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Article: 39 Best Beer Glasses for Beer Lovers

39 Best Beer Glasses for Beer Lovers

39 Best Beer Glasses for Beer Lovers

Enjoy an Ice-Cold Brew From One of These Best Beer Glasses:

Beer is one of the oldest beverages that mankind has invented, dating all the way back to the 5th century. Today, there are over 40 different kinds of beer! Nearly every one has a specific glass they should be served in to get the best flavor and experience. But what are the best beer glasses? Classic pint glasses and basic mugs are great for many types of beer, but the ideal beer glasses are those that are designed for specific types of beer rather than a universal one. You probably have several questions, such as how do the special, unique, and personalized beer glasses make the beer taste different from a regular pint? What kinds of glasses are best for IPAs and lighter beers? What glass should you use for craft beer? What’s the difference between a beer mug and a beer stein? Relax, we’ve considered all of your questions and brought you the ultimate guide on beer glasses!

The Manliest Pint Glass Set

Personalized Beer Gift Set

Talk about the ultimate beer lover gift! The beer-drinking guy in your life will be in awe of such an awesome gift. Perfect for the adventurous types who enjoy going on trips to the wilderness, smoking cigars, and relaxing with beers. He’ll love bringing the ammo can and survival knife along when he goes hunting with his bros. The ammo can is basically a badass beer gift basket! The beer glasses are perfect for the two of you to knock back a couple of cold ones together on date night. Afterward, he can light up a stogie with ease thanks to the handy cigar accessories. Seriously, can a beer gift get any better than this?

Custom Growler and Pint Glass Set

Custom Beer Glasses and Growler Gift Set

Pint glasses are the most popular type of beer glass for a reason. Their simple shape and design make them ideal for wheat beers. The wide mouth helps release more flavor and allows for a large gulp, which is why they are the default glass for bars as it encourages refills. As for growlers, they’re great for traveling! This durable stainless steel growler is double walled so that it will keep your beer cold all day long, even if you’re out in the hot sun at the beach! They’re also perfect for storing and transporting craft beer from either your own home brewery or local microbrewery. Either way, this classic beer set is a must-have for anyone.

Giant Beer Mug

Extra Large Monogrammed Beer Mug

Gone are the days when you’d have to miss a few minutes of the game or wait until commercial to get another beer. With this gigantic beer mug, you’ll have plenty of beer to last you until halftime. This massive glass holds an entire liter of beer, which is about 3 bottles’ worth! That’s a lot of beer in one glass so it’ll be quite heavy, make sure you have a good grip. You’ll be able to have the mug all to yourself thanks to your engraved initials that make sure no one else can use it. Any beer lover needs this monster of a mug in their life!

The Fanciest Pilsners You’ll Ever Have

Engraved Tall Pilsner Beer Glasses

You’ve seen pilsner glasses before, but nothing quite as fancy as these! You and your friends can enjoy your favorite light beers and pilsners just as you would with champagne. The wider mouth helps retain the beer head, which makes for a better-tasting sip (or gulp) every time. The narrow, tapered design makes these the best beer glasses and encourages the hops to travel to the top of the glass so that you get the best amount of flavor. Plus, these glasses are simply gorgeous to look at and make your beer look more sophisticated than ever.

The Only Way to Drink Craft Beer

Custom Craft Beer Snifters

There’s nothing quite like going to your local craft brewery and sampling the newest concoctions with a classic snifter. Why are snifters used primarily for craft beers? Because of their incredible aroma-enhancing powers! With craft beer, you want to experience your drink rather than just gulp it down. The tulip-shaped bowl exposes the hidden flavors as you gently swirl your glass and the tapered lip brings every aroma straight to the top, ensuring the perfect sip every time. Whether you’re a home brewer or simply enjoy craft beer, snifters are must-have beer glasses.


The Best Glass for Stouts and Porters

Malty Stout Glass

Some stouts require an extra special glass to unlock the rich flavors within. This unique bubble-like glass is ideal for malty beers, such as American stouts, black or brown ales, and porters. The unique design can even produce a triple head with certain beers! The unique design highlights the malty flavor and traps the bubbles in between the curves, which produces the best-tasting stout you’ll ever have!

Classic Pilsners

Set of four Monogrammed Pilsner Beer Glasses

You’re probably pretty familiar with these classic pilsner glasses. The telltale narrow bases and wide mouths are very popular in bars and homes across the country, and for good reason! You can enjoy just about any pale lager or ale in these beer glasses. Pilsners are often confused for weizen glasses, which are meant to serve wheat beers, but weizen glasses have more of a tapered mouth.

