Summer Cocktails to Get You Through Your Next Family Reunion

Family Reunions, you either love them or hate them. Meeting your 6th cousin, 3rd removed for the first time and listening to your great uncle Buzz tell the same joke seven times within the span of an hour has never been more fun. You’re sweating bullets and being encouraged by everyone to awkwardly sit in […]

Labor Day White Out Party

Host a White-Out Labor Day Party with These Tips

With the first day of school comes the realization that summer is officially over. But before the leaves change colors and you pull out your sweatshirts and jeans, celebrate by hosting a Labor Day party. Just follow the 4 Ds—dress, decorations, drinks, and desserts—and wave a white flag to summer. So what exactly is a […]

How to Throw a Cocktail Party

Hosting the Perfect Cocktail Party

Cocktail parties in the past have been expensive, black tie events reserved for the rich and famous. Couples would purchase an expensive gown and tuxedo and have a glamorous night with others in their social circle. During this era, cocktail parties were not for the working class. The times they are a-changing! Cocktail parties aren’t […]