19 Spectacular One Year Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate Your Milestone With Only the Best One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts Available!

Your first anniversary with your sweetheart is right around the corner, and you want to show your love for them through an amazing gift! After all, you love them now even more than you did on the day you said, “I do,” so you need to get a truly fantastic and meaningful present. The most ideal one year wedding anniversary gifts are personal and unique presents that they can often use to celebrate their anniversary with you! However, you can also get them thoughtful 1st anniversary gifts that are great for date nights or simply lounging around the house together. Make your partner’s year with these one year anniversary gift ideas that will make them feel more loved than ever before!

Elegant, Spirit-filled One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Custom Presentation Set of One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

There’s nothing that will excite your spouse on your anniversary quite like this personalized glassware presentation set! They’ll absolutely adore this fancy, sophisticated set that’s customized just for them. On your anniversary and on any other special occasion, they’ll love using this handsome set to share a drink with you. Your spouse will feel incredibly loved knowing you went to the trouble to find a beautiful gift the two of you can enjoy together that’s also personalized just for them.

A Sign that Will Always Make Them Smile

Personalized Bar Sign

The best one year wedding anniversary gifts make the love of your life smile every single day, not just on your anniversary! This beautiful, custom brewhouse sign is a fantastic gift idea that will make the home bar, kitchen, or any other spot in the house feel bright and joyful. With your last name on this sign, it’ll really make your house feel like a home, too, which your spouse will definitely appreciate!

Classy and Customized Wine Chiller

Etched Wine Chiller

Having a glass of wine with your love on your first anniversary is a romantic way to spend the evening. It’s even more romantic when you pull out their amazing gift—this marble wine chiller! They’ll beam with joy when they see this beautiful, customized gift that keeps their wine at the perfect temperature all evening long. There’s no doubt they will want it displayed on their kitchen or dining room table because of how lovely it is. In fact, this gift will last so long, you can use it to chill a bottle of wine when your shopping to find 10 year anniversary gifts nearly a decade from now!

A Cutting Board with Perfect Personalization

Bamboo Cutting Board

You’ve been Mr. and Mrs. for a full year now, and you both still love the way it sounds! That’s why the best one year anniversary gift ideas have personalization that reminds them of that! This handsome personalized bamboo cutting board is a fantastic gift idea with the perfect engraving that they’ll love looking at as the two of you cook in the kitchen! Meal prepping will never be easier or more enjoyable than with this awesome cutting board! Plus, between meals, it is also a handsome piece they can display in their kitchen.

An Anniversary Gift Set for Drinking Wine and Saving Memories

Wine Glasses and Shadow box One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

In your one year of marriage, you’ve already made so many memories, and you know you’ll have a lifetime of memories together ahead of you. This shadow box and wine glasses set is one of the best one year anniversary gift ideas because it lets you and your spouse make more and treasure memories! Your sweetheart will absolutely love sharing a glass of wine with you using these engraved glasses with your wedding date on them and saving the wine cork inside this box as a way to preserve that memory forever.


Commemoration of Your Vows

Vows Photo Print

The one year anniversary is the paper anniversary, so embrace that with your gift. This wedding vows custom print is an amazing present that your spouse will absolutely love! It’ll mean so much to them to see your vows to one another written out on paper and framed up on the wall in your living room or bedroom. They’ll surely smile absolutely every time they see it!

One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Having Fun

Beeropoly Board Game

Give them an anniversary gift that your significant other will think is incredibly unique and fun! This Beeropoly board game is such a fantastic anniversary gift that they’ll love using on game nights with you and friends and family. It gives the opportunity for some competitive fun between them and those close to them as well as an excuse to enjoy their favorite drink!

Sophisticated Wine Decanter

Wine Decanter Gift Set of One Year Anniversary Gifts

Finding elegant one year wedding anniversary gifts that really blow them away isn’t easy, but you can rest assured that this gorgeous wine decanter set will knock their socks off! They’ll adore the sophisticated aesthetic of this decanter and will want it displayed on their home bar, dining room table, or kitchen counter all the time. The two of them will definitely want to use it to decant their favorite wine before sharing a glass with you to celebrate the anniversary.