Amber Glass Growler for All Your Craft Beers and Home Brews

Personalized Amber Glass Growler

Have you recently gotten into brewing your own beer at home? You need a beer growler to store it! The amber glass prevents harmful UV rays from affecting the flavor of your homebrew. It’s also great for bringing your beer to parties and for traveling to share with friends and family thanks to the handy twist cap and handle. It might not look big, but it holds up to 64 ounces! Conversely, you can bring an empty growler to some craft breweries and fill it with your favorite brew to enjoy at home.

Traditional Tankard with a Modern Twist

Engraved Pewter Tankard with Glass Bottom

This tankard looks pretty ordinary, doesn’t it? Made of classic pewter in the medieval style, this tankard has a glass bottom! How cool is that? Your friends will be able to watch the beer drain as you chug, which is certainly a unique perspective. Aside from that, you can also customize the two lines of engraving on the tankard. These vintage mugs are great for brown ales, German lagers, and light beers.

Complete Stainless Steel Beer Set

Double Walled Stainless Steel Beer Set

You’ll never have warm beer again after using this set! Each item in this five piece set is made of double walled stainless steel and will keep your beer cold for hours. That’s right, hours! Even if you and your friends forget about your drinks after getting caught up in a game of Catan, they’ll still be cold. The growler is great for traveling with your favorite beer, such as to the lake in the summer or to a tailgate party in the fall.

Unique Pint Glass for a Golf Fan

Golf Ball Pint Glass

There’s nothing like a beer after a day on the golf course with a couple of friends. This pint glass will certainly become your go-to glass after golf! Embedded in the side of this unique glass is a genuine golf ball, as if the glass stopped it mid-swing. Visually appealing and certainly unlike any other glass you have, this interesting pint glass is one of the most unique beer glasses we found.

Traditional Beer Stein

One of the Best Beer Glasses is a Traditional Beer Stein

Embrace your German roots with this beautiful beer stein! Did you know that lidded steins originate from the 15th century and were designed to keep bugs out of beer? Today, that’s not much of an issue and the lids are more decorative than practical. The ornate pewter crest on the side of this stein adds even more to the vintage appearance of the traditional-inspired stein. As for what beer is best for a stein, light beers and wheat beers taste as good in a stein as they do in a mug. Steins are used primarily for decoration, but you can drink from them if you like!

The Perfect Way to Travel with Beer

Insulated Drink Tank

You’ve seen a couple of different growlers so far, but this ultimate drink tank outdoes them all. The 18/8 double walled stainless steel insulates your beer and keeps it extra cold for 24 hours. The double-latched lid ensures that your beer stays fresh all day, too, and the large carrying handle makes it easy to carry around. With a 64 ounce carrying capacity, you’ll have plenty of beer to keep you going through the day. The awesome engraving is just the cherry on top of this incredible growler!

Spiegelau IPA Glasses

Pair of Spiegelau IPA Beer Glasses

Are more of an India Pale Ale kind of guy? Don’t worry, there’s a specific glass just for you. Spiegelau makes an unusual IPA glass that has become famous for its ability to enhance the hoppy beer. The unique ridges at the base aerate the hops, forcing the flavors and aromas to the top where you can enjoy all of the citrusy goodness at once with each sip. These two glasses are perfect for enjoying your favorite pale ale with a buddy!

The Essentials for Your Home Bar

Personalized Pint Glasses and Tap Handle Set

Building a home bar? You’ve got to have a couple of pint glasses on hand! Whether you’re serving your own home brew or a store-bought keg, you also need a tap handle to serve from. This handle has a chalkboard surface so that you can write what kind of beer you’re serving your guests. Pint glasses are the catch-all of beer glasses and makes them perfect for enjoying ales, lagers, saisons, and craft beers.

The Only Way to Drink Beer Like a Viking

Horn Tankard

It’s no surprise that horn tankards are making a comeback, they’re so cool! Typically crafted from the horns of bulls, oxen, or bison, these handsome mugs are as fun to drink from as they are to show off as decor. People have been using animal horns as drinking vessels for centuries, perhaps since 480 B.C. in Ancient Greece! Made popular by Vikings and modern adaptations of Norse mythology and fantasy, these unique mugs are a classic piece of drinkware that belongs in any beer lover’s cabinet. Best of all, any beer is great for a horn tankard!

Proper Oktoberfest Mugs

Personalized Oktoberfest Mugs are the Best Beer Glasses

As a beer lover, you’re quite familiar with Oktoberfest. It’s the world’s largest beer festival that is celebrated for 14-16 days in the state of Bavaria, Germany. You celebrate alongside your friends every year at local parties and events, and dream to travel to Bavaria for the real festival. For years, these unique dimpled beer mugs have been used for the Oktoberfest beer because they show off the beauty of the brew and are easy for everyone to use. Plus, beer mugs are ideal for clinking together, especially during such a huge celebration like Oktoberfest!


