29 Ideas – What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day Gifts

Wondering What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day? Check Out Our Ideas:

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that’s all about celebrating your special someone, and you want to make sure that your boyfriend’s gift is perfect. If you’re unsure what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day, just know that it needs to be a gift that demonstrates how much you love him and also be something so cool he’ll want to use it time and time again. Not sure what kind of gifts fall into that category? Don’t know the kind of gifts that really demonstrate your love? We’ve found the absolute most amazing gift choices so you’ll know what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day that he will absolutely love.

Most Awesome Decanter Ever

Globe Decanter Set

Have no idea what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day? Look no further than this idea! Get your boyfriend a Valentines gift that is just as impressive as he is with this globe decanter set! The moment he gets this gift in his hands he’ll feel like the worldliest guy in town. However, he’ll become even more in love with the gift when he sees that the crystal ship inside the decanter! This will be the perfect way for you and him to celebrate your Valentines date night too!

His Very Own Bar Sign

Personalized Wooden Bar Sign

When you aren’t sure what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day, you can’t go wrong with a personalized sign. Specifically, this wooden bar sign is an awesome gift that your guy will be OBSESSED with! It’s attractive, it’s hilarious, it’ll last forever, and it lets him make the rules. What more could he ask for in a V-day gift?

For an Atypical Beer Experience

Traditional German Beer Stein

You don’t want to get him something he may already have or thinks is uninteresting. That’s why your safest bet is this German beer stein! He’ll feel like the coolest man alive using this extremely unique stein to enjoy beer whenever he wants. With the personalized crest on the side, he’ll definitely say that this is the greatest gift he’s ever gotten, and he’ll feel so loved on Valentines Day.

One of a Kind Gift

Decanter Set with Sculpted Glasses

When you’re wondering what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day, remember it’s just human nature to feel more special when receiving a gift that’s one-of-a-kind. That’s why this personalized whiskey gift set will make your man feel like the most special boyfriend ever! He’ll be a big fan of the customization on the decanter as well as the unique shape of the glasses.

A Golf Gift to Show Your Love

What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day is a Putting Set

Being on the golf course as often as he wants just isn’t possible, but letting him practice his short game all the time is! This golf putting gift set is the perfect gift to surprise him with on V-day. Whether he’s at the office, at home, or anywhere else, he can whip this set out at a moment’s notice and begin putting. Thanks to you, he’ll be ready for the Masters in no time!


What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day That’s High Tech

Roku TV

Guys love receiving awesome tech gifts for Valentine Day, you know know a super technologically-advanced gift will make your man very happy, especially something as cool as this wireless charging pad! He’ll love being able to charge his smart phone simply by placing it on Roku Smart TV! He’ll have a blast watching the big game or his current Netflix favorite using this awesome TV, and he’ll be so excited for all the fun movies and shows the two of you will watch together!

Simple Yet Great

Personalized Cigar Glass and Case Set

The truth is, men are generally easy to please, and they often really love simple but cool gifts. This cigar glass and case gift set is a great gift to choose when you aren’t sure what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day. Both items are personalized just for him, making him feel very special, and both will make their cigar-smoking better and more convenient. He’ll love taking a stogie out of the case and putting it inside this glass so he can enjoy whiskey and cigars together.

Most One-of-a-Kind Gift There Is

Custom Ammo Can Whiskey Gift Set

This personalized ammo can gift set is such a unique and legendary gift that your boyfriend won’t be able to believe it! Knowing his name is on a can once used by the US military to carry ammunition will make this gift feel like the most unique gift ever, and he’ll love using the can to carry whatever he wants to carry inside it.

Don’t Know What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day? How About a Box

Liquor Bottle Box What to Get a Guy for Valentine's Day

Sometimes, the simpler the gift, the better! Gift this handsome personalized wooden gift box with a bottle of his favorite liquor and he’ll be even more obsessed with it. This box is an incredible gift that your man will love using to store mementos from your relationship, his favorite drinking accessories, or anything else he wants! It’s the perfect simple yet awesome gift if you aren’t sure what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day.

