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Article: 33 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

33 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

33 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Finding the perfect romantic gift for him is hard. There is no doubt that shopping for Valentines Day gifts can be difficult but when you’re buying one for the love of your life, it can feel impossible. However, don’t lose hope! There is a method to finding Valentines Day gifts for him that you know he will absolutely love! These unique gifts show that you pay attention to his interests, that you know exactly what he wants without having to ask, and that you care enough to find him something truly unique! Wondering what gifts could be so good that they’ll fit all these categories? Or do you simply want to see some of the best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for him? Just keep scrolling!

The Classiest Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Engraved Cigar and Whiskey Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Start things off in your search for the ultimate set of Valentines Day gifts for him with a set that will make every man feel like the classiest gentleman just by looking at it! These cigar and whiskey gifts make a fantastic Valentines Day gift, from the assorted cigar accessories to the unique glasses to the stand out engraving, he’ll know you went all out this year to get a gift he simply can’t live without! Make his year with a Valentines Day gift you can see him using and enjoying for years to come!

A New Twist to Traditional Wine Glasses

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler Box Set

There is nothing like a good glass of wine on Valentines Day. It is almost like a tradition to share a Merlot, Pinot Noir, or Chardonnay with the one you love. However, he’s never been one for frail or fancy glasses. He is truly a manly dude. So, instead of clicking glass, he’d love to clash steel in a Valentines Day drink with this awesome matte-black wine tumbler gift set! It is even great for the rest of the year too. Just be prepared to drink from these tumblers all the time because they are sure to become his new favorite set of glasses!

Grillin’ Up Great Guy Gifts

Custom Grill Tool Set

Serve up some Valentines gifts for men in style with a personalized grill tool set! Even if the weather outside is still blistering cold from the February winter, he’ll probably want to cancel your dinner plans so he can cook up some cowboy steaks this Valentine's Day!

The Ultimate Men’s Valentines Day Box

Beer Tasting Set of Valentines Gifts for Men

Although many men tend to buy gift boxes for Valentines Day, it is your turn to get him the manliest gift box on the market with this amazing, personalized beer tasting set! Whether he is wanting to learn more about tasting his favorite beers or he is already a true aficionado, you can be sure he’ll never get enough of this gift set! Every drink from now on (yes, even on the day he gets this box set) will now come from one of his personalized glass set!

Classy Personalized Valentines Gifts for Men

Custom Watch Box Watch Flask and Cocktail Glass Set

It’s high time that he gets one of the coolest gift boxes on the market for a Valentines Day gift. He’s given amazing gifts for years and now that you’ve found a set you know would absolutely floor him with every piece, you feel you have no other option but to get him this engraved watch set! What guy wouldn’t love a gift that gives him a little bit of everything? From a classy, old-school watch to a way to have a drink when the two of you get back from a romantic dinner, this set has everything any guy could ever want!


Give Him the Support He Needs This Valentines Day

Leather Suspenders

Whether he has a major occasion coming up, a big date with you for Valentines Day, or he simply loves to look as dapper as he can. There is no better gift to support his stylish good looks than a set of leather suspenders. JJ Suspenders are made of top-quality leather and perfect for any occasion. You can be sure he is going to ditch his belt or swap his suspenders as soon as he gets this gift set. Just be ready when he sheds his jacket or vest sooner than normal when you’re out on the town because he is most definitely going to want to have everyone looking at his awesome Valentines Day gift!

Bring Him A Brewery Sign

Personalized Wooden Brewery Sign

Ah, red is the perfect color for any gift for Valentines Day, so why not make a red sign his new favorite piece of home decor? This manly brewhouse sign is an awesome way for him to decorate his man cave or home bar! Even if he only has a bar shelf in the kitchen, where he hangs this sign will become his new favorite spot to enjoy a chilled cocktail or a frosty pint. Talk about an incredible Valentine Day gift for him!

Bet on Giving the Best Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Monogrammed Poker Set of Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Getting the perfect set of Valentines Day gifts for him always feels like a gamble; however, this year, it’ll be your man who is gambling when you deal him this amazing monogrammed poker set! Perfect for an at-home date night with the two of you or as his new poker kit for game night with the boys, this set is perfect for every guy out there! Thanks to the matching cigar whiskey glass he’ll even feel like a cardshark before the first hand is even dealt!

For the Guy Who Loves to Cook

Custom Cutting Board

Instead of taking you on a night out on the town, you know he would prefer to do a special evening with you at home. Why? Because your man can cook! This guy has whipped up meals that you know would even make Gordon Ramsey’s jaw drop to the floor. Make sure your Bobby Flay is ready to prepare everything from sandwiches to ratatouille with his own personalized cutting board! Just make sure to give it to him before dinner so he can use his new gift right away!

