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Article: 21 What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gift Ideas

21 What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gift Ideas

21 What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gift Ideas

These Gifts Will Answer Just "What to Get My Brother for Christmas"!

Brothers are notoriously hard to buy gifts for, especially for the holidays. Whether they insist they don’t want anything or they simply don’t have any ideas, it’s always stressful trying to find a really great gift for your brother. You can’t help but wonder “what to get my brother for Christmas?” The best Christmas gifts for brothers are cool, unique, and practical items that he can enjoy long after the holidays are over, whether they’re part of his favorite things to do or help him relax. When shopping for your brother, think about his interests and what kind of gifts you can get him that will make his hobbies or his downtime after work more enjoyable. After all, he still is a man so badass or cool Christmas gift ideas for men are still super valid choices! However, once you get to the end of our ideas, you won’t be wondering what to get your brother for Christmas anymore!

What to Get My Brother for Christmas Who Loves Whiskey

What to Get My Brother for Christmas Engraved Whiskey Gift Set

For a brother who’s into whiskey, no Christmas gift is better than this elegant whiskey gift set! He will be in awe of the beautifully engraved twist glasses, which will make him feel like royalty as he sips his finest whiskey. He’ll especially enjoy the whiskey stones because they chill his drink perfectly without watering it down! Once you give him this awesome gift set on Christmas Day, he’ll want to pour you a drink using these amazing glasses.

The Coolest Christmas Gifts for Brothers

Custom Beer Ammo Can Christmas Gifts

Show your brother just how cool you think he is with these incredibly cool Christmas gifts! From the custom ammo can to the gnarly pocket knife, every piece in this set is downright awesome. He’ll be so excited when he sees the ammo can under the tree, and once he starts finding all of the neat gifts inside it he’ll be absolutely speechless! Once he recovers from the surprise, he’ll want to grab a couple of cold ones to open with his new bullet bottle opener and pour them into his personalized pint glasses for the two of you to enjoy together.

What to Get Your Brother for Christmas: A Personalized Sign

Personalized Wood Tavern Sign What to Get Your Brother for Christmas Gift

Have you been asking yourself, “What to get my brother for Christmas?” over and over all holiday season? Well, here’s your answer! This custom wooden sign is the perfect gift for any brother because you can make it especially unique for him and it’s an awesome decoration to display anywhere in his home. He’ll love the rustic style of this cool sign and appreciate the effort you went to make such a cool gift for him.

The Most Unique Watch

Personalized Wood and Leather Watch

Watches are pretty common Christmas gifts for men, but this is no ordinary watch and your brother is no ordinary man. He deserves something extra special and unique, which makes this handsome wood and leather watch perfect! He will be so excited to have such a neat accessory unlike anyone else’s to wear every day to work, especially since the back of it is engraved with his name. This Christmas gift will be enjoyed for years to come, that’s for sure!

Toast to the Holidays in Style

Engraved Cigar Whiskey Glass and Cigar Case Set

Does your family have any fun traditions to celebrate during the holidays? If not, now is the perfect time to start a new one with your brother, such as smoking a cigar together on Christmas Day. This cigar and whiskey gift set is the best way to enjoy a stogie in style, and he’ll certainly be excited to try them out as soon as he opens up his gift to find this incredible cigar-holding whiskey glass and a couple of cigars in the cool cigar case! Thanks to your awesome gift, you and your bro will have a fun new tradition to enjoy together every holiday season.


Turn His House Into a Smart Home

Google Home Starter Kit

Whether your brother is into technology or he’s always wanted to get into smart home products, Christmas is the perfect time to help him get started. This Google Home set comes with everything he needs to turn his house into a smart home and each piece works together seamlessly. He’ll finally be able to see visitors and package deliveries with ease from the Google Doorbell. While the Yale Lock enables him to unlock or lock his doors from his phone and create custom codes for others for extra security. However, even with all that, he won’t forget the Google Home Mini which will be his new best friend as Cortana helps him stay up to date on everything from his grocery list to his phone notifications!