Sail the Whiskey Seas

Spigot Decanter with Oak Base

You may not know what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day, but you know you don’t want to get him a “one and done” kind of V-Day gift. That’s why this spigot decanter is a fantastic choice for a gift! He’ll love the novelty of this decanter that lets him store his liquor in such a different way. It also is the perfect gift to use when he has guests over so they can serve themselves a beverage.

Comfy-Footed Valentine

Wool Tennis Shoes are What to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day

As a loving girlfriend, you care about every aspect of your boyfriend’s life and that also includes his style and comfort. When he’s wearing these wool runners, he’ll be more stylish and comfortable than he’s been his entire life! The souls of these handsome shoes are made from fine merino wool, so his feet will be incredibly cozy as he walks around in these shoes. He’ll absolutely love this Valentine’s Day gift and will never want to take them off.

What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day for His Liquor Indulgence

Monogrammed Glass and Flask Gift Box

Having multiple ways to enjoy your favorite vices is a great thing, so buy him this custom gift box set. He’ll love the monogrammed wooden box that he can use to store whatever he wants inside. He’ll be very grateful for this gift because he can use the glass when he’s at home, but when he’s on the go, he can fill the flask to the top with his liquor of choice. Include a miniature bottle of his favorite liquor to really make it a phenomenal gift set.

So He’ll Feel like a Chef

Custom Grilling Tool Set

When it comes to grilling skills, your man’s will feel more advanced than ever when he’s using this personalized set of grill tools. It’s a great go-to gift when you don’t know what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day because you know he’ll have a blast using it. No matter what food he’s grilling up, he’ll love a great time doing it with this fantastic gift.

Decoration for His Home

Personalized Round Tavern Sign

Whether your man is big on decorating his place or not, he’ll definitely be obsessed with this customized bar sign and immediately want to hang it up! It’s the perfect gift when you’re unsure what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day because you know it will look awesome hanging in his home bar, kitchen, man cave, or anywhere else in his home. He’ll really like the personalization aspect of this sign that makes the space feel like his very own.

Fill Him With Beer and With Love

Custom Beer Glasses Box Set

Your man has definitely never received a gift as phenomenal as this one. This amazing beer gift set is the kind of gift that he won’t stop talking about for days! With the combination of the handsome personalized gift box and the four different kinds of beer glasses, he’ll totally obsess over this awesome gift and be so excited to drink different beers with you!


Watch How Cool This Gift Is

Italian Leather Watch Case

Men love practical gifts, so pick this leather watch case as a phenomenal V-day gift. His watches will look fantastic displayed in this case as it sits on his dresser or bedside table. He’ll really appreciate keeping all his favorite watches in one place, and he’ll be very thankful for a gift that is so practical and classy.

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed

Light Up Alarm Clock is What to Get a Guy for Valentine's Day

The way you wake up in the morning often determines the course for your day. Make sure every day for your guy is fantastic with this wake-up light! This ingenious contraption will gradually brighten up his room, waking up his body slowly so he can feel much more awake in the morning. He’ll love this gift that puts him in a more positive mood every single day.

A Unique Gift Set He’ll Love

Hatchet and Whiskey Stone Gift Set

A very unique gift that boyfriends love is hard to find, but thankfully for you, this whiskey gift set is one of them! He’ll have tons of fun with this gift. For example, he can use the axe to chop up some wood to make a nice warm fire on Valentines Day! Then, he can relax by the fire he has built with his bare hands while he sips chilled whiskey from his custom glasses, how great of a gift is this?

New Level of Wine Enjoyment

Custom Stainless Steel Tumbler Box Set

You’re looking for a V-day gift for your man that is incredibly classy and amazing, but you find yourself wondering “Where will I find such a unique gift?” Search no more! This wine tumbler gift box is exactly what you’ve been looking for. He will definitely enjoy using this set for wine and cocktails, but the customization will take the gift to a whole other level. He will know you went above and beyond for such a great gift when he sees that the box, the glasses, and even the corkscrew have his name on them! It’s the perfect gift when you don’t know what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day.

