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Article: 29 Badass Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

29 Badass Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

29 Badass Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

Check Out Our Awesome Birthday Presents for Boyfriends:

Your boyfriend is an awesome guy and deserves birthday presents that are equally as cool as he is. Before you start shopping, you probably have some questions. What kind of gifts would my boyfriend like to get for his birthday? What is an awesome gift for men? What makes a badass birthday present? You should get him something with a cool factor, like an ammo can gift set or an all-in-1 cooler/toolbox. Or, get an incredible birthday gift idea for him that declares how amazing he is with a unique personalization. Guys like your boyfriend enjoy gifts that he can use that make him feel cooler or make his daily activities a little bit easier. Relax, we did all the shopping for you to ensure that you get a show-stopping, incredible birthday present for your boyfriend.

Worldly Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

Globe Decanter Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is the most badass man you know, so he deserves a gift that matches his personality. What’s more badass than a glassware set that looks like a globe? These glasses and matching decanter make awesome birthday presents for boyfriends because the set is incredibly unique, handsome, and will make him feel like a worldly, classy traveler. As this decanter sits upon his home bar or mantle, he’ll grip the matching glass and sip his scotch and dream of his future travels with you.

Awesome Beer Gift Set

Ammo Can Beer Gift Set with Knife and Bottle Opener

Your boyfriend just got himself a new Beretta APX semiautomatic pistol as his birthday gift to himself and he wants to go to the shooting range to try it out. He’s got the gun case, ammo, ear protection, and goggles. What is he missing? An ammo can! It is the ultimate set of boyfriend birthday ideas. With this custom military surplus ammunition can, he can store plenty of ammo and his shooting gear all inside so he isn’t juggling everything while signing into the range. After an hour or two of trying out his new gun, he’ll want to come home and have a beer. Thanks to the custom pint glasses and new bullet bottle opener, you’ll have an ice cold beer ready and waiting for him. All that’s missing is actual beer, so make sure to get him his favorite six pack. Is this the coolest boyfriend birthday gift idea or what?

Presentation Present

Personalized Serving Set Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

When looking for the perfect birthday presents for boyfriends, think of a gift that is a must-have because of how incredible it is and how your man will benefit from it. Because your boyfriend is the more fantastic man you know, he deserves to enjoy his favorite beverages with total ease whenever he wants. With this presentation set, your man will be able to pour himself a glass of whiskey or any other spirit without having to get up from his favorite chair. The ease with which he can serve himself will make him very happy, and he’ll be so thankful for this cool gift.

Customizable Sign for Your Boyfriend’s Home

Custom Wood Sign

Your boyfriend just finished putting the final touches in his man cave in time for his birthday. He’s got the 46” 4K TV, the huge sound system, and the reclining leather armchair. But there’s still something missing! He’s got an empty space on the wall above his Blurays, which is the perfect place to hang this custom wooden sign. Custom made just for him, your boyfriend will love that you got him a one-of-a-kind piece of decor that ties the room together perfectly.

Custom Beer Mug Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

Personalized Beer Mug Set with Bottle Opener

After going to the bar with your boyfriend so many times, you’ve picked up on the different types of beer and how they taste different when served in certain kinds of glassware. For example, you know that his favorite ales and lagers are best enjoyed from a proper beer mug, but he doesn’t have any at home. Make this birthday the best yet with these aficionado-worthy beer mugs! He’ll be so impressed at your beer knowledge and that you had these mugs made specially for him. Remember to include a few bottles or cans of his favorite ale to truly complete this beer birthday gift!


The Ultimate Survival Kit for the Adventurous Boyfriend

Atomic Bear Tactical Survival Kit

Is your boyfriend the kind of guy who is always hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, and other outdoor adventures? You’ll never have to worry about him again once you give him this incredible ultimate survival kit because he’ll be prepared for anything. It’s got everything: a knife, tactical pen, flashlight, emergency blanket, and more! He’ll love using the handy tools on his adventures and will have plenty of resources to help him out in case of an emergency. This badass survival kit is definitely one of the most useful boyfriend birthday ideas!

