27 Thoughtful Quarantine Birthday Gifts

27 Thoughtful Quarantine Birthday Gifts

UPDATED: Nov 3, 2021

Give Unique Quarantine Birthday Gifts with These Amazing Gift Ideas:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, people all over the world are suddenly unable to celebrate special events such as birthdays with the ones they love. Luckily, you can still send them a birthday gift to celebrate their special day even though you can’t be with them in person. Quarantine birthday gifts, like any birthday gifts, should be things you know that they would enjoy based on their interests, hobbies, wish lists, or even just something cool you think they would like! No matter what your gift is, it will be greatly appreciated because you went to the effort of sending them a thoughtful gift on their birthday. Some birthday gifts during quarantine may be difficult to come by, so we found plenty of great options for you that are readily available for anyone you know with an upcoming birthday!

Quarantine Birthday Gifts Anyone Would Appreciate

Custom Whiskey Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Now that everyone is staying home rather than going out for drinks, your friend or family member could probably use some proper rocks glasses. This custom whiskey gift set has everything they need for their usual scotch on the rocks or an Old Fashioned cocktail. These exquisite crystal glasses will make anyone feel like royalty on their birthday, and the beautifully engraved wooden box they come in is ideal for storing the entire set or for keepsakes.

For the Person Who Started Cooking in Quarantine

Personalized Bamboo Cutting Board

Know someone who decided to take advantage of quarantine to hone their cooking skills? For their birthday, you should get them this custom cutting board! The beautiful bamboo will look lovely in their kitchen and is sturdy enough to withstand plenty of wear and tear. They can use it for preparing steaks, their snacks, and even a charcuterie board! This lovely, versatile cutting board is definitely one of the best quarantine birthday gifts you can give someone. 

The Best Beer Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

Engraved Beer Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

Since they can’t go to their favorite pub for a mug of beer like they used to, surprise the beer lover in quarantine you know with their very own mug set for their birthday! This impressive pair of mugs is perfect for knocking back a couple of cold ones while they watch the game on TV. The large, hefty mugs will make them feel like they’re in their favorite bar even though they’re lounging their favorite chair in the living room! 

The Ultimate Tool for the DIYer

Personalized Wrench Multi Tool

Like a lot of people, the person you’re shopping for has been doing all kinds of home improvement and DIY projects around the house since being stuck in quarantine. One of the best birthday gifts during quarantine you can give them is this wrench multi-tool! Loaded with a bottle opener, can opener, nail file, hex nut wrench, knife, adjustable wrench, and both Philips and flat screwdriver bits, this tool has everything they need for any project they’re tackling. They will especially appreciate the custom text you had engraved on the handsome wooden handle! 

Must-Have Wine Decanter

Red Wine Decanter Set

With everyone staying home nowadays, the wine lovers you know have been missing out on wine tastings and wine nights with their friends. For their birthday, send them this stunning wine decanter set! This lovely decanter isn’t just for looks, it will help aerate their favorite red wines and unlock all of the hidden flavors like never before. If you get one for all of your wine-loving friends, they can have a virtual wine tasting together and use their new decanters to properly aerate their red wines so that they can get the fullest flavors possible. 


Travel the World Through Puzzle Pieces

Five Piece Decanter Set

Puzzles have been a major part of passing time while in quarantine, so it’s no wonder that new ones make great quarantine birthday gifts! For the friends and family who miss traveling, send them this world map puzzle so that they can plan their next vacation as they put the puzzle pieces together. This beautiful puzzle is perfect for framing once completed, and with its 4000 pieces you know it’ll take them a while to put it together! 

Gifts for Celebrating Their Birthday in Style

Custom Cigar and Whiskey Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Even though you can’t be with them on their birthday, make sure they are celebrating in style with this awesome cigar and whiskey set! They will love toasting to another year older with their awesome new cigar-holding whiskey glass and puffing on a luxurious stogie from their new cigar case. Now they can celebrate any special occasion or just relax in style with this amazing duo! 

Start a Collection in Quarantine

Custom Shadow Box Holiday Gift

Do you know someone who has taken up collecting items since the pandemic began? Get them a shadow box for their birthday to show off their new collection! This unique shadow box is perfect for displaying wine corks, bottle caps, cigar bands, fortunes, ticket stubs, golf balls, you name it. It can be hung on the wall or displayed on a table, which makes this lovely new decoration extra versatile. No matter who you send this to for their birthday, they will love watching their collection grow over time in this amazing shadow box!

