23 Unbeatable Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Find the Best Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing:

Finding the right gifts for the man who has everything is often a difficult task. We all know a guy like this, the guy who has it all. Every time you see something cool or unique, it turns out he has already had it for weeks. This guy has it made; he never seems to be wanting anything. You want to get him something cool, something unique; you want to get him a gift that you know there is no chance he already has. Well, for those kinds of gifts, you’re in luck! We’ve gotten together some of the best gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing, this way you can surprise him with something cool he never even knew he wanted! It doesn’t matter if he is a young guy who needs manly items or an older man who is in need of awesome retirement gifts for men, we have you covered! Simply, use our carefully curated selection to give him something unforgettable.

The Best Whiskey Glasses in the World

Custom Glencairn Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Wondering what to get the guy who literally has everything? No gift compares to a set of Glencairn glasses! Seriously, these incredible glasses are some of the best gifts for the man who has everything because he hasn’t really tried whiskey until he’s had it in one of these amazing glasses. The unique shape enhances the flavors and brings out even the subtlest aromas so that he gets the fullest, most flavorful experience with every sip. Once he tries his favorite whiskey in a Glencairn, he’ll never want to use a rocks glass for his scotch on the rocks again!

A Drink for the Man Who Has it All

Engraved Whiskey Presentation Set

Give the man who has it all one of the classiest ways to enjoy and serve drinks! This custom presentation gift set not only comes with a serving tray but also a set of four glasses and a decanter as well! That means he can entertain and host at ease while sharing some of his best scotch, whiskey, or bourbon. Add in the fact that his name is on each piece, and you’ve got a gift that even the guy who has it all doesn’t have yet!

Steel Tumblers for His Cold Drinks

Engraved Insulated Tumblers are Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Regular glasses will be a thing of the past once he tries out these revolutionary stainless steel tumblers! Double walled and vacuum insulated, these cool tumblers will keep his cocktails and sodas ice cold until the very last drop. His ice will melt slower, too, so that his beverage doesn’t get so watered down. Plus, the super durability of the steel ensures that he won’t have to worry about breaking them whether he’s enjoying a margarita by the pool or a cold glass of spring water at the campsite. Useful items like these insulated tumblers are always the best gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing!

Give Him Some Fun

Personalized Cornhole Set of Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

While it may seem like he has everything he could ever need for entertainment he is wrong! No matter where someone is at in life, they simply can’t have a better night with friends and family than when they have a custom cornhole board gift set. These make fantastic gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing, after all, with this he can easily entertain his friends and family with his unique gift. Plus, it has his name on it, how cool is that in your search for unique gifts for men?

A New Way to Celebrate His Love of Baseball

Baseball Liquor Decanter Set

Over the years, you’ve gotten him plenty of gifts based on his favorite sport: baseball. Custom jerseys, autographed baseballs, photo ops with his favorite players, and now you’ve run out of things to get him. How about a baseball decanter set? By far one of the most unique gifts for the man who has everything, he will be speechless when he unwraps such a spectacular decanter set. He’ll love having it on display front-and-center in his home bar or office and the fact that it goes so well with the rest of his baseball memorabilia and gifts makes it even more perfect.


Cheers with His favorite Beer Set

Beer Mug Box Set of Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Say cheers with gifts for the man who has everything when he opens the wooden gift box to find his engraved beer mugs inside! What beer-loving guy wouldn’t want a set of mugs that have his initial and name on them. Besides, everyone knows that a beer always tastes better from a mug than from any other kind of glass, and now he can always indulge in a drink from the best glass possible. Who knows, he might even have you toast him with the second mug when he opens this set?

His Grilling Just Got Better

Personalized Bamboo BBQ Tools

Sometimes, the best gifts for the man who wants nothing are a unique version of something he already has. Sure, he’s probably got a couple of standard BBQ tools, but he doesn’t have any quite like these! Made of bamboo and stainless steel, these unique tools are so lightweight and extra heat-resistant that he can stand at the grill for hours making kabobs, steaks, burgers, brats, and more. He will love using these awesome tools so much that he’ll be cooking on the grill more often than ever. Plus, the fact that he can bring his trusty new tools to the park and BBQ there for the whole neighborhood or bring them to his parents’ house for the family reunion and grill for his entire family makes these tools even more amazing.

