31 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Give the Most Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him with Our Top Picks:

Your anniversary comes around once a year. That’s why it’s the perfect time to get your man a phenomenal present to show him that you love him even more than you did last year! Finding an amazing gift to show this much love isn’t easy, which is why we’ve found the greatest anniversary gift ideas for him for you! These gifts are one-of-a-kind, personal, awesome anniversary gifts that show you know him better than anyone on earth because they’re so specific to him! He’ll be so impressed receiving a gift that’s both unique and just the kind of thing he’d love. We’ve done all the work for you by tracking down the most amazing, creative anniversary gift ideas for him to celebrate your special day.

A Set of Whiskey and Cigar Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Custom Cigar Glass Gift Set

Make your man feel like the classiest guy of all time with this whiskey and cigar box set! He’ll be obsessed with this manly, sophisticated present as soon as he opens up the handsomely customized box. He’ll feel so loved and appreciated seeing the personalization on the glassware, too! When he celebrates your anniversary or any other special occasion with you, he’ll greatly enjoy sipping on his favorite scotch and smoking a stogie using these cigar glasses so he can efficiently enjoy both at the same time.

A Fun Bean Bag Toss Game

Bean Bag Toss Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

One of your favorite things about your husband is that he’s a kid at heart. Get him one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him that helps him have a blast with family and friends! This personalized bean bag toss game is really awesome because your man will think it’s a ton of fun to challenge his loved ones to a bean bag toss competition when they’ve over for a barbecue or family get together. Your man will definitely appreciate this gift that lets him be his true self!

The Ultimate Beer Gift Set for Him

Personalized Beer Gift Box Set

Get him a gift that will have him on cloud nine with this beer gift box set! He’ll be thrilled to try different beers from these various glasses, taking notice of how each glass changes the tastes of his favorite beers. Whether it’s by himself or with a buddy or two, he’ll think it’s a blast to experiment with different beers. Nothing will make him happier than feeling like a beer aficionado when he’s using this gift!

An Ammo Can Full of Awesome Tools

Ammo Can Tool Set of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversary gift ideas for him that are manly and rugged are always awesome choices! This ammo can box set is really masculine and cool, and your guy will be the biggest fan of it! The unique ammo can is perfect for storing his favorite tools or his own live rounds when he’s doing any of his favorite outdoor activities, like camping or hunting. The outdoorsy accessories in this ammo can will definitely come in handy! This is great when you’re shopping for something like 6 month anniversary gifts for him but is also amazing for bigger anniversaries like your 10 year as well!

The Most Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him on the Planet

Globe Decanter and Custom Glencairn Glasses Set

He’s the most amazing man in the world to you, and you want to show him that through your anniversary gift. That’s why this globe decanter with Glencairn glasses set is the way to go! He’ll definitely feel so loved when he sees this classy gift that symbolizes how much he means to you, and will want it displayed on the home bar or dining room table. He’ll really enjoy sipping on whiskey using these classy Glencairns with you as the two of you gaze at the whiskey-filled globe and think about all of your past and future adventures.


Vintage Video Games

Classic PlayStation Bundle

Give him the best kind of vintage gift there is for a man! This vintage, classic PlayStation is one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him that will provide him hours of nostalgic fun! He’ll have a blast playing vintage games like Resident Evil or Spider-Man using this awesome console. A nostalgic gift like this is sure to be a gift he’ll never forget! Who knows, you may even catch him in his pajamas early Saturday morning trying to squeeze in more game time just like he did as a kid.

Sophisticated Glassware for His Anniversary Gift

Custom Whiskey Decanter and Rocks Glasses Set

Nothing will show your love for your man more than the most beautiful glassware set he’s ever seen! This whiskey decanter and rocks glasses set is fantastic because not only is it customized just for him, but he’ll feel incredibly sophisticated using it for his whiskey, scotch, or any other liquor! When he wants to raise a glass to your amazing, loving relationship, he’ll have the perfect ones to do so with.

A Stogie Decor Piece

Personalized Shadow Box for Cigar Bands

Cigars are one of his passions, and for your anniversary, you want to make that passion even more enjoyable for him. Do so with one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him that’s a unique decor piece! With this customized shadow box, he’ll be able to save his cigar bands from special occasions and keep them inside this shadow box as a really unique and cool decor piece! He’ll really enjoy having this up on the wall as a way to capture memories in a physical form!

Advanced Smoker System Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Advanced Drink Smoker System

He’s the greatest man in the world, so he definitely deserves an amazing, out of this world anniversary gift! This advanced smoker system is an insanely awesome gift, and your man will definitely agree! All he has to do is place a glass of his favorite spirit inside this box and then use the smoking gun to infuse any flavor he wants into it. He’ll love experimenting with infusing different flavors into his drink using this special present, and he’ll feel like a whiskey connoisseur.

