I’ll Take Thee Away, Into a Land of the Hocus Pocus Drinking Game

“Come little drunkards, I’ll take thee away, into a land of intoxication…”

It is the beginning of everyone’s (if you’re not a robot that is) favorite time of year, Halloween! Halloween can be filled with spooky tricks but also some really big treats, take this Hocus Pocus drinking game for instance! The terrifying Sanderson Sisters are back at it again but instead of gathering children to fuel their eternal life, they want you and your livers! So throw your cape on the coat rack, pour a cup of your favorite witches brew, and enjoy the show. Of course drink responsibly!

Take a Siphocus-pocus-witches

Every time the Sanderson Sisters inhale/smell deeply

Binx says something sarcastic

Sarah Sanderson gets flirty or says something dirty

The sisters are afraid or perplexed due to a modern day invention

Binx mentions Emily

Take a Gulp


Every time the spell book opens its eye

Billy Butcherson loses a limb

Max is referred to as “Hollywood”

Winifred calls to her BoooooOoooOk

Whenever the sisters recite/cast a spell

Take a Shot

Yabos are mentioned

Someone makes a salt circle

Mary rides a vacuum instead of a broom

When someone says “Hocus Pocus”

There is a sentimental sibling moment