A Swanky Cigar and Whiskey Gift Set

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Gift Box

Some gifts remain epic in the mind of the recipient for years, not just because they’re great gifts but because they create an experience. This personalized cigar and whiskey set of gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing is just that kind of gift. Each time he wants a stogie and a drink, he can easily pair the two with the rocks glass, cigar case, cigar holder, and even the lighter from this set. In fact, if he wants a cold drink, he even has whiskey stones too. He can make every vice feel like a regal experience every time he decides to use your awesome gift set!

Glassware Unlike Any Others

Engraved Decanter with Unique Glasses

When it comes to finding good gifts for someone who has everything, you need to carefully consider the things they actually have before you start shopping. For the guy who has pretty standard glassware, why not get him something unique to add to his home bar? He will love that you took the time to create a one-of-a-kind engraved decanter just for him, and the unique glasses will even feel like they were made especially for his hands because of their cool design!

A Meaningful Gift for the Man Who Has it All

Custom Shadow Box

This personalized shadow box is one of the best gifts for the man who has everything because it’s both an awesome piece of decor as well as the coolest way for him to collect and show off meaningful items. Whether that’s bottle caps, ticket stubs, or anything else he wants, each one will represent a good memory to him, and he’ll really like having all those memories inside this shadow box, hung up on the wall in his bedroom or man cave.

All-in-One Speaker and Charging Table

Bluetooth Table with Wireless Charging

You read that right, this high-tech side table is a speaker and can charge his phone! Talk about an unbeatable gift. This incredible table can connect to any device via Bluetooth and play his music with 360 degree sound while wirelessly charging his phone. The expandable top and tempered glass surface ensures plenty of space for his snacks, remotes, books, or anything else he wants it to display. After using this just once, this futuristic table will become his favorite piece of furniture!

Secure His Stogies

Engraved Ammo Can Humidor Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything and Wants Nothing

You may think there are no gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing, but that isn’t true. You know he loves a good stogie from time to time. However, the worst thing in the world is when he goes to smoke a quality cigar that he has been saving only to find it dried out and unusable anymore. Make sure each time he wants to celebrate or pair a whiskey and cigar he is guaranteed to have a cigar as fresh as the day it was rolled with his own custom ammo can humidor! Now, he can keep his favorite vice, in the coolest humidor ever, for as long as he wants without worrying about it spoiling.

Luxury Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

Personalized Cognac Box Set

Cognac is one of those spirits that he only enjoys on special occasions because it’s expensive and luxurious. At least, until now! Surprise the guy who has it all with his very own set of custom cognac snifters! After all, personalized gifts for the man who has everything are always a good idea, especially if they’re glasses he definitely didn’t own already. He will love being able to enjoy cognac and brandy whenever he wants instead of only treating himself to a glass at a bar on special occasions. As he sips on his favorite brand of cognac from his custom snifter, he’ll feel like a king in his own home.

Give Him His Own Space

Wooden Man Cave Sign Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Sometimes, the best gifts for men who have everything are things that give them a spot to be 100% themselves. Let him disappear into his favorite room of the house to adorn this customized wooden man cave sign. Now, when he needs to go to his special place to unwind, work on a project, or enjoy his favorite hobby, not only will his place be officially ordained thanks to the sign, but it’ll let everyone know that this is his space and his rules.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Exotic Foods

Hunter's Reserve Set of Exotic Sausages

Even guys who have it all won’t turn down food! For meat lovers, this set of exotic sausages is a lovely holiday gift. This set contains bison, elk, venison, wild boar, and classic sausage for him to try the wilder meats. He’ll enjoy sampling the different sausages with you or a loved one and comparing the flavors to typical pork or beef. Give him a pack of crackers and some gourmet cheeses and you’ve got the perfect food-themed gift for the man who has everything and wants nothing.

