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Article: 21 Christmas Presents for Your Brother – That Don’t Suck

21 Christmas Presents for Your Brother – That Don’t Suck

21 Christmas Presents for Your Brother – That Don’t Suck

Make the Holidays Jolly with the Best Christmas Presents for Brother:

Your brother is tired of the same old Christmas gifts year in and year out. This holiday season rock his socks off with something that doesn’t suck. Make it personalized, so it’s just for him, make sure it’s fun, so he’ll use it for years, and most of all let it be a reminder of what an awesome sibling you are. It doesn’t matter if your brother loves booze, is a tech head, or a music geek. We’ve put together an incredible list of Christmas presents for brother that don’t suck and will ensure he never doubts your gift-giving skills ever again.

A Whiskey Glass That Definitely Doesn't Suck

Benson Rocks Glass for your Brother

Don’t get your brother a pair of socks. Get one of those Christmas presents for your brother that he’ll use for years. This Benson-style rocks glass is great for the brother that likes his spirits neat, on the rocks, or with a mixer. It’s so versatile that your brother will easily find a way to use this gift at Christmas dinner.

Boxed Set of Christmas Presents for Brother

Personalized Decanter Set for your Bro

Your brother’s love of whiskey is second only to his family. That’s why this Christmas gift for your brother is perfect this holiday season. He’ll no longer have to scrap out ice to throw in a plastic cup. He can finally enjoy his whiskey like a classy adult. Your bro even has an extra glass to share with you and always be ready for a toast. This Christmas help your brother inch closer to adulthood in a way he’ll respect.

Personalized Beer Flight for Your Brother

Beer Flight Set

You already know your brother is going to talk ad nauseam about craft beers during Christmas dinner. That’s why this craft beer flight is going to be a surefire hit with your brother this holiday season. He’ll be able to sample 4 of his favorite beers at once and let others join in while basking in his knowledge. Pair it with a variety pack to get him started.

Awesome Globe Decanter Set for the Holidays

Globe Decanter & Matching Glasses

What unique Christmas gifts are out there for your brother? Consider this really cool globe decanter and glassware set. Whether he’s an avid traveler, geography nut, or just needs something to tie his office together, this Christmas gift is a killer idea. He’ll love that the ship-in-the-decanter is almost as eye-catching as whatever liquor he pours inside. After this holiday, he’ll swear there’s only one way to enjoy liquor.

Manly Ammo Can Christmas Gift for Brother

3 Line Ammo Can Gift Set

Think outside the box this holiday season. A personalized ammo can is one of those Christmas presents for brother he’ll love and never expect. When he opens it up and sees everything he needs to have a good time you should brace yourself for a powerful hug. Don’t be surprised if he sheds a single tear as he pours you and he a beer in his brand new pint glasses.

Marshall Amp Refrigerator

Marshall Fridge Amp for Musician Brother

Do you want a Christmas gift for your musician brother? The legends behind Marshall amps have created this clever compact refrigerator. It perfectly mirrors a Marshall amp on the outside, but the inside is a fridge where your brother can cleverly store whatever he needs after a long day and long night of rocking out. When he unwraps this, he’ll wonder why he needs another amp but will love the surprise that’s on the side. You could even stock the fridge to really elevate this holiday gift.

Wine Decanter for the Holidays

Wine Decanter for Brother-In-Law

You might wonder if there are any good wine gifts for your brother? This personalized decanter answers that question with ease. This Christmas let your brother show off a little at the dinner table when he aerates everyone’s wine with his fancy, new gift. Your brother will be impressed by how much better his wine tastes whenever he uses this gift. He’ll probably try and sneak it to every family gathering from here on out.

Stainless-Steel Pint Glass for Your Brother

Stainless-Steel Pint Glass

Pint glasses have evolved. Get one of those Christmas presents for your brother that elevates his beer drinking. These stainless steel pint glasses not only have comfortably grip, but they keep beer cooler for much longer than a standard pint glass. With this Christmas gift, your brother will be the beer champion of every tailgate, lake visit, or pool party he frequents.


Unwrap an Awesome Custom Cigar Flask

Cigar Flask for Your Brother

Are there good Christmas gift ideas for cigar lovers? If your brother enjoys a cigar every once in a while then this custom leather cigar flask is exactly what he needs to stay warm and toasty for the holidays. This is one of the best Christmas presents for your brother because he can easily take his favorite spirit and stogie with him wherever he goes. Hole-in-one? His team win the championship? Friend gets engaged? All the tools he needs will be right by his side with this gift.

DIY BBQ Sauce Kit of Christmas Presents for Brother

Make Your Own BBQ Kit

BBQ is a perfect meal any time of the year. Get one of those Christmas presents for your brother that challenges his creative side and is delicious at the same time. Your brother will relish the chance to create his own BBQ sauce. He’ll be looking around the dinner table for anything that needs to be sauced. Don’t be surprised if the next family gathering has him lecturing the family on the pros and cons of Texas, Kansas City, Carolina, & Memphis style BBQs after he spends time with this fun gift.

