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Article: 10 Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts

10 Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts

10 Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts
Looking for the perfect gift for your Secret Santa? Here are 10 hilarious gift ideas all under $40.

1. Boozie Bear Flask

It's a flask...but it looks like a gummie bear! No more boring trips to the zoo. Now you can take along an adult beverage to liven things up! $9.95 Find it here

2. Sasquatch Extremely Large Flask

This flask holds a whopping 128 ounces. That's one full gallon! $29.95 Can be engraved for an extra-special touch. (+$12.95) Find it here

3. Emergency Meal Transplant Insulated Lunch Tote

Is it that your water sloshing around in there or is it a human heart? $24.95 Find it here

4. Secret Binocular Flask

Sneak liquor into the big game with this hidden flask! Holds 16 oz. $16.95 Find it here

5. Mysack, It Takes Ball to Golf,

Ball Holder

Hilarious for any golf lover. Includes 2 free golf balls. $15.95 Find it here

6. Winestein Wine Glass

A manly man's wine glass. $19.95 Find it here

7. The Right Medicine Coffee Mug

A sophisticated coffee mug recommended by any doctor. $9.95 Find it here

8. Hammer Time Ice Cube Tray

Make tiny ice molds that look like hammers! Makes drinking anything fun! Check out more ice molds in other shapes here. $11.95 Find it here

9. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron

For the grilling master, this apron features a bottle opener, 3 huge pockets, 4 sauce/condiment pockets, salt & pepper pockets, and a 6 beer ammo bandoleer to make sure he stays loaded at all times. $29.95 Find it here

10. Golf Club Kooler Klub

For those days when you can't seem to get under par. $39.95 Find it here

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