift!

A Patriotic Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriends

Patriotic Coffee and Flask Gift

This is one of the best Valentines gifts for him if he is always on the go. Whether he is a veteran or simply a patriotic man, he will love a gift set that he can take anywhere with him. Between his tumbler and flask, he’ll always be prepared to quench any thirst he encounters throughout his day and as far as the knife? He’s a guy, you know he’ll find some good uses for a survival knife that is packed full of everything he could ever need.

The Most Awesome Humidor for Him

Custom Cigar Humidor

His favorite way to celebrate has always been with a fresh stogie. Make sure his cigars are always as good as they day he got them by getting one of the best Valentines gifts for him around! He’s gotten you gift baskets before, but he won’t expect a gift ammo can. This will be the most unique gift he’s ever gotten on Valentines Day. This cigar humidor is not only functional but is the coolest one he’ll have ever seen. Instead of storing bullets, his new ammo can will store his most precious cigars, ensuring they’ll be just right for when he needs a good puff!

For When Valentines Day Gifts Are At Steak

Grill Tool Gift Box

As the grill master in your life, your boyfriend knows how to use his tools; however, after countless burgers, brats, and steaks, his equipment is looking a little worse for wear. Give him an upgrade to show that you not only love his food but that you love him too! These new grill tools will come in their own personalized box, so he’ll always know where they are. The only thing he loves more than cooking is you, so you’ve gotta get him back on the grill with these tools!

Don’t Be Absinthe Minded When Gift Giving

DIY Absinthe Kit

Has he always wanted to try his own absinthe but has never gotten his hands on it? Have a fun DIY gift this Valentines Day with a kit that lets him take his favorite high-alcohol spirit and create this exotic drink. Sure, he could get a bottle of booze for Valentines day, but how fun will it be making his own exotic spirit? Although it was once banned for falsified psychoactive properties, absinthe is now totally legal because it is simply a great tasting botanically flavored liquor. Who knows, he may start to feel like some famous absinthe drinkers like Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent van Gogh, or even Ernest Hemingway!

Celebrate With Wine

Personalized Wine Decanter and Sign Set

For the wine-lover, give the best Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend possible! He’s been wanting to get a fuller and more rich experience from his wine, so what could be better than a gift set surrounding that idea? His new aerator will enhance the flavor of his best wine, that he now gets to enjoy with you with his new custom glasses. This gift is so spot on for him as a fan of wine that he will want to spend Valentines Day at home, sharing his best bottles out of his new drinking set. As a wino, sharing drinks year round under his personalized sign and out of his custom glassware, nothing will make him happier.

Growlers Are the Best Valentines Gifts for Him

Initialed Stainless Steel Growler

As a craft beer enthusiast, the best Valentines gifts for him can often be difficult to find. He is normally very particular about what he wants when it comes to his favorite drink. However, you’ve now found a way to let him drink his favorite beer whether he is hiking, camping, or miles away from the brewery. This growler is the perfect beer gift as it will keep his drink perfectly chilled and stored in a stainless-steel tank, so he can carry it with him wherever he goes and have a drink of his go to beer at a moment’s notice! Unlike other Valentines Day gifts, this one allows him to take one of his greatest loves in life, and take it with him wherever he travels!

A Gift Flush with Great Ideas

Poker Sets are Great Valentines Day Gifts for Boyfriends

Although Valentines Day tends to focus on gifts of romance, you have decided to get him something you know he’ll love using every day of the week with this poker set. The most exciting night of the week for your boyfriend has always been game night. It is the one time when all the boys are together and they’re in the basement or poker room for house betting, laughing, and possibly having a few drinks and cigars. However, your boyfriend is in dire need of a new set, replace his old deck of cards and chips with a personalized poker gift set! Since he will use this at least once a week, you can be sure this is a gift set he’ll love. Especially since it even comes with his name engraved in the travel case!

Take A Bow After Giving Such A Great Gift

Ship Decanter

For years he has been wanting to get a cool and unique decanter. Everything he has, or has looked at, isn’t as novel as he wants. Now is your chance to win big points with him by gifting him his own ship decanter. He’ll feel like the luckiest guy in the world, having a girlfriend who was willing to (metaphorically) sail the seas for the coolest decanter he could ever ask for. Soon after he opens your gift, the ship will be swimming in his best bourbon, and he’ll be eager to share a drink with you!


The Greatest Escape

Escape Room Gift Box

Escape rooms have been all the rage for a few years now; however, they’re just so darn expensive. Make Valentines Day’s date night a fun night in with your guy with this escape room subscription box. He loves using his wit and intellect to figure things out, and with new challenges every month, he’ll never get bored. This will be the perfect way to end Valentines Day. After a romantic dinner, see if you and he can figure out how to escape!

The Ultimate Game Gift Set for Beer Lovers

Engraved Beer Mug and Game Set

As a couple, the two of you cannot get enough of your beer. However, your boyfriend is the biggest beer nut you know. He’s crazy enough to drive hours to try out special release beers. A set of personalized beer mugs and a game of Beeroploy are the perfect Valentines Day gifts for your boyfriend. He’ll fill his new set of mugs up with his favorite beer, and save the caps so you and he can enjoy your new favorite board game! After he’s taken you out for a great night on the town, can you even imagine a better way for him to celebrate the evening than with this set? Any beer loving boyfriend will be thrilled to get a gift that not only lets them drink, but makes sure they’ll have fun doing it!

A Classy Cognac Gift Set

Cognac and Cigars and Best Valentines Gifts for Him

He’s always felt like the refined guy. He dresses as sharp as he can and likes to enjoy the finer things. Your boyfriend deserves the best Valentines gifts for him. To do so, get him a cigar and cognac set. For a classy guy like him, it’ll be like he got roses and a box of chocolates on this romantic holiday. While he holds the bulb of the glass and puffs on his favorite stogie, he’ll feel like he is the classiest guy in town!

Engraved Cutting Board

Engraved Cutting Board

As a fan of food, your boyfriend has spent years in the kitchen working on his cooking. What always makes food even easier to prepare is an awesome cutting board? This personalized cutting board is the perfect Valentines Day gift for your boyfriend. He’ll spend hours chopping veggies and herbs on it in preparation for the next big meal he plans on making. Make sure he protects the wood so it lasts for years to come with cutting board revitalizing oil. Who knows, as a cook, he may have been planning a meal that night; if so, he’ll get to use his gift right away!

Custom Wine Set Valentines Day Gift for Boyfriends

Stemmed Wine Glass Box Set

What is more romantic on Valentines Day than his own monogrammed set of wine glasses? He loves drinking wine: sharing it with others, even pairing it with food. Now, he can look the part of wine-aficionado that you know he is! This gift set is perfect, because not only will he want to use it right away for Valentines Day, but he’ll want to use it every time you and he share a glass of wine!

A Proper Pub Sign

English Pub Sign

For Valentines Day, make his house feel like the proper pub he has always wanted it to be with this personalized sign. Whether he has a home bar, a few cocktail glasses, or even just likes to share a few bottles of his favorite brew with the boys, every man deserves to have his own bar space. This will be the perfect way for him to establish that space. This Valentines Day gift will be one he won’t ever forget. You’ll have made the spot he loves to drink his new official home pub!


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