Some Friendly Competition…Tabletop Style

Everyone loves a little friendly competition. Tabletop games add hours of fun and competition to any barbeque. Some of our favorite childhood games can be customized for adults, while children can have fun with the games in their more traditional forms. Have fun and create your own rules!

Some popular barbeque activities are horseshoes, bad mitten, volleyball, and miniature golf. Try adding some tabletop games for those who wish to stay near the tables (not too far from their delicious grub!). These games work just as great indoors as they do out. For many people, tabletop games consist of cards or board games; these days, however, there is so much more fun to be had! Some fun activities for summertime gatherings include:

Beer Pong Portable Games: Easily one of the most popular drinking games in college. Fortunately, the fun doesn’t have to end with college parties. Simply lay the fabric playing board on any table, set up your cups, pour the drinks, and have fun!

Foosball or Air Hockey: Foosball is a staple in many a sports bar. Opponents face off over a mini soccer field and control their own team using comfort grip handles. It‘s ton of fun scoring goals, while keeping your opponent scoreless. Similarly, air hockey calls for skill and strategy as you face your opponent over a mini hockey arena. Felt lined hand grips are used to make goals as well as play goalie.

Billiards: Pool is easily one of the most competitive sports bar games. Bring the fun of billiards to your next barbeque with a miniature pool set. Granted cue balls and pool sticks are smaller, but this just adds to the fun. Miniature pool tables fit easily on any picnic table or other flat surface.

Poker and Other Card Games: Cards are a given when a group of friends gather for a barbeque. Take it up a notch with tabletop specialty card game boards. Create your own mini casino with a miniature blackjack table, complete with dealer card-shoe. Card games are fun, so add some casino staples to the mix for fun that is hard to beat.

Tic Tac Toe Drinking Game: Everyone loves tic tac toe regardless of age. This simple little game of lines, squares, x’s and o’s incites competition and laughter from everyone involved.

Most of us learn tic tac toe strategies in grade school, and this will definitely up the ante for this very special drinking game. Set up the game with a traditional tic tac toe board and shot glasses bearing x’s and o’s. The first person with three x’s or three o’s in a row wins; the loser drinks. When some delicious smooth shots are served, people may actually try to lose this game!

Create a Themed BBQ Party

Choose your favorite game and create an entire theme using ideas inspired from the games you’ve decided to play. Consider dressing your backyard bbq up like your favorite sports bar. Personalized bar signs are always a hit and generally cover any sport you like.

Furnish your back yard, deck or patio with comfortable places for your guests to sit and convenient spots to set their drinks. Make sure drinks and snacks are readily available throughout the barbeque. Go the extra mile and serve snacks in bowls shaped like footballs, basketballs or other sporty shapes.

Competition and Barbeque Fun

Nothing screams summer like good food, drinks and some friendly competition. Tabletop games add hours of fun to every gathering, whether it’s a birthday party for all ages or a more adult oriented barbeque.

Nearly any tabletop game can be transformed into something geared a little more toward adult fun with some creativity. Many card games are easily converted into drinking games by implementing new rules such as that the loser has to drink. Have a safe and happy barbeque!