What to Get My Brother for Christmas: This Manly Gift Set

Manly Whiskey Gift Set with Hatchet for Brother

Your brother is a cool dude who deserves a cool Christmas gift, and nothing is more badass and manly than this awesome gift set! From the hatchet to the engraved rocks glasses, each and every piece in this incredible set is manly and cool. Your brother will love trying out his favorite whiskey from one of his new glasses, especially with the whiskey stones so that he can enjoy his drink without it being watered down. The handy hatchet will be great for his camping and hiking trips, but he’ll probably want to go outside and break up the ice covering everything just to try it out. Talk about both a handy as well as a set of fantastic Christmas gifts!

For the Brother Who Likes Beer

Custom Beer Mug Box Set

Are you still trying to figure out what to get your brother for Christmas? For brothers who drink beer, this beer mug gift set is perfect! Your brother will love having a nice, large mug to gulp down his favorite brews from because mugs produce thicker foam, which makes his beer taste even better. He will especially love that the mug is personalized just for him, and the bottle opener is a welcome addition to his collection! He can even use the wooden gift box for keepsakes, Christmas cards, or other small items like his watches.

Fun What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gift Idea

Custom Poker Set Christmas Gift for Brother

Give your brother a fun new game to enjoy with his friends and the whole family this Christmas! This handsome poker gift set is great for poker games such as Blackjack or even a classic card game like Go Fish. With this handy set, he can take it to his buddy’s house for poker night every week and bring it to mom and dad’s for family game night to play Farkle! Thanks to your thoughtful and fun Christmas gift, he’ll have a variety of fun games to enjoy with all of his loved ones.

Grilling Gifts for the Grill Master Brother

Personalized Grilling Tools What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gift Idea

Does your brother love to grill? He will be over the moon for these custom BBQ tools! Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean he has to wait to use these amazing tools, either, he’ll want to grill up a delicious Christmas dinner for the whole family as soon as he opens up this fantastic gift. Your brother will love that he can bring his trusty BBQ tools wherever he goes thanks to the handy portable case, and the fact that you had it custom engraved makes it even more special.

Must-Have Christmas Gift

Marvel Hoodie

Make sure your brother stays plenty warm while he goes to the theater to see Spiderman: No Way Home for the third time with this comfy Marvel hoodie for Christmas! He’ll love the classic comic style of the infamous Marvel logo and how warm it is with its extra heavy cotton blend and double-layered hoodie. He will be wearing this hoodie all winter long for sure!

Your Bro Deserves the Biggest Christmas Present

Giant Personalized Beer Mug

When your brother unwraps this colossal beer mug on Christmas Day, he’ll probably laugh at its gargantuan size at first. Once he fills it up with beer, though, he’ll realize just how incredible your gift really is! This gigantic beer mug holds an entire liter of beer so that your bro can kick back, relax, and watch an entire Lord of the Rings movie (extended edition, of course!) without needing a refill. He will never want to drink beer any other way from now thanks to your amazing Christmas gift!

Badass Christmas Gifts for Brothers

Cool Bullet Whiskey Gift Ideas for What to Get Your Brother for Christmas

It doesn’t matter if your brother is into guns or not, this badass gift set is one of the all-time coolest gifts you can give for Christmas! He will be stoked to try out the bullet whiskey stones in his new custom glass, but he’ll also want to grab a cold beer to pop it open with the bullet bottle opener. Whichever drink he chooses to try first, he’ll be sure to raise his glass to you in thanks for such an awesome Christmas gift.

The Best Gift for the Brother Who Loves Movies

Customizable Wood Movie Theater Sign

Not sure what to get your brother for Christmas? He will love this personalized movie theater sign! He’ll be so excited to hang up this unique sign in his home so that he can finally have his very own home theater. The only thing that would make this awesome Christmas gift even better is if you pair it with a popcorn maker or a 4K version of the latest hit movie he saw!