Be on the Razor’s Edge of Giving Good Gifts

Shaving Kit for Men

Valentines Day is one of the few days a year you know he is going for the perfect shave. So help him look clean and classy for the date night you two will be going on with these Valentines gifts for men. Thanks to the Dollar Shave Club shaving kit, he’ll be able to have the smoothest face possible for Valentines Day and every date night from now on!

The Coolest Valentines Day Gift Basket

Beer Mug Ammo Can Gift Set

There is no better feeling when you’re handing out Valentines Day gift than when you know you got the coolest gift basket for him. Oftentimes, on this romantic holiday, guys get the short end of the stick, but not this year! You’re giving him the manliest gift basket that has been packed with everything a guy could ever want, let alone expect on Valentines Day. This engraved ammo can set packs a wallop with the massive beer mug, cool bottle opener, and even the beer nuts. So, who says romance is dead, right?

Custom Classy Wine Set

Engraved Wine Set of Valentines Gifts for Men

Not every guy is in need of the newest manliest gift on the market, some like the classy feel of traditional gift sets. For the refined gentleman, nothing will work quite as well for him as the best Valentines gifts for men as this stemmed wine glass gift set! This is one of the best gifts that allows him to enjoy a good glass of wine any time he wants. He can even use the keepsake box to keep corks from special occasions or to store photos and cards!

Don’t Coast on Your Gift

Personalized Marble Coaster

Coasters? You may think these don’t belong anywhere near a Valentines Day gift guide, but don’t scroll past yet. These simple but elegant gifts are a great gift for a guy you’ve only been with for a little while. This is way better than a bottle of cologne because even if he uses them for his cup of coffee instead of a fancy drink, he’ll still love that he gets to use fancy marble coasters that are engraved with his initial. They look great with any style of decor and are sure to be a hit with every man!

Throwback Gaming System

Nintendo Entertainment System

Get a throwback gift for you man when you’re in search of Valentines gifts for men. This retro NES will take him right back to his childhood of playing Mario. So grab some games and maybe an extra controller for one of the most unique and fun at home Valentines Day celebrations ever!

A High Caliber Gift Set

Monogrammed Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

Make him feel like an action star or his favorite Western movie character with a monogrammed whiskey gift that you know without a doubt will be one of the coolest, most unique gifts he has ever gotten! These whiskey glasses come with an awesome set of bullet whiskey stones which he won’t be able to help but want to show off to all of his friends. They’ll find it so awesome he’ll probably have to break out the second glass to share a drink with them just to show them how great these novel stones work at creating a perfectly chilled Bulleit bourbon or Makers Mark 46 whiskey.


Modern Stemless Valentines Gifts for Men

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Box Set

Valentines Day simply isn’t Valentines Day when a couple doesn’t share a good glass of wine together. However, since this is a gift for him, make sure he is a guy who already feels he is a bit of a sommelier and he’ll be head over heels for a custom stemless wine glass set. In fact, he’ll love it so much he’ll push all his old glasses to the back of the shelf, this way, each time one of you decides to share a glass of Riesling or Malbec, it’ll come from his favorite set of glasses ever!

This Gift Rules

Rule signs are Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Without rules, his man cave or home bar would be lawless! Help him keep order with a personalized sign that he is sure to hang up as one of the coolest pieces of decor he’s ever gotten! This is the perfect way for all of his friends and family to know when they’re entering his sweet hang out area that there are expectations, no matter how awesome or crazy his rules are!

The Ultimate Gift Box for Men

Whiskey Gift Box with Multi Tool

There is nothing quite like getting a gift box as a guy and this engraved one is no different. This collection of Valentines Day gifts for him is the perfect way to show how much you love your main man! There is always something special about opening a gift box, and when he finds that he’s got a fully customized set of whiskey gifts inside, he won’t believe his eyes! Now, with one awesome gift, he can fix anything in his house and even reward himself with a perfectly chilled drink afterward, how cool is that?

An Unlosable Wallet

Tile Wallet

One thing every guy has experienced is the patented pat-down: front pant pockets, back pockets, and jacket pockets. The panic of not finding a wallet always gives that gut dropping terror. However, for this Valentines Day you can show him some compassion with a wallet that has a built-in tile, meaning if he does his pat-down and finds nothing, he can easily find where he last left his wallet.

Presenting the Best Set of Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Valentines Gifts for Men is a Custom Presentation Set

Go all out this year with one of the classiest and largest Valentines gifts for men, this engraved presentation set! Perfect for celebrating a romantic evening together as well as being great for any time he has guests over. This gorgeous looking set will undoubtedly become his new centerpiece for his home bar or end table. Thanks to this awesome gift set, he’ll feel fancier than Don Draper each time he makes a mixed-drink or has a neat glass of his favorite scotch.

Build Your Own Gift Box for Him

Custom Liquor Gift Box

Sometimes, simple is better. Elaborate gifts are great; however, some men enjoy very simple things in life and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! Instead of a multi-piece gift set or an enormous crazy gift, get him a bottle of his favorite liquor but dress it up (it is Valentines Day, after all) with this custom liquor gift box! It even has plenty of room for you to add some candies, cards, or anything else you want to add in to make this gift feel as personal as possible!

