Tiki Theme Party Decorations

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

The spirit of the South Pacific could easily be in your home. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or New Years, with a few essential party supplies and decorations, you can easily create the perfect Tiki theme for a party. Tiki decorations are cheap, colorful, and fun—and can help you make your party a huge success.

Common Tiki Theme Decorations

Several of your decorations can effectively double as functional essentials. For instance, there are a variety of paper goods that can be used which would not just serve as decorations to add to the theme but will also serve other purposes. Here are a few dual-purpose decoration ideas:

Matching Tiki Plates and Cups: These are available in different colors to match other decorations. To ensure a quick cleanup, opt for paper plates and cups.

Matching Napkins and Accessories: Tiki themes need lots of color. Go for multi-colored napkins and accessories. Several packs of different colors will work nicely.

Trash Canisters and Bags: Buy brightly colored trash canisters. Look specifically for canisters that will stand out with your other Tiki decorations. The more attention they draw, the higher chances they’ll be used.

Pitchers and Bowls: Like all other Tiki decorations, they must be brightly colored and decorative. Make sure your pitchers and bowls are large so you aren’t constantly refilling them.

Colorful Toothpick Umbrellas: Tiny umbrellas added to the drinks and platters will top off the food and drink decorations for your Tiki theme. Use umbrellas and brightly colored toothpicks to decorate hors d’oeuvres platters and make it easy to pick up finger foods.

Leis: No Tiki themed party is complete without leis! You can save money if you buy them from your local party store. If you get super ambitious, you can order quality leis online to be used as fun for the party and souvenirs your guests can take home. They can be hung almost anywhere; from pillars, to chair backs to the necks of your guests.

Grass Skirts: Grass skirts are a must-have. Greet your guests at the door wearing a lei and grass skirt with a brightly decorated drink in your hand. You may also wrap them around the small tables and everybody will feel at home, or rather like they’re on an island in the South Pacific.

Candles: It wouldn’t do to decorate your backyard like a Tiki Island and serve coconuts and lime, if your backyard smells of smog rather than the cool sea. This becomes especially necessary for outdoor parties, where scented candles are a must. You can buy candles with cool fruity or tropical flowers scent and create the right mood and feel. Especially if the party is at night; candles can create the perfect tropical paradise.

Paper Lanterns: They are not only cheap, but they look very pretty and serve the basic purpose of lighting. You could get them in different colors and brighten up the place.

Tiki Torches: Don’t forget the torches! Look for torches that are designed to keep bugs away. They’re available in a variety of designs and, like leis and grass skirts, are essential to the success of any Tiki theme party.

Plants: Create an authentic Hawaiian feel with a variety of strategically placed tropical plants. Potted plants, tall and short, flowering or just leaves, any will do. Plants will instantly turn your yard or patio into a tropical spot and also serve as great stands for hanging the paper lanterns and leis.

Wind Chimes: Don’t go overboard with wind chimes, but a few are necessary to provide the occasional distraction from the buzzing of people talking.

Include Family and Friends

Get the whole family and early-arriving friends involved in helping with the decorations. Grass skirts, leis and table cloths need to be put in place carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to help if they show up early. They would probably love to take some of the credit for helping decorate such a lovely party.

Quick and Easy Suggestions

Quick Cooler Suggestion: If you have a small rubber children’s pool or a small rubber raft, convert that into an open cooler. All you have to do is fill the pool up with bags of ice and then put in the canned drinks or bottles. Guests can easily locate and pick up their own drinks.

Seaside Table Suggestion: Find a round table and sprinkle it with sand and shells. Place a fish tank or even a fish bowl with a goldfish in the center. It adds to the seaside and beaches feel.

Entryway and Doorways Suggestion: Hang a fish net up at doorways in the place of a curtain or beads to create the perfect seaside atmosphere. Add brightly colored lanterns or torches to light the way to doorways.

Seating Suggestion: Hang actual hammocks or hammock chairs to sit in. It would not only match the island theme, but it is actually a great way to relax. If you’re not comfortable using hammocks, stick to wooden and light furniture like wicker. Plastic will definitely not go with the theme but cane would be perfect.

Banner Suggestion: Don’t forget the banner or bar sign. Whether it announces birthday wishes or it just has a fun message, make sure you put up the colorful message where it would be visible to all.

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