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Article: 19 Awesome Air Force Gifts

19 Awesome Air Force Gifts

19 Awesome Air Force Gifts

Take flight in your search for awesome gifts for the Air Force service member you know with these amazing gift sets! They’ve been all over the world serving their country, and now the time has come for you to get them a super high-quality gift (some might even say a military-grade gift). Air force gifts must pass a test of strengths, standards, and quality; however, they must also be gifts that are perfect for unwinding off base with, can be brought with the service member, or they must be grand enough to stand out as a fantastic retirement gift when the time comes! Don’t let your gift-giving game be grounded; instead, put some wind under your wings and find the ultimate set of military gifts while scrolling at an internet Mach 1 speed!

Emblazoned Air Force Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set of Air Force Gifts

An Air Force gift that you can be sure they will be proud to have on display in their home is a decanter set that bears their branch’s emblem. Not only that, but they will love seeing that their name has been engraved on their glasses. They’ve spent months, years, and possibly longer working hard to serve their country, so a gift that lets them relax with a drink in style will be the perfect way for the service member to put their feet up.

A Sign of Patriotism

United States Flag Air Force Sign

A patriotic sign with their Air Force emblem and the American flag is a fantastic gift that they will not be able to wait to put on their wall. Perfect for any room in the house, they will want to hang this up right away! They’ll feel incredibly honored when they see their name and Air Force emblem have been added to this gift as well.

Unique Air Force Gifts to Remind them of their Military Time

Personalized Ammo Can

Whether they’ve just retired from the military or you want them to be able to show off some of their military pride, an ammo can that has been emblazoned with their Air Force crest is one of the best ways to go. Now, when they go to the range or want to carry around their tools, they can do so easily with one of the coolest ammo can out there! This is even a great place for them to store mementos and trinkets from their time in the military.

A Keepsake Full of Air Force Gifts

Pint Glass Box Set of Air Force Retirement Gifts

When they see they’ve gotten a wooden gift box engraved with their name and rank, they know they’re getting a truly special gift for graduating or for their promotion. Inside, they’ll have everything they could ever want to enjoy a beer when they are off duty. During the week they work rigorously to ensure they’re protecting their country, once they’ve got some time off, you know it’ll be beer thirty as soon as they see their military gifts waiting for them!

An On Target Gift

Custom Bean Bag Toss Game Set

They wouldn’t be in the Air Force if they didn’t have at least a little bit of a competitive nature in them. Give them a gift that makes relaxation and competition one in the same with this set of fantastic Air Force gifts. They’ll love seeing the custom American flag design each time they haul this gift out with their friends for a competitive, but friendly game of bags.


A Perfect Gift in Plane Sight

3D Light Up Plane Desk Lamp

Light up their world like nobody else with one of the coolest desk lamps out there for Air Force members. Thanks to the 3D printed design, they get to see a fully lit-up outline of their plane. These lamps come in all sorts of different models too, so it’ll be easy for you to find the one they fly, maintain, or simply a plane that they love!

Flag Cases are Honorable Air Force Retirement Gifts

Engraved Flag Case are Air Force Retirement Gifts

Retirement for many is a bitter-sweet occasion. They can finally put their feet up and rest but at the same time they’re giving up something that has been a part of them for years. Don’t let them feel like they’ve forgotten their pride or where they came from with a flag case that comes with an engraved placard. These are perfect Air Force retirement gifts since they can be displayed anywhere in the house but also they show off their life’s accomplishments in the military as well as the pride they have in serving and protecting the American flag.

The Perfect Display for Their Memories

Engraved Patriotic Shadow Box

After a fair amount of time in the military, they’ve gained a handful of mementos. These may be kept in an old shoe box or in various places in their home. Help them display everything great the Air Force has done for them with this shadow box! They’ll love a patriotic gift that honors their duty as well as gives them a chance to show off every cool piece of memorabilia or recognition they have.

Take a Shot at these Air Force Gifts

Custom Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Every service member of the military deserves to be able to unwind at the end of a long day or after a hard training week with an ice-cold drink. Make it so with this custom whiskey stone set! However, this is an Air Force member you’re getting a gift for, after all, so make it as cool as possible by getting them a personalized set with their name and rank as well as one that uses bullets for the whiskey stones! You can be sure this gift set will become a standard issue in their house when a glass of bourbon or whiskey is ordered!