Quarantine Birthday Gifts Unlike Any Other

Spigot Decanter Set of Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

Birthday gifts during quarantine don’t always have to be related to something they’ve started doing since being stuck at home. In fact, they can be an item you were already planning on giving them at their birthday party, like this awesome decanter! Ideal for anyone who enjoys novelty items, wants to decorate their office or home bar, or just appreciates cool glassware, this incredible decanter will be a welcome addition to anyone’s home. 

A Unique Watch

Custom Wood Watch

Sure, you could send them any old watch for their birthday, or you could get them a personalized one! This unique wooden watch is sure to be different from any other timepiece they already have. When they’re working at their essential job or working from home, they’ll be sure to wear their new watch at all times! 

The Gift That Keeps on Growing

Countertop Herb Garden

Since everyone has been taking fewer trips to the store, many people have taken up gardening to help sustain their need for fresh produce. One of the most thoughtful birthday gifts you can send someone during quarantine is a tabletop herb garden! This way, your loved one can grow their own tasty herbs so that they always have fresh seasonings available to them. This awesome herb garden is the kind of gift that keeps on giving, and once their herbs are fully grown they’ll never want to go back to using herbs from the store ever again!

Help Them Become a Whiskey Tasting Expert

Set of Four Engraved Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

Do you know someone in quarantine who has always wanted to get into whiskey tasting but just hasn’t had the time? Well, now they do! For their birthday, make sure they have the proper supplies on hand such as a set of Glencairn glasses! With this set, they can taste up to four different whiskeys at once and have their very own whiskey tasting at home. They might even call you over Zoom and tell you all about the delicious flavors they’re discovering thanks to your thoughtful quarantine birthday gifts

Birthday Gifts During Quarantine to Give an Outdoorsy Type

Ammo Can Set of Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

For outdoorsy types, quarantine doesn’t change much for them. They can still enjoy going hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping on their own or with their family! Instead of getting them the usual new camping equipment for their birthday, get them something they’ll really love: this custom ammo can tool set! With a cool new hunting knife, hatchet, and cigar flask to take on their next adventure, they’re sure to be prepared for anything. They can even take all of their new tools in the ammo can, or use it to transport their fishing gear! 

A Birthday Gift They’ve Always Wanted

Personalized Movie Theater

Anyone who enjoys spending their free time watching TV or movies is certainly enjoying all of their time quarantine because now they can get caught up on their favorite shows or have that Lord of the Rings marathon they’ve been planning for a while. You know they’ve got an extensive movie collection already, so what do you get them for their birthday? Send them a custom movie theater sign! Any movie buff has dreamt of having their own impressive home theater, after all, and now they’ve got the sign and the time to make it happen for real. This fun sign will be proudly displayed above their giant TV or behind their luxurious recliners and their ordinary living room will instantly feel like a home theater thanks to you. 

The Beer Glass Everyone Needs in Quarantine

Custom Colossal Beer Mug

One of the coolest quarantine birthday gifts you can send a beer lover is this giant beer mug! It holds an entire liter of beer and ensures that they can sit back, relax, and enjoy plenty of their favorite beer without needing to get up for a refill any time soon. Whether they’re watching the latest Netflix Original Series making waves on social media or their favorite sport, they can enjoy a few hours of it before having to leave their comfy chair to refill their hefty glass. 


A Cool New Kitchen Gadget

Sous Vide Cooker

Since you got them an air fryer for Christmas, what do you get them for their birthday? A sous vide cooker! Using just a pot of water, their food in a Ziplock bag, and this unique gadget, they can cook just about anything to perfection. No more unevenly cooked steaks, dry overcooked chicken, or underwhelming salmon. Anyone who enjoys cooking or even just started to dabble in cooking can use this simple but amazing machine, which makes it one of the best birthday gifts during quarantine that you can send any of your friends or family. 

Funny Birthday Gift Set

Funny Whiskey Stone and Glass Set

Whether you’re looking for a fun gift to give someone in quarantine who’s turning the big 5-Oh or you’re in need of a funny birthday gift for your funniest friend, this custom whiskey set is perfect! Anyone you send this birthday gift to will get a kick out of the hilarious design, and it’s sure to be their new favorite way to enjoy their whiskey. This is especially a great keepsake for quarantine birthdays and will be a more fun way to remember what it was like having a birthday during a pandemic. 

