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Article: 23 Amazingly Cool Men Gifts

23 Amazingly Cool Men Gifts

23 Amazingly Cool Men Gifts

Get a Present as Cool as He is with These Cool Men Gifts

Sometimes when you’re searching for a gift for him all you know you really want is for the gift to be cool. It doesn’t matter if he is the kind of guy who has it all or may need something a little more specific, you know that you want your gift to blow him away. The trick to finding cool men gifts is that they need to be something unique, practical, and maybe even personalized just for him. If you can hit these parameters, you’ll find cool gifts for him no matter what! It doesn’t matter if these need to be gifts for the impossible man, surprise gifts for men, or even unusual gifts for him, if you get something unique, practical, or personalized, he will think it is simply the coolest gift he’s ever gotten!

Cool Men Gifts for Guys Who Love Cigars & Whiskey

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Cool Men Gifts

Start your search off with the epitome of cool with this engraved cigar box and whiskey gift set combo! Every man will feel cooler than James Bond at a poker table when he is enjoying his stogies and scotch while using this gorgeous gift set. Perfect for occasions like his birthday or an anniversary, you can really find any excuse to give the man who loves his vices this fantastic gift set!

Locked and Loaded Beer Gift Set

Engraved Beer Lover Ammo Can Box Set

Keep him armed to the teeth with this beer and ammo can gift set full of cool men gifts. He’ll be shocked when you get him the gift he didn’t know he needed! The only thing missing is the beer, and you can always add a six-pack into the gift too, this way he can indulge in his unique gift set right away.

Custom Cigar Lover Sign

Personalized Cigar Smoker Sign

Help him make his favorite room of the house more unique with this fun and badass custom sign. Everyone will love that the first piece of decoration they see in his man cave or cigar lounge is this custom sign declaring that he knows things and is a cigar aficionado. For a cigar lover, you can’t give a better gift. Sure, some stogies are great but this sign will last him a lifetime.

Charge Ahead with a Bull Decanter Set

Unique Bull Decanter Set of Cool Gifts for Him

Get a set of cool gifts for him which make him feel like the ultimate tough guy with this unique bull decanter gift set. Great for scotch, whiskey, and bourbon lovers alike, the decanter is the ideal way for them to store and show off their treasured liquor. The unique decanter will make an impressive statement on any office desk or home bar, and the glasses are the ideal way for him to have a toast to you for getting him his favorite gift ever.


A Badass Speaker Setup

Marshal Bluetooth Speaker Luxury Gift for Men

Bluetooth speakers are great to have around the house or even in the office. They offer him a way to listen to his tunes or favorite podcast without having to have headphones or earbuds. However, you can do better than your run-of-the-mill speaker, get him one that rocks with a Marshall Bluetooth portable speaker!

A Unique Poker Set of Cool Gifts for Him

Monogrammed Poker and Whiskey Set

When placing your bets on cool men gifts, you simply must choose this monogrammed poker case that comes with matching whiskey glasses. The unique Glencairn-like stainless steel tumblers insulate fantastically, meaning he can play the longest game of poker on record and still have perfectly chilled scotch by the end of the round. Add in that he now has a travel poker case wrapped in gorgeous leather that has been engraved with his initials, and how could any poker-lover not want this gift set?

Aerating Wine Decanter

Unusual Gift for Him is an Aerating Wine Decanter

Don’t forget that unusual gifts for him are also cool! This unique aerating decanter is a fantastic break from the norm but it also serves a function. The abnormal design actually disrupts the wine as it is poured into the decanter which introduces more oxygen and helps any sediment sink to the bottom. For a unique guy who loves wine, this decanter is simply a must-have.

Weighted Blanket for Him

Blue Weighted Blanket

A blanket as a cool gift for him? That is correct, and this isn’t just any blanket either, it is a weighted blanket because he is a man and his things need a little heft. Weighted blankets have actually become quite popular. They help people sleep through the night as well as are more comfortable. So, help him unwind on the couch or fall asleep faster with this simple gift for him, a weighted blanket!

Engraved Ale Horn Box Set

Ale Horn Set of Custom Cool Men Gifts

If you’re searching for gifts for the impossible man, you will want to consider an ale horn beer mug box set. Each mug is unique since every horn is unique. So, for a difficult to buy for beer-lover, he will love that from the mug to the personalization on the box, his gift is a true one-of-a-kind present!

Monogrammed Cutting Board for Men

Monogrammed Acacia Wooden Cutting Board

Everyone has to eat, and cooking only gets more fun when part of your cooking equipment has been customized with your initials. Add this monogrammed cutting board to his tool set in the kitchen so he can begin meal prepping or creating chief quality meals more often! Even when he isn’t using this cool gift for him, he’ll have it displayed to show off the gorgeous wood grain as well as the monogram.

