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Article: 23 Amazing Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas

23 Amazing Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas

23 Amazing Boyfriend Christmas Gift Ideas

Check Out Our Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends:

Christmas time is here again, and you naturally want to get your boyfriend something really special and amazing. This year, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect gift because we found them for you! The best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends are amazing gifts that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself or things he’s always wanted that are related to his interests and hobbies. You don’t want to give him something too mushy, but you also don’t want to give him something that he will never use or enjoy. That is the trouble of finding the most thoughtful and best Christmas gifts for guys, you’ve got to find that happy medium! Don’t worry, we’re to help you figure it out. These boyfriend Christmas gift ideas are sure to make your man the happiest guy in the world this year.

The Manliest Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Personalized Whiskey Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

This Christmas, get your man something incredible that will outshine all of his other presents like this amazing gift set! With a personalized hatchet, custom whiskey glasses, and a set of whiskey stones, everything about this set is truly amazing. He’ll love the new super sharp axe to cut firewood in the winter and to trim trees in the summer. The two of you can enjoy a chilled glass of whiskey with the glasses and whiskey stones at Christmas dinner or pour a couple of hot toddies to warm up with after being outside in the snow all day. He’ll love being able to enjoy the full flavor of his drinks thanks to the chillable whiskey stones. Everything about this set makes it truly one of the most incredible Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend!

Make Him a Poker Expert

Custom Leather Poker Set

He’s been really into poker for a while now, ever since one of his friends suggested they start a weekly poker night. He’s still learning the fine details, but he is getting better each week. One of the best Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend is his own custom poker set! With his own set at home, he can practice when he has free time and get even better at the game. He’ll even want to host a poker night with it! Thanks to your amazing Christmas gift, he’ll get even better at beating his friends at Blackjack or 7 Card Stud.

Whiskey Gift Set

Monogrammed Christmas Gift Set for Boyfriend

This gift set is one of those can’t-go-wrong boyfriend Christmas gift ideas. It has a little bit of everything: a rocks glass, liquor flask, bottle opener, lighter, all neatly packaged in a sturdy wooden gift box. When your guy feels like a beer, he’s got a brand new stainless steel bottle opener to crack it open. Or if he’s feeling like something stronger, he can take a shot of his favorite liquor from his new flask or pour himself a glass of whiskey in the cool rocks glass. He and your dad can light up a couple of stogies to enjoy on Christmas Day with the handy new lighter. All in all, this gift set is perfect for all kinds of guys, especially if they are hard to shop for because it has plenty of things he’s sure to enjoy. All together, it's one of the best boyfriend gifts you can possibly give your man!

Beer Growler Gift Set for the Ultimate Beer Lover

Engraved Beer Growler Pint Glass Box Set

Whether he’s a craft brewer or enjoys bringing his beer on his travels, he’ll love this amazing beer gift set. It comes with a wooden gift box, a pint glass, beer growler, and a bottle opener. He’ll love having an insulated growler that holds 64 ounces of his favorite beer and keeps it cold all day long whether he’s bringing it to grandma’s for the holidays or a BYOB party in the summer. If he’s into craft brewing, he can store his newest batch in the growler and bring it for everyone in the family to try for Christmas.


Warm Him Up with a Cognac Set for Christmas

Custom Cognac Cigar Gift Set for Christmas

After hours outside in the snow, your boyfriend likes to come inside and have a drink by the fire. However, as most liquor is served cold or at room temperature, his drink doesn’t exactly help him warm up. Instead of the usual spiked hot chocolate, surprise him on Christmas Day with a distinguished cognac gift set that will warm him right up! The delicious warm cognac and the freshly cut stogie will chase away the winter cold in no time. He will love that he has a cool box to store his cigars in, as well as a proper cigar cutter and a handy lighter. Thanks to your thoughtful and unique Christmas gifts for your boyfriend, he won’t be shivering for hours after coming inside from the cold!

The Best Winter Jacket

Sherpa Lined Hooded Denim Jacket

Speaking of keeping warm, make sure your boyfriend is properly prepared for the cold with a sherpa-lined denim jacket! The incredibly soft and warm sherpa lining will ensure that whether it’s in the negatives or just a little chilly, he’ll be plenty comfortable. The denim is a durable, thick fabric that is designed to last for years. Plus, he’ll look great in it! All in all, your boyfriend totally needs this sherpa-lined denim jacket for Christmas. He won’t need another winter jacket for years!

USA Beer Bottle Cap Map

America Beer Bottle Cap Collector Sign

One of the most fun Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend, this beer bottle cap holder is a unique piece of decor and a creative way to show off a bottle cap collection! He’ll love saving bottle caps for all of his favorite local and craft beers from all over the country. To make this a complete Christmas gift, you should pair it with a six pack or two of his favorite beer so that he can start his new collection right away!

