Top 10 Thanksgiving Gift Ideas for 2011

Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and in honor of every one’s favorite celebration of friendship and thanks I’ve compiled a list of the “Top 10 Loosely Related Gifts” from is one of the leading providers of unique and impossible-to-pass-up gifts. They cover all manner of themes including Mancave items, Outdoor items, and so on.

So, without further adieu…

#10. Silver Beer Tankard

Silver Beer Tankard

Drink like a Pilgrim with this antique silver tankard. It is perhaps a bit flashier than what the pilgrims had on the first Thanksgiving, but they were out in the ocean for months. You try keeping your silvers shining with the salty sea air blowing in from every direction. Buy Now for $39.95 USD

#9. Giant Flask

Giant Flask
Thanksgiving is all about sharing, so tell your Uncle Chuck to stop hogging all of the spirits. With the Giant Flask there’s plenty of sharing to be done. Buy Now for $19.95 USD

#8. 16th Century Italian Globe Bar

Century Italian Globe Bar
We know what you’re going to say. But guys, the Pilgrims weren’t Italian. You’re right, but let us not forget that Ameerica was first discovered by Amerigo Vespucci, and were it not for him the Pilgrims might have never hopped on the “Let’s go to America” bandwagon. That means no Thanksgiving. This makes a perfect piece for dens (or parlors, if you’re fancy) – just what you need after a nice satisfying meal. Buy Now for $179.00 USD

#7. Cigar Hand Ashtray

Cigar Ashtray Hand
This classy ashtray is reminiscent of the extended hand of friendship that we all too commonly associate with Thanksgiving. Just don’t get all sensitive over the idea of ashing in a friend’s hand. He extended it, and it would be an insult to refuse the gesture. Buy Now for $35.00 USD

#6. Folding Picnic Table

Folding Picnic Table
This folding picnic table makes a great addition to any Thanksgiving celebration. Whether outside or inside, you, too, can eat a Thanksgiving meal just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans. How’s that for a tie-in? Buy Now for $134.99 USD

#5. Food Umbrella

Food Umbrella
If you like to eat your Thanksgiving Dinner outside, there’s no better way to protect your feast than with this ingenious Food Umbrella. It’s lightweight, yet heavy enough to keep from blowing in the cool autumn breeze. Plus, as you can see, it covers a pretty wide area. We suggest covering your turkey with it. Buy Now for $11.95 USD

#4. Baked Potato Grill Cooker

Baked Potato Grill Cooker
Some times your stove can get a little crowded on Thanksgiving. That’s okay, though, because this convenient Baked Potato Grill Cooker makes for a convenient way to prepare very one’s favorite side dish without taking up any space in the oven. Buy Now for $7.99 USD

#3. Corn Grilling Basket

Corn on the Grill Basket
Prepare the most recognizable Thanksgiving dish (well, aside from Turkey I guess…) without the hassle of handling one cob at a time. As an added bonus the cage keeps the corn stationary, making it even easier to put those little pick thingies into the ends. Seriously, who can do that free handed? Buy Now for $29.95 USD

#2. BBQ Light (Flexible)

Stainless Steel Grill Light
Not every one sticks to the ordinary Thanksgiving regimen of Turkey, corn, potatoes and cranberry sauce – and that’s okay! If you like to celebrate your Thanksgiving with a nice steak, burger, or hotdog, then you will love this flexible BBQ Light. Perfect for after-hours grilling. I don’t know; maybe you work late? Buy Now for $42.99 USD

#1. Talking Meat Thermometer

Talking Meat Thermometer
This wireless, talking meat thermometer is the perfect tool for Thanksgiving. As this is a time to talk and gather with loved ones, who wants to miss any of the conversation by having to get up to check the temperature of the turkey every ten minutes? Now you don’t have to. Buy Now for $49.99 USD

Make your Thanksgiving the best it can be by buying one of these nifty gifts. Remember to check out for additional items for any occasion.