A Gift to Keep Their Watches Safe

Leather Valet Box

Some of the best presents you can get your spouse are those that make their life a little easier! This handsome leather valet box and watch case does just that. They’ll really appreciate a nice place to keep their watches and other small accessories like rings, cufflinks, bracelets, or any other small accessories. Your sweetheart will be so impressed with such a useful, practical anniversary present!

Set of One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas To Sleep like Royalty

Bedding Set

You’ve been sharing a bed for at least a year now, and you’ve greatly enjoyed going to sleep every night next to the love of your life. Make it even better starting at the one year anniversary with this Victoria duvet cover set! Your spouse will feel like they’re living in a majestic castle when they lay in the bed with this stunning set on it!

A Monogram Decanter for Special Occasions

Custom Decanter and Twist Glasses Set of One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A monogrammed decanter set that’s both classy and perfect for using to celebrate special occasions? What one year wedding anniversary gifts could be better than that? Your spouse will instantly fall in love with this handsome set and want to use it to toast to your anniversary. At every other anniversary and special occasion the two of you share, they’ll want to use this handsome set!

Remind Each Other Where Home Is

Personalized Home Sign

Your love for them is stronger than it’s ever been, and both of you know that you’ll feel “home” as long as you’re together. Let your spouse know that for a fact with this personalized home sign! They’ll feel incredibly loved when they see this sign, and they’ll really like having such a meaningful piece of decor in their home, a constant reminder of what home really is.


Wine Glasses and Tools are One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wine Glasses and Tool Set

This wine tool and glasses set is absolutely perfect for someone celebrating one year of marriage! Sharing a drink of wine with you using these beautifully and romantically engraved wine glasses will bring your spouse so much joy! They’ll also appreciate this creative miniature wine barrel that holds all the tools they need to pop open a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass or two with you on your anniversary!

The Perfect Garden

Veritable Smart Garden

Get your spouse a one year anniversary present that brightens up your home in a unique and fun way! This veritable smart garden is an innovative gift that your spouse will be incredibly impressed with. No matter the climate the two of you live in or what time of year it is, with this gift, you both can grow a variety of different plants, from beautiful flowers to delicious herbs to even some veggies like tomatoes! Your spouse will absolutely love this fun gift and enjoy growing things with you.

Game Night Set for a Game Loving Spouse

Personalized Glencairn Glasses Set of One Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Who deserves to feel like a classy whiskey connoisseur more than your amazing spouse? They can do so with this Glencairn glasses and decanter set! It’s one of the best one year wedding anniversary gifts because not only do Glencairn glasses accentuate the notes in their favorite whiskeys like no other glasses can, but the fancy personalization will make them feel so sophisticated. Your significant other will love using this glassware to sample various whiskeys, and they’ll absolutely love using the set to celebrate anniversaries and other special occasions with you.

Spice Up Their Favorite Spirit

Custom Wooden Liquor Bottle Box

You know a bottle of their favorite fancy spirit would make them very happy on your anniversary, but you want to take your gift one step further. This handsome wooden gift box is the perfect way to gift their favorite liquor to them. Seeing the engraving on this box will make them feel important and beloved, and they’ll utilize the box to store bottles of spirits they’re saving for special occasions.

One Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for the Best Person on Earth

Globe Decanter Set of One Year Anniversary Gifts

For the past 365 days, your spouse has been the most important thing in the world, and they’ll continue to be for the rest of your days. Let them know with this symbolic globe decanter set! They’ll feel so loved when you explain what this gift symbolizes, and that will make using it to enjoy a drink with you even more enjoyable and meaningful! It’ll be the go-to glassware set the two of you use to celebrate every special occasion together.

One Year Anniversary Game to Deepen Conversations

Couples Question Gift Set

There’s always more to learn about our partner and talk about in the relationship. This couples conversation card deck is one of the most thoughtful one year anniversary gift ideas that will spark tons of interesting conversation between the two of you. Your spouse will really appreciate this paper anniversary gift that deepens their relationship even further with questions like “What do you think is the hardest part about being your partner?”

Elegant Wine Glass Set for Celebrations of Any Kind

Customized Wine Glasses Box Set

Sometimes, you know something as simple as an elegant wine glasses box set will bring your sweetheart so much happiness. They’ll adore these long-stemmed glasses that are personalized just for them, especially when you’re using the matching one and the two of you are sipping on Pinot Noir or Riesling together! It’ll become a tradition to not only use this set on every anniversary but every other special occasion as well.