Gift Set for the Guy Who Loves Beer

Custom Pint Glasses with Bullet Bottle Opener

Does he love to crack open a couple of cold beers with you and his friends? This unique beer set is a perfect Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend! He’ll love the awesome bottle opener made from a genuine .50 caliber bullet and the top-notch quality pint glasses to enjoy his beer in. Now he can enjoy a pint with your or a friend in style whether he’s watching the Christmas parade or his favorite sports team on TV!

Coffee Set to Keep Him Warm All Winter

Engraved Coffee Gift Set Christmas Gift Idea for Boyfriend

Does your boyfriend love coffee more than anything in the world? Get him this gift set! Not only is the large mug perfect for him to use every morning at home or his midday cup at work, but the travel carafe is the best part. The carafe holds a whopping 64 ounces and is double-walled so that his coffee stays piping hot or ice cold all day long. He can bring his daily supply to work, on the go, or for the two of you to share on the way to your family’s house for the holidays. It’s also perfect for keeping hot chocolate warm while you walk through the local Christmas light displays. With this set, he’ll never be without his precious caffeine again!

For the Cigar Loving Boyfriend

Cigar Glass and Cigar Case for Boyfriend Christmas

Your boyfriend is known to keep a couple of stogies on hand wherever he goes. However, he doesn’t have the proper tools! He often ends up with crushed cigars, which is no good. You’ve been telling him for ages that he needs a cigar case so that he doesn’t have this problem, but he’s yet to get around to it. Well, why not get him a case for Christmas? You can do one better by getting him this awesome gift set! He will love being able to safely store and carry up to three stogies in the stainless steel case, which conveniently comes with a cigar cutter. He usually enjoys a glass of whiskey with his evening cigar, and this awesome cigar-holding rocks glass will change his routine! He can puff and sip with one hand while perusing a book or flipping through channels on the TV remote with the other.

Vinyl Record Subscription

Vnyl Record Subscription

Vinyl is very popular once again here in 2019! Whether he’s always been into vinyl or is jumping on the trend, this Record Club subscription is an amazing boyfriend Christmas gift idea. Each month, he’ll get an exclusive limited edition album along with listening notes directly from the artist. He’ll love watching his collection grow and look forward to the new album every month. You can turn into a fun date night tradition where you listen to the record together for the first time and enjoy dinner together. You can start with Christmas dinner and listen to his first album right after he unwraps it!

Shadow Box Collection

Engraved Shadow Box

Whether he has a tendency to leave bottle caps all over the place or has always wanted to start a collection, this shadow box is a super cool Christmas gift idea for your boyfriend. Now he can watch his collection grow starting Christmas day until the next year. The shadow box is a unique piece of decor for the home and an interesting way to show off a collection. It doesn’t have to be bottle caps either! He can collect anything from golf balls, ticket stubs, coins, wine corks, the possibilities are endless.

Whiskey Decanter Box Set

Custom Decanter Set with Glencairn Glasses

Is your boyfriend a whiskey drinker? This holiday season, change his drinking experience with this gift set. Included are two Glencairn glasses, which are specially designed to enhance the flavors and improve the aroma through their unique shape. He’ll be amazed at how differently his favorite scotch tastes in the Glencairn glasses versus his typical glass. Also included in this set is a handsome decanter and a large wooden gift box, which has plenty of room to include a bottle or two of his favorite whiskey to make it a complete whiskey gift set! The two of you can enjoy a quality glass of whiskey together at Christmas dinner or make a few Whiskey Sours to enjoy by the fire. He’ll love having a decanter to store and display his liquor and will look great in his home bar, dining room, or lounge area. He can even reuse the gift box to store bar accessories, winter gear, or tools. This gift set really is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends who enjoy whiskey.


Personalized Beer Caddy

Engraved Wooden Beer Caddy

Is your boyfriend a craft brewer or enjoys bringing beer on his travels? A wooden beer caddy is the best way to keep his beer bottles safe. The caddy is made of sturdy hardwood and even comes with a cast iron opener on the side! Now he’ll be prepared when he brings his latest batch or favorite six-pack to a cookout, guys’ night, or a BYOB party. He can use it to bring a couple of beers to share with his family or your family for Christmas. Even in winter, there’s nothing like a cold beer!

The Best Way to Drink Beer

Custom Beer Mug Gift Set for Christmas

Your boyfriend is always complaining that his beer has gotten warm as he’s drinking from the bottle or can. He’s often said he wants proper beer glasses, but he’s just never gotten around to getting them. Solve his problem this holiday season with these awesome beer mugs! The extra thick glass and handle ensure that his precious brew won’t get warm while he’s drinking it. He will love that they’re specially engraved just for him, too, and that he can drink plenty of beer without needing to get up for a refill. He’ll never want to drink beer out of a can or bottle at home ever again! This hefty beer mug set is one of those can’t-go-wrong boyfriend Christmas gift ideas that he’s going to use all year long.