Most Delicious Foods Ever

Meat and Cheese Food Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

There’s no way he won’t love this gourmet gift basket since it is one of the most delicious anniversary gift ideas for him! In fact, it’s so good that it will make his mouth water as soon as he sees it! All the meats and cheeses in this set, like the Colby and Sicilian jack cheeses and the dry salami and Thuringer sausages, are unique and delicious, and he’ll be really appreciative of a gift that fills his heart and his stomach!

Macho Manly Ammo Can Set

Personalized Ammo Can Pint Glass Gift Set

There’s something about a manly ammo can gift set that will make your guy feel important! This set is one of the most useful anniversary gift ideas for him because not only can he store any items he wants inside the cool, custom can, but the pint glasses will be a lifesaver when he wants to enjoy his favorite brew from the perfect glass! The unique bottle opener and masculine knife will also be very useful for your man.

Manly Hatchet and Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Whiskey Set and Hatchet Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Speaking of masculine gifts, have you ever seen any gift as manly and awesome as this axe and whiskey stone gift set? Your man definitely hasn’t! He’ll love having this hatchet displayed in his man cave or elsewhere in his home as a symbol of his manliness. The glasses and whiskey stones are perfect for when he wants to enjoy a drink with you to celebrate your anniversary or any other special occasion!

Shave with the Best Accessories

Grooming Gift Set for Him

For an extraordinary man, an extraordinary gift is required. This four piece shaving set is one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him because he’ll feel like a king when he’s shaving! He’ll love having the highest quality shaving accessories that will give him a closer shave than traditional razors so he’ll feel his very best after he’s finished shaving!

Handsome Stainless Steel Tumbler Set

Engraved Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Set

For your anniversary, make him the classiest wine drinker on the planet! This stainless steel tumbler set is incredible, and he will feel so sophisticated with these handsome, unique glasses as he sips on his favorite chilled wine. It’ll stay cold until the last drop, which he’ll definitely appreciate. Even when he wants a cocktail or another beverage, these glasses are perfect! There’s no doubt he’ll want to use them with you to toast to your anniversary!


A Game Night Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Custom Poker Gift Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Having a game night with buddies is one of his favorite things to do. Show him how much you love him by getting him a gift that makes these game nights incredible. This custom poker set is fantastic because it gives your man the best quality materials for playing rounds of poker as well as any other card game he wants to play. He’ll be so appreciative of you for giving him a gift that helps him enjoy his hobbies even more!

A TV for the Bathroom

Waterproof LED Shower TV

The big game is on, but he really wants to take a shower! With this waterproof shower TV, he won’t have to miss a second of the action! He’ll be stunned by how cool this high-tech gift is that lets him enjoy all of his favorite sports games and TV shows while in the bathroom. He’ll feel like he’s living in a mansion with one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him he can imagine!

A Custom Beer Box Set of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Personalized Beer Mugs Box Set

Nothing says, “Happy Anniversary,” like a beer mug box set that’s as simple yet incredible as this one! There’s no way your husband doesn’t immediately fall in love with these customized, hefty beer mugs. He’ll feel like he’s at his own personal bar using these incredible mugs, and he’ll feel really special that you got him such a cool and custom gift set! Whenever there’s a special occasion like your anniversary or an evening he wants to relax, this gift set will be waiting for him to enjoy his favorite brew from his favorite mugs!

For His Whiskey and Cigar Vices

Custom Cigar Set of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

There’s no way your man doesn’t jump with joy on your anniversary when he sees this phenomenal gift! This whiskey and cigar gift set is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for him because it gives him the greatest tools out there to indulge in his favorite vices! He’ll feel like the classiest husband in the world using the customized, twisted glasses to sip on his favorite scotch as he smokes a stogie that rests on this cigar stand when he wants to put it down.

Awesome Bar Sign for the Home

Custom Home Bar Sign

A handsome bar sign that makes his home bar or drinking area in his home awesome? What could be better than that? Your man will love the way this sign looks hung up in his home, making the bar space in the house feel like his own that he’s worked hard on. Nothing will bring him more joy than when the two of you sip on a drink relaxing near this sign together!

Ultimate Coziness and Relaxation

Fleece-Lined Robe

He deserves ultimate relaxation, which is what this fancy, fleece-lined robe will give him! He’ll feel so comfy and cozy wrapped in this handsome robe, especially when he can be cuddled up with you, watching the game, or simply having a lazy Sunday morning. No matter if it’s summer, winter, a special occasion like your anniversary, or any random evening, he’ll just feel awesome wearing this robe!

