What to Bring to a Stock the Bar Party

What to Bring to a Stock the Bar Party

Now that you’ve been invited to a stock the bar party, here are a few things you should know. Perhaps most important, it’s customary to bring the hosts a gift. If this is your first or even if you are a veteran of these types of parties it can still cause anxiety when choosing a stock the bar party gift. You’re bound to have questions like: What do I bring to a stock the bar party? How much should I spend on gifts? What types of things should I bring to a housewarming party? Put your worries away. We’ve got everything covered to make sure you know exactly what to bring. We’ve curated an awesome list of decanter sets, various beer glasses, items for wine lovers, and anything else you could think of to make sure you’re a hit at the party.

1. Monogrammed Red Wine Glass

Monogrammed Red Wine Glass

Some people swear only by red wine. If your hosts are newlywed and have shared countless bottles of red wine then they will love this monogrammed red wine glass. It’s shaped so every aroma hits their nose before they take their first sip. It will elevate how they normally drink wine. You can even get more than one so each of the hosts has their own monogram.

2. Classic Engraved Pint Glass

Classic Engraved Pint Glass

The classics never go out of style. People still read Shakespeare, listen to the Beatles, and, perhaps most importantly, drink from pint glasses. This engraved pint glass will let your hosts enjoy the rich amber color from their favorite ale or the dark tones of a nice, winter stout. Of course, the way it looks will only make them want to drink it more. So they’ll be going back for another.

3. Glencairn Serving Tray Set – A Gift for Scotch Connoisseurs

Glencairn Serving Tray Set – A Gift for Scotch Connoisseurs

If the hosts of the stock the bar party are having a housewarming and are the type that want people to appreciate every note and aroma of scotch then this is the gift for them. This Glencairn set comes with 4 glasses and a sharp serving tray so the hosts can easily share their favorite bottle of scotch. Your hosts will love any chance they get to teach people how to properly sniff from the classic Glencairn shape so they get every fragrant aroma. This is an awesome set for hosts that want a chance to share something they love with the closest people in their life.

4. Engraved Whiskey Set – A Gift for Whiskey Lovers

Engraved Whiskey Set – A Gift for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey lovers should be treated right at a stock the bar party. While everyone else is enjoying cool beers in sharp pint glasses or sharing wine from a decanter, whiskey lover shouldn’t feel left out. Luckily, this whiskey set not only includes the proper glassware needed, but a handsome box, and whiskey stones that your host will love in their new home so there spirts remain undiluted. This is perfect for hosts that like to enjoy a quality glass of whiskey in the comfort of their home.




5. Modish Moscow Mule Mugs

Modish Moscow Mule Mugs
Moscow Mule Mugs are a fantastic gift for a stock the bar party. They’re perfect for almost every type of cocktail, they keep drinks cool, and they look stylish. With this set of 4, your hosts will have a home bar in their brand new house as hip as any bar in their hometown.

6. Stemless Champagne Flutes

Stemless Champagne Flutes

No celebration should be without champagne and champagne shouldn’t be without the right kind of glassware. You can show the hosts, especially if they’re newlyweds, that they’re going to have many reasons to celebrate in the future with these stemless champagne flutes. Not only do the bubbles look great rising to the top, but you can also have their initial engraved on each glass.

7. Custom Decanter Gift Box Set

Custom Decanter Gift Box Set

If you’re still thinking about what to bring to a stock the bar party, this custom decanter gift box is great for many reasons. Not only does it come with 4 beautifully engraved glasses and decanter, but it also has a handsomely etched wood box that your hosts can use to house several things. It’s a welcome addition to any housewarming.

8. Revolving Liquor Bottle Dispenser

Revolving Liquor Dispenser

Not only does this device clear up cluttered space on a home bar, table, or bar cart, but it looks incredibly enticing for guests and hosts at the stock the bar party. As they load it with vodka, whiskey, and rum, watch as it becomes a de facto water cooler at the party. Only a lot more fun than the one at the office.

9. Carefully Crafted Beer Flight Set

Carefully Crafted Beer Flight Set

It’s no shock that there is going to be a wide variety of beer at this stock the bar party. Not only does this beer flight let whoever carefully sample four varieties of beer at the party, but it also comes with cool custom engraving for a gift that deserves a premium place in the home.

10. Mighty Magnetic Bottle Opener

Mighty Magnetic Bottle Opener

A truly unforgettable tragedy would be having the beer flight set mentioned above and no way to open the beers. We all have a relative that still tells horror stories of the time they went to a housewarming party with a case of celebratory beer without any way to open any of the beers. Thankfully, this magnetic bottle opener will open thousands of bottles and look no worse for wear after its done. It’s a great gift for a new home that will be around for years.

11. Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set

Wine is going to be shared with the newly weds and their guests at the stock the bar party. That’s a given. These Rhone Valley wine glasses pay homage to the wonderous grapes that bring us the wondrous wine we love so much. With a set of 4, your hosts can easily share a bottle of their favorite red wine with anyone in attendance. They’ll be sure to break out these glasses anytime the occasion calls for wine.

12. Gold-Rimmed Beer Mug

Gold-Rimmed Beer Mug

Sometimes a question like “What to bring to a stock the bar party” feels like it will never be answered, even if you’ve seen countless suggestions. Well, this gold-rimmed beer mug should change your mind. There is not a single person who doesn’t enjoy hoisting a mug full of beer into the air in celebration. When you see this gift airborne in the new home at the party then you’ll know the party is one to be remembered.