The Perfect Birthday Presents for Boyfriend On the Go

Personalized Insulated Coffee Tumbler with Boyfriend's Name Engraved

Your boyfriend has a great job, but it’s several miles away and he’s always stuck in rush hour. During his early morning commute, he could really use a hot cup of coffee to keep him energized and alert to get through his long and arduous drive each day. Both thoughtful and useful, this insulated travel mug is the perfect birthday present for your boyfriend! Made of double walled stainless steel and vacuum-insulated, this mug will hold plenty of his favorite brew and keep it piping hot until lunchtime. Thanks to you, he’ll be awake and ready for each day!

The Perfect Cutting Board for the Boyfriend Who Grills

Custom Cutting Board

Your boyfriend is a grill master in the making and he’s always making a mess of the counters in his kitchen. You’ve told him over and over that he needs a cutting board to chop his veggies for the kabobs instead of just using a paper plate, but he still hasn’t gotten one. His birthday is the perfect time to give him a nice cutting board! This acacia cutting board will help him meal prep without making a mess of the kitchen as well as having a dedicated surface to season his meats. Plus, he’ll feel more like an adult with a nice cutting board on hand.

Of Course He’ll Love This

Golf Putting Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

You want your boyfriend to beat all his friends at golf the next time they’re on the course. Make sure his short game is top notch with this golf putting set! In an instant, he can put together a golf club and set out the practice hole and immediately begin practicing his game. His friends and coworkers will be impressed and definitely want to play sometimes. He’ll love being able to practice at home, in the office, or anywhere else he chooses, and he’ll feel like Tiger Woods when he’s beating all his friends on the course! Even if he is turning the big 3-0, you can be sure this is an awesome set of 30th birthday gift ideas for him!

Cool Birthday Wine

Custom Wine Tumbler Set Boyfriend Birthday Ideas

What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a delicious glass of wine? With this handsome wine tumbler set, your man will feel sleek and cool while sipping his Pinot Grigio, Moscato, or any other white wine on his special day. Not only will it stay cold until the last drop inside the stainless steel walls of these glasses, but the personalization will make them even more special to him. He’ll love using the customized box to store mementos from his birthday so he can look back on the most awesome day forever.

A New Turntable for His Vinyl Collection

New Automatic Turntable for Boyfriend's Birthday

Your boyfriend probably has a record player that he got years ago. His dad passed down his old record player when your boyfriend got accepted to his alma mater and today, it still works, but barely. Give him a brand new one for his birthday so that he can enjoy his and his dad’s favorite vinyls just like he did through his college years! This automatic belt-drive turntable is easy to use and produces great sound. He’ll be thrilled to enjoy his favorite records again. This cool turntable even comes with a switchable phono preamp so that he can hook it up to his computer!

Customize a Beer Mug Just for Him Boyfriend Birthday Idea

Personalized Beer Mug

You want to give your boyfriend something nice and thoughtful for his birthday, but you want it to be cool as well. You’ve searched the Internet for hours trying to find the perfect gift. Congratulations, you’ve found it! This custom beer mug is one of the best birthday presents for your boyfriend you can possibly give. He knows that beer is best enjoyed in a beer mug, and you know that he loves drinking beer in the mugs at his favorite bar. Give him a bar-quality mug for him to enjoy in the comfort of his own home! Plus, you get to personalize the two lines of text on it to be anything you wish. For example, it could read “Michael Stewart’s Home Brew,” “Jackson Silver, Best Boyfriend Ever,” “Mike Houston April 13, 1995.” He’ll be so touched that you put so much thought and creativity into his birthday gift that he will only want to use this mug for all of his beer.

The Coolest Flask Ever

Game of Thrones Personalized Liquor Flask

Your boyfriend is a cool guy. He drinks beer, fine liquors, and sometimes wine. He’s also an intelligent man who knows his stuff. In a nutshell, he drinks and he knows things, like Tyrion Lannister! This cool flask is the perfect accessory for him whether he watches Game of Thrones or not. Thanks to your great birthday gift, he’ll always have a couple of ounces of his favorite whiskey or tequila on hand for when he needs a drink. He’ll love showing off his cool flask while hanging out with his friends, attending a wedding, and to survive a family reunion. He’ll want to fill it with his favorite liquor and enjoy a celebratory drink right away on his birthday, so make sure to get him a bottle to make it a complete gift!

