Periodic Table of Wine

Wine Humor Round-Up: Drinking Jokes & Funny Wine Gifts

A short surf around the web is all the proof you need that wine drinkers have a great sense of humor. From wine drinking jokes to wine posters to funny gifts for wine lovers, there’s way more than a barrel of laughs. We’ve collected some of our favorite wine humor into a special edition table blend, so pop open a bottle (or if you are so inclined, a box), and enjoy!

Funny Wine Jokes

Everyone loves a great tweet, and Twitter has no shortage of funny wine jokes.

Periodic Table of Wine

This funny and informative wine infographic has been circling the internet for years. It categorized types of red wine and types of white wine with pseudo-scientific hilarity.

Periodic Table of Wine

If you’re looking for funny wine gifts, the Periodic Table of Wine is actually a t-shirt design, and it’s even wine colored so you don’t have to worry about spills!


Funny Wine Cartoons

Traditional wine snobbery is an easy target for wine humor, so satirical cartoons frequently here for laughs.

Wine Cartoon
Originally appeared in The New Yorker
Open a Wine Cartoon
Originally appeared in The New Yorker


Wine Art

Wine posters and wine art can be found in homes everywhere, and nothing makes us feel more at home that a good laugh.

Love the Wine You're With


Always a Good Time


Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers

Unique wine gifts are really fun to give, and even more fun to receive. Take something useful and give it a twist of wine humor, and you’ve got a memorable gift to make your wine lover smile.

Red Cup Wine Glass Set

These unique wine glasses are inspired by the ubiquitous red party cup. Some people might say they would never drink wine from a disposable cup, but put a stem on it, and there’s no excuse not to drink from one!


Bottoms Up Wine Stopper

Funny wine stoppers are great, because party guests will use them throughout the night, striking a smile and conversation each and every time.

Peacock Wine Holder

Sometimes you’ve got that bottle of special vintage that needs to be displayed, rather than tucked away in a cabinet. Make sure it gets noticed with this hilarious peacock wine bottle holder. We promise he won’t drink the whole bottle.

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