37 What Do I Want For My Birthday Gifts

37 What Do I Want For My Birthday Gifts

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

“What Do I Want for My Birthday?” Answer that Question with These Great Gifts!

In life, many great questions take years of contemplation to figure out: “Are we alone in the universe? What is my purpose?” And the greatest one we have to face each year, “What do I want for my birthday?” You want unique gifts that will stand out for years to come: cool personal gifts, things to make the house look better, or even something awesome that you want just because. Thankfully, we’ve found some of the most awesome things that are sure to get you the unique birthday gifts you’ve been after for years to come! Don’t settle for just an okay birthday gift ever again! The next time you are asked what you want, you’ll be able to show them the coolest gifts they’ve ever seen!

A Gift Set is Always Better Than Just One Gift

Engraved Ammo Can with Whiskey Glasses

When you’re searching for the absolute birthday gift, sometimes one single gift won’t do. However, one large gift set is always the perfect answer! Engraved with your name and year, this is the ideal way to get a kickass gift that you’ll want to use for many more birthdays! It even comes inside its own gift box with the awesome ammo can! So, when you need to answer the universe’s most complex question of: “What do I want for my birthday?” You can answer it with this unique personalized gift set!

Personalized Mugs are Great Birthday Gifts

Beer Mug Sets are Unique Birthday Gifts

The cool thing about unique birthday gifts is not just that the items get to be something unique to your desires but that they can also be personalized just for you! What could make your special day more fun than enjoying all the festivities of your birthday party than sipping on your favorite beer out of your own unique beer mug gift set? You know, this is the exact gift you wanted, and you’ll look like a boss when you’re at the party drinking from such a gorgeous mug that has your name on it!

Celebrate with Unique Birthday Gifts

Personalized Cigar Case and Whiskey Cigar Glass

There is simply no better way to celebrate than with a good whiskey and an equally good cigar. That is exactly why this engraved set has been paired together! Whether this is a birthday gift you suggest to a friend or family member or one you buy for yourself, you can be sure that you’ll be using this set for more than just birthdays! It’s so good, you may even indulge in one or two more cigars than you normally do, just to get to use this awesome gift!

For a Bogie Free Birthday

Travel Golf Putting Set

Love to be on the green but can’t get out as often as you would like? Yeah, that is the case for most golfers. However, with your own putting set, you don’t have to let work schedules or weather ever keep you from practicing your stroke again thanks to this awesome birthday idea! Great for literally anywhere, this travel putting set is a fantastic gift for any golf lover!

A Styllin’ Stein

Personalized Beer Stein

Get yourself a birthday present that you’ll love for years to come with your own personalized beer stein! These awesome glasses aren’t just great for beer, they’re also a fantastic keepsake that you get to show off in your cabinets or on your mantle! However, when it is time to enjoy a delicious brew or celebrate a special occasion, make sure you bring your custom stein out for the ultimate brewski drinking experience!

A Portable Speaker That Rocks

What Do I Want for MY Birthday Is a Bluetooth Speaker

Stand out from the crowd of typical portable speakers with one that can truly rock! A Marshall Bluetooth speaker is a great way to blast some tunes at your birthday bash in style. You’re sure to get guests coming up and asking what kind of amp can play music so well, they’ll be shocked to find out it is actually a portable Bluetooth speaker!

When Great Birthday Gifts are on the Chopping Block

Custom Cutting Board

Still wondering, “What do I want for my birthday?” Well, the answer may be just in front of your eyes! It doesn’t matter if you can barely open a can or if you think you can beat Bobby Flay, this cutting board is one of the best things you can get for your kitchen. It won’t just look great in there either, this rustic cut board will inspire you to cook beyond any potential you ever had. Who knows, you might even end up becoming the next Alton Brown thanks to this thing.