Legendary Gift Set for the Awesome Man Who Has Everything

Monogrammed Ammo Can Gift Set

Your husband or dad is the coolest guy you know. He’s the kind of guy who has perfect aim, an incredible tolerance for liquor, and is good friends with various celebrities. Just last week, he attended a business conference and met Elon Musk. Now they have plans to get together for a tennis match! What kind of gift is suitable for such a legendary man? Even though he’s always saying he has everything he could possibly need, you still want to get him a nice gift for Christmas. This set is your solution! He’ll love showing off the engraved cigar flask as he offers a cigar to a new business partner for a celebratory smoke. The whiskey glasses belong in his office to offer visitors a classy drink. His ammo can will be at his side for when he goes to the shooting range or hunting. Everything about this totally awesome ammo can set makes it one of the best gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing.

Enhance One of His Hobbies

Custom Bamboo Butcher Block

Gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing that make one of his favorite hobbies better are always phenomenal choices. This custom bamboo butcher block cutting board is the perfect way to prepare meat before he throws it onto the grill. Cutting up and seasoning various meats will be so easy with this handy board. After the meat is all grilled up and delicious, he can serve it to his guests using this board as well! This board is the perfect replacement for the one he’s been using for years now.


Tennessee Whiskey Sign

Bourbon Whiskey Sign Gifts The Man Who Has Everything

This guy absolutely loves Tennessee whiskey, it is his go-to drink at his house and at the bars. Make his day by giving him a personalized sign that incorporates his name on his favorite label. This is surely one of the most unique gift ideas for men who have everything because they can’t simply go and buy a bottle with their name on it. This makes an even better gift than the bottle anyway because long after his bottle of bourbon is gone, he will still have this awesome sign hanging up in their home bar or living room. It is the perfect gift for him to show off his loyalty and passion for his favorite bourbon brand.

A Grill that Cooks Anything Perfectly

Inferno NorthFire Grill

Gone are the days when your dad or husband has to wait for every steak and kabob to be cooked to perfection on his grill. With the Inferno, his BBQ will be done in seconds! You read that right, seconds. The incredible Inferno grill instantly gets up to 1500 degrees and has various levels of racks so that he can have his medium rare steak and cook yours well done at the same time. How cool is that? The amazing grilling ability of this high tech propane grill will create the perfect char and crispiness on his steakhouse-worthy food. Everyone in the family will want to come to your house for the Fourth of July and family reunions because of this awesome gift!

His Very Own Humidor

Humidor with Custom Whiskey Glasses

For those of you who are looking for more luxurious gifts for the guy who has it all, a cigar humidor is a perfect gift! Whether he’s become a cigar aficionado or he only has a stogie on occasion, he will absolutely love to have his own humidor because it’s classy, luxurious, and makes him feel like James Bond. The fact that this handsome humidor comes with personalized whiskey glasses, a cigar cutter, and even a set of whiskey stones makes this incredible gift that much more impressive. Just don’t forget to pick up a pack of his favorite stogies so that he has some to store in his new humidor and one to smoke in celebration when you give him the set!

Most Masculine Set of Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Whiskey Glasses and Hatchet Set

When searching for good gifts for the man who has everything and wants nothing, you can’t go wrong with a masculine gift that will make him feel like a manly man. This whiskey and axe gift set is an awesome present that’ll make him feel manly because of how cool it is. The hatchet displayed in his man cave or living room will make him feel like a macho man, which he’ll definitely appreciate. After he’s done with all his masculine, manly activities for the day, he’ll greatly enjoy sipping on a glass of chilled whiskey from his engraved glasses!

His Own 3D Printer

Personal 3D Printer

Remember when 3D printers were first invented? They cost thousands of dollars and were a rare commodity, typically only in universities for scientific purposes. No longer! Your boyfriend or husband can now have his own 3D printer in his home! He can print all kinds of things such as extra parts for that Ikea table you bought for him or his own custom figurines. He’ll love bringing physical manifestations of his imagination to life with this incredible piece of technology! Even the guy who never wants anything will be over the moon to get a 3D printer.

The Classiest Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

Engraved Cigar Box with Cocktail Glasses

Pairing a cigar with a good whiskey or bourbon is one of the best flavor combinations an adult can have. It’s as magical as the first time they discover that peanut butter and jelly or chocolate and coffee go together. Make sure that this set of gifts for the man who has everything ends up in his possession, because once he finds his go-to pairing of brands, he’ll never want to enjoy a cigar or whiskey without the other! Thanks to this set, it’ll be a breeze to drink out of his custom glass since he can easily set his stogie down on the acrylic holder too!