The Sophisticated Garden Party

When the weather changes from cool and crisp to sunny and warm there’s no better way to savor it than to host a sophisticated garden party. A garden party is a fun and unique way to enjoy time with friends and family. We’ve gathered some valuable information to make your summer party the best on the block.

Some of the beauties of entertaining outdoors are the freshness, sophistication and the feeling of spontaneity. Senses awaken to new aromas and sounds, and the mind is enticed to enjoy the fragrance of summertime. Attention to detail allows you to host an astonishing garden party.

Where to Begin

Just where does one begin if they wish to host a sophisticated dinner party in the garden? With themed invitations of course! The very first step is to choose a theme based on your surroundings and choice of decor.

Planning a garden party includes choosing a party theme and sending invitations that properly set the tone. Choose or create invitations that match your garden party theme. Remember: a little planning goes a long way.

Avoid relying entirely on word of mouth invitations. Everyone likes receiving something special in the mail. Opening an elegant invitation automatically says that you are going above and beyond to make the event extraordinary.

It’s All in the Details

You may already have many of the required items for your garden themed party. Glassware is essential to adding style, charm, splendor and elegance to any event. Don’t be afraid to take out your silverware and china; just because something is in your dining room doesn’t mean it can’t go outside!

Glassware and silverware sparkle and shine in sunlight. They also reflect candlelight beautifully after the sun fades. Use all glass serving containers for hors d’oeuvres, desserts or fruits. To add a sense of whimsy and beauty to the party use serving stands of varying heights. This makes everything you’re serving look extra special and unique.

Decorate with a Variety of Flowers

What outdoor tea party or garden party would be complete without flowers? What to do with them to make the most of the theme is the key. Here are several ideas for decorating with live flowers:

Vases: Cut and place a variety of your favorite flowers in glass vases of all shapes and sizes on your tables. Small flowers look quite lovely in glass votive candle holders. Simplicity often trumps over-the-top floral bouquets.

Water Decor: If you have a fountain or bird bath place several blooms into the water. Create your own water decor by filling glass bowls or vases with water, floating petals or flowers, and floating candles. A few drops of food coloring add a lovely glow to water features topped with floating candles.

Floral Wire: Attach a small flower to the stem of your wine glasses. Floral wire is inexpensive and will allow you to attach flowers to glassware easily. Just don’t over-do it; guests should be able to drink from their glass easily.

Dropped Petals: Don’t toss away dropped petals! Scatter them on the table tops around empty areas, or on the patio floor. The occasional petal could also decorate the base of your vases. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Use Your Own Flowers: If you have a certain type of flower growing in your garden use it as your garden party theme. It will help add direction to the color pattern for your party. Guests will notice if you use the same colors for your sweets or serving platters etc., if they are the same color combinations as the natural beauty of your garden.

Final Touches: Use place cards with guests’ names on them. This is certain to make them feel special. Place cards should match the overall decor and look as enticing as the rest of your table.

Wrapping It All Up and Presenting It to Your Guests

Planning a garden party doesn’t have to be daunting; Mother Nature will do most of the work for you. Greet your guests at the door or the entryway to the garden. Show them to their seats and graciously thank them for their compliments on your impeccable choice of decor. Most of all, have fun, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.