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Article: 23 Perfect 30th Bday Ideas For Your Husband

23 Perfect 30th Bday Ideas For Your Husband

23 Perfect 30th Bday Ideas For Your Husband

Celebrate His Big 3-0 with Awesome 30th Bday Ideas for Your Husband!

His 30th birthday, just like every other birthday, it is an event that he only gets to experience once. However, there is something special about turning 30 years old. He is fully engulfed in being an adult. He’s really got things going for him at this point in life and things seem like they can only keep going up. So, make that milestone birthday even more memorable with the best 30th bday ideas for husband you can find! These are quality custom gifts that are either useful for him in everyday life, help him relax, or help make time with friends and family even more enjoyable. You may be wondering, “What would make the perfect 30th birthday ideas for husband?” “What gift would stand out for him for years to come?” What is something he really wants that he hasn’t gotten for himself?” Don’t sweat it! We’ve got all the answers to these questions and even more products that you never would’ve thought of!

A Unique Gift Box of 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Cigar Whiskey Box of 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Just because he is turning 30 doesn’t mean that he is too old to get an amazing gift wrapped up inside an awesome gift box. As a kid, his present inside the box may have had a bow and dinosaurs or his favorite superhero on the wrapping paper to get him excited for his gift. Now, as an adult, you can make him feel just like he did on his 10th birthday with this awesome set of 30th bday ideas for husband! Instead of candy and toys, he’ll get the adult version with this whiskey and cigar glass combo. Just make sure to include his favorite stogies and brand of whiskey so he can truly celebrate his birthday in style!

His New Favorite Tool Box

Custom Ammo Can with Knife Hatchet and Whiskey Cigar Flask

A man is only as good as the tools he has at his disposal, so for his birthday make sure he is one of the manliest guys around when you give him a custom ammo can gift set! This unique gift is sure to have him prepared for anything that comes his way. Whether he needs to forge a path through the thick jungle on his way to ancient ruins or simply needs to cut some firewood, this set has him covered! It even ensures that he can reward himself for every task he completes thanks to the nifty cigar flask!

A Birthday Gift You Won’t Have to Bluff About

Embossed Poker Set

Well, he has hit too hard and bust, instead of 21 he landed on 30. Oh well. Instead of making 30 seem like the end of fun in his life, these 30th birthday ideas for husband guarantee he’ll be having a blast for years to come. This embossed poker set has everything he’ll ever need to have a fantastic guys night or even a game night with the family. From a game of craps to poker to Go Fish, he’s got everything he’ll ever need right inside his engraved leather case.

A Manly Sign for His Manly Hobby

Personalized Cigar Sign is 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband

A great gift you can give your husband isn’t just a gift in and of itself, it is a space that he can make his own. For the husband who simply can’t get enough of his stogies, help him complete or start his very own cigar lounge. This tongue in cheek humor cigar sign is the perfect accent to any man’s favorite spot to sit around and smoke stogies. Seeing his name on a sign mounted in his new man cave, garage, or wherever is a fantastic way for him to always remember just how great of a gift he got for his 30th birthday.

A Beer Mug for His Big 3-0

Engraved Beer Mug Box Set

30 is a time he is guaranteed to feel like a man. At this point in his life, he has accomplished so much. In fact, he’s done so much that it is almost like he has a thirst he just can’t quench, that is until he sips a cool beer from this epic beer mug set, designed just for his big 3-0 celebration! This box set of 30th bday ideas for husband is one of the best ways to show him that although he’s done a lot by 30, there is still so much more to celebrate and enjoy!


Tablet Time

iPad Pro

Who doesn’t want to be able to enjoy all the same apps and ease of web surfing that their phone brings but with a bigger screen? The new iPad Pro is the best way to scroll through all his social media apps as well as allowing him to get work done due to the massive processing power this tablet packs. If you’ve got a guy where only the latest and greatest tech gift will do, look no further than this iPad for him!

Legendary 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband

Whiskey Stone Set of 30th Bday Ideas for Husband with Wrench Tool

This gift set is sure to come in handy for every 30-year-old guy. He can fix that loose nut, leaky pipe, or loose thread all with one awesome personalized multi-tool! Since he’ll be your hero for being the best Mr. Fix-It ever, you’ll know that he definitely deserves the whiskey stone set that makes him out to be the best legendary 30-year-old ever. Now, after finishing up a lot of hard work on a project or simply celebrating his 30th birthday, you and he can have a toast toward his mythic-ness!

A Hole-in-One Present

Custom Corn Hole Gift Set

Complete the most epic surprise party ever with a set of 30th birthday ideas for husband that he’ll never see coming, this custom bean bag toss set! Make his party either start outside or make sure that he ends up in the yard, this way his new game can be ready and waiting for him! He’ll be blown away when he sees it, but he’ll be left hardly standing when he realizes this has been a custom-made gift just for him!

Take a Shot at This 30th Birthday Gift

Engraved Bullet Whiskey Stone Set

If there is one thing that men love it is a gift that makes them feel awesome. Although broad, you pretty much know it when you see it. There are certain gifts, like this bullet whiskey stone set and bottle opener, that you know as soon as he sees it that he’ll be dreaming up uses, occasions, or even ways to show off his amazing gift. It doesn’t hurt either when you add in his name has been engraved on nearly every piece of his awesome gift!

He’s Aged Like Wine

Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Gift Set

Yeah, he may be getting old but much like wine (and unlike milk) the longer he’s around the finer he becomes. Make sure he knows you love the vintage he is turning into with 30th bday ideas for husband like this stainless steel wine tumbler gift set. This is the perfect gift for the man who loves wine but they also work fantastic for cocktails and for neat liquors alike. Thanks to you, this will be his new go-to glassware set every time he wants to share a drink with his favorite person in the world!