Ammo Can Beer Armament

Custom Ammo Can with Beer Glass Gift Set

Whether you’re getting these Air Force gifts for the recruit who needs to celebrate graduating basic training or for the seasoned vet who is enjoying their well-deserved retirement, either one will be in awe of how awesome this ammo can gift set is! It’ll be like their standard issue ammo cans, but instead of bullets, they’ve got everything they could ever want to enjoy a frosty beer inside. Go the extra mile and put a few of their favorite brews inside and they’ll be able to say cheers to you as soon as they open their gift!

Chute, This is a Great Gift

Air Force Retirement Gifts are Parachute Hammocks

Make their nostalgic gift as relaxing as possible when they’re able to use a repurposed parachute as a hammock! This Air Force retirement gift has a special way of making them feel even more retired than the first day they got to sleep in. Now, they can lounge around all day in style, but they’ll still feel like they’ve never left the service thanks to the military grade parachute surrounding them.

Personalized Goody Box

Personalized Liquor Gift Box with Flask and Cocktail Glass

Still not sure what to get the member of the Air Force as a gift? Get them a custom keepsake filled with all of their favorite beverage goodies! This set makes having their favorite chilled cocktail at home a breeze! Add in a few bottles of their favorite liquor, maybe even a mixer, and you’ve created the ultimate all-in-one gift for the service member!

The Perfect Air Force Retirement Gift

Air Force Emblem Beer Cap Map

Make marking down their travels while in the military or once they’ve retired a fun occasion with this beer cap map! They can collect local beers from each state and fill out their new hobby. Plus, this fantastic gift even comes with an Air Force emblem right in the middle, how cool is that?

A Classy American Decanter Set

Custom Decanter Sets are Best Air Force Gifts

They’ve spent time in the dirt, mud, jungle, rain, and heat. It is time to reward them for all their hard work with a classy decanter set that honors them beautifully. Engraved with their name and rank, this is the perfect set of Air Force gifts for anyone. They’ll love looking at the gorgeous glassware almost as much as they will enjoy drinking out of it!

A Whole Box of Air Force Gifts

Personalized Air Force Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

Take off from the standard Air Force gifts you’ve seen elsewhere with a set you can be sure is as unique as anything they’ve ever received before! This personalized ammo can is packed full of gifts they’ll love to use both while in service of the military as well as retired! You can even pack the ammo can full of extra goodies if they have to travel this way they’ve got photos, mementos, or even an extra bottle of whiskey to remember you by!


A Keepsake for Medals, Awards, and More

Military Keepsake

A perfect Air Force retirement gift is one that lets them show off all of their accomplishments. Get them a handcrafted keepsake box engraved with military insignia as a way for them to store and display every major feat they accomplished during their service.

Have Them Flying High with this Retirement Gift

Air Force Retirement Gifts are Engraved Decanter Set

Reward their retirement from the Air Force with the ultimate gift set you could find, this engraved whiskey decanter set! This is the perfect way to thank someone for their service as well as essentially giving them a toast each and every time they decide to pour a drink from their gift set! Since the decanter and glasses look so good, you know they’ll always be out on their home bar or counter, leaving their engraved box as the perfect keepsake for their military photos or maybe even just for whiskey accessories, the choice is theirs!

A Set for Hot Shots

Engraved Whiskey Glass and Stone Set

After a military career, every airman is deserving of a quality way to unwind. They’ve had exercises, schooling, drills, and enough early wake-up calls to last a lifetime. Give them the perfect set of Air Force retirement gifts with this hefty set of whiskey glasses. A gift with their name engraved on the whole set is a fantastic way to thank your military veteran. Add in a bottle of their favorite liquor and you’ve got a great way to thank them for their service!

Honorary Personalized Sign

Some Gave All Personalized Sign

The perfect Air Force retirement gift is a sign that they can hang which not only honors them, but their fallen service men as well. This is a gift they’ll gladly accept and have on display with pride. Sometimes retirements from a service you love can feel somber, but make them feel as proud as you can with a gift that recognizes their hard work and dedication.


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