A Taste of the Good Life

Glencairn Whiskey Box Set are Unique Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are a great opportunity to give yourself a taste of the good life or to experience a treat that you normally just can’t justify. Not only is this awesome engraved Glencairn box set just that, but it also lets you indulge in that feeling for the rest of your life! Now, you can take a good whiskey, scotch, or bourbon and feel classier than ever when you’re sipping and sniffing all the subtle aromas from your favorite drink!

For Wine You’re Asking Yourself, “What Do I Want for my Birthday?”

Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Box Set

When you’re racking your brain to answer, “What do I want for my birthday,” why not look at something that you can use for the rest of your life? This fantastic gift box already feels like you’re opening a wrapped gift like when you were a little kid. However, instead of toys, you’re getting some of the coolest wine tumblers on the market! You can even use the keepsake as a place to keep all the cards you got this year from your friends and family.

A Movie Magic Birthday Sign

Marquee Movie Sign

Thanks to the birthday gift you simply couldn’t live without, every night at your house will be movie night! A personalized movie sign is a fantastic gift for any cinephile. Who wouldn’t love seeing their name up in lights as they premiere their favorite movies at home night after night? Just make sure to pop some corn, bring some sodas, and you’re sure to love looking at this awesome birthday gift from the comfort of your couch or home theater!

Birthday Boots are Made for Walkin’

Leather Boots

There is nothing quite like truly treating yourself on your birthday. However, sometimes the treat comes best when you get to tell someone exactly what you want. This year, when asked what you want, show them these awesome leather boots and they’ll immediately want to get you some sweet new kicks for your feet! Plus, they know with good care that this is a birthday gift you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

Presenting the Best Birthday Present Ever

Monogrammed Presentation Set

Birthdays are a time to get silly, to get ludicrous, to maybe even go a little overboard with gifts. But sometimes, you need to treat yourself. So, when you find yourself asking yourself, “What do I want for my birthday,” for the ten-thousandth time, look no further than your own monogrammed presentation set! How much fun will it be enjoying drinks at your birthday, when you have guests over, or even in the office when it comes to a set that literally has your monogram on all six pieces?

A Beer Box of Unique Birthday Gifts

Engraved Beer Set of Unique Birthday Gifts

When someone is searching for a birthday gift for you, oftentimes they’re looking for it to fit a certain theme. They want it to fall into the vein of a hobby you just absolutely love. So, help them out a bit by showing them this amazing beer box set! Full of unique birthday gifts, you’ll finally be able to look like the beer aficionado you’ve always felt like!

Take Notes on this Birthday Gift Idea

Digital Notebook

Are you taking notes on all these great gifts? No, well with this awesome birthday gift you’ll be taking notes on everything in life! How cool is it to have your own digital notepad? You can write endlessly without having to worry about paper or running out of room. This endless notepad is perfect for any office worker or writer who still has a passion for writing by hand but wants to add just a bit of modern convenience to it!

A Bar Birthday Sign

Personalized Bar Sign

There is nothing quite like having a cold drink on your birthday. If only there was a way to make it cooler . . . oh wait, there is! This personalized bar sign! When you’re wondering, “What do I want for my birthday?” It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a home bar or you have a fully-furnished pub and need the finishing piece of decor, this sign will make every drink taste so much better. You know when you’ve got guests and they see your name on the sign, they’ll feel like they’re in a real bar!


What Do I Want for My Birthday? A Cigar Humidor of Course!

What Do I Want for my Birthday a Custom Cigar Humidor

Speaking of home bars, that is one of the many locations that this awesome gift will look great in. This amazingly unique gift is one of the best gifts you can get if you’re a fan of cigars or even if you have a special collection you want to keep secure and safe from the elements. This engraved humidor will keep your stogies ready for a light without you ever having to fear them rotting or drying out. Plus, because of the military design and engraving, this is bound to be one of the coolest pieces of decor in your home!

Comfy, Classy Birthday Robe

Cashmere Robe

Treat yourself to a swanky gift for your birthday. After all, you should feel both classy and comfortable on your big day since it only comes once a year. Look like a classy lady or gent in your very own cashmere robe! How comfy will it be to wake up on your birthday, throw on this robe and start opening everyone else’s presents?