Sophisticated Smokin’ Set

Personalized Cigar Glass and Cigar Case

In need of smaller Valentines gifts for men? Look no further than this cigar and whiskey set personalized just for him! Although small, this gift set packs quite a punch. There is something he’ll find so incredibly cool about having a unique glass that lets him drink, hold his cigar, and use his free hand to high-five or fist bump his buddies. You can even take this gift to the next level by pre-packing it with a few of his favorite stogies. This way, he’s ready to enjoy an after-dinner Valentines Day cigar with you!

A Gift for When Valentines Gifts for Men are at Steak

Steak Gift Box

It is an old adage but it still rings incredibly true, the best way to a man’s heart is to go through his stomach, and with cuts like these, his stomach will be madly in love with you! From filet mignon strips to ribeyes, he won’t believe that he’ll be able to get to eat this high-quality steak for many meals in a row!

The Manliest Decanter Ever

Bull Decanter Set of Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Get the manliest set of Valentines gifts for men with this epic bull decanter set! This gift will be the apple of his eye and he is sure to prominently display it in his office or as the centerpiece of his home bar. This Valentines Day gift is so good he’ll be looking for excuses to share it with you, friends, family, really anyone he can!


A Gift for When He Can’t Make the Green

Portable Golf Putting Set

For the man who can’t get enough time on the green, few things are better than a golf putting set as the ultimate Valentines Day gifts for him! Now, he doesn’t have to wait until Saturday or Sunday morning to get his golf fix. Instead, he can easily pop this set out from under his office desk and start working on his short game to shave a few strokes off his round!

Legendary Valentines Gifts for Men

Personalized Pint Glass Ammo Can Set

Make him feel like a legend on the most romantic holiday of the year with a gift set that every man would love to get. Aside from new awesome beer glasses, he gets a whole ton of other things! The ammo can is the perfect spot for him to store his Valentines Day cards (just like in grade school) or for his live ammunition! He even gets cigar accessories and a knife, the only thing more mythical than him might just be this gift set!

The Coolest Smartwatch

Fitbit Smartwatch

Whether he is an active guy or is looking to simply keep track of his steps throughout the day, there is no better smartwatch than his own Fitbit. These make fantastic Valentines gifts for men because every guy can wear them and they look great with any style. It doesn’t matter if he is in a classy suit or activewear, this Fitbit will look great and is sure to keep him on his active lifestyle path!

For the Traveling Man

Tumbler Flask Knife Set of Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Some guys are always on the move, making gifts that he can enjoy while he is unwinding at home just wouldn’t fit their style. These kinds of guys are always doing things and constantly on the move. But fret not! This custom blackout tumbler set is the gift you’ve been searching for! Every piece can be carried on his person with ease! Whether he is exploring the arctic or on a hike down the road, he can easily take his favorite tumbler, flask, and survival knife with him!

For the Memories

Engraved Shadow Box and Pint Glasses

Part of celebrating the holidays together means that you’ll be making a few memories. As much as you want to physically hold onto them, you can’t—until now! This awesome engraved shadow box set makes it so he can collect his memories all in one place. Now, when he passes his gift on the wall or the table it is on, he’ll see a beer cap, wine cork, photo, or ticket from a fantastic memory he made with you.

Swankiest Valentines Gifts for Him

Personalized Cigar Whiskey Glass and Decanter

You know that feeling of love? Butterflies in your stomach? That is exactly how he’ll feel when you give him this epic set of Valentines Day gifts for him. He’ll never have seen such beauty (except you of course). This decanter and cigar glass set is the coolest way he could ever imagine celebrating the year’s most romantic holiday! As he sips from these custom glasses, he’ll definitely have a cigar and whiskey in one hand while he uses his free hand to have his arm around you.

Vintage Leather Travel Bag

Vintage Leather Bag

Every man could use a good quality travel bag. From notebooks to laptops and everything in between, this is the classiest way for him to bring his belongings. Plus, when you get one that comes in vintage leather, he’ll look a few notches classier just because of how good this Valentines Day gift looks!

High Time for a Stein on Valentines Day

Custom Beer Stein

A great gift for any man is always a stein. These epic Valentines Day gifts for men always work because steins are just so cool! He gets to feel like a king when he’s enjoying one of his favorite brews and when he isn’t, this beautiful glassware makes a fantastic display piece for his mantle or bar!

Classiest Adult Gift Box

Wine Gift Box

When you’re still unsure of what to get your guy for Valentines Day a safe bet is always a bottle of wine! It is the perfect gift to show the person you love that you want them to have a good time on this special holiday; however, it can feel a little bare still. So, make sure you dress that bottle up with the ultimate gift box, this red faux cherry wine toolbox! It gorgeously presents your bottle and also makes sure he has every tool he could ever need to enjoy a bottle!


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