Unique Pilsner Glasses

Set of Four Engraved Stemmed Pilsner Beer Glasses

Another set of pilsner glasses? You bet! Pilsner glasses are some of the best beer glasses because they really bring out the lighter flavors of pale ales. These handsome stemmed pilsners are a unique combination of the above two sets into a classy, oblong shape that will make anyone using them feel like a certified beer snob.

Wrapped Pint Glass

Leather Wrapped Pint Glass

Finally, a beer glass that keeps your hands warm and your beer cold! The leatherette wrap helps insulate your pint and is custom engraved just for you. The wrap will fit most pint glasses and is removable so that you can use it over and over. Your pints will taste better, too, now that they will be unaffected by the heat of your hand!

Growler with Its Own Travel Cup

Insulated Steel Growler with Travel Cup

As you can see, growlers come in all sorts of shapes and styles. This one, however, has its own handy traveling cup! You can take this growler with you to the campground, the beach, or a BYOB party and never have to use a disposable red solo cup again. It’s also insulated and will make sure that your beer is cold all day long. Bonus: when you screw the cup on top of the growler, it looks like a giant beer bottle!

Geometric Glass

Crystal Geometric IPA Beer Glass

This glass is a little different from the rest. It screams “modern” with its ridged geometric edges. The inverted base helps aerate your craft beer or pale ale and does not need to be swirled to achieve maximum flavor output. Made from crystal and comes in a set of two, this unique glass is a luxurious addition to your beer glass collection and sure to be a conversation starter.

Custom Beer Mug Set

Custom Beer Mug Gift Set with Bottle Opener

Using a beer mug for your evening drink is great and all, but there’s something special about having a personalized glass. One of the best gifts for beer lovers is definitely a customized beer glass, like this mug gift set. You can customize the three lines of text to be anything from “Kyle Morrison, Beer Snob King and Chugging Champion” to “Zach Hanson, Good Beer and Great Tales.” You could even use the gift box to store a bottle cap collection! Talk about a mug set being one of the best beer glasses out there!

English Pub Glass

Personalized English Pub Nonic Beer Glass

A different take on the common pint glass, the English pub glass is still quite popular today. They typically feature the “bump” toward the top, with just below the bottom of the curve signifying a half pint. Traditional English pub glasses have an engraved line to show exactly where half pint is, as well as a stamp of the English government above. This version of the English pub is personalized and does not feature these two elements. English pub glasses are perfect for, of course, beers and ciders from Ireland, England, Germany, and more European countries.

Insulated IPA Glass

Unique Steel IPA Glass

You’ve seen insulated pint glasses and growlers, but have you ever seen an IPA glass like this? This otherworldly “glass” is made of double walled stainless steel like the other insulated items in this blog and will keep your beer ice cold until the last drop. Designed to resemble the famous Spiegelau glasses that were seen previously, these are definitely an upgrade to your drinking experience. Ideal for IPAs, light beers, and hoppy beers as the unique base aerates the beer and pushes the citrusy flavors toward the top. Another great feature of this awesome glass is that it is durable enough to be used for traveling and outdoors!

The Famous Spiegelau Stout Glass

Monogrammed Spiegelau Stout Glass

Another great Spiegelau invention, their stout glass is just as incredible as the IPA. According to hundreds of reviews and articles about this single glass, there is a significant difference in taste and aroma compared to the same stout served in a snifter or pint. The tapered shape locks in the flavor and delivers the exotic aromas from the base straight to your nose. The narrowed mouth makes the beer head last longer, and the wide bowl actually keeps the malty texture so that your beer is perfect until the glass is empty. By far, this stout glass is one of the best beer glasses ever!

Crystal Beer Flight

While it may look like a delicate flight of glasses, this beer flight is just what you want for your next tasting. Made of real crystal and complete with a wooden flight board, these are the glasses you'll want to get every flavor and aroma from these glasses. The wide bowl and tapered rim allow you to fully analyze and enjoy the secret tastes in each gulp. The tulip-like shape is a fair bit taller than the typical taster, but still has the same amount of class. You can truly drink like a king with one of this beer flight!

Glass Growler Set

Glass Beer Growler and Beer Glasses

Growlers are must-haves for home brewing. You’ve got to have somewhere to store and serve your beer, after all. You can use the growler in your home bar as a keg, take it to the lake to share with friends, or serve with your beer club at a tasting event. The pint glasses are must-haves as well, as they are perfect for serving any kind of craft or home brew.


The Ultimate Set of the Best Beer Glasses

Custom Set of the Best Beer Glasses

Bring the feeling of enjoying a beer at your favorite bar or pub right to your house with this custom ammo can gift set! Few things are better than an ice-cold pint while enjoying some salty snacks like beer nuts or beef jerky. Add in that this set comes all together inside the manliest and most badass ammo can, and this will be the best beer gift you've ever given!

