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Article: 17 Awesome Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

17 Awesome Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

17 Awesome Gifts for 50 Year Old Man

Regardless of the Occasion, Find Your Ideal Gifts for the 50 Year Old Man in Your Life!

His 50th birthday is an important gift giving occasion. After all, he only turns 50 once! As he moves toward retirement age, he is going to want to get a taste of the good life. Make the gift for his 50th birthday something that lets him put his feet up and relax. Help him out a bit by giving him some of the best gifts for a 50 year old man that he can get! The best gifts you can give him for this monumental birthday will let him finally indulge in life’s finer things such as: cigars, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, or beer! After all, he isn't a young guy anymore so you need to make sure you're search is more refined when searching for awesome gifts for older men. It’s time to give him the things in life he has always wanted; so, get a great present with these 50th birthday gifts for men!

Ultimate Decanter Set for His Birthday

Whiskey Decanter Box Set 50th Birthday Gift for Men

On his 50th birthday, make sure he can celebrate in style with his best whiskey! This gift set will make sure he gets to drink with class. For his birthday, few gifts for a 50 year old man are better than this! He’ll love seeing his name engraved on each piece and he is sure to leave the set out on display for everyone to see. For a whiskey lover, this will be one of the most practical gifts he has gotten in years. Make sure he gets the most out of his 50th with an amazing decanter box set.

Best Beer Gift for the 50 Year Old Man

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

One of a beer drinkers favorite kinds of gifts are those that let them drink more beer. Instead of a pint glass, get him an awesome set of mugs so he can drink even more beer than before! On his birthday, he may decide to share the other mug, or if he wants to grab life by the handles, he’ll top of both mugs to drink to his 50th! Don’t think he won’t notice that his set has been personalized too. That added touch will make him realize how much time and effort went into you getting him a great gift!

Give Him the World

Mobile Globe Bar

Nothing makes someone feel like they have some real old school cool like owning their own globe bar. Giving a 50th birthday gift for men has never seemed so cool! You’ll be the one bringing in an awesome gift that no one else would have thought of! This gift is great for anyone who likes the occasional drink to the guy who has his nightly cocktail. This gift is so cool and unique it can even work as one of the most unique retirement gift ideas for men, too! He can keep everything from great beer, wine, whiskey, and scotch on this cart and have his thirst quenched at a moment’s notice.

Perfect Puff Cigar Pack

Personalized Cigar Lounge Kit

Gifts for the 50 year old man in your life need to be something he is going to want to use and have around. If he loves cigars, get him the ultimate gift with this set! When he opens this present he can immediately sit back in his chair and pair his favorite drink and cigar and enjoy his vices. When he isn’t able to light a cigar or enjoy a glass of whiskey, he’ll be reminded of his awesome gift by the personalized sign that came with this set. It is the perfect way for him to establish his cigar room or for him to show off how much he enjoys his cigars.


Replace His Paperbacks with a Tablet

E-Reader Gift for 50 Year Old Man

Whether he is a fan of the classics or loves modern stories, at 50 years old he is starting to find more time to read again. Take this as the perfect opportunity to get him an e-reader that allows him to easily access any literature he could ever want! He’ll love being able to take stacks and stacks of books with him on his convenient e-reading tablet. This 50th birthday gift for men is sure to impress most guys out there.

Personalized Whiskey Tray Gift Set For A 50 Year Old Man

Engraved Whiskey Tray Decanter Set with Four Glasses

This elegant whiskey tray set is sure to be a gift the 50 year old guy in your life doesn’t have. Give his drinking experience a feeling of cohesion. This decanter tray set keeps everything organized and in one space, so he’ll never have to look for a matching set of whiskey glasses ever again! The decanter and glasses are perfect for any kind of liquor, meaning his favorite drink will always be the best liquid to put inside! It’ll feel like an extra special gift with the personalization you have put on it as well.

Awesome Cigar Gift for Stogie Lovers

Monogrammed Cigar Whiskey Glass and Marble Ashtray

Many of the best gifts for the 50 year old man in your life are going to be classy yet simple. This cigar and whiskey set is the embodiment of that ideology. Perfect for his birthday or any other occasion in life, this set allows him to pair his best whiskey with a fantastic cigar and not even have to use two hands while doing so! He’s got a custom-made glass to hold his stogie that he can ash at any time with his new marble ashtray. As he sits back to relax, he’ll wonder: “Can life really get any better than this?”

