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Article: 9 Easy Dessert Recipes Starring Beer as the Main Ingredient

9 Easy Dessert Recipes Starring Beer as the Main Ingredient

Cooking with Beer Desserts
Mmmm, beer. The cornerstone of any healthy and nutritious meal. Okay, maybe switch out the word “meal” for “dessert” and we may have something. But seriously, guys, if you haven’t heard there are food geniuses out there creating dessert recipes and using BEER as the star ingredient. Let’s just say my life is made, colors are beginning to look brighter and food just seems tastes better. The following beer recipes are delicious desserts that I’m sure will take your taste buds places they have never been before. So grab the mixing bowl, beer, then maybe some more beer (for drinking while you make your dessert, of course) and hop on the magic carpet to the land of beer food recipes.


beeramisu-beer-recipe I am a sucker for tiramisu. I don’t know what it is exactly but if I see tiramisu on the menu then you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be leaving the restaurant with food all over my face and looking like what some may call, “Augustus Gloop-y”. So naturally when I spotted a recipe combining one of my favorite desserts with one of my favorite beverages I had to feature it, I mean c’mon. I don’t pride myself on self-control, especially when it comes to beer desserts and this is one for the history books. With few ingredients this beer recipe is pretty simple to make and beeramisu is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Calling for stout beer, I say you just grab an extra to drink and pair the two to create utter malty, stout-y goodness in your mouth.

CANDIED BACONcandiedbacon-beer-recipe

I don’t know if you can count bacon as dessert but slap the word candied on it, and bacon can be whatever you damn well please. My mouth is literally drooling as I am typing about bacon. Bacon, you the real MVP. Add beer, and the two together are unstoppable, the 1992 Olympic Dream Team if you will. Only calling for bacon, sugar, and beer, you can have a lot of fun with this beer recipe and try out different variations of brews. Since fall is officially here a tasty pumpkin ale would make this bacon recipe truly irresistible. Eat candied bacon by themselves or put them on a burger or sandwich for a subtle sweet flavor. These bad boys would also be great for the guys to snack on during football watch parties, serve in a pint glass to make it a fun presentation.

Chocolate Guinness Mousse Cups

Chocolate-Guinness-Mousse-beer-recipe When I think about putting beer into a food or dessert recipe, Guinness is always the first thing to come to mind. With a thick and rich consistency and taste, it is the perfect beer to throw into pretty much any dish. I like this particular recipe because it doesn’t have one of those ridiculous ingredient lists, so it’s cheap and simple to do! My kind of beer dessert. These mousse cups are also the perfect single serving dessert at your next get together. If you love easy dessert recipes, then chocolate Guinness mousse cups are definitely for you. Since this beer recipe only serves two you will have to increase the measurements to accommodate your party.

Beer Brownies with Milk

chocolate-brownies-beer-dessert A true classic, the brownie is a dessert staple. Normally I would say that you don’t mess with something as time-honored as the chocolate brownie but I think I can make an exception since this variation involves beer. Like most of the beer desserts listed here, this brownie recipe calls for a rich stout or porter. For those who don’t have much of a taste for beer you can always substitute in a cold coffee. I say, why not both?! Of course the chef suggests pairing your delectable beer brownies with milk because can a brownie even exist if there is no milk sitting next to it?

Caramel Apple Beer Bread

Caramel-Apple-Beer-Bread-recipe In her own words The Beeroness describes this beer recipe as incredibly easy. Totally rejoice those of us who aren’t natural born chefs (me). Featuring everything that you probably already have in your kitchen this caramel apple beer bread appropriately calls for your choice of wheat beer. The caramel sauce placed on top is absolutely to die for and gives it a toffee texture. Paired with some vanilla ice cream, I think this bread would really shine.

Mexican Beer Spiked Churros Chocolate Dulce de Leche

Mexican-Beer-Spiked-Churros-with-Chocolate-Dulce-De-Leche-91 I don’t even know where to begin. I want to eat this forever, live a long life with it, and then be buried next to this delectable combo. Please tell me something better than beer infused chocolate sauce, that’s right, you can’t because it is the holy grail of the dessert world. Of course calling for another dark beer, the chef uses Negra Modelo to keep with the ultimate Mexican experience. This Mexican beer spiked churros dessert recipe is shockingly very simple (only taking around 30 minutes to make) and it ends up yielding around 20 churros. I’m excited to try this one out simply due to the fact that I will literally use that sauce for everything; ice cream, cheesecake, cookies. Holy cow.

Pub Cookies

Pub-Cookies3-beer-dessert Something that might go together as well as beer and desserts is chocolate and pretzels. The sweet and salty coupling has long been a crowd-pleaser and staple for any pub food, and for good reason. Calling for dark chocolate and a strong beer such as an imperial stout or porter in your pub cookies, the Beeroness suggests reducing your beer into a syrup to give it a more concentrated flavor, yes please! If you ask me that could come in handy for plenty of recipes.

Pumpkin Beer Bread

Pumpkin-Beer-Bread Tis the season for pumpkin, and if you’re anything like me you love seeing those awesome orange squash popping up all over place (including our food). So I don’t know if bread is technically a dessert, but I am making it one. I had to feature this beer recipe because like tiramisu, pumpkin is one of my all time favorite qualities in a dessert. Since beer bread requires no kneading or extra rise time, it is a simple fix. To up the ante of this delicious pumpkin beer bread recipe use your favorite pumpkin ale.

Beer Battered Apple Rings

apple-rings-beer-recipe Anything that involves beer batter has a very slim chance of not being tasty. Combine that beer batter with apples and you have delicious fall dessert goodness. Personally I think these would rock with some vanilla ice cream, especially since the chef suggests eating them warm. I don't think there are many things better than warm pastries and cold ice cream! Let’s just be honest with ourselves for a minute, anything fried is delicious. Sprinkling these beer battered apple rings with cinnamon sugar is a wonderful topping to the golden crisp apples. Primary photo courtesy

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