Custom Whiskey Decanter Set

Whiskey Decanter Birthday Gift Set

For a guy who drinks whiskey, a decanter is a must-have. This year, give your boyfriend an incredible decanter set for his birthday! He’ll love using the decanter to show off his fine liquor and pouring you both a classy after-dinner drink. The two double old fashioned glasses are the best way to enjoy whiskey straight or a classic Old Fashioned, their namesake cocktail. Just make sure to get him a nice bottle of scotch too to make it a complete birthday present for your boyfriend! Every time he uses the decanter to pour a glass, he’ll feel like James Bond, who is the definition of a sophisticated badass.

A Beer Gift Perfect for Bearded Guys

Personalized Beer Gift Set for Bearded Boyfriends

Having an incredible beard is no easy task as your boyfriend has to take extra care with his grooming routine to manage it. After all, he’s the cool bearded guy in his friend group and everyone is jealous of his magnificent facial hair. A guy like your boyfriend deserves a birthday gift that celebrates both his awesomeness and his equally awesome beard. This unique beer gift set was designed with your boyfriend in mind. Even the guy on the design looks like him! From the engraved growler to the large bottle cap sign of the United States, this is one of the coolest birthday presents for boyfriends with beards!

Artisan Meat Subscription Box

Carnivore Club Meat Subscription Box

Meat and men go hand in hand as much as girls and makeup do, they’re just meant for each other! Your boyfriend is no exception, he’ll always go for the two meat combo at Jimmy’s Egg at your weekly Sunday brunches and the biggest steaks on date nights. One of the best possible boyfriend birthday ideas is a meat subscription box from Carnivore Club! Every month, he’ll get to try all kinds of artisan sausages, rare jerky, and prime cuts. This gift set is the gift that keeps on giving, and he’ll be thrilled to get his box every month. Who knows? Maybe for your birthday he’ll buy you an Ipsy subscription!

Whiskey Essentials Gift Set

Monogrammed Whiskey Decanter Set

Besides a glass and a bottle of whiskey, two other things are required for the best glass of whiskey: a set of whiskey stones and a decanter! Whether your boyfriend is an aspiring connoisseur or just likes his bourbon after dinner, he’ll love this essential gift set for his birthday. Now he can enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of Jack Daniels after work and enjoy each full-flavored sip.


Unique Regal Pilsner

Engraved Pilsner Glass

You and your boyfriend go to the local Medieval Fair every year, for which he always dresses as a noble knight. He’s known for his extensive knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe and grieved for the end of Merlin. The ultimate fantasy fan and lover of medieval times will thoroughly enjoy a couple of these regal pilsner glasses! He’ll feel like a king when drinking his medieval-inspired ale while watching the latest season of Game of Thrones. When he’s not using this pilsner, he’ll have it displayed right next to his replica of Excalibur and authentic knight’s helm for all to see his custom crested beer glass.

Grilling On His Bday

Engraved BBQ Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriends

The only thing your boyfriend would love more than a good old fashioned steak is one he made himself with his own set of grilling tools! This grilling box set is one of the coolest birthday presents for boyfriends because they’ll have a blast grilling up steaks, brats, hamburgers, or any other delicious foods using their very own tools. When he’s wielding the special tools, he’ll feel like he could take Gordon Ramsey on in a head-to-head cook off. Who knows? If he uses these tools enough, he just might!

Give Your Boyfriend a New Hobby to Start on His Birthday

Personalized Shadow Box for Collecting

Have you and your boyfriend gotten into the habit of keeping the fortunes from your fortune cookies or bottle caps from your beers? For his birthday, give him a dedicated place to store his collections! With this cool shadow box, he can collect all kinds of things such as bottle caps, golf balls, shotgun shells, ticket stubs, wine corks, or anything he likes! He’ll love having a new hobby and enjoy watching the box fill up. Plus, the shadow box doubles as a unique piece of decor and adds a personal touch to any room. Can a boyfriend birthday idea get any better than this?

