Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Mom

Every year during the holiday season, my favorite person to shop for is my mother. I know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. So I start early and spend time weighing out different options, starting on Black Friday, sometimes waiting until the last minute to make a decision. Here’s a list of our top 10 Christmas gifts for mom this year. These ideas were specially selected for mothers who love to drink and entertain guests. From cutting boards to cocktail glasses, we’ve got something for every mamma.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

I wasn’t expecting my mom to love this cutting board as much as she did, but as soon as she pulled back the wrapping paper, I knew it was the right choice. If your family kitchen is your mother’s preferred domain, this is one of the best Christmas gifts you can find. The bamboo construction makes it resilient for years of regular use, but also beautiful enough to use as kitchen decor. The lettering is so classic and refined. The best part is you can add names, dates, or a special message just for her.

2. Engraved Beer Pint Glass

Engraved Beer Pint Glass

Yes, I’ve forgotten my mother’s birthday a few times, and I’m sorry. It’s saved on my Google calendar now so we should be good from here on out. You may not know this, but moms sometimes forget birthdays, too.  To help her avoid any pain and embarrassment try this gorgeous engraved beer pint glass. Each piece comes engraved with up to three birthdays of your choice, making them ideal Christmas gifts for your mom to use all year long. Six-pack of Stella Artois not included.


3. Bloody Mary Glass

Bloody Mary Glass

The ornateness of this bloody mary glass is perfectly suited to the brunch table or the dinner table. Designed in the traditional shape of a tapering cocktail glass, she can use it for mimosas, frozen margaritas, and other mixed drinks, as well. Each glass stands nearly 9″ tall, so you can really stack up on the fancy garnishes too. My favorite: talk of celery skewered with two green olives and a spicy gherkin.

4. Etched White Wine Glasses

Etched White Wine Glasses

Like all dazzling table settings, you’ve got to start with impeccable glassware. These etched white wine glasses have a timeless grapevine design that will fit in with any place setting. I would definitely use them for sparkling wines, as well. The glass is fortified with titanium for extra strength and shatter resistance. Unique gifts for mom can be hard to come by, but these are individually personalized with your mom’s name, so each set is one-of-a-kind.

5. Beer Cap Shadow Box

Your mother will be ready to host a girls night as soon as she unwraps this cool beer cap shadow box. It’s a really fun way to collect bottle caps of her favorite beer and turn them into fun DIY decoration. The only trouble is this thing holds a whole lot of caps, so it’s best to get some help from your friends. If she’s a true craft beer lover, you can stop shopping now.

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6. Custom Highball Glass

Custom Highball Glass

If you wondered how to make your at-home cocktails look as delicious as the ones at the restaurant, it all comes down to the presentation. This custom highball glass makes a great gift for the mom who has everything because it’s so versatile. It can be used to serve a Long Island, Sex on the Beach, or even beer. These glasses are also stackable, so you can store a full set if you’re limited in space. Bottles of Absolut also make good gifts for Mom on Christmas, so why not throw it all in together as a set?

7. Wooden Wine Cellar Sign

Wooden Wine Cellar Sign

In searching for the perfect bottle of wine, folks end up spending a lot of time in the wine cellar. Not that this is a bad thing, but cellars aren’t known for being all that luxurious. This personalized wooden sign can be hung in the entryway to the cellar, or over one of the wine racks, adding style to a room that might normally get overlooked. Even if your home isn’t equipped with a basement full of bottles, you can hang this sign in the kitchen and daydream about having one over a rich glass of merlot.


8. Fleur De Lis Wine Cork Holder

Fleur De Lis Wine Cork Holder

I stopped saving corks awhile back because they have a tendency to multiply rapidly. I had two completely-full glass gallon jars, and a pineapple shaped cork-cage. But this wine cork holder gives me a reason to start collecting again. The Fleur de Lis shape is the superstar of wine decor, and the slots are perfectly cut to hug each individual wine cork. These make great gifts for grandma for Christmas, too, because a lot of moms have transitioned to boxed wine, but (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) I suspect most grandmothers are too old-school for that.


9. Etched Whiskey Glass

Etched Whiskey Glass

The “nectar of the gods,” as scotch is sometimes referred to, may not be the first liquor you think of when you think of your mother. However, women make up 37% of the whiskey-guzzling population in the United States, and a lot of those likely have children. I know kids make me what to drink! These round cocktail glasses make lovely drinking gifts for women, with an art-deco inspired engraving and traditional rocks glass size.


10. Wine Tote

Wine Tote

Help mom bring a bottle of wine with her on picnics or over to friends houses with her own wine tote! This handy bottle tote is made from faux leather for a sturdy bag that can be used at the liquor store or when headed to a party. The interior is padded to protect the bottles, and there’s enough room to slip in a portable corkscrew for picnics.

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