Manliest Beer Set

Personalized Beer Ammo Can Gift Box

Do you see the 50 year old man in your life as the manliest guy in town? If he is, he definitely needs to have his own personalized ammo can gift set. It comes prepared with all the essentials a man will need in his life and it can even be personalized. Maybe he’s had a nickname over the years that has never really gone away. Or there is something that you call him that no one else does, for these guys, an ammo can that you can put their name and your nickname for them on is an incredibly personal gift.

Bourbon Gift Set for the 50 Year Old Man in Your Life

Engraved Decanter Set with Four Glasses

Some of the best 50th birthday gifts for men get straight to the point. This whiskey decanter set has no extra frills about it. A gift like this shows you know exactly what he wants to be happy, and that is to drink his favorite whiskey. He doesn’t need any extra decoration with this set, maybe just a bottle of his favorite brand and he will be good to go! With this present you’ll have created the perfect way for him to relax in the evenings.

A Fit(ting) Gift

Fitbit 50th Birthday Gift for Men

As he has gotten older, he's begun taking care of himself more regularly. To do so, he’s been keeping a close eye on everything. Make it so working out is the only stress he needs to endure. His very own Fitbit bracelet will make it so he’ll never have to break a sweat to track his health! Large numbers and an easy to use system allow him to keep track of everything from his heart rate to how many steps he has taken in a day. For the lifelong athlete to the person just starting to walk for exercise, this will make a great birthday gift!

Awesome Cigar and Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Set

Cigar and Whiskey Ammo Can Gift Box

Cigars are one of the best ways to celebrate monumental occasions in life. For his 50th birthday, a cigar and whiskey set is the most appropriate gift you can get him. Mark his milestone birthday with a good glass of whiskey and a cigar. This ammo can set will have everything he needs to make this birthday a truly special occasion. Just make sure to provide the drink and the cigars and he is set! He can even store all of his new gift in the ammo can

The Perfect Wino Set

Custom Wine Gift for 50 Year Old Man

A classic way to celebrate has always been with wine. This beverage is one that has stood the test of time as the drink that is right for any occasion. The perfect time for him is now!
Celebrate his birthday by getting him his very own engraved wine set with all the tools he could ever want! Whether he is a red or white fan, he’ll be able to enjoy a glass of his best wine for years to come with this wine gift set!

The Gift of Ultimate Relaxation

Personalized Cigar Glass and Whiskey Stone Box Set

Give him the feeling of being a CEO or corporate big shot with this awesome whiskey and cigar set. Designed so he can enjoy both his whiskey and cigars at the same time, this gift set makes a fantastic 50th birthday gift idea. He can throw his feet up and relax and have all of his vices in a box ready to go right next to him. The only time he’ll need to get up is for more whiskey or to get another cold set of whiskey stones, so don’t just give him a gift, let him relax with your gift!

A Bonkers Beer Gift

Personalized Home Bar Beer Set

Does the 50 year old guy in your life absolutely love beer? Give him a complete beer set that he’ll put to use immediately! As soon as he opens your gift, he’ll go get some of that golden liquid from the kitchen and start enjoying his gift. With this complete beer drinking set, he’ll have everything he needs to enjoy his beer in style. He can hang his sign to mark his spot, while setting up his matching engraved coasters, leather-wrapped glasses, and display box!


Grill on the Go

Portable Grill 50th Birthday Gift for Men

A portable charcoal grill is perfect for any guy at 50 who still loves to cook over an open flame. This is great for any occasion. Camping, hikes, at games, this grill can be taken anywhere meaning this gift for the 50 year old man in your life means he gets to have freshly grilled meat anytime, anywhere; now, what could make him happier than that? How about the fact he doesn’t even have to clean it? The entire kit is dishwasher safe so he can just throw it in for a cycle and be ready to go for his next grill session!

Classic Decanter Set

Engraved Whiskey Gift for 50 Year Old Man

He’ll love having a classically styled decanter and glass set as his birthday gift. For guys of this age, they’ve seen this classic dapper style decanter on their father’s desk or end table as they grew up. This nostalgic piece of glassware will make their whiskey taste just a little better each time they bring it to their lips because of all the memories they have with it. Bringing them happiness through nostalgia is a great gift too!

Celebrate with All His Vices

Custom Beer and Flask Ammo Can

50th birthday gifts for men sometimes need to cover all of your bases. You know he has his vices but he enjoys, well, all of them. Get him a gift set you know he’ll be able to take full advantage of with this ammo can set! Whether he is big into beer or liquor you can’t go wrong, he’ll have whatever he needs for a good time! He’ll also have the ammo can store anything from his favorite drinks, to anything he collects, or hell, even bullets!


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