Classic Polaroid Camera for Capturing Memories in the Moment

Original Polaroid Camera

There’s nothing like capturing the moment and watching it develop right before your eyes. Polaroid cameras are popular once again, just like they were when you and your boyfriend were growing up. Now you two can take incredible in-the-moment selfies and instantly develop them. The pictures make fun decor for the home or office too! You can take a picture and place it in a Christmas card to send to your families as a surprise extra gift, they’ll love it. This camera is a gift that keeps on giving with the memories you’ll make with every snapshot. The camera uses I-type film, which is a polarized film that's a little different from the film that the older vintage cameras used to use.

Personalized Travel Mug

Personalized Tumbler and Flask Gift Set

Does your guy travel for leisure or work? Then he needs a travel gift set! The mug is made of double-walled stainless steel and has a vacuum sealed lid to ensure that his hot or iced beverages stay piping hot or chilled all day long and won’t spill. He’ll love being able to pour himself hot coffee in the morning and sip on it throughout his day as it will keep hot for hours! When he feels like making his coffee Irish or just wants a drink, his matching flask will be there for him. You can rest easy knowing that he's prepared for anything with the awesome tactical survival knife! Compact enough to keep in his car or in his duffel bag while camping, the knife will come in handy in many different situations. It even has a survival kit in case of an emergency! This set is one of the most useful boyfriend Christmas gift ideas that he’ll use every day, all year long.

Ammo Can Gift Set for Boyfriends

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Whether he’s into guns, in the military, or is in law enforcement, he’ll enjoy this amazing ammo can gift set. It comes with a genuine military-grade ammunition can, two rocks glasses, a liquor flask that also holds 2 cigars, and a professional cigar cutter. Now he can light up a freshly cut stogie with your dad and enjoy a nice glass of scotch on Christmas Day. He’ll love the cool ammo can to store his ammunition, tools, or winter gear. The flask is perfect for having a few ounces of his favorite spirit on hand for a quick warm up after being outside in the snow all day shoveling or having a snowball fight with you. This set is one of the coolest Christmas gift ideas for boyfriends who enjoy whiskey and cigars, you have to admit.

Craft Beer Bar Sign

Personalized Brewery Bottle Cap Sign

Does your boyfriend like to brew his own craft beer or is he a strong supporter of your local breweries? Then he’ll love this cool bar sign! It doubles as a bottle cap holder so that he can show off the caps from his favorite beers. He can hang it in his man cave, living room, or home bar and feel like a true craft brewer. He’ll love being able to display a unique craft beer bottle cap collection and have an amazing new piece of decor to declare his love for beer.

Whiskey Stone Gift Set

Personalized Whiskey Gift Set

Whiskey on the rocks is a good old-fashioned drink that men love, but it doesn’t have to be watered down! Starting this Christmas, your boyfriend will be able to enjoy the full flavor or his drinks thanks to this whiskey stone gift set. Included is a handsome rocks glass and a box set of whiskey stones, tongs, and a travel bag. The stones are made of actual stone so that they won’t ever melt and water down his drink. Now he can enjoy a nice whiskey on the rocks at Christmas dinner all the way through dessert!

Beats Wireless Headphones

Beats Studio Wireless Headphones

You can never go wrong with a pair of really good wireless headphones for Christmas. Beats are one of all time highest rated, top quality headphones that every music lover swears by. These classic over-the-ear headphones will enhance his listening experience tenfold thanks to the noise isolation, crystal clear sound, and built-in controls to directly control his music. Now he can listen to his tunes in peace wherever he goes.

Personalized Liquor Flask

Monogrammed Flask Gift Set

Sometimes a shot or two is necessary to get through Christmas with the family. Your boyfriend will appreciate being able to spike his eggnog or have a shot to warm up quickly after being outside in the winter chill with this flask gift set. Great for traveling, he’ll love having a few ounces of his favorite spirit on hand when he’s out camping or his fishing, especially with your dad! He can bring the entire set along on his adventures so that he can pour a shot for his companions.

Custom Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle for His Home Bar

Personalized Wooden Beer Tap Handles with Chalkboard Area

Does your guy brew his own beer or like to have a keg on hand for his home bar? Then he’ll love this amazing beer tap handle. A unique boyfriend Christmas gift idea, the tap handle is easy to hook up to a kegerator for easy pouring. He can write on the handy chalkboard surface what he’s serving and love having a bar-like experience in his own home. He can hook it up and pour the whole family his new holiday batch of beer to enjoy at Christmas dinner or serve his favorite kind of craft brew from his local brewery. Now he can have his own awesome home bar!


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