A Set for Smokin’ Stogies and Scotch

Engraved Twist Whiskey Glass with Cigar Set

Put a new twist on conventional ideas when coming up with ideas for your birthday with this amazing cigar whiskey gift set! There is no way you won’t feel like one of the classiest people in the world each time you enjoy a Montecristo and Basil Hayden’s. Engraved with your name and initial, this is truly going to be one of the most unique gift sets you’ll have in your entire house. Plus, thanks to the cigar case, holder, and lighter, you can even bring parts of this set with you anywhere you go!

Your Own Personalized Gift Box

Liquor Presentation Set

When you want to keep things simple and someone wants to get you a gift, a personalized gift box filled with your absolute favorite liquor is a gift that even when you know it is coming, you’ll still love it. Opening the latch will feel like you’re a pirate finding a long lost treasure. Even when the bottle has long been emptied, this is the ideal presentation box to store future bottles you want to enjoy or save!

For the Hardcore Hops Fans

Custom Beer Pint Glass Ammo Can Gift Set

Feel like the coolest kid on the block when you show people exactly what you want to get for your birthday, this personalized ammo can beer set! Not only will you have the sweetest glasses to enjoy your hoppiest beers from, but you’ll also have a badass ammo can that the whole set comes in. This gift set even has a personalized survival knife in it. Its first use, opening the rest of your presents!

It’s Time for Unique Birthday Gifts

Watch and Cufflink Set

Keep yourself looking dapper as ever with this set of unique birthday gifts! This watch with matching cufflinks is the coolest looking set to really set off any casual or dressed-up outfit! For real, it looks so good with formal and casual wear that you’ll make guys like James Bond look like they got dressed in the dark!

Bet on Your Birthday Being Awesome

Monogrammed Poker Set of Unique Birthday Gifts

You can bet that this set of monogrammed birthday gifts makes for one of the coolest celebrations of you making it all the way around the sun once again. You could even have your birthday party be casino themed, this way you get to share your awesome personalized poker gift set with all your friends as you sip whiskey and smoke your favorite stogie!

Boast a Perfectly Groomed Beard

Beard Grooming Kit

A beard can never be too well maintained. So, instead of looking like a sailor who has been fishing for months on end at sea, get yourself a grooming kit when asking yourself “What do I want for my birthday!” Even in the roughest of seas, your beard will shine and be something that Poseidon himself would fear!

What Do I Want for my Birthday? A Wine Set!

Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Box Set

Thanks to this set of unique birthday gifts, your old wine glass set will never see the light of day again! Engraved with your name and birthday, this wine set will quickly become your favorite to breakout anytime you feel the need for a sip of one of your favorite drinks. As a birthday gift, these glasses even come in an amazing personalized box that you can keep for all sorts of things! You can use it to store wine corks, birthday cards, or anything else!

A Gift Set with a Bit of Everything

Valet Case with Flask and Cocktail Glass are Unique Birthday Gifts

Sometimes, the ultimate birthday gift gives you a little bit of everything. This gift set for example is one of the coolest ways to keep yourself organized while also making the birthday party way more fun! You’ve got a flask for when you’re heading out with your buddies and a matching custom glass for when you make it back home. However, the other huge part of this gift is the valet case, perfect for organizing all of your accessories. Who wouldn’t want to make looking dapper easier than ever before?

Shine On You Crazy Sunglasses


A quality pair of sunglasses is never anything to take lightly. Nothing makes the day more enjoyable than actually being able to see the day you are wanting to enjoy, and these amazing looking sunglasses are just the pair to protect your eyes! This is the perfect gift to give when you’re sticking to a budget or to even add to a larger gift set!

A Birthday Box for Cigars and Whiskey

Engraved Decanter Box Set with Cigar Glasses

Whiskey and cigars pair together like peanut butter and jelly, but you already knew that. You’ve been wondering, “What do I want for my birthday,” and trying to combine your two favorite vices, well thanks to this amazing gift set you can! This engraved decanter box set makes pairing your favorite things in the world easier than slicing birthday cake!