Custom Wood Sign for a Classy Christmas Gift for your Brother

Personalized Wood Sign for your Bro

It’s never a bad idea to give your brother a gift that has a little style and this Christmas is no exception. A custom bar sign is perfect if he has a man cave, home bar, or a self-proclaimed bachelor pad. You can customize this Christmas gift for brother to make it ideal for a big or little brother. He will appreciate finally having a reason to replace the sun-stained Sublime poster he’s had since college.

Monogrammed Gift Set for Christmas

Quinton Box Set for Men

Christmas is supposed to be a celebration. Get a Christmas gift for your brother that when he unwraps it he’ll remember all the good times he can have. No cigar will go unlit. No whiskey will be left stagnating in a bottle. No bottle will be left unopened. No keepsake will be tossed aside. This is the ultimate gift that will have your brother celebrating life through this year and the next.


Amazing Solar Oven for your Brother This Christmas

Solar Over

Don’t leave your outdoorsy brother in the cold this Christmas. This solar oven is an amazing gift that will completely revolutionize his camping life. He’ll be able to bake, steam, and even roast with this amazing solar powered over. Blending the outdoors with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies almost seems too good to be true. He’ll never want to leave home without it. Don’t be shocked if he insists on cooking next year for Christmas with this cool gift being his only tool.

Traditional German Beer Stein

Beer Stein for your Brother

What are some of the best Christmas traditions? One of the finest would have to be enjoying a seasonal beer from a traditional German beer stein. If that doesn’t sound like one of your family traditions, don’t worry. Your brother will be more than okay with starting it this year when he unwraps this gift under the tree. Your beer-loving brother will quickly realize this stein puts all other glassware to shame. Expect three cheers headed your way with one of the best Christmas presents for brother out there!

Unique Vaportini Deluxe System


This holiday season let your brother experience a completely new and creative way to enjoy liquor. This Vaportini deluxe kit will let your brother inhale liquor, experiencing each subtle and rich flavor without ever having a hangover. Prepare for an empty liquor cabinet as he experiments with anything within reach. He’ll love never having to worry about hangover remedies ever again after this Christmas. Talk about a unique Christmas gift for your brother!

Liquor Bottle Gift Box

Custom Liquor Bottle Gift Box for your Brother

Can you gift a bottle of liquor for Christmas? Yes. No one’s going to turn that down. But you shouldn’t just stick a bow on it, thrust in their face, and call it a day. Show your brother how much he means to you with a personalized liquor bottle gift box. He’ll appreciate the bottle inside and might make himself a mixer for Christmas dinner, but he’ll always remember the personalized box. He’ll likely even make it a mantle piece in his home.

Marshmallow Crossbow

Marshmallow Crossbow

Want a Christmas gift that’s fun? This Christmas gift for your brother will be a smash hit. This marshmallow crossbow has accuracy from up to 60 feet away with full-sized marshmallows. Crafted from sturdy wood, your brother will be able to go through countless bags of marshmallows. He’ll love pegging friends and family members and they’ll be okay with the deal because they just got a surprise marshmallow.

Custom Decanter for the Military Brother

Argos Decanter

Has your brother served in the military? If that’s the case then look no further than this American Heroes decanter. It doesn’t matter if your brother’s retired or active duty, this is a Christmas gift for your brother he’ll be proud to unwrap. His favorite liquor will now have a premier spot in his home instead of being tucked away in a cabinet.

Engraved Axe for your Brother

Custom Axe

Imagine the look on your brother’s face when he unwraps an axe engraved just for him. Actually, you won’t have to imagine it with this awesome Christmas present for your brother. He can become the lumberjack he’s always dreamed with this cool camping and yard work tool. Plus, he’s got the perfect accessory if he ever wants to be Paul Bunyan for a costume contest. For any outdoorsy brother, this gift is a must-have this Christmas.

Meal Prep Kit for Christmas

Meal Prep Kit for your Brother

Looking for a Christmas gift for a health nut brother? Meal prepping is all the rage and Get Prepd has crafted a beautiful meal pack that keeps everything neatly organized and freshly sealed. It even has magnetic cutlery and a separate jar for sauces and dressings. It’s immaculately designed and is great for your brother that likes to have every meal planned out. What makes these Christmas presents for brother especially incredible is that it comes with an app that has recipes, keeps track of nutritional value, and helps your brother stay on plan for his meal prepping. Just remind him that it’s okay to have a slice of pumpkin pie once in a while.

Custom Beer Cap Display for your Brother

Custom Bottle Cap Collector Sign

Looking for Christmas gifts for collectors that your brother will love? Beer cap sign is something he’ll use for years. He can add bottle caps from his favorite breweries and from big moments in his life. This is a Christmas gift that will look great in any space. From a dorm room, to a home office, or a man cave, your brother will make sure this gift is properly displayed no matter where is. You could even go on a brewery tour together to get him started.


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