Keep His Stogies Safe

Personalized Ammo Can Cigar Humidor

Make sure his stogies stay in tip-top shape with this ammo can cigar humidor! Never again will he have to worry about rotted or dried out cigars thanks to this badass gift. His new humidor is one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him because not only will he use it to hold his cigars, but it’s so unique looking that he’ll no doubt want it displayed in his man cave, home bar, or elsewhere in his home!

Classy in Every Way

Classy Watch Set of Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Anniversary gift ideas for him that make him feel sophisticated and classy every day are always phenomenal choices! This leather watch case gift set is awesome because it provides him with a handsome watch for wearing to your anniversary date, a place to keep said watch when returning home, and two ways to enjoy his favorite drinks while toasting to your anniversary! He’ll feel really special wearing a watch you got him for your anniversary every year!

His Own Personalized Grilling Tools

Engraved Grilling Tools Set

You want to give your man a gift that lets him both indulge in a passion of his and feel like more of a man while doing so. That’s why this personalized grilling tools set is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for him! He’ll feel like a grill master every time he pops the latch to pull out his grill tools to create his famed steaks, burgers, and bratwurst!

His Version of Flowers

Beef Jerky Bouquet

He always gets you a beautiful bouquet of flowers on anniversaries and other special occasions. So do the same for him by getting him a manly bouquet of his own this year! This beef jerky bouquet is one of the greatest anniversary gift ideas for him that he’ll really enjoy snacking on! He’ll think it’s super clever and unique, which he’ll appreciate. Of course, he’ll also love how delicious it is!

Most Classy Decanter Set Ever

Personalized Decanter and Glasses Box Set

There’s nothing like a stunning decanter and glasses box set to make him a happy, happy man! He’ll be very pleasantly surprised to see the amazing customization on every part of this amazing gift, and nothing will make him happier than having such high-quality glassware to enjoy his favorite drinks. Knowing you went to the trouble to get a gift that’s personalized just for him will make him feel super special. He’ll raise a glass to your awesome gift-giving skills!

For the Legendary Man

Personalized Wooden Sign

The day you met him, you knew he was a legendary man. Let him know that with a gift he’ll immediately be obsessed with—this personalized wooden sign! It’s one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas for him because with his name on it, he’ll feel extremely cool and know that you believe he’s still a legendary man to this day! Whether he hangs it in his man cave, home bar, or bedroom, it’ll make the whole space feel really awesome and give him a confidence boost every time he sees it!

For Dress Up

Swarovski Crystal Cufflink Set

Prepare your man for your anniversary dinner and any other super fancy date night! This classic Swarovski crystal cufflinks set is an amazing gift because your man will always feel super classy and sophisticated dressed up wearing them! He’ll be stunned by how rare and special they look. It’s one of the most long-lasting anniversary gift ideas for him that he’ll use for years to come.

Personalized Charcuterie Board

Engraved Charcuterie Board

A handsome, manly custom cutting board is something your man never knew he needed, but once he has it, he’ll never be able to manage cooking and grilling without it! It’ll become a must-have for him when he’s cutting up meats to throw on the grill or in a pot, and when he’s serving his delicious food to you and to guests, it’s the perfect surface on which to do so!

Monogrammed Set of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Monogram Ammo Can Set of Creative Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Seeing his monogram on something as amazing as this ammo can gift set will make him smile every time! He’ll really enjoy receiving this cool present on your anniversary when he’ll definitely want to use the flask or pint glass to do a toast to you and the amazing relationship the two of you have. The ammo can will definitely be put to good use keeping his favorite drinking accessories inside it to use on other special occasions with you!

Grill Wherever He Goes

Portable Propane Grill

He deserves a fabulous gift like this portable propane grill! When he wants to go camping or on a cross-country road trip, this portable, compact grill is just what he needs to always have a way to make delicious foods for you and your family. He’ll be very appreciative of such a high-tech present that makes one of the most unique anniversary gift ideas for him ever!

A Bottle of His Favorite Spirit in a Box

Personalized Liquor Bottle Gift Box

When all else fails, you know you can’t go wrong with getting him a bottle of his very favorite liquor. Make the gift even better by gifting it in this ultra-handsome liquor bottle gift box! Seeing his name engraved into the gorgeous black birch wood of this box will make him extremely happy, especially while he’s sipping on a glass of his favorite drink. He’ll definitely make good use of this box, storing a nice bottle of liquor or wine for your next special occasion you enjoy together.