Did Somebody Say, “Chocolate?”

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket

Is there really a better gift than one that you get to eat? Instead of a small edible gift basket, how about turning things to eleven with one that you get to eat for weeks on end! This amazing birthday gift basket is perfect for anyone but any chocolate fiend will have no choice but to dive right in and experience the seemingly endless chocolaty goodness inside!

Engraved Wine Decanter Set

Custom Wine Decanter Set with Glasses

Wine is one of the most perfect ways to celebrate any occasion, but it is especially good for celebrating birthdays, of course! So when you’re searching for that perfect gift, look no further than these unique birthday gifts! A decanter with matching modern stemless glasses are perfect for the occasion fan of wine all the way to the true-lover of Riesling and Merlots alike! Just make sure this set comes with a bottle of wine so you can enjoy it right away!

A Multi-Purpose Birthday Gift

Wrench Multi Tool

Not all gifts have to be some large box set of items. Sometimes, the smaller, more personal gifts are exactly what you’ve been looking for. This wrench multi-tool has its handle engraved, which is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you reach for it to fix a leaky pipe or even cut a loose thread off of your shirt.


A Patriotic Birthday Sign

Metal American Flag Sign

Who wouldn’t want a badass metal American flag sign that they can hang up anywhere in their house as one of the most unique birthday gifts? This is a great piece of home decor that can be displayed above the fireplace, in the garage, the living-room, truly anywhere!

Unique Birthday Gifts are Things of Legend

Whiskey Stone Set When You Are Wondering What Do I Want for My Birthday

Make your birthday legendary with the most worthy gift ever, this whiskey stone set! This set is actually so good, that it even comes with its own set of glasses, this way, you and whoever bought this amazing gift for you can share a toast together as soon as you unwrap it!

Monogrammed Madness on Your Birthday

Monogrammed Flask and Cocktail Box Set

Why not indulge a bit on your birthday with a whole box set of unique birthday gifts? These monogrammed gifts even come inside a matching box. So, if someone gets you this (or you buy yourself a gift) there doesn’t even have to be any wrapping paper! Now, on your birthday you can easily indulge in any celebratory vice thanks to this awesome, all-inclusive set!

This Gift Idea is in the Bag

Leather Duffel Bag

Everyone could use a quality travel bag, and this leather buffalo bag is one that you can’t believe you ever lived without. Still thinking of “What do I want for my birthday,” after seeing this gift? Didn’t think so! Now, whether you’re going on a trip or just to the gym, you’ll look like the most sophisticated person ever!

A Sharp Idea When Wondering, “What Do I Want for My Birthday?”

Ammo Can with Hatchet Knife and Cigar Flask

Use your birthday as an opportunity to be prepared for anything that comes your way with this amazing engraved ammo can gift set! You’ve got a personalized knife and hatchet to ensure you can chop your way out of any jungle or woods adventure and even a cigar flask to celebrate your success afterward. How much more badass could a birthday present get than this?

A Gift That Really Sucks


One of the best gifts you can get, any time of year is a clean house. However, when you get this Roomba, it won’t just have to be on your birthday. This awesome vacuum cleaner will clean your entire house and even empties its own tray of dust out all by itself. How cool is it to never vacuum again? You can definitely say this is a gift that doesn’t suck!

A Brewery Set is of Unique Birthday Gifts

Engraved Pint Glass Box Set of Unique Birthday Gifts

Are there any more unique birthday gifts than a set that makes you feel like you own your own brewery? This is the perfect gift to get when you’re stumped on trying to find the exact gift for your birthday. Each time you hear the Psst of a beer tab and slide a glass to a buddy, you’ll feel more and more like you’ve got your own brewery. Plus, with a set of four glasses, throwing back a few cold ones with your best friends has never been easier!


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