Tidy Up Their Watch Collection

Personalized Watch Case Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

With everyone taking advantage of quarantine to focus on organizing their home and getting rid of anything they don’t need, one thing that most people don’t have is a watch case to keep all of their watches organized! This custom watch case is one of the most unique birthday gifts during quarantine you can send to all of your friends and family that you can’t celebrate with. They will all appreciate having a nice place to keep their watches secure and in one place rather than having them strewn about their dresser or nightstand. The fact that it’s custom engraved will mean the world to them!

Literally Cool Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Engraved Wine Tumbler Box Set

Just because they’re stuck at home on their birthday doesn’t mean they can’t have a good time, especially with some wine! One of the best ways you can show your wine-loving loved one is by getting them a birthday gift that ensures they’ll always have a perfectly chilled glass of wine. This unique tumbler set is insulated so that their moscato is as cold as when they poured it even a few episodes into the show they’re watching on Hulu and that their merlot is at a pleasant, just-below room temperature. Once they try out these tumblers, they’ll never want to drink wine out of a regular glass ever again!

An Impressive Birthday Gift 

Globe Bar Cart Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Who wouldn’t love this incredible globe bar cart? Anyone you know with a birthday during lockdown will be over the moon to receive such a luxurious gift! When they can have people over again, they’ll love showing them the hidden storage inside the globe. The stunning bar cart looks like a priceless antique whether it’s displayed in the dining room, home bar, or even the game room as it adds a touch of class to any room. 

Escape Into Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest 2 VR Set

One of the best things about today’s technology is that you can escape into a whole new world using virtual reality headsets, which makes it a fantastic birthday gift for someone in quarantine! This way, they can enjoy beautiful scenery in relaxing virtual worlds, play fun and immersive games, and experience exciting roller coasters and theme parks unlike any other. By far one of the most impressive birthday gifts during quarantine you can give a loved one, they will greatly appreciate this whole new virtual world to explore right from their home! 

The Coolest Way to Drink Beer

Quarantine Birthday Gift Engraved Beer Stein

Why let your friend or family member drink their beer out of an ordinary bottle or can when they can treat themselves to a regal stein that makes them feel like a powerful Viking? This custom German-style beer stein is one of the coolest ways to drink beer because it’s the traditional vessel that everyone used to use when beer was created centuries ago. The pewter stein will keep their beer fresh in between gulps, and it ensures that it stays clean (even of the ‘rona!). 

A Wine Lover’s Dream Come True

Personalized Wood Wine Cellar Sign

Like anyone who loves wine, the person you’re shopping for has always dreamed of having their own wine cellar someday. They might even be using their time during lockdown to build one! Help them achieve their dream on their birthday by giving them their own custom wine cellar sign! They will love the rustic style of this beautiful wooden sign and it will look amazing wherever they display it whether it’s in their new wine cellar or even just in the dining room.

Badass Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Custom Whiskey Ammo Box of Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Make sure the loved one feels like a badass on their birthday even during quarantine by getting them an incredible gift! This custom ammo can gift set is nothing short of awesome with its vintage-style design, military-issued ammo can, unique rocks glasses, and fancy cigar accessories. They can treat themselves to a quality drink and a stogie on their special day using their awesome new birthday gifts thanks to you! 

New Grilling Tools

Custom Grilling Tools Birthday Gifts During Quarantine

It doesn’t matter if it’s not grilling season because you know the grill master in your life is enjoying their free time in quarantine on their grill as much as they can! With a new set of custom grilling tools, their birthday just got even better. They’ll love using their new tools to grill up a gourmet steak, a couple of burgers, or even some kabobs to celebrate their special day. When they can, they’ll be sure to invite all of their friends over for a BBQ so that they can serve them with their awesome new tools.

Surprise Birthday Gifts During Quarantine Are the Best

Send A Cake Explosion Box

So, you can’t be with your loved ones on their birthday and bring them your special birthday cake? Send them one instead! This awesome cake explosion box is a great way to send a fun gift as well as a birthday cake as it comes with a small cake, a custom “explosion” of items you can choose from to pop out of their box as they open it, and even the box itself can be customized with cute designs or even photos! This unique box is one of the most thoughtful quarantine birthday gifts you can send one of your loved ones.

Their Own Decanter Set

Personalized Decanter Set of Quarantine Birthday Gifts

Want to send a friend or family member something special to decorate their home? This custom decanter set is a fantastic birthday gift for anyone! Whether their spirit of choice is whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, or even cognac, this impressive three-piece decanter set is perfect for any liquor. The glasses are even big enough for a cocktail so that they can have a fancy mixed drink on their birthday! Even when they’re not using the set, these classy custom pieces of glassware look incredible on display.


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