13. Wine Decanter – Even Tannins Need to Breathe at a Stock the Bar Party

Wine Decanter – Even Tannins Need to Breathe at a Stock the Bar Party

Be the hero of every wine connoisseur with this Modena wine decanter. A quality wine needs to breathe to bring out its full flavor. The hosts will love this aerator because the wine can also be served directly from it. It’s a stylish addition for a new home that newlyweds are long-wedded couples will love.

14. Personalized Liquor Decanter

Personalized Liquor Decanter

Every home should have a stylish way to display their favorite liquor. This personalized liquor decanter will make your hosts want to use it immediately. They’ll clear a space on the bar set-up, open a liquor bottle, and marvel at how great it looks in the decanter. If they prefer whiskey, rum, or even tequila your hosts will appreciate being able to serve their guests directly from a quality decanter.




15. Custom Hurricane Cocktail Glasses

Custom Hurricane Cocktail Glasses

Not all cocktail glasses are created equal. Some cocktails require a mighty thirst and these custom hurricane glasses quench the mightiest of thirst. With a set of 2 and customization of your choice, this is a gift that will put other guests to shame and the newlyweds will think is super rad.

16. Cocktail Mixing Kit – Every Stock the Bar Party Needs the Right Tools

Cocktail Mixing Kit – Every Stock the Bar Party Needs the Right Tools

It’s an all too familiar scene. Someone’s requested a mojito. The host gets a panicked look on their face. They desperately try and strain it by poking holes in an empty water bottle. They break a stick off a nearby tree in a desperate attempt at a muddler. Don’t let that happen. This hammered-steel bar tool set has everything needed so your hosts can pretend they’re Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

17. Personalized IPA Glass – A Stock the Bar Party Needs the Perfect Beer Glass

Personalized IPA Glass – A Stock the Bar Party Needs the Perfect Beer Glass

It’s a guarantee that the hosts haven’t even decided what kind of beer glasses they need in their new home. They’re probably just hoping someone doesn’t hand them a package of red Solo cups. You’ll see the gratitude on their face when you handover these awesome IPA glasses.

18. Uniquely Sculpted Wine Glasses – A Stock the Bar Party Needs Wine

Uniquely Sculpted Wine Glasses – A Stock the Bar Party Needs Wine

Anyone at the party would look absolutely ridiculous drinking wine straight from the bottle. Thankfully, you brought the remedy with these really cool sculpted wine glasses. Not only were they designed to enhance the aromas of red and white wine, they’ll also give the architect and letters professor at the party an excuse to debate post-modernism.

19. Stainless Steel Pint Glass

Stainless Steel Pint Glass

A stock the bar party isn’t complete without a pint glass. Drinking straight from the can or bottle should only be a last resort. This stainless-steel pint glass is a major upgrade from drinking straight from the source. It keeps beer cooler far longer than an average pint glass so your hosts can take some time to enjoy their favorite craft beer on a hot day.

20. Cool Custom Whiskey Glasses

Cool Custom Whiskey Glasses

If the hosts of the stock the bar party are the kind of people that love to share their favorite spirits then they will appreciate these 4 custom whiskey glasses. They’re great for bourbon, rum, or whatever spirit they prefer. With a set of 4, everyone at the housewarming can enjoy their liquor of choice and the custom design will make the hosts want to find a special place in the home to display this handsome set.

21. One-Touch Electric Corkscrew

One-Touch Electric Corkscrew

A stock the bar party shouldn’t be ruined because someone shoved the cork down bottle trying to free some delicious wine. This stainless-steel electric corkscrew ensures that won’t ever happen. The hosts will love that they’re just a single button press away from enjoying their favorite wines.

22. Canadian Whisky Glencairn Glass

Canadian Whisky Glencairn Glass

Some gifts at a stock the bar party are meant to stand out. Your hosts will be amazed at this striking Canadian whiskey Glencairn glass. If your hosts are fond of Crown Royal, Fireball, or any other smooth whisky, scotch, or bourbon then they will appreciate this glass. It still retains the rounded shape so your hosts can appreciate each note, but also has a wider bulb so they can easily put the drink on ice or with some whiskey stones.

23. Stainless Steel Martini Glasses

Stainless Steel Martini Glasses

Not every guest is going to want to beer. Some guests and some hosts thirst for the classic martini. Well, these stainless-steel martini glasses are great because they’ll keep James Bond’s favorite drink cooler for longer. This will also give your guests an excuse to host a Great Gatsby party in their new home and invite you.

24. Monogrammed Rocks Glasses and Decanter Set

Monogrammed Rocks Glasses and Decanter Set

Not everything needs to have bells and whistles. This monogrammed decanter set is a timeless look that looks great in any new home. With 4 premium rocks glasses, decanter, and a lovely display to house them all in, this is a gift that your hosts will find an excuse to use again and again.

25. Jager Bomb Shot Glasses

Jager Bomb Shot Glasses

Put away the plastic cup politics. It’s a party. Have everyone grab their favorite liquor and chaser as you show them the absolute wonder of these Jager Bomb shot glasses. They even include custom engraving, so the newlyweds always have a reason to get the party started well after this one has ended.

26. Personalized White Wine Glass – Wine Lovers Need Gifts Too

Personalized White Wine Glass

No one at the stock the bar party should be staring longingly at a bottle of chardonnay with nothing to drink it in. This personalized white wine glass is larger than normal so any white wine loving guest can get their fill. The long stem not only looks stylish, but will help keep their wine cool to the last drop.





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