Ceramic Beer Stein

Traditional Monogrammed Ceramic Beer Stein

A different style of a German beer stein, this ceramic beauty has a simple and vintage appeal. The hand-painted accents are delicate and eye-catching, and the monogram in the center of the stein really brings it all together. This lovely piece of glassware is a great piece of decor, but you can definitely use it to enjoy your favorite German lagers. The natural coolness and thickness of the ceramic will even keep your drink cold until you’re finished!

Beer Pitcher Set

Engraved Beer Pitcher Set with Beer Glasses

Why drink individual bottles or cans of beer with a friend when you can pour plenty of refills from a pitcher? The perfect addition to your home bar, this three piece set will get you through the whole Super Bowl. Pitchers are great for serving beer straight from the keg in smaller quantities and make it even more convenient to serve with.

Drink Beer Like Bubbly

Crystal Beer Flutes

No, these are not champagne flutes. In fact, they’re beer flutes! You can enjoy a tall glass of your favorite pale ale or lager with these beautiful glasses. They’re fancy enough for special occasions, but you’re welcome to use them every day and feel like a sophisticated beer snob with every sip! The elegant crystal details are eye-catching and beautiful, and your wife is sure to love them too.

Classic Dimpled Mug

Original Dimpled Beer Mug

Dimpled beer mugs have been around for hundreds of years. No one is 100% sure what the purpose of the dimples are besides the attractive quality as they reflect the beautiful amber color within. They certainly stand out on this gorgeous beer mug! The incredible starburst design on the base of the glass also makes this mug a work of art and classy enough to be used for special occasions. Beer mugs are the best beer glasses for light to medium ales and lagers with a lot of body.

Copper Growler Set for Two

Copper Growler with Matching Beer Glasses

Picture this: you’re at a romantic picnic with your wife and you pull out this copper growler gift set from the basket. You both prefer beer over wine, and you pour her favorite local beer into the engraved pint glasses. Her face lights up once the aroma reaches her, and you share a celebratory toast to your love and happiness. This lovely growler set is perfect for those special moments with the love of your life! She’ll love that you had the set specially engraved as it shows how much effort and thought you put into it. You could even make it a personalized gift just for her on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just because.

The Perfect IPA Glass

Engraved IPA Beer Glass

You’ve seen a couple of IPA glasses by now, including the famous Spiegelau one. But you haven’t seen this spectacular glass! The elongated bulb and curvy base traps the beer head and extends its life, which helps enhance the aromas and flavors both. You’ll be able to taste all of the subtle notes of citrus and the sweet hops with every sip.

Classic Beer Boot

Traditional German Beer Boot is one of the Best Beer Glasses

Whether you’ve seen Beerfest or not, you’ve more than likely heard of a beer boot. These unusual glasses originate from early 19th century England where hunters would order riding boots full of beer, but the trend didn’t last for long. It grew in popularity in Germany later on as a tradition for young soldiers to partake in, but some generals offered their own boots to the soldiers to drink out of if they won the battle. Eventually, the boots became actual glasses and typically hold 1-2 liters of beer. These novelty glasses are hugely popular at Oktoberfest and are perfect for drinking competitions.

Drink Beer Like Your Ancestors Did

Traditional Viking Drinking Horn

Bet you were wondering when an actual beer horn was going to turn up in this blog. Similar to the aforementioned horn tankard, this unique drinking vessel is likely much older. Some prefer the full horn over a mug as it has a larger capacity and is more medieval-looking. Vikings, renaissance fairs, and fantasy typically come to mind when you see these drinking horns as they became more popular with the recent focus on Norse mythology and Viking-era fantasy media such as Game of Thrones and Marvel’s Thor.

Regal Mug

German Beer Mug with Regal Pewter Crest

You’ll truly feel like the king of all beer snobs with this regal dimpled beer mug! With elegant details and a medieval pewter crest, you’ll feel as cool as King Arthur himself when he found the Holy Grail. This handsome mug is ideal for your favorite imported lagers and full-bodied ales. When you’re not using it, this work of art belongs on display for everyone to admire.

The Best Gift a Beer Lover Will Ever Get

Custom Beer Lover Gift Set

Looking for the best gift for a beer lover? This is it. Two pint glasses, two coasters with bottle openers on the bottom, a growler, and a gift box that are all engraved with a customizable design. Can it get any better than this? He or she will love using the growler for traveling and that they will never have to search for a bottle opener again!

German Beer Stein

German Beer Stein with Tall Lid

Last but not least, a classic German beer stein. These unique mugs are always ornate works of art that are primarily used for decorative purposes. This particular stein is more modernized and can definitely be used to drink beer, but it’s definitely attractive enough for antique decor. The detailed lid and matching crest are the most eye-catching parts of this gorgeous stein.


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