This Gift is a Wrap

Leather Wrap is 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband

Today’s world of high-tech gadgets can make it hard to carry a classic look. So, instead of having him have loose wires everywhere or jammed into his pocket only to get tangled, a monogrammed leather roll is the coolest simple classy gift a guy could ask for! Now, he can take all of his important cables and headphones anywhere he goes and will still look like the dapper gentleman he has always wanted to be.

It's Fine Time for the Classy 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Engraved Watch Case Gift Set with Flask and Rocks Glass

Speaking of looking good, check out these awesome 30th birthday ideas for husband. With a set with this many goodies, he is sure to make time to celebrate the big 3-0 this year. He’ll have a classy watch to keep him on time as well as styling and even a place to store it! Plus, thanks to this gift set, whether you plan to bar hop or have a night in he’ll be ready to celebrate his birthday with a drink that most definitely has his name on it!

Ah, the Memories

Personalized Shadow Box Pint Set

Certain things can bring back a memory. Sometimes it is the sight of something, the smell, the taste, or even the feel. That is why this amazing beer and shadow box set is one of the best 30th bday ideas for husband because every guy will love recalling their favorite memories. He can sit back and have a pint that takes him to a special time and place in his life. The flavor may be enough on its own, but he can also put the cap on display inside his shadow box, making accessing that memory easier than ever!

Home is Where the Bar Is

Bar Tavern Sign is 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Nothing sets off a man’s space at home like a custom sign. Many men are rather sparse in their home decor and decorations, so the decorations they do decide to hang up have to be something incredible and important to them. Make sure your gift makes the cut with this bar tavern sign! It is the ideal way for him to enjoy a good mug of beer with you, his friends, or even with his family. Plus, it makes his home bar feel like he’s finally become a real established tavern!

One of the Finest Tasting 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Custom Glencairn Tasting Box Set

At 30, he truly deserves to start indulging in some of the finer things in life. In his twenties, he did plenty of experimenting with different flavors, brands, and blends but now it is time for him to find out just what he was missing. This personalized Glencairn box set is a guaranteed win for any husband who aspires to become a true whiskey aficionado. Now, with these glasses, he can finally find all of the subtle flavors and aromas he has heard so much about but was never able to palate before. Talk about one of the best 30th birthday ideas for husband!


Other 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband Won’t Get as Close as This Shave

Shaving Gift Set of 30th Birthday Ideas for Husband

Although being called a Viking due to a beard is an awesome compliment, no man should actually groom like one. Instead, turn him into a refined Viking with this awesome beard and razor kit! He’ll be able to rock the manliest, cleanest looking beard known to man when he gets his hands on this grooming kit!

A Gift He’ll Flip For

Personalized Grill Tool Set

Grilling is practically in every husband’s blood. It is almost like a change takes place when he gets married, even if he didn’t know how to grill before, now he does! These engraved grill tools make the best 30th birthday ideas for husband because it gives him an excuse to do one of his favorite things even more often, grill! He’ll be outside (rain or shine) in no time making you some of the best seared meats he can find!

A Modern Classic Gift Box

Cigar Box Singlasses Watch Lighter and Cigar Cutter

Sometimes, smaller gifts can pack quite a large punch like this personalized cigar box gift set. This set of 30th bday ideas for husband are sure to pack one of the biggest since it comes with everything he could ever want to make celebrating his birthday amazing! He’ll look like the hippest, dapper gentleman thanks to the sunglasses and watch; however, make sure you add in some cigars so he can light what could be considered the most adult candle there is!

Mark His Territory

Rustic Wooden Man Cave Sign

Every man wants to have a space he can call his own. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like his friends and loved ones, it is just like many men like to spend time alone or have a space where they can enjoy their favorite hobbies. Make his man cave official with a rustic wooden sign! He’ll love that you took an interest in making his area of the house even cooler and more personal. Who knows, he may even start letting you hang out in the man cave with him?

Birthday Beer Box for the 30-Year-Old Guy

Engraved Pint Glass Box Set

Spoil your husband on his 30th birthday with an all-inclusive beer gift set! He’ll never expect such a custom set perfect for the beer enthusiast! A single gift (especially when it involves beer) is always good, but a whole set is amazing! He will love that he can take the knife and bottle opener with him everywhere he goes while also having the most epic beer set to come home to when he wants to have a pint or two!

These Gifts are Getting Hot

Grill Smoke Box

Add a whole new dimension to his cooking each time he is out on the grill with a smoker box! This is the perfect gift for him to make brand new flavors and styles of food. All he needs to do is simply fill up his box with his favorite flavor of wood chips, throw his food in, and he’s ready to go! Soon, he’ll have smoke-infused BBQ that will be irresistible!

The Manliest Birthday Present Ever

Whiskey Ammo Can Set of 30th Bday Ideas for Husband

Is there a manlier set of 30th birthday ideas for husband than one that celebrates his vices as well as one that comes inside of an actual repurposed ammo can? Oh, and don’t forget, the glasses and ammo can have been engraved just for him too! He’ll feel manlier than Arnold Schwarzenegger when he decides to light up a stogie and have a bourbon the first time he puts his new gift set to the test.

A Glass for Every Occasion

Personalized Beer Tasting Box Set

Still haven’t found the 30th bday ideas for husband you were looking for? You know that there is no way he could turn down a beer gift set as good as this one. Engraved with his name, initial, and the year, this gift will be one of the most unique and memorable ones he has ever gotten. Now, instead of having to drink out of a pint glass, he can enjoy each beer exactly how it was supposed to be! Pilsners, stouts, lagers, and IPAs will never have tasted so good!


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