Idea When You Don’t Know What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day

Custom Whiskey Stones and Glasses Set

The only thing better than surprising him with his favorite bottle of liquor is getting him his own whiskey stone set too! Men tend to enjoy bold, smooth flavors, so why not match his glassware to his bold taste too? These impressive glasses are the ideal way to enjoy even the strongest and peatiest whiskeys when he’s celebrating Valentine’s Day with you.

His Kind of Flowers

What to Get a Guy for Valentine's Day is a Beef Jerky Bouquet

Don’t know what to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Think about it this way: he’ll probably get you a bouquet of flowers, so buy him his own special bouquet! This beef jerky bouquet is an excellent gift, full of delicious beef jerky shaped like daisies, that he’ll enjoy immensely. He’ll definitely realize why you love bouquets so much!

Drink Beer on V-Day

Customized Growler and Pint Glasses Set

Make this Valentines Day one to remember with a gift he’ll be using for years to come with this custom growler gift set! It’s the perfect way for you to celebrate your love for your man. He’ll know you thought long and hard about this gift not only because it comes with his name all over it, but because it also will be topped off with his favorite local beer. What Valentines Day gift could be better than that?

In the Kitchen

Etched Cutting Board

Not sure what to get a guy for Valentine’s Day? This personalized cutting board is an awesome gift choice on Valentines Day for any man. Whether he is the next Gordon Ramsey or an aspiring Alton Brown, he’ll love getting this unique kitchen gift. He’ll love how sturdy and attractive this board is, and he’ll love cooking the two of you a romantic V-day dinner using this board.

Highest Quality Accessories

Cigar Box and Custom Glass isWhat to Get Your Boyfriend for Valentines Day

Because your boyfriend is such a great guy, he deserves to use all of the highest quality accessories no matter what he’s doing. This whiskey and cigar gift set is perfect for your man because the accessories are personalized just for him. He’ll know how much you value and appreciate him when he’s using this awesome gift to enjoy his favorite vices.

American Gift

USA Beer Cap Map

Trying different beers is one of the most fun and delicious hobbies to have, which is why your guy needs this USA beer cap map. This gift gives him an excuse to try tons of different beers while also giving him a really awesome decor items to hang in his home. It’s the perfect gift idea when you aren’t sure what to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day.

A Unique Box Set

Engraved Knife Gift Box Set

For the best, most special boyfriend, only the most unique gift sets will do. This knife gift set is a fantastic choice for him. Every man needs a good pocket knife, so this one with his name on it will rest in his pocket, ready to use whenever he needs it. With a personalized gift box to fill with things he loves, he’ll be obsessed with this awesome gift set.

Smell Like a Champion

Versace Cologne Set

With a brand name like Versace, he’s sure to be impressed. He’ll be even more impressed when he sees this cologne set. When he uses this cologne, he’ll smell better than ever before, making him more confident of a man than ever before! He’ll absolutely love the smell of this cologne, and he’ll love how much you love it.

Look Ma! One Hand!

Cigar Glasses Engraved Box Set

Whoever said that multitasking isn’t possible clearly didn’t know this cigar gift set existed. With this gift set, you will have given, single-handedly, the best Valentines Day gift ever. He can easily have his arm around you while enjoying a puff from his cigar or a sip from his whiskey. Plus, the engraved keepsake is the perfect way to stuff his gift with photos, cards, candy, cigars, or anything else you want!

Don’t Know What to Get a Guy for Valentine’s Day? Check This Out

Sculpted Whiskey Box Set is What to Get a Guy for Valentine's Day

Showing him how much you love him doesn’t have to be difficult. Just get him an amazing gift, like this whiskey box set, that has been customized just for him, that is a surefire way for him to know you care! Once he takes his unique glasses out, he can use the cool, custom wooden box to store photos of the two of you or whatever he wants. Sipping drinks on Valentine’s Day night will never taste as good as when it comes from his new glass set!