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Article: 27 Astonishing 70th Birthday Gifts

27 Astonishing 70th Birthday Gifts

27 Astonishing 70th Birthday Gifts

Enjoy Our Selection of the Best 70th Birthday Gifts!

Holy Cow! They’re having their 70th birthday! This is an occasion you simply can’t skimp on. For a milestone like this, you are bound by gift-giving honor to find only the best 70th birthday gifts. By 70 he deserves to get only the best and most unique items that you know for a fact he will use. After all, he has had years and years to collect items, gifts, and other whatnots. That means when you're searching out birthday gifts for him, that you'll need to make sure your gifts for a 70 year old man end up being something he not only wants, but needs to keep for the rest of his life!

A Crystal Clear Winner of Best 70th Birthday Gifts

Custom Decanter Set of 70th Birthday Gifts for Men

Trying to find the perfect 70th birthday gifts can feel like quite the challenge. When you look around his place, you see that it appears as if he already owns everything he could ever want. However, no matter how much a guy has, he will always love getting a classy, manly crystal decanter set! This stately looking gift will make even the classiest homes feel more refined, plus he also gets a cool new piece of glassware he gets to share drinks from, he may even toast you from the glasses on his birthday!

A Gift So Smart He’ll Think Your Ein’Stein

Personalized Beer Stein

A gift that is timeless and even works well for younger men has always been a German beer stein! These are by far one of the coolest things a guy can have in his house, especially when it has been engraved with his name too! Make his 70th an unforgettable birthday bash with this fantastic stein and pair it with his favorite beer or if he is up for trying new things, maybe even find a classic German Hefeweizen or Augustiner Helles for him to enjoy out of his new glass.

After 70 Years, He Knows a Few Things

Cigar Lounge Sign

For the grandad that still enjoys a good stogie every now and then, there is simply no better gift out there than one that shows off just how knowledgeable he is. After all, he has been around for quite some time so he probably does know a thing or two more than you, but with this sign, he is sure to make it known that he is the king of knowledge! The second part of this gift though could be as easy as helping him hang it in his cigar lounge or wherever he enjoys cigars the most!

Shake Things Up Big Time

Giant Cocktail Shaker

Watch him grin ear to ear with a novelty gift he’ll soon find far more enjoyment out of than he ever thought. Sure, this giant cocktail shaker seems like a bit of a joke (because it totally is) but making Margaritas and Mojitos for the whole family will never have been easier when he has 110 ounces of room inside! Instead of countless mixes, he can make one large batch of his signature cocktail! Talk about one of the best gifts for 70 year old man!

For the Guy Who Has Wine on the Mind

Engraved Wine Box Set of Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

You’ve seen him enjoy a good glass of wine for years. If there is a big celebration, one of his other birthdays, or even just a drink at the end of the day, you know he has his favorite wine and wine glass. However, you think he could use a bit of an upgrade and that is exactly what this wine box set will do for him! Now, he has his own personalized wine set and four matching glasses. Enjoying a drink whenever he likes or with company over will never have been easier or classier than with this set of unique birthday gifts for him!

A Gift Within Range

Laser Range Finder

Make tee shots a little bit easier for him with a laser rangefinder. Now, he can find out with ease just how far away his shot is, so he’ll always pick the right club from now on. He’ll be shocked he never got such a useful golf gift for himself before!

A New Twist On His Favorite Vices

Custom Twist Whiskey Glasses and Cigar Set

Picture it now, he is sitting on his front porch, cigar in hand, whiskey glass in the other. You’ve never seen him so relaxed, what if you could make that vision a reality? Well, you can with this amazing custom whiskey and cigar set of gifts for 70 year old man! With this set, you and your dad or grandfather can sit outside and just unwind while using the coolest birthday gift he’s ever gotten!


Birthday Beer Box of Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

Personalized Pint Glass and Beer Box Set with Knife

Give one of the best sets of 70th birthday gifts ever recorded in the history of gift-giving with an all-in-one beer set! He’ll love that he doesn’t even need to unwrap his gift since his name engraved on the box makes the gift special enough. Inside, he’ll find everything he will ever need to enjoy everything from his favorite pilsner to the hoppiest of IPAs.

For His Pub

Pub Sign

If there is one thing that spans the ages for men, it is that they all want to own their own bar somehow or another. At this point, he may have already owned one, had his own home bar, or established a nook in the kitchen as his perfect mini-bar. No matter the size of his current home bar, you can make it official with his own pub sign! This is the perfect piece of decor for him and his friends to admire each time they sit down for another round!

For the Man with a Real Set of Stones

Engraved Whiskey Stone Set of 70th Birthday Gifts

Do you have the coolest older guy in your life who you’re searching for a present for? Then keep him as ice-cold as ever with one of the best-looking whiskey stone gift sets! Now, he can enjoy his favorite whiskey, scotch, or bourbon and never fear that his drink will eventually become watered down. He could even leave to hang out with one of the grandkids, come back, and it would still taste as cold and pure as ever!

Don’t Let Him Loaf Around

Loafers for 70 Year Old Man

For the classy older man who is still on the move, is there anything better than getting around in loafers? He looks classier than ever before and what's even better is he doesn’t even have to tie his shoes! Classy and convenient? Could he even think of better 70th birthday gifts?

Resupply Him with 70th Birthday Gifts

Personalized Ammo Can Pint Glass Gift Set

Got an older guy who is a true patriot or even a veteran? There is simply no better gift set that you can get one than one that honors exactly who he is with this engraved ammo can! This engraved set will have his name (and rank if he served) right on each piece! How awesome is this set of 70th birthday gifts, that he gets to feel honored each time he goes to have one of his favorite suds!

Double Down on this Gift

Monogrammed Poker Set with Cigar Glass

Is there a better way for him to enjoy being retired, time with his friends, or even time with the family than with his own poker set? Now, any time he has people over, they can spend hours hanging out while dealing cards, throwing dice, or even enjoying a stogie and some whiskey.

Another Round for the Memories

Engraved Beer Glass Shadow Box Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

After a few decades on this Earth, he likely has found something that he absolutely loves to collect, who knows, he may even love showing it off. Help him out with this set of gifts for 70 year old man that will make his birthday a blast! Thanks to your custom gift he can use his shadow box to display his collection: bottle caps, wine corks, spent shell casings, anything! Plus, it is his birthday, after all, so celebrating this awesome gift with the pint glasses that come with it as well must be the ideal way for any 70 year old guy to celebrate such a milestone occasion!

Finally, His Own Brand

Personalized Whiskey Brand Decanter Box Set

One thing that can be truly hard to accomplish in life is getting his own brand of whiskey. Although many guys dream of the day of opening a bottle of something they made themselves, the truth is that is something truly difficult to achieve. Instead of getting him a still to start making whiskey now, get him a whiskey gift set that makes every drink he has from now on feel like he has spent years crafting his own brand! This way, he can enjoy a whole variety of different liquors from scotch, bourbon, and whiskey, and enjoy them out of his custom set!


This Gift is Straight Fire

Amazon Fire HD

Being a little bit older, sometimes a phone screen can just be too much of a pain to try to watch his favorite shows or streaming videos on. Instead, get him instant access to everything he could ever want with the Amazon Fire HD tablet as one of the ultimate gifts for 70 year old man. Now, rewatching episodes of MASH or Gilligan's Island will be easier than ever!

When He’s At War with Humidity

Custom Cigar Humidor

Some people hate humidity because it makes things hot and unbearable, others hate it since it makes their hair frizzle. The 70 year old man you’re getting a gift for has a whole different reason for making it his enemy, humidity ruins his cigars or at least it used to! With his own engraved ammo can humidor, he can resupply his humidor full of stogies and deploy one for usage and be sure it’ll always be in perfect condition!