Practical Christmas Gifts for Brothers

Engraved Ammo Can Tool Set

Looking for Christmas gifts that even the brother who wants nothing will love? This practical tool set is perfect! Complete with a hatchet, knife, cigar flask, and even an ammo box once used by the US military, everything in this set is as cool as it is useful. Your brother will love using his new knife on his travels and at work as it comes equipped with a rope cutter and a glass breaker so that he’s prepared for anything, even in an emergency. The handy hatchet is great for preparing his campsite or clearing a path through the woods. When he’s ready to relax, the cigar-holding flask will be at his side so that he can unwind with a drink and a stogie. He can even use the ammo can to store all of these awesome tools along with his other outdoor essentials!


New Headphones Are Always a Good Idea

Cowin SE7 Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether your brother is a gamer, audiophile, or always listens to podcasts while he works, a new pair of headphones is a great Christmas gift for him! These over-the-ear headphones are perfect for listening to music, podcasts, talking on the phone, and more because they’re wireless and have up to 30 hours of use on one charge. Once he tries out these incredible noise-canceling, comfortable headphones, he’ll never want to use his old pairs ever again!

The Sophisticated Answer to What to Get My Brother for Christmas

Custom Decanter and Cigar Glasses Set

Stuck on what to get your brother for Christmas? Go above and beyond with this stunning decanter set! The two of you can light up a couple of stogies and kick back on mom and dad’s couch with a glass of bourbon as you all watch A Christmas Story together using these unique 2-in-1 cigar-holding whiskey glasses. Your brother will love having the fancy decanter to display his finest whiskey on his home bar or in his office!

Interactive Christmas Gift for Brother

America Beer Bottle Cap Collector Sign

Inspire your brother to start a new collection this Christmas with this neat beer bottle cap holder sign! For any brother who enjoys craft beers and local brews, he might even want to take a cross-country road trip so that he can get beers brewed in all 50 states to display on the map. This fun piece of decor will be a great addition to his home bar, man cave, or kitchen. Once he fills it up with bottle caps, he’ll definitely want another one for next Christmas to continue his new hobby!

What to Get Your Brother for Christmas Who Has Everything

Ammo Can Set of What to Get My Brother for Christmas Gifts

Still not sure what to get your brother for Christmas? Get him this unique ammo can set! He’s certain to not have a personalized ammo can that was once used by the US military, or a set of matching engraved glasses, either. This awesome gift set is great for relaxing with a glass of whiskey and a stogie after opening presents or a long day at work. The ammo can is perfect for storing keepsakes, special bottles of liquor, hunting gear, and more! Such a cool, unique, and practical Christmas gift is perfect for even the brother who has it all.

What to Get My Brother for Christmas: A New Way to Cook

Steak Stones Starter Set

Your brother enjoys cooking, but one of his main complaints about cooking in the kitchen is that he has to pause the show he’s watching in the living room in order to make his meal. Solve his problem by giving him this awesome sizzling stone set for Christmas! All he has to do is bake the stone, take the tray and everything he wants to cook into the living room and cook his dinner while watching the latest Netflix show. The set even comes with convenient containers for sauces and seasonings so that he has everything he needs. Thanks to your awesome Christmas gift, he’ll never miss a moment of his show again while he gets his dinner ready.

The Best Craft Beer Gift for Your Bro

What to Get My Brother for Christmas Beer Gift Set

For a brother who enjoys craft beer, forget that typical brewery tour gift card and get your brother this craft beer gift set! He will love using his new personalized snifter to taste and enjoy the latest concoction from his favorite local brewery because it enhances the flavors like no other glass can. The new bottle opener will certainly come in handy when opening bottled craft brews, and he can collect the bottle caps in the gift box! Honestly, the only thing that would make this gift set even better is if you included a six-pack of different craft brews so that he can try out the glass and bottle opener right away.


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