Bluetooth LED Projector

LG Portable LED Projector

With this projector, you and your man can enjoy movies on the big screen right in your own home. Simply point it at a blank wall and voila! He’s got a giant screen for movies, TV, video games, and even Netflix. The projector can wirelessly connect to his phone, computer, or tablet to project anything you like. Its compact size makes it easy to transport so that he can bring it to his friends’ houses, on vacation, and anywhere else he likes.

He’ll Always Have Cold Beer Wherever He Goes

Engraved Beer Growler

There’s nothing worse than a beer that’s gone warm while you’re hanging out with friends or family at the lake, beach, or a house party. Thanks to this insulated growler, your boyfriend’s beer will never get warm again! With a hefty capacity of 64 ounces and made of double walled stainless steel, his beer will be perfectly chilled all day long. With plenty for you two to share, the growler is ideal for day trips to the mountains and BYOB parties. His birthday just got a whole lot cooler, pun intended.

A Birthday Present with a Little Bit of Everything

Monogrammed Birthday Gift Set

Is your boyfriend a man of many tastes? With this variety gift set, you won’t have to worry about trying to find individual items for his birthday. This set comes with a liquor flask, whiskey glass, bottle opener, and a lighter. Now he’ll have everything he needs whether he wants a bottle of beer or a glass of scotch and a smoke! This set is the perfect birthday present for boyfriends who are hard to buy for because even a guy who wants nothing will appreciate the unique items.

His Very Own Bar Sign

Personalized Bar Sign

Help make his dreams of having a home bar come true with an official custom bar sign! No matter what he’s serving, this bar sign is perfect. The fun, unique design is eye-catching and certainly a conversation starter. The first step to having a home bar is a place to serve, of course, but decor making it official is just as important! You could theme all of his presents this year (for Christmas, Valentine’s day, etc) around creating his home by, such as getting him a set of glasses, tap handles, bar stools, cocktail mixers, or even a mini-fridge.

Axe About His Birthday Gift

Whiskey and Axe Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

There’s nothing like a gift that makes him feel like the ultimate outdoorsman, both on his special day and every day after that! Your boyfriend will be obsessed with this birthday gift that lets him feel like a manly man who chops through brush in the forest and brings home firewood for his family. This whiskey gift set is fully equipped for an afternoon of him doing his best lumberjack impression while sipping on chilled, delicious whiskey.

Incredible All-in-One Toolbox Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

Unique Cooler and Toolbox

Is your boyfriend the kind of guy who spends his free time fixing up cars or works in the mechanic or construction industry? This toolbox is the best possible birthday present you can give him! This incredible all-in-one gadget is a toolbox, cooler, Bluetooth stereo, power conduit, clock, and more. It has a dry erase board, place to mount his tablet, and even a magnetic strip to keep his nails in place. No matter what project he’s working on in the garage or for work, he’ll love using the Coolbox. This incredibly useful and versatile toolbox is one of the most amazing boyfriend birthday ideas for guys who often use tools!

Shot and Chaser 2-in-1 Glasses

Cigar Gift Set Birthday Presents for Boyfriend

Some guys love to celebrate their birthday with a cigar and whiskey in hand all night long. Let him enjoy it to the fullest with this cigar gift set as one of the greatest birthday presents for boyfriends out there! As he sips from his monogrammed glass and smokes his very cigar, he’ll feel the bliss of his birthday and sharing it with you, and he’ll remember this birthday as his favorite birthday for years to come!

Sports Bar Tap Handle

Chalkboard Custom Sports Bar Tap Handles

Whether his home bar is sports themed or he’s just really into a particular sport, he’ll love these awesome custom beer tap handles! You pick the icon of his favorite sport and the two lines of text around it to make it specially unique for him. Plus, it has a chalkboard surface so that he can write what he’s serving! How cool is that? The super easy installation means that he can hook it up to his keg right after unwrapping it on his birthday so that he can serve everyone a beer like a real bartender.

Custom Poker Set

Personalized Poker Set with Case

Your boyfriend is known among his friends as the guy with the best poker face. He’s great at bluffing, and almost always comes home with money, more chips, and random trinkets his buddies threw in the pot. One thing he doesn’t have is his own poker set! For his birthday, you should get him a custom poker set perfect for his weekly poker night and even game nights with his family.


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