The Manliest Glasses He’s Ever Had

Stainless Steel Tumbler Box Set of 70th Birthday Gifts

What is a good gift without a bit of humor? Every guy will love getting their own “Aged to Perfection,” gift set on their big 7-0 birthday! You can even make this one of his most unique 70th birthday gifts ever by including a few photos, smaller gifts, or trinkets inside the gift box. But adding in a bottle of wine that he gets to enjoy right away from his custom stainless steel tumblers is a true way to put this gift over the top!

A Sign for the Man Who Likes to Have a Ball

Custom Billiard Game Sign

Your dad has always been one for being a little competitive. Even when he is at home and unwinding, he loves to keep things interesting. So, for his game room, what better gift could he ask for than a personalized sign, making his favorite room of the house his official pool hall?


Shaving Strokes

Travel Putting Set

Golfing is one of the greatest passions for older men. After all, he is likely retired and has all the time in the world to get better at one of the most technical games ever invented. However, on the days he can’t miss tee time, don’t let his hard work go to waste. Instead, get him his own golf putting set that allows him to stay sharp on the green for the next weekly round with his buddies!

Can’t You See How Good of a Gift These Are?

Aviator Sunglasses are Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

Keeping your eyes protected from the sun is important but staying stylish while doing so is equally as important too! A set of these gorgeous sunglasses are some of the best gifts for 70 year old man since he gets to look as dapper as he ever has while still being able to see where he is going!

For the Beer Aficionado

Monogrammed Tulip Beer Tasting Glasses

The perfect gifts for 70 year old man need to help make one of his favorite hobbies or activities even better. They need to become a gift that he could never live without, which is why these tulip glasses are perfect! He has always seen himself as a beer aficionado but has never replaced his glasses. Well, push his old ones to the back of the cupboard and get ready for him to want to share a glass of his favorite pilsner or Hefeweizen each time you come over thanks to these incredible monogrammed beer glasses!

Personalized Cognac Set of Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

Engraved Cognac Gift Box Set

Spending a night with your grandpa has always been a fond memory for you. Keep making great memories with him by getting him an awesome personalized gift for his 70th birthday. He will love getting a gift so unique that it must come inside a wooden box. You can be sure he’ll never expect to find a cognac and cigar gift set inside, let alone one that matches his custom box too! So pour a glass of cognac, light a couple of stogies, and kick back with the coolest grandpa ever!

Monogrammed 70th Birthday Gifts for Him

Monogrammed Cigar Whiskey Gifts for 70 Year Old Man

There is nothing quite like opening up a gift box. Whether this is for his birthday or Christmas, this present will be perfect. Plus, because of the gorgeous wood and monogram, you don’t even have to wrap it! This whiskey cigar glass gift set is one of the coolest gifts for an older guy to enjoy! He can sit outside and easily enjoy his favorite whiskey and a cigar that compliments his drink. It even comes with a divot tool and ball marker, this way even when he’s on the course he can have your gift with him!

The Perfect Sign for One More Shot

Wooden 19th Hole Golf Sign

When the game is over but he still wants to keep the round going the perfect gift for the golf-loving grandpa has to be this rustic 19th hole sign! He and his buddies have been retiring to his home bar, garage, or living room anyway, so make it official, his place is the new 19th hole! So the game is never truly over until everyone has one more round with the coolest 70 year old golfer in town!

Birthday Snacks

Snack Gift Basket

Still stuck on what to get an older guy for his monumental birthday? What about a snack basket that’ll look like it’ll take him until he is 71 to finish? This giant gourmet gift basket is almost a literal tower of delicious snacks. He won’t even want to dig into his cake because this gift is just too darn tasty looking!

The Most Unique 70th Birthday Gifts

Personalized Sculpted Glasses and Decanter Set

Over the years he has surely gotten a ton of amazing memorable gifts; however, it wasn’t until you found the perfect 70th birthday gifts that he finally got the most unique birthday present ever, this custom sculpted glass decanter set! Your dad or grandfather will be in awe of the unique glasses and might just even shed a manly tear for finally getting the birthday gift he has always needed but never knew he wanted!


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