Cool Men Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey Label Decanter and Sign Set of Cool Gifts for Him

Use this gift-giving opportunity to give him a present he won’t soon forget. This personalized decanter and sign gift set is the ultimate home bar starter kit. He’ll have a way to decorate his home bar or even liquor corner if he is just getting started while also having badass glassware to serve drinks for. The chef's kiss to this set is the personalization. He’ll love that you got a gift that makes it look like he has created his own whiskey distillery label. Talk about a unique gift for him.

DIY Knife Gift for Him

DIY Knife Building Set of Simple Gifts for Him

What is more manly than a knife? How about a knife he made himself? Make him feel like he can compete on Forged in Fire with this combo DIY knife set. He’ll love putting together his own blade and using it for everything from surviving the wilderness to trimming loose threads off his work shirt.

Engraved Cigar Ammo Can Humidor for Guys

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor

Protect his stogies with your life, or at least as well as you can! For the times you can’t be there and keeping humidity from spoiling his cigars, he will need this engraved ammo can humidor. Incased in a real United States military ammo can, you can rest assured that his precious stogies are now bomb and humidity proof.

Classy Cloche Smoker Gift Set

Cloche Smoker Set of Cool Men Gift Ideas

A gift that allows him to get creative with his cocktails? Talk about cool men gift ideas! This cloche smoker set will have him experiment with different flavors of wood chips and cocktails to create his signature flavor! From drinks for himself to unique treats for when he has company over, you know this is a gift he will spend hours simply trying to perfect, and hours more enjoying!


Luxury Grill Tolls are Cool Gifts for Him

Custom Grill Toolset and Travel Case

Get him on the grill and doing his thing to the best of his ability with a personalized grill toolbox set that comes with a spatula, tongs, and grill fork. He’ll be making brats and burgers in no time at all after opening his gift set. So, whether he has a passion for grilling or is America’s next pitmaster, this rosewood tool set is a must-buy!

Present a Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Presentation Set

Step up the feeling of class with this set of luxury gifts for men. A presentation set will have every man feeling like Don Draper when he needs to have a sip of scotch. The acrylic cradling the glassware simply ties the whole set together and makes this the best-looking and most functional gift he has ever gotten. When you’re in search of cool men gift ideas, there are few that outclass this luxurious gift set.

Rollout a Relaxing Gift

Bluetooth Foam Roller

Never have him complaining about being sore from work or the gym ever again with a foam roller that also vibrates. This Bluetooth roller is the best way for him to relieve any tensions that have built up in his body. It can even sync with his phone and use an app to give him routines to help make him as relaxed and pain-free as possible.

Cool Men Gifts for Whiskey Tasting

Engraved Whiskey Tasting Set of Cool Gifts for Him

Get him tasting flavors he has never known before with a custom Glencairn box set. These cool gifts for him have a unique shape that delivers flavors and aromas straight to his palate, making even liquors he thought he knew taste new. Plus, this set comes with four glasses, meaning it is perfect for whiskey flight tastings or having a few friends over to try gourmet liquor!

Toughest Tumbler Box Set

Personalized Wine Tumbler Gifts for the Impossible Man

Make sure the cool men gifts that you find are as tough and badass as he is. If you can't think of a gift that fits the bill, simply get him this custom tumbler box set. Whether he wants to use the blackout tumblers for cocktails or to keep his wine at the perfect temperature, these tumblers will get the job done, and do so in style. After all, what could be cooler than a matte black set of tumblers when you’re toasting with your spouse or with a friend to a great night?

An Engraved Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein

Give a 2-in-1 gift for him with this awesome personalized beer stein. Why is it a 2-in-1 gift? Well, steins make fantastic pieces of decor for people’s mantles; however, they are obviously also awesome to drink an ice-cold brewski from. For those times when he wants a beer to feel really special, this is the piece of glassware he is going to be reaching for.

Touchdown with Cool Gifts for Him

Touchdown Decanter Set of Cool Men Gifts

Take your cool gifts for him all the way to the end zone with this unique novelty football decanter gift set. You know he won’t be able to pass up showing this set off to all of his football buddies on game night. Perfect for cocktails during the big game, this gift will likely always remain a staple in his home bar.

Badass Scotch Toothpicks

Scotch and Bourbon Infused Toothpicks

Never have him have a moment with the taste of his favorite liquor when you get him these classy scotch and bourbon toothpicks. For the guy who loves a bit of noir styling, these toothpicks come enhanced with the flavors of his go-to liquor. So, whether he has a bit of food left in his teeth or he enjoys having a toothpick just because, he’ll be getting a genuine scotch and bourbon flavor the whole time.

Ultimate Beer Lover Gift Box

Ultimate Beer Lover Box Set

Got a beer lover in your life? Then regardless of the occasion he simply must have this custom beer mug box set. It has everything he needs, a badass beer mug, a bottle opener, and beer nuts: simply add beer and he is set! Just be ready with a brew of your own because you can be sure that when he opens this gift box that he is going to want